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Change · 9:30pm Jan 22nd, 2013

Hey People,

So, most of you people found out that The Guide....was misguided. (YEAHHHHHH)

And now that that lame pun is out of the way >.>
The Guide is gone, missing, disappeared. Or at least my imagination that was supposed to help me with it. So I cancelled it. My braibn went over to this new story. Returning Home. About the doctor who f**ks up again. Nothing news.
It has the same setting as The Guide but better. No Mane six and Celestia.

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My strange imagination Stories

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HAPPY LATE B-DAY, btw I'm still mad you didn't tell me but oh well have a bunch of pinkie pies :pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesad2::pinkiesick::pinkiesmile:

Have her dance you her native peoples dance (note lower the volume on the danceing pinkie video and put the volume higher on the doncing baby video

352798 we like them cause there good :derpytongue2:

Thay my good sir, is indeed lucky for you, but even so, I would have given you the new address of the story, or even send you the originals if you asked. :moustache:

Even though they are purely my stories, I write them for fun. People even ask me if I can write one shots for them to read. In other words private one shots.

....And I still don't understand why people like my stories!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

352379 Lucky me I downloaded all the chapters before they were removed then, safely on my hard drive:moustache:

I'm Sorry :applecry:
But The Guide was evidently a failure in my eyes. Even though apparently people like my stories:rainbowhuh:..... I still have my thoughts about it as a writer. And I didn't like it as it was.

But I preserved The Guide on my FanFiction account. And if I ever continue. It will be there, not here.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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