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A Spark Flame of Magic - wolfman93

the fire is burning and only he can decide the fate of others

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the target and the cyrstal ball

Millions of years ago when the world was full of darkness and light was limited only during the day the people of earth all grew scared of what lies inside the darkness and neither person ventured outside at in the darkness. But after hundreds of years of being cloud by darkness the gods said it’s time to end it once and for all. With a shear bolt of pure energy the great gods shot it into the forest thus hitting a tree. The tree began to glow and bright color and all around it the darkness evaporates leaving no trace of its existence. The mighty glow stayed on it and thus gave man a source of light. That light was called…fire.

Since the dawn of man fire has been once of earth’s greatest uses for both in combat, medical, and even little day common uses such as cooking and heating. The use of fire even became a source of light while traveling through the darkness. Ever since man first discovered it they have been making ways to harness its glow but not all want it to be used for objects. Some believe that they can control it and they were using it from within. Since then the ancient ones have been studying the fire. The great gods have seen what the ancient ones began to do but none wouldn’t want them to control its power and they needed to act fast before anymore knew how to control it. So during the middle of the great ceremony to the gods the ancient people all began to burn slowly and painfully. Men, women even children all began to die from the fire. After the fire had cleared up the fire had devastated the entire village. But not all. Several people began to emerge out of the ash. Some of which escaped without a single burn on them others shook off the remaining ash off their skin. They witness the destruction the gods have done to their village and there people. With one violent shriek one of the man screamed into the air his arms flailing all around. But not just words of anger came out. With the intense anger the man shot up into the air blazes of fire spew out of his hands and mouth. The others all witnessed on his behalf and began to scream. Within instant they knew that one of the gods gave them the power of fire. Over the last centuries they roamed the land alone. Most of which were killed because the people believe they were witches and warlocks of sorts. Only a few survive and live on as regular people but they weren’t just called sorcerers’ … they were called… dragon ones.

*2025 near Los Angeles California*

I began to flip the pages of the book I had recent borrow from a informant that I up so recently just hired for. The book contain vast knowledge of these so called dragon ones and there special abilities on breathing fire out like actual dragons. I began to rub my cheek and smile at all pics the people had drawn since they were first discovered were said to look like.
“So this is what people think of me back then. Pity I look better than all these beasts” I said as I continued reading more of my history.

Since birth neither parents or my whole family knew I was dragon. I didn’t even know till one faith full day. It was several years back and I was the prime target to a bunch of bullies back when I was just in elementary. They were ganging up on me demanding my lunch money and threatening to beat me up till I give them it. I was scared at the time and didn’t know what to do. They all gang me from all around and I had nowhere to go. Finally with nothing to do I just screamed. I closed my eyes and just screamed for help. With that I felt warmed on my face and began to hear screaming and crying from all around. I stop finally and looked to see them all running away from me. Back then I didn’t know what happen and the next day they were more afraid of me then I was of them. After finishing elementary I was heading for middle school and I still remember that incident since then. Throughout middle I wasn’t bullied at all and most of the bullies stayed away from me since then. I finally understand why?

After my last year in middle school I was heading home from school. Along the way I see a small girl bout my size medium blonde hair and a little tannish complex. She was being pulled out of the house by a man with a scar on his left eye and a tattoo on his right arm. He was pulling her by the arm and dragging her to a car while his mother was sitting on the door begging him not to take her away. I eventually blocked his path and stood my ground.

“GET THE F@#K OUT OF THE AWAY SHRIMP” the man said his eyes glared into mine. The little girl was crying and hitting his hand trying to release his grip from her arm.

“NO LET HER GO NOW!”I shouted at the man

The man chuckled and brought the girl up to his chest.

“So little man got some balls to face me huh” he held her close as the girl began to beat on his chest with her open fist.
“LET GO OF ME” she screamed

“So what you going to do little sh*t? Hit me, beat me up or cry to mommy” he began to taunt me.

The shear anger I felt began to erupt from me but I managed to hold it in.

