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Rip in peace. We hardly knew ye.

You my friend good at writing stories for the first time, when i say good i mean perfect

Well, there's actually two projects that are already kinda sorta doing that. There's not actually anything stopping anyone from writing an unofficial sequel. One project is more of a reboot than anything, not personally fond of the author's interpretation. The second project unfortunately never got past Chapter 1, and that was intended to be an unofficial sequel.

Also, as mentioned, he has essentially wiped everything Foal Necromancer from his mind, so his involvement wouldn't help.

Well can you tell to give this story to someone else so they can continue it? Pls?

Not much of a surprise, honestly. Everyone I've done stuff with vanished. All my artists, for example. Poof. Gone.

  • Viewing 241 - 245 of 245
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