• Published 3rd May 2013
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The Word is Fear - BronyWriter

Aternate ending to Broken Blossom, the threequel to the serial killer Rarity story The Secret Life of Rarity

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Patient 92544 Interview Two Recording. 3/21/10

Analytical Brain: Today is my next appointment with Blossom. We scheduled one for the day after the last recording, but Blossom refused to attend after what she did the last time. When the guards came to force her out of her cell, she became agitated to the point where I felt that she would become violent. I advised the guards that now was probably not the best time for an appointment, and suggested that we re-schedule it until today. No word on Blossom's mood, but I'm worried that this will become a trend.

*Door opens and Blossom enters the room, still secured by hoofcuffs*

AB: Ah, Blossom, please sit down, won't you?

JB: Okay. *Sound of Blossom sitting in her chair and the door shutting behind him.* I'm sorry that I didn't wanna come last time, I was scared after what I did.

AB: No need to apologize, Blossom. You felt that you might hurt me, which I believe to be a good sign. You were so scared that you would bring me harm, that you resisted seeing me again so as to not tempt yourself. I believe that this is the sign that you are not like your aunt. You are a good mare, Blossom.

JB: She's still telling me to kill you, you know. She's telling me that it will be like when I gutted Ms. Tiara.

AB: Er... forgive me for asking, but why would that be a motivator?

JB: Because that was the single most amazing thing I've ever felt. Do you know that feeling, like when you've accomplished something amazing and you're on top of the world? It's like that but three times as amazing. It's like raw power coursing though your veins, making it so that nopony could hurt you. *amused scoff* If you cast some sort of spell that gave everypony that feeling for a minute, then told them that the way to repeat that feeling was to kill another pony... well, Equestria's population would be halved overnight, then halved again the next day.

AB: That's a rather bleak view on things, Blossom. Ponies are more peaceful than that, and I doubt that most would see it as worth it.

JB: Those are the ones in the street in pools of their own blood, then. Soon a lot of ponies wouldn't kill for pleasure, they'd kill for defense.*Chair creaks as Blossom leans forward.* It's that good.

AB: I see. *clears throat* Now, I'd like to talk about your family, if that's okay.

JB: No.

AB: I'm sorry?

JB: I said no! Not now, not tomorrow, not ever! We are never going to talk about my family, is that clear? We're not gonna talk about my mom, my dad, Lilly, Comet, the Apples, Aunt Scootaloo, Aunt Rainbow Dash, none of them so just drop it, okay?

AB: If you don't mind me asking, why?

JB: ... Because... because they had to see me like this. They had to see me chained to a wall with my horn nullified in a jail cell because I butchered three ponies. Comet's too young to deal with this, and she had to see me like that. How do you explain what I did to a filly as young as she is? *sniffle* We're done talking about this. Any other questions today, or are you going to let me rot away in peace until next time?

AB: Well, if you're sure that you don't want to talk about your family, we can move on. I'd like to ask you if you have any ideas of ways to get your aunt to go away.

JB: I take that pen on your desk and shove it through your trachea.

AB: Er... besides that.

JB: Nope. Do you?

AB: Well, would you be open to some medications? I can't force you to take them, but I strongly believe that they would help you a lot. If your aunt was gone, don't you think you'd be a lot happier?

JB: I... I guess I would be. I do want her to leave me alone. I don't want to be tempted to kill anymore.

AB: Are there any moments where you have a respite from her demands?

JB: No.

AB: Even when you sleep?

JB: She first appeared in my dreams right after I killed Ms. Tiara.

AB: Ah. Well, would you be open to medication if it meant that you wouldn't see her anymore?

JB: Yes.

AB: Very well. *sound of paper being torn out of a notebook* I'm going to give you a prescription for three hundred milligrams of Lamictal. If the results are shaky, but present, I'll up the dosage. Does that sound good?

JB: If it gets rid of my aunt, I'll take those things until the day I die.

AB: Very well. Now, I think that's good for today. I'll have your prescription ready by this afternoon, and you can take two pills once it's ready.

*Door opens and Blossom gets out of her chair. She is led out and the door closes once she has exited.*

AB: I think it went okay today. Blossom's family is clearly a touchy issue for her, but if the medication works then maybe I'll see if I can't take another crack at that subject. Only time will tell if Blossom will improve.

*end tape*

Patient 92544 Interview Five Recording. 4/03/10

Analytical Brain: A new development with Blossom. One that *sigh* I hoped would never arise. It seems that Blossom only mimicked taking her medication, but in reality she hid them in her pillowcase. When she had accumulated enough, she attempted to kill herself by overdose. A prisoner in a cell across from hers alerted the guards, and they took her to the infirmary. They pumped her stomach, and she made a full recovery. This is her first session since then.