“man the bitch must be proud to have a bastard child like you” the man flipped me off as he said.

After hearing that last insult I snapped.

“DON’T… EVER… CALL… MY… MOM… AT BITCH” I screamed I held my eyes open as I shouted towards them man. But as I shouted at him more than just sound came out of me. no a shear blast of fire erupted out of my mouth. The man quickly jumped back from my blast. His eyes that were showing signs of bravery became signs of fear. He begins to back away from me till he hits the back of the wall.

I… couldn’t believe what I did the girl ran up to the mother and both her and the mother ran inside the house. I heard a lock sound and turned my head to see them at the window staring at me. I turned my head towards the man who was petrified with fear at what I can do. I slowly walked up to him; the man raised his hands above his chin and began to shield his face. I could see streams of tears flowing from his cheek as I made my way towards him. I finally stop just a few inches from him.
“p-p-please don’t kill me” he sobbed “I just want to be with my little girl” tears continued to roll down his cheek as I looked at the man.

I glared at him. I never liked bad people like him and always thought of cleaning up the streets if I ever can. I paused thinking of what to do with the man; should I let him live or should I kill him. I began to wonder the consequences of both choices. If I let him live he will come back again and maybe try to kill me and take the daughter away again. But if I kill him the police will hunt me down and I will probably spend my life in jail. I ponder on both choices. As I tried to decide the man began to chuckled and wiped some of his tears off his face.

He began to laugh “you- you stupid sh#t. you don’t got the balls to kill me huh. I just right your just a stupid mother f#$ken freak that the mother must hate so much huh” he continued to laugh.

I clutched my teeth the shear anger came back and my mouth began to feel like it was on fire. The man looked up and dropped his jaw at my expression.

“oh god.. I’m just messing kid p-please don’t-“raised on hand towards me.

I stopped him from finishing as I shouted my fire powers at him. He began to scream in pain as the fire in gulf him all around. He began to twirl around trying to put himself out but I kept my fire at him. Finally after several seconds the screaming finally… stopped. I stopped and took some deep breaths and slowly raised my sight at the man. I covered my mouth at what I done. The man was no more than a chard skeleton lying on the side of the wall. I was about to lose my lunch but I kept myself from doing it here so the police won’t trace me at all.

“i-is.. is he dead. “ I heard right next to me. I turned to see the girl and the mother coming next to me and looking at the chard skeleton.

“i-I… yes I’m afraid so” I lowered my head. As I held my head down I felt something warm and soft coiled around me. I looked at my left and saw the girl... she was… hugging me. I felt some of her tears landing on my shirt and some began to seep into it.

“Thank you… so much” she said

I couldn’t believe what happen just now. I was just walking home from school and the next thing I doing is killing a man with a power that I never even knew that I could do in the first place and the daughter is hugging me and thanking me for killing him. Man what a day.

After the event the girl told me her name was Jessica and her father was about to steal her and take her somewhere that her mother will never find her neither to police either. She told me that her father was abusive and a drunk and she was glad to be rid of him including the mother. The mother and I gotten rid of the skeleton by burying him in a ditch that was found already dug up for it. After finishing the job she began to ask how I did that with the fire coming out of the mouth like a dragon. Honestly I don’t know was all I could say. She smiled and since then… we became a couple.

Eventually after 10 years after the incident I became more than I could be. I became firstly known as the dragonman. One of the ‘special ops’ Los Angeles has to offer. I never pick the bad side so I’m mostly working for the mayor and with the police in taking down Los Angeles crime lords and other sorts.

I lift myself up and shove the book into my back pack and dust myself off. I look at the building of the target I was supposed to get. My chest where my phone hanged began to shake. I grew annoyed at it because someone kept calling me all night since I made it here and finally answered it.

“Hello” I said annoyed

“Did you find him” officer bradley said from his squad car.

