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The friends I have met on here have been the greatest influence in my work and life. I don't think I could say I would be where I am today without them, so thank you for not giving up on me my friends.
Dark Scroll is best Mom

This is my Theme song


So if I was to return · 2:37am Jan 14th, 2017

How many of you would be pissed at me? Just wanting to make sure that if I did start coming back to update old and new stories. To be honest I'm a little afraid to come back at all due to how much responsibility I have now, but I'm starting to crave the creative outlet this site had to offer and I miss working on my stories. But I mean... The cobwebs on both my stories make me feel like I've almost moved on. However if it's something people would like to see finished I'll continue to work on

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Favorite Gifs and Pics

Some of my old work

Based of the story 'A New Home' By APoeticHeart

Just for fun and anyone who likes Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

Anypony want a hug from little Shutter Flash?

25 min. Applejack

1 hr and half Applejack I Love Applejack :ajsmug:

"C-Chris w-what's wrong with me?" I could feel my own tears starting to form in my eyes.

"Nothing is wrong with you Drive. You hear me, nothing."

"T-then why does my m-momma not want to be with me?"

From Chapter 10 of 'Human and Pony Alike'

Shutter Flash and Clair Peace. Done by this awesome artist Perfect-Assault

Vocal Meadow is Perfect-Assaults OC, I just happen to love drawing her.


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