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This story is a sequel to Broken Blossom

Joyous Blossom, the unicorn daughter of Sweetie Belle, is spared from death by Princess Celestia, and is instead given therapy to deal with her problems. What they don't know is that she is far beyond therapy, and she becomes more dangerous than anypony thought possible.

Now it is a race to prevent her from becoming her aunt, a task that is no easy feat. For Blossom is literally built to be the deadliest serial killer that Equestria has ever known.

Spin-off story to Broken Blossom which is a threequel to The Secret Life of Rarity

Cover art by the amazing Viofriedsebe

Chapters (22)
Comments ( 1216 )

I really don't know how I have time to write anything of my own when I see a new Bronywriter story all the time. Oh well, no complaints here. :pinkiehappy:

Ohhh.... This gonna be goood!!!

awwwwww, you just had to put this up now! I haven't finished Broken Blossom yet! oh well, a nice thing to look forward to, I can tell it is gonna be awesome!

Pretty good. Pretty close to how I envisioned the alternative to the canonical ending. I think this is perfect, a closer look into her mind. Keep it up BW!

Let her go to paradise dammit! :twilightangry2: Now that I vented that out of the way, this is a great start. Also... why do they keep giving Blossom stupid therapists?!

dammit!!! You release these stories faster than I can read them... keep up the awesome work:yay:

Well uh everybody's heard, about the word.

f-f-f-fear fear fear, fear is the word, I say f-f-f-fear fear fear, fear is the word.

Don't you know about the word?

Everybody knows that fear is the word....

i hate you. Barely have i started the rarity one, and you've posted a sequel to its sequel. ... *Adds to read later*

I was fine with the ending to be honest. Although I am curious about this direction...

If this was canon, i'd kill you.
Seriously :ajbemused:

I preferred Blossom having her peace, finally.
But you know I can never stay mad at you, silly! Therefore, I shall just shut up and enjoy the rest of Blossom's torment. :pinkiehappy:
God that sounds horrid.... :pinkiecrazy:

2522910>>2522961 Again, this is in no way canon. Not a single word.

2522434 Because those therapists only work with what they've been taught -- it's a rare thing for one to actually understand what Blossom sees and address that specific problem correctly. :twilightsmile:

a subscription for three hundred milligrams of Lamictal

Should be prescription. Other than that, I'm looking forward to more.

By the way, congratulations on getting me addicted to the Killer Rarityverse. The second I saw the description for this story, I hated the concept of it. In the canon ending, Blossom was finally at peace after years of suffering. I knew this new story wouldn't be canon with the real ending, but I still hated the idea that Blossom would have to continue suffering even more. But you've written this story so well, I just can't stop reading it, no matter how much I loathe the core idea.

tl;dr You've taken an idea I hate and made it into a story I love. Kudos to you, good sir. :moustache:


Well, I knew that :rainbowwild:

img585.imageshack.us/img585/1369/3e62856ed06d4306b51cdb2.png Wat.
The second chapter was released before the first? Seems legit.

2525620 Yeah he has a knack for doing that xD

I hope they get Blossom a different therapist. AB is an idiot! :facehoof:

2525620 1. Thanks. Fixed. I thought I was getting it wrong, but I wasn't sure what the actual word was. :derpytongue2:

2. Thanks! Yeah, I like the canon ending a lot better too. This is merely a 'what if'. If anything all of this makes the canon ending better, as we're happier that she got peace when we see the alternative.

*looks at description*



The guard outside of the room tried to stop me?
Did I forget/miss something?
What guard did she kill?
Or is she just imagining things?

2526225 She's losing touch with reality. In her mind in that moment she'd already killed Analytical Brain and the guard outside the room. She didn't, naturally.

Excellent. This is progressing very nicely so far. Only issue I see is this:

AB: Blossom, your death wouldn't hep anypony.

Otherwise, this story line once again has me on the edge of my seat. :pinkiehappy:

Auntie Rarara has finally gotten through to Blossom it seems :raritystarry:

I could handle s.l.o.r pretty easily.
Only thing that got to me was twilight constantly defending rarity.
I'm sure I can handle this no problem.
I'll miss a.brain though.
I thought he was alright.

Oh... yes.
I'm going to enjoy this story.

Mood music:

I am flipping terrified, but so damn excited. Can I ask you something?

Does this have an end? An end like the other three, I mean. An end where she's caught, or kills herself? Something where everypony isn't killed?

Y'know, they must've been pretty damn stupid not to see that she would be better off dead.

Speaking about music (again...), here's a good little combo that kind of actually fits the premise. Well, not really, but in some places. Well... argh,. just have the music.

Blitzkrieg - Pull The Trigger

Blitzkrieg - PTT2 Hair Trigger

I know I've already posted it somewhere, but whatever.

And so it begins. This should be very interesting. I wonder just how many ponies Blossom will kill before she's finally captured. I'm pretty sure she'll be executed THIS time around...:twilightsmile:

2527377 I have a definitive ending planned, yes.

2527724 do you want to start a bet???
my guess is 42:pinkiecrazy:

2527568 They know, but it's against their laws to change a sentence for the same crime once it's been handed down. Otherwise, yeah, I think they would have executed her.

I just can't wait for the impending bloodbath :pinkiecrazy:

This time I brought music, too:

kinda fits the whole saga, especially the 1st part
I say 39

apart of this...
Poor Blossom... Oh well
great as always, BW. You never disappoint

I wish I could like this twice.

Erm, tax dollars?

Also I'd like to know what you base the dates on.

Poor Sweetie Belle is going to be heart broken when she finds out about this, as will be the rest of Blossom's family. Ah the criminally insane... I can't wait to see where this story goes. I'm prepared for a bumpy ride. :rainbowdetermined2:

I really like the beginning of the chapter, it reminds me of Arkam city recordings (especially those of the Mad Hatter).
As to the end, I am still surprised how easy it is to kill a pony, are as if they served on a silver platter.
I can't wait when she cross paths with some familiar or relative (maybe it's time to Twilight learn his destiny :pinkiecrazy:).

Is it wrong of me to like this? Nah.

Keep up the psycho :pinkiecrazy:

I honestly don't see a way to stop Blossom even if you know she's in the area short of some sort of massive area of effect spell.

Hopefully they have a non lethal one, or that's a shitload of collateral damage. Never mind if she's actually already gone.

I'm guessing that Blossom's family lied the the princess' and had her live, and become a serial killer?

She'll be even worse than Rarity, since Rarity still had a few rules. Blossom has none.

2525706 Not to mention selfish, conniving, manipulative and greedy. I really hate that guy. :twilightangry2:

2529450 To be fair, Rarity eventually violated her own "rules" by killing that mother and filly in Secret Life. In the beginning, Rarity had control over herself, but by the end, no-one was safe. Not even a Minotaur several times her size.:pinkiecrazy:

Well, things have gone rather poorly. How do you catch a pony who can look like anypony (unicorn at least)

Loved how we saw Blossom's mind slowly disintegrate over the published chapters.

One thing though, Celestia and Blossom start refering to Analytical Brain as Dr. Mind in chapter 4. Is that intentional?

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