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It has been a tough year in a war ravaged Equestria and you takes refuge in a war camp. With nothing but the clothes on your back, you are thrown into the crazy world of Shisubu, a city left in ruins by the war that has long since moved away from the area. In this waste land, you must pick your class, race, and weapons.
In the Shisubu Ruins though, nothing is as it seems with all the crazies and zombies inhabiting the land. The crazies are a powerful race of bots, trained to attack and kill any mutants in the area. And you should know what zombies are.
Here, there are two major powers:
The Persecutors
and the Saviors.
But there is another underground force, one you will meet on your way to victory (or defeat).
That ominous force that fights for survival is called, The Shinda Sentō-ki.
Good luck and good hunting. Try not to get killed.

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Oh boy I found a gem.

I've beem busy recently, but this looks like fun.

Oh boy, oh boy.

consider my interest piqued

I'm keen to see where this goes

I have high hopes

Sounds like fun.

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