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"This town gets weirder every day..." - Big Mac

Simple, but oh-so-true words.

The Strangeverse, like other groups of its type, is a collection of fanfictions set in the same fanverse. It is not an alternate universe, however, it is simply a different take on the original one that offers new characters and alternate interpretations of set ones.

Naturally, Strangeverse stories typically deal with the supernatural, or more simply, just the weird: be it dark, misunderstood, just trying to live everyday life, or just plain evil. However, it can also dwell into the every day lives of those living in the increasingly weirder town of Ponyville. Anyone may add their own stories using the characters in these fics (or interpretations of other characters) as well as their OCs, so long as said OCs fit the par of quality usually expected in good fimfiction fics. Just make sure to follow the established canon the best you can, but you don't need to be too stringent.

So just kick back, relax, and enjoy the stranger parts of Ponyville.

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I'm honestly surprised this 'verse isn't more popular, with how many followers Bob has, you'd think we'd be seeing a lot more activity

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Good god, I have to make a story out of this somehow :).

I think I got it wrong, too :derpyderp1:

Let's get the strangeness a-going!

Wait, no, wrong type of strange. :derpytongue2:

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