*Door opens, and Blossom is led into the room. She sits down in her chair*

AB: Good afternoon, Blossom. *fifty second silence* Uh... Blossom? *thirty second silence* Blossom, can you hear me?

JB: Yes.

AB: Good. Now, I'd like to talk to you about your recent... incident, if that's okay with you.

JB: I wanted the needle when I was first arrested. I think it's pretty clear as to why I did it. In my own way, I guess I was kinda lying when I said that killing you was the only way to make Aunt Rarity go away. Turns out, killing me would have been a good way to do it too.

AB: Blossom, your death wouldn't help anypony.

JB: Except everypony. I'd be happy, my family could move on, tax bits wouldn't go to keeping me locked up, my aunt's line would be gone, meaning that nopony would worry about her family producing another killer, all of that. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

AB: Blossom, your life is precious.

JB: No it isn't. It's pretty rotten and useless. Tell me something, doc, how is anypony benefiting by my being here? How am I helping anypony by being alive? The best I can say is that it's giving you more information about killers like me and Aunt Rarity. If you have another reason, I'm all ears. *fifteen second silence* Yeah, I didn't think so.

AB: Blossom--

JB: They didn't work, you know. The pills, I mean. That's one of the big reasons I started saving them up to try to end this. She just laughed in my face when I said that they would make her go away. She laughed, and said that there was only one way to get rid of her. I think that way turns me into a serial killer anyway, don't you think?

AB: Blossom, there's no reason to believe that. Now... we can't trust you with medication anymore. You're a smart mare, and I know that you'd find a way to try to kill yourself with them again despite our best efforts. But Blossom, I need to know if you are considering actually killing somepony. If you tell me then I can help you more by trying different techniques.

JB: If I wasn't hoofcuffed you'd already be dead.

AB: ... Really?

JB: I don't know. That's the whole point of everything, isn't it? I don't know how close I am to giving in just to get rid of Aunt Rarity, but... I think I'm closer to the side that wants to do it. I mean, if I do then I win, don't I? Aunt Rarity goes away, I get that feeling again, and Princess Celestia executes me. Everypony wins... except for you, of course.

AB: It would be me you would target? Why?

JB: BECAUSE I HATE YOU!! You look down at me, wondering how you can use this information for your next book about my messed up family! You don't care about helping me, you want the opposite! The crazier I am, the better your book sells!

AB Blossom I am not trying to manipulate you and I am not writing a book to make money off of all of this! I do want to help you!

JB: Then what's that stack of papers in your desk? The one about my case?

AB: I... how did...?

JB: *chuckle* I didn't. I was taking a stab in the dark. Heh... stab.

AB: Blossom... it's not really a book, it's more of a... research paper, if you will. I'm not writing it to make money.

JB: Notoriety, then? Admit it, most of your colleagues would love to be in your position. I'm the most interesting psychological case since my aunt. Anypony who dissected my mind would be instantly famous, would they not?

AB: Blossom, I assure you that I am not trying to exploit you for my own ends!

JB: I don't want to talk to you anymore today. I wanna go back to my cell.

AB: Blossom, I'm sorry if it upsets you. I should have asked if you were okay with it. I shall cease work on it at once.

JB: Liar. I don't want to talk to you anymore!

AB: Blossom--

JB: I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANYMORE!!! *Blossom begins sobbing* Every second I see you Aunt Rarity keeps pushing for me to kill you. Finding out about you exploiting me... it just makes it seem that much more appealing. Maybe my next shrink will treat me better, knowing what I did to his predecessor.

AB: Blossom, you don't want to do that!

JB: Of course I don't! I don't want to hurt anypony! Everypony I've ever killed has hurt me. Miss Tiara cut off part of my ear and was gonna cut my cutie marks off, Golden Necklace and Fire Ruby cornered me in the woods, Analytical Brain tried to exploit me, the guard outside of the room tried to stop me! I didn't want to hurt any of them, but they forced my hoof and I had to kill all of them!

AB: *ten second silence* Maybe... maybe that is enough for today, then.

*Guard opens the door and Blossom is led out of the room*

AB: *two minute silence* I... I think that I'm going to have Blossom secured to the chair for future sessions. I... uh, I think I'm also going to raise her threat level to 'a danger to those around her.' It's not what I wish to do, and I may be wrong, but... *sigh* I'm not sure how to help her anymore. She's becoming increasingly detached from reality. She thought that she had already killed me, and that I was a replacement psychologist. We'll have to see what future sessions reveal.

*End tape*

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