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i'm a wolf with a crazy imagination.

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twilight sparkle was once the element of magic and the star pupil of Celestia. then everything change when she is banned from going to her brother's wedding. sinking into depression she leaves to find comfort somewhere else. where she goes is beyond where she expected.

now arrived in a world similiar to her own but with different creatures she must rely on a male human to help her get through it. however no all stories have a cover on them. stuck in the 1920's she must let a member of the new York mafia help her get through this.

join them as they face the police, other mafia gangs and even their own emotions. will they survive and be able to find love together or will the streets consume them both.

going to be a short story.

(in need of cover art)

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through each demensions their are thousands of humans who come, go and or stay in equestria. all each has a story to tell on the hardships, the struggle and the craziness they all experience everyday in equestria. however from all the ponies they live with none knows on the secrets that the humans know

in between demensions their is a special bar of which only humans can go to get away from all the crazyiness. come join in, have a drink and talk with the many humans that have come to equestria and pop the question to them.

"how's life in equestria?" maybe you might get more then just a simple answer from them.

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it's the year 3044 in the ruins of america. a war is brought upon earth as each country fights for dominance over rights. since then a law was passed which children even after birth are force to be taken by the government and sent to camps for to be trained as soldiers.

on man refuses to allow it but ends up in a slow and gruesome death. upon dying he wishes for his daughter to be sent somewhere safe and to be taken care by a loving family. his wish was granted and his daughter was sent to equestria and discovered by the party pony of poniville.

pinkie takes the child in as her daughter and given her a new life she deserve. over time the little human girl grows anxious on her real family and asks pinkie about her real parents and why they given her up. how will pinkie and the mane six explain to her about her parents demised and how would she react to it?

this is my first time writing a story of children of equestria.

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since early times sorcers called the dragon ones were the unbeatable in the power of the flame. but as years after they race became extinct. now in the present time a former dragon one name eric smith also known as the dragonman in the Los Angeles law enforcement is magically transported into equestria. will the people- er ponies ever accept him or will he will have to use his fire in self defense.

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so everyone this is my first story on this site. i made others on da but i like to post it here first time.

this story takes place after five years of being trapped in a zombie-infested city. one man by the named joseph angel delemarte is saved from a untimely death and sent to the land of equestria. upon coming to this world he finds out more than he knew about even himself and is given the chance to use his power to save the ponies of equestria. but along the way an evil dictator has enter the land and threatens to destroy equestria. will angel and the mane 6 stop this man and will he find true love again. well wait and see

please no bad comment please

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