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"You think you know me..."


A year has passed since Joyous Blossom confessed to double murder and was sentenced to psychiatric treatment and life imprisonment. Following the removal of her horn, Blossom has slowly given into madness, with her hallucinations having completely taken over her mind. While most have given up, only Sweetie Belle, her mother, continues to hold hope that her daughter can be saved. But as she slowly begins to see the reality that her daughter is lost, Sweetie will have to do what she can to save her daughter.

An AU story based on Broken Blossom written by BronyWriter, whose permission I have to write this. This follows under the idea that Blossom agrees to live, but her horn is taken away at the start, thus preventing the actions she takes in The Word Is Fear, yet increasing her ever growing insanity.

Will be updated Monthly at most.

Chapters (9)
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Seems I'll need to go read that...

~Skeeter The Lurker

You'll need to start at the beginning of the series "The Secret Life of Rarity", the go to "The Public Life of Sweetie Belle" and then "Broken Blossom" before reading this.

i'm wondering how you havent.


Eh. I read a lot. But I haven't read everything.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Before the princesses could end her live


tone on the edge of desperation..

Just one period.

Loving it so far!

Hm.... not only was the Chapter damn good, it opens up with a quote from a serial killer I was obsessed with as a kid....

This is gonna be good.

Thanks. I can't wait for Darkness in the Shadows. How is that doing?

2976060 I have to put it on an indefinite hiatus for now, but I have the prologue all typed up.

It's not gonna be out for a while (I'd probably say about maybe October at the earliest), but I am doing everything I can to make it good.

Not quite the kind of alternate ending I've been hoping for, but so far it's a step up from The Word is Fear.

What were you hoping for out of curiosity?

2979427 One that doesn't establish her so early on as beyond hope of rehabilitation (even if she'd never be released), no matter how much she wants the voice out of her head. Just never sat well with me, mainly because of Celestia's bit in Broken Blossom about how things might have been different had Rarity been able to come forward from the beginning and seek help.

That said, the reason I downvoted it was because I found everyone continually making decisions that were so predictably going to backfire too frustrating to ever be sad or scary, starting with Celestia not removing Blossom's horn the moment she was declared a danger to herself or those around her. Celestia being smart enough to make that call here is what earns you an upvote - for now.

2979482 I've done edits to the story regarding why Blossom's horn was not removed. Firstly, they didn't remove it to begin with because Blossom hadn't proved to be a danger yet, and she gave herself up willingly. Plus, they were trying to rehabilitate her. Starting off her therapy by making one of her worst nightmares a reality (having her horn removed) would have been counter-productive. But, in the chapter where Blossom turns into a killer, the therapy session with Celestia and Luna has been changed. Once Working Mind figures out that Blossom is a danger, Celestia and Luna decide that Blossom's horn needs to be removed in the very near future, but they take a day to really think about it. By the time they come to a conclusion, Blossom has escaped.

I love the killerRarityverse, so I can't wait to see where you go with this. So far so good! :raritystarry:

This sounds awesome! I have been a big fan of the killer rarity stories for a long time now and I am very eager to see where this is going to head. I feel so badly for Blossom and Sweetie...Poor Ponies....siiiiiggghhhh...
Can't wait for the next update! :yay:

Anyway, great chapter in a great story......you for sure are one of my favorite fan fic authors!

What a good chapter! I sure can't wait to see what you have planned. I feel really bad for the Apples but even worse for Sweetie Belle . :unsuresweetie: Poor Sweetie Belle, her life has sucked. :applecry:

Blossom's too warped for Apple Seed to blame; she's just not the same pony, and the pony she WAS is the pony she still loves. That's pretty sad.

I'm excited for more! Keep up the good work.

So depressing, I love it! :pinkiesmile: Although it really is depressing... I can't wait for murder! :twilightsheepish:

Yet another serial killer I used to be obsessed with.... The Night Stalker.

Yeah, I was a weird child.

Keep up the good work! Though, the ending quotation after The Night Stalker's quote is messed up.

2976060 A reply to a comment from weeks ago, and I've already replied to it, but whatever....

I decided to make Darkness in the Shadows similar to your story here.... And at the same time similar to The Word is Fear.