“Yeah he’s in his room now. I’ll bring him out of hiding and you guys will catch him then. “I said

“Good remember dragonman we need him alive. So no fire breathing for his mission ok.” He pointed out
I cock my head to the side. “Oh come on where’s the fun in that” I chuckled

“No powers dragonman. Last time was hard to get anything out of him since you cook almost 78% of his body and organs.” Offer Bradley said almost shouting.

“Hey it was a mistake. Besides he lived right and you got the info about the drug shipment right” I placed my hand on my knee and held my head on my hand.

“NO POWERS AND THAT’S AN ORDER” officer Bradley shouted.

“Alright alright I get dragonman out” I hanged up my phone and began to head towards the building the only way I know. Since I first discovered my powers I began to practice with them and found out more abilities I can do. For instant jumping from far distance and flying by using hands like a jetpack are two very useful powers that I can do while on the job. After leaping towards the building I burned off the lock and stormed in the apartment complex.

I crept into the building and hid behind the wall on the floor that my targeted was hiding. I waited till finally one of the doors open the target was about to leave his complex. He was carrying a huge black case as he was trying to lock his door of his apartment. As he pick them up and lock the door I crept behind him.

“Hi” I said from behind him. The man shrieked and turned around looking at me.

“y-y-you’re the dra-“ the man quivered

“The dragonman yes I know. And you’re coming with me” I pointed my finger at him signaling him to come over here.

The target began to rummage through his coat looking for something that may harm me I began to laugh a little thinking of what he may had to harm me. my powers not only gave me the power to breath fire, leap buildings and fly in the air but also my skin became scales that are impenetrable against all fire arms and other sorts.

“Oh come on” I chuckled as I watch the man continued to look for his weapon. “You seriously going to try and hurt me. You can’t remember.” I reached out but I was cut off as he pulled out a flask.

“AH HAH” he shouted and opens the cork.

“What need a drink before I take you in” I smiled at him.

“No but looks like you need one.” he held the flask tight and swish the flask to the side and sprayed some type of fluid at me. It was too dark almost pitch black. The fluid hit landed on me and I felt the shear burning of it as it landed on the side of my face and some dripped on my jacket.

“AH DAMMIT THE HELL” I shouted as I wiped it off myself.

As I wipe the stuff off myself the targeted jumped over me and began to head up the stairs to the roof.
The chase begins.

*Somewhere at targets house*

“Where is that idiot?” officer Bradley said as he tap his finger on steering wheel.

“I told him to lure him to ground level.” Continued tapping on the wheel.

“Oh if he has killed him I swear I will be the one to kill him” he finally let go of the wheel and went outside to have a smoke. As he pulled out a cig and places it in his mouth he then reached down his pocket and pulled out a sliver lighter. With one flick of the lighter he lit his cigarette and took a puff from it. After several more puffs his he begin sigh and cross his arms. Eventually the sound of faint running caught his attention. He looked both ways and behind and in front of him trying to find the sound but no one was around. The sound soon got a little louder and finally looked at the building his eye caught a glimpse of two figures. One was a man in a black suit and carrying a black case. The other was a man with orange and blue jacket dark blue cargo pants combat boots.

Officer Bradley realized the two figures and dropped his cig and stopped it before getting into his squad car and began to follow them.


Within seconds the call returned and several police cars began to line up with Officer Bradley.

“Keep on his tail dragonman” he whispered

*chase scene*

I leaped over several buildings and dodged several pieces of trash he threw trying to throw me off. The man continued running from leaping over buildings climbing over the walls, fire escapes and some chimneys while clinging to the black case.

“Wow he’s clinging to that case. Must be something important since he hasn’t ditched it for his life.” I said

The pursuit continued on and we eventually ended at the last building that lead nowhere else but street. The man looks around trying to find a way out. He tried to run back but I cut him off by landing in his way and giving him a smile.

“End of the line my friend” I smiled at him. The man began to sweat and shake after seeing me. The targeted looked around and saw what seemed to be a ladder leading down. He rush towards the ladder but was cut off again… by officer Bradley coming up the ladder.

“It’s over Mr. Jackson. You’re under arrest for illegal experimenting and running from the law.” Officer Bradley held his gun and pointed at the man.

