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love music · 10:45pm Aug 25th, 2023

hey guys i want to say first thank you for all the awesome musics for my oc wolf and his band to try out. i'm looking over all of them for future chapters.

however this next chapter i'm needing your help again if any can offer.

i'm looking for sort of love music for two unexpected characters who despite being different species have a chance to fall in love.

i'm looking for songs that are female country and talk about falling in love

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looking for music · 3:19am Jul 29th, 2023

hey everyone of fimfiction so i'm a big time music lover and i'm looking for music that my oc wolf and his band members can sing

i'm looking for songs that are inspirational and some music that each member can sing so if you got any ideas for songs please let me know

here's some idea what each of my ocs band prefers

wolf (diamond dog singer): rock, rap, Latino
moonlit (unicorn guitarist): rock, loud, sassy,
lightning (griffon bass): jazz, rock, classical

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Update and early merry Christmas · 11:57am Dec 20th, 2022

Hello everyone I know that Christmas is around the corner and I like to give you guys update as to what's happening. Die to my working overtime and the fact I was putting more into focusing on. Ending the season and starting with the new I had forgotten to write a Christmas chapter. I deeply apologize on my behalf.

However I got good news as my first half of the season finale is almost finished and we plan to post it on Christmas.

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old me now bday · 10:37am Sep 3rd, 2021

*throws up* F@#KEN DAMMIT PUTA! *sits beside the toilet.*

ray:*comes in* seriously it's not even morning and you're hungover already.

uh *wipes mouth* are you here gawk at me, you bastard. or you here for something else.

ray: well I was going to say happy birthday and give you this gift but I fear you might throw up all over it.

oh, thanks.... don't worry it happens a lot mostly.

ray: when are you not drunk?

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three chapters of a unique prespective · 12:58pm Jun 26th, 2020

hello, my fellow bronies of fimfiction. wolfman here bringing you an update on the chapters.

so recently I've been wanting to a lot of new types of mares and of course, try out mares that a lot of you wish to see. though in my line of work..... I'm SO BORED!!!!

I love sex scenes as they are fun but I want to try out something. then it hit me literally. I remember something.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019 · 12:52am Dec 26th, 2019

WHOOO WEEE ANOTHER YEAR AND CHRISTMAS HAS COME BY. MAN THIS HAS BEEN QUITE A YEAR BUT HOPEFULLY THIS NEW YEAR I CAN TAKE IT EASY TO RELAX. I do plan to try and make more time for my writing as I need to take it easy as I had barely any time to relax after such a long grueling year.

I do plan on a few new chapters but for now, I'm just I survived another year

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A gidt · 6:02pm Oct 30th, 2019

Sorry guys no halloween chap as this month ive been part of a halloween community in whoch i will be taking part of a scare fair taking place at my college. But no fret i got a proposition for all.

I woll be hosting a poll on whoch you all want to see more. If its a specific mare or a episode you like me to try (nowhere at season 7 sorry) or you want me to do something crazy please post your ideas down in comments. I will see and post a poll on those who want to see more.

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1000 LIKES · 10:03pm Sep 20th, 2019

WHOOOOO 1000 LIKES YES THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! this is huge even for me as I never thought it would get this many especially when I thought it wasn't going to be good. to some yeah it's not so great so sue me. it's more for fun and i thank you all for the likes and comments.

thank you all

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return back · 7:14am May 6th, 2019

hey, folks of fimfiction her wolfman here. so lately it's been a long time since I posted a new chapter and I do hate to keep you all waiting. the reason for such a long wait is I had been working on my college work for so long as I barely had time to myself. most times I do is used in homework or projects I needed to finish. thankfully summers here so I'm going back to my writing. I do apologize for the wait and I hope you all can forgive an old dog for keeping you all waiting.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 · 6:52am Jan 1st, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY BRONY OF FIMFICTION! wolfman here not wanting to keep as right now i do have my new year drink i just want to say i hope you all have a fun new year and make sure it's a good one.

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