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i'm a wolf with a crazy imagination.

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old me now bday · 10:37am Sep 3rd, 2021

*throws up* F@#KEN DAMMIT PUTA! *sits beside the toilet.*

ray:*comes in* seriously it's not even morning and you're hungover already.

uh *wipes mouth* are you here gawk at me, you bastard. or you here for something else.

ray: well I was going to say happy birthday and give you this gift but I fear you might throw up all over it.

oh, thanks.... don't worry it happens a lot mostly.

ray: when are you not drunk?

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Excuse me I found this petition for equestria girls and I was wondering if you were interested in it and here’s the link. https://www.change.org/p/hasbro-save-equestria-girls-from-ending

Say when is the next chapter of special spa treatment: human edition going to be out?

2866601 thank goodness. How’s life treating ya?

How are u holding up?

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