“ooooohhhh illegal experimenting and running from the law. Might as well add harming and officer as well” I place my fist on the side of my hips.

Officer Bradley cocks his head. “You’re not law enforcement remember dragonman and you can take any hit.”

“awwwww Bradley you hurt my feelings” I chuckled. Officer Bradley shook his head.

Both me and Officer Bradley began to walk towards the target. Mr. Jackson began to walk back away from both me and Bradley to the side of the ledge.

“get down on the ground Mr. Jackson” it’s over we got the whole place surrounded.” Bradley kept the gun at Mr. Jackson. I kept my cool and slid my hands into my jacket pockets.

Mr. jackson didn’t say a word but just stood there still like he was frozen. “So it seems. Well then I think it’s time” he said quietly.

Both me and Officer Bradley look at each other than at the target in confusion.

“We will see who the better man is” Mr. Jackson sets the black case on the ledge and unlocks it. Officer Bradley and I both got ready for what’s next. Officer Bradley held his gun and pointed at the man I began to concentrate some of my fire into my hands and held them in place if something was to go wrong. The man the open the case. Slowly he removed what appears to be a brightly glowing crystal ball.

I lower my powers and laugh at the man. “OH GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS. LOOK BRADLEY HE’S GONNA TELL US OUR FUTURE! OH OH WHAT’S MINE SAYS” I continued laughing

Mr. Jackson stood there smiling as he held the crystal ball in his hands. “Oh I see your future. It’s says you’re going away FOREVER!” he ran up towards me and held the ball above his head. I didn’t have time to react to the man’s actions. He threw the crystal ball at me. I couldn’t react in time and the ball hit the middle of my chest. The shear electricity carcinate within it began to travel all around my body as it made contact with my jacket. I screamed in pain as electricity travel all over my body. Officer Bradley watched in horror as I screamed in pain from the crystal ball. Mr. Jackson however smiled and walked back away from me. The pain continued on and for several minutes I was floating up with the crystal ball floating in front of me still giving out electricity within my body. As we finally floated high above the ground the ball slowly came closer towards me and by some force I wrapped around it still feeling its power. As I felt the electricity coursing through my body I finally let out a blood curling scream. The sphere finally glow white and a huge blast shot across the sky and throughout the city. Officer Bradley dove down but Mr. Jackson was hit by the blast and fell back off the building… the other officers watch as the target fell from the roof and hit the stone concrete hard. Several seconds later officer Bradley finally lifted his head up from the ground and looked up at the sky. But as he looked up at the sky he only saw stars. The dragonman was gone.

*in canterlote castle*

It was a normal day all the ponies went on throughout their day going to work, planting, having fun just like every day it was. From deep within the castle a beautiful white horse sat in the middle of a large table. A beautiful decorated cup full of tea floated next to her along a huge brown book was open as she read and took a sip from the cup.

“Hm. It’s amazing on what others think of them” she said as she read on a certain page revealing a creature with hands, feet, no tail, and no scales and was still breathing fire like a dragon. The white horse smiled as she continued reading more.

The sound of galloping began to hear but ignored it and continued reading. As the galloping soon gotten louder she continued reading but stopped by the sound of door kicking open. The figure stood there he was wearing armor but was more heavy and had his helmet was designed with purple and white feathers. He removed his helmet revealing his dark and light blue hair streak along with a shield on his side. He was panting as he made his way to the white horse.


“What how are you sure captain?” she lower the book and set the cup on the small plate.

The captain shook his head and look up towards the princess again. “Yes just know a ball of light came out of the royal garden. Right now I have three of my men going to see what’s going on. “He said

The princess looks away from him then back again. “Alright get your men ready for anything alright”

The pony raise his hoof and salute to the princess “yes princess celestia” the captain finally turned and left.

The princess got up from her seat and went to the window. Outside revealed smoke coming from inside the garden. She closed her eyes for a few seconds then open the again.

“What comes to this peaceful land” the princess lowered her head.
To be continued.

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