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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


Tragedy strikes.
A nation affected.
Old, the young, rich or poor, all alike to the touch of sorrow and fear.
All are affected.
All have stories to tell...

The various side stories of The Secret Life of Rarity. If you think of a good story for this universe, please send it to me and I shall include it!

Chapters (12)
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You're damn right I fav'd this before reading it. :twilightsmile:

And as usual, the reason I fav'd it speaks for itself. I can't wait to see what else others send in. I've been mulling around my own head for an idea, not sure exactly what one just yet though.

Poor Twilight. I feel SO bad for her. I think if was harsh of Celestia to just disown her as her student like that. After all, Twilight is going through enough pain as it is without adding that on top of it. :fluttercry:

As soon as I have time I'll write something for this. I personally would love to look further into the Twilight/Spike dynamic or the CMC comforting Sweetie, with Scootaloo hating her and AB just confused as heck her sister covered for Rarity. Then there's my favorite (Janice) who for arguements sake I can say was a loving mother of twelve.... or not. So many possibilities.

Ah, excellent. I wonder if there are going to ones during Life of Sweetie Belle and Broken Blossom.

Aw shit, It's here.
Oh gods, It's happening.
I'm not ready.
I'll read it tomorrow- Now I'm in the middle of "Researcher Twilight", and, uh, it's almost 1st am- but I think I can already fave this.
Edit: Aaaanndd... It was short. Really short.
1619 words. Every word filled with feels.
Every word filled with sadness.
Every single word.
It hurts.

I want more.

2513114 Send as many as you like.


The problem is that no matter how bad she's feeling, it won't makeup for what she knew and didn't tell. Nine more families are grieving harder then she is.

Oh boy, here we go again.
*ensue the beggining of another emotional trip*

I sense an "Out, Out, Damned Spot!" in there somewhere...:twilightsmile:

And yet another journey begins....
I await more.

MORE writing?? You're a machine, BW.

I wonder if. Can also be alternate stories? or "What would happen if?"

So, what was the blood? Was it something that was actually there, or was Twilight having some sort of episode?

2516096 Kind of an 'out damned spot' Macbeth moment. She kinda realized that she shares some of the blame for those nine murders since she knew what Rarity was doing.

Killerrarityverse story = Insta-fav, although I don't have time to read it atm.

I'm very interested in the the case report. Confirmed and suspected victims and patterns or suspected patterns, motive analysis, and how she influenced policy and police/guard work from that point on. Interesting? Or dry/boring?

Sorry. Accidentally clicked add comment. I meant to finish that sentence. I thought that it was quite well written.

Well, I surely wasn't expecting a cheerilee chapter, at least not so fast. And it's a positive suprise. Again, overwhelming feels.
I just hope she won't blame herself for too long- I mean, Rarity surely needed help, but I don't think Cheerilee would be able to give her that help, even if she knew. Just like Twilight- they both need to stop blaming themselves, they did nothing bad. That's not their fault that poor Rarity was, sadly, beyond help.

Personally, I think Diamond Tiara deserved to be yelled at.

I wanna write one but i need to pick a pony out of the box

Can they be connected to sweetie belle as well?

God i wish someone would slap diamond tiara

Man poor Cheerilee, if anything the Superintendent should of hired a substitute though in this case there probably wasn't time.

Diamond Tiara brought that all on herself, hopefully her father will straighten her out.



And even with that, and as she lived all her life (hurting other ponies with her actions and comments), even so she won a ticket to heaven? Please "A otro perro con ese hueso".


Well, given that Blossom got paradise after murdering two fillies, then slowly disembowelling a mare while psychologically torturing her, it's pretty clear pony paradise is REALLY forgiving.

This was potentially the best thing I ever read.

This broke my heart.

"Uh, Miss Cheerilee... what's a serial killer?"

It's about time Cheerilee put Diamond Tiara in her place. If I were DT's teacher, I'd have expelled her a hundred times over by now.

we needed someone to beat the shit out of DT before she died......loosing her kid isn't punishment enough

No alcohol? I just assumed that Twi spent the next 30 years haunting the Library like a boozed-up Miss Havisham. :ajsmug:

Really, in terms of sheer malevolence, DT is only rivaled by Sombra. Discord, Diamond Dogs, Trixie, Gilda, Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis.....they all had their reasons. DT is a bitch jus' cuz.


Sweetie did, remember?

That is all.

Molar.... NOW!!!! Also more of the spin off of the third one!!!! PWEASE!!!!!!!

feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllssssslslsssss :raritycry:

Wow she was hit hard the most... what about Magnum and what's her moms name?


Yes, she did. (Sorry DT) Good for her.

:fluttercry: Tons of feels until the Milky Way reference, that got a chuckle out of me. :rainbowlaugh:

I love these little views on what else is happened because of Rarity's action.


“Don’t worry,” Morning soothed, “Everything’s going to start getting better. It's going to be okay. Somehow it'll be okay.”

It's lines like that that make me love stories.

2808837 You have no idea how happy I am that somebody noticed that joke.:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

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