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I take enjoyment in anime (Pulla Magi, Hetalia, I'm going to try AOT, Clannad, etc) and Homestuck. I recently got back into MLP: FiM. I love to draw and write.


So, I hath returned from the dead. I think. · 2:58am Jan 10th, 2015

Wow. I was gone for.... half a year, a year maybe? No idea. But It was a long time. And things have changed. Such as my writing, my art, and my interests. I had a long period where I wasn't really into MLP that much. I still liked it but not as much as I once did. And even know I'm not drop dead obsessed. I have taken to Homestuck, and Hetalia. I also began Sherlock, and I am somewhere in Doctor Who.

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So how's going with your plan?

thanks for the like and the fave to Raining Fire, keep on reading friend! ~SB

Thanks for favoriting Celestia Sleeps in with a Vengeance!

thanks for the fav on "Love's Light: Is it Possible to Love Again?"

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