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This Group dedicated to the stories where the Main Character was transported to Equestria and does whatever it takes to get back home.

1. No pornography of any kind.
2. No Forum Abuse. It means that if there was already a Topic that suits your question, use it, don't create a new one just to gain attention.
3. Any and all Challenges, Dares and Calls For Cooperation must be posted only on Forum.
4. If your Story was deleted from the Group for one reason or another, send a PM to the Administrator, your Comments and posts on Forum about the situation will be ignored and deleted.

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I have a unpublished story I'll throw on here once I publish it

hey, i liked your story so i joined your group. nice to be here :pinkiehappy:

I want to welcome everyone in this new, and hopefully successful Group!:twilightsmile:

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