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The future of Skyfall · 9:12pm November 10th

Well thanks to randomly going on FIMFiction again I plan to try and continue Skyfall and will be making a change to it that shouldn't be all that big. I plan to change the sexual assault of Celestia to a beating because it still portrays powerlessness and I can write and portray it better now and anytime it is referenced and thinking on it I don't know why I chose something so extreme as I did anyway thanks to any who follow me and maybe I can see this to the end this time.

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I thank you for faving The Equestrian Vagrant. May my story be both fresh and enjoyable for you.

Thank you very much. I hope you continue to enjoy it. :moustache:

No problem it is a good story

Thank you for adding 'Two Spells, One Mistake' to your favourites. :twilightsmile:

Please read my stories when you have time.

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Human OC

Name: Marcus

Gender: Male

Appearance:Brown hair military buzz cut, brown eyes, lean/ well toned and wears military B.D.U.

general additude: Relaxed, observant at all times, and can go from calm to serious quickly when needed.

Other info: Hard to read his emotions very good at hiding them when he wants and he is a U.S Marine

Just wanted to give this because in the story i don't describe him well or at all.