Am I the only one who thinks that Luna should be able to speak proper modern Equestrian by now? I mean this story is set like 30 years or more after her return from the moon, and from what we have heard in Season 3 she seems to already be well on her way of abandoning ye olde speech patterns.

According to BrontWriter, he still keeps her in Old Equestrian still. Since I want to keep the spirit of his series as close as possible, I keep it as well.

she didn’t have a sister who became a murder.

I believe 'murderer' would be the term to use there.

Celestia stared into the reports the staff at the mental hospital before throwing them away in anger.

I also believe that there should be something after 'reports' (ex,Celestia stared into the reports written by the staff...), or after 'staff' removing 'the' before reports. (Celestia stared into reports the staff made...)

So far, I'm enjoying that you're keeping the spirit of Bronywriter in the story. This Blossom has passed the breaking point, while still being restrained. It would be satisfying to see what would go on if the restraints are released, or if she overcomes the delusions.

One of my favorite theories is that 'Rarity' inside the dream is simply a transformed dream-Blossom taking her colors and influencing her thoughts. If that was the case and she could find out; she'd realize that her actions are influenced by her and her mind, instead of what she wants to use as an excuse for whats happening (Rarity.)


roooo come on, you're better than that. amnesia because of head bump urghhh.
I hope you know what you're doing. :applejackunsure:

It's not memory loss. Something far far worse. (Devil grin)

Wow! Great chapter, I really enjoy this story! :pinkiehappy: Poor Blossom, and poor Sweetie Belle! I wonder how they are going to treat this situation?

Wow, I didn't expect the chapter to end on that kind of note. My first thought was Blossom got amnesia, but she's smarter than that. I fear she might be planning something diabolical. :raritydespair:

It's not amnesia, well not really

3420951.... Her mind's breaking even more, isn't it?

Hmm..Could I take a crack at it? Perhaps Blossom has developed a persona that is rarity's younger self..? Wait no..that wouldn't explain the mommy part. Hurng, It's so painful waiting a month for a new chapter!

I've heard something like this before! Back when I was obsessed with serial killers (Don't judge me. I was a weird child), I stumbled across something like this before. The murderer killed in the persona of a child. I can't remember the name of the person, but when they caught them, they seriously thought they were a child.

aw shit nigga, mental regression up in this bitch!

I'm going to guess that blossom has an inner being that took control for a while, like different personas in one body. It's all genuine and true which makes it harder to pass judgement and yet it is also far more creepy, because nobody will know which blossom she is until she speaks.

“Why is that my sister, myself, and my daughter are all murderers,

Just realized a plot problem: at the end of Broken Blossom, Blossom fixes Sweetie Belle's mind so that she doesn't remember killing Scarlet Tomato.

I know, I went back and changed both since I did remember she did that.

Don't get me wrong, I like the multiple personality plot devise, but I would have liked a more realistic approach to it. Whatever, everyone does that nowadays, so just carry on.

If you're wondering what I mean by 'more realistic', it's that in reality, personalities don't change randomly, but actually to adapt to different situations. Also, voices in the head is schizophrenia (the 2 illnesses are totally different!) , and the 'victim' can't respond to the voices, nor do they realize that they're different persons here.

...sorry about that. I'm the nit picker extreme macho man, is what they call me! I didn't mean to sound rude, and I know it's hard to write mental illnesses, as the concept is pretty vague. But I see those errors on so many stories it hurtssss!!!

Why did I even write this sorry ok i'm out bye


I welcome the nitpicking. It's cool. Feel free to comment liking stuff or disliking stuff. Either way it helps me out

Shit son, there be killas in the house:raritywink:

Wow! What a crazy chapter! Blossom is a mess, I wonder if they're going to have her put down soon... Can't wait for more!

Blossom seems to be irretrievably lost, beyond redemption. I don't see any hope for her at this stage. :raritydespair:

Love this! Can't get enough of the Killer Rarityverse, and you thus far seem do be doing a fabulous job of keeping with the spirit of BronyWriters style! Good job! I look forward to the complete version! :raritywink:

“… You’re going to lock her up, throw away the key, and never open it until she dies, right?”


Before Sweetie Belle knew it, her hoof was across Princess Celestia’s cheek, the impact echoing across the room.

Great update though! :pinkiehappy:

Just goes to show that people will go mad when their life is over...

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