the survivor of equestria

by wolfman93

First published

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

so everyone this is my first story on this site. i made others on da but i like to post it here first time.

this story takes place after five years of being trapped in a zombie-infested city. one man by the named joseph angel delemarte is saved from a untimely death and sent to the land of equestria. upon coming to this world he finds out more than he knew about even himself and is given the chance to use his power to save the ponies of equestria. but along the way an evil dictator has enter the land and threatens to destroy equestria. will angel and the mane 6 stop this man and will he find true love again. well wait and see

please no bad comment please

the day i left earth

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Have you ever heard the saying that life sometimes just comes and goes and sometimes it just bites you in the ass when you least expected? Well for me it’s been like that ever since an experimental virus that an indigenous terrorist dumped into the water supply. Those incidents had happen 5 years before when everything was alive and people went with their normal days. Stores open with happy faces and customers came with wallets full of cash to spend, the smell of food from restaurants was strong enough to drive even the hungriest of men come running for a taste of the good side. The police all walked happily as bystanders walked with their cell phones glued to their ears while heading to their destination. Cars lined up waiting for the light to turn green and bicyclist’s ride down the side walk with great joy. Man those were the times but I barely remember anything since now the streets are lined up with broken up cars, fallen buildings and trashed and the decay of… what used to be people. Now here I am just me in my tattered up pants a worn out jacket and almost falling part sneakers sitting on top of an abandoned bus with a lit cigarette in hand while looking at the once used to be quiet town I used to live in.
My hands covered with dirt and blood stains gagged me as I tried to smoked at my last cigarette I had on me. the sweat on my forehead began running down on dirty, cut up face one sweat gland landed in my eye and stung the inside of my eye. “Uh.” I said as I rubbed it and tried to adjust my straps on my torned up backpack I had behind me. My m16 lay beside me along with opened bottle water and an open half eaten canned of beans next to it. I stared at the long blue sky and began to be amazed at its beauty. “Man I wish I can go to the beach or hang out at the mall sometimes?” I sighed then looked on my left and see several infected banging on the side of bus trying to get there zombified hands on their prey. I gave them an angry as I looked at them.
“But nooooooo! Instead I have to run for my life every day and survive by the skin of my teeth in this fucked up city”. I took one last puff of my cigarette till finally threw it aside at the infected. “Well” I said while finishing up the canned of beans and getting up from my spot. “I better find some more supplies. I almost out of food and used up my last med kit because of that last incident with one of the governments failed prototypes several days ago”. As I scanned my surroundings for a way out I suddenly heard the sound of jets flying by over the horizon. I watched as a huge aircraft fly across the city and dropped a large crate from behind and deployed a parachute. “heh wow. I scoffed “I didn’t know they cared at all for us” I began to laugh. “Alright then time to resupply” I cleared my voice. I looked at the infected and began going back. I took a few inches and got into position. With all my strength I speed up on top of the bus and with great force I leaped right over the infected. They watch and quickly turned around towards me. I landed on the safe area from the infected but was already being chased by them. I didn’t have time to breath I soon took off and ran as fast as I can towards the drop off area.
With every blocked I ran the smell lingered with its gaggle scent of rotten fleshed. “Jesus man I thought I smelled bad but I’m nowhere comparing to them” I laughed as I continued sprinting. My heart pounded harder with every step I moved. I tried to keep my laughing momentum due to the overused of my legs going through the derbry. I panted with exhaustion but I couldn’t stop because more began to smell me and where coming after me slowly. I sooned stopped by a blockage of cars and need to find a new route fast. The sound of moaning and groaning grew ever so closed and I was running out of time. I looked quickly and saw the door to the police station was open. Without hesitation I quickly sprinted towards the police station and immediately closed, locked and barricaded the door. After moving the last of the desks against the door I slowly fell to the floor in exhaustion. My heart felt as though it was gonna explode out of my chest “heh HA saved by the bell again” I laughed as I tried to regain my strength. The sound of banging coming from the door suggested I don’t have long tilled they break it open. With all my strength I regained so far I’ve gotten myself up and went inside the once used to be police station. My heart pounded more as I entered through the jails section of the police station. I looked at the cell and wasn’t surprised to see zombies still inside some were dead due to lack of food for so long others were skinned and bones. Man I said “I’m so glad am not like these guys” I said while moving along to the exit. While open the exit I looked back from the entrance I just came in. I should have felt sorry for them…. if they didn’t take everything from me.
As I exit the police station I soon remembered my past and began to have a flashed back of my previous life before this outbreak happen. I remember being in my room sitting next to my computer while talking to my once was love of my life. She was bragging on how my little pony was so cute and she would die happy to see them if they were real.
“Oh baby you and your fantasies.” I said chuckling
“Yes I’m your little fantasying love bird” she said sighing
I laughed HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! “Yes you are and that’s why I love you for that”
Since childhood we were friends since I moved from my small town of California into the huge city of LA. I was shy and on the first day of kindergarten and didn’t make any friends then. One day I was being picked on by some of the students who said I was a weakling and wanted my lunch money. I begged them not to hurt me and that’s when I met her. She came out of the crowd and stands right in front of the bullies. The bullies all began to tease her because she’s was a girl and she was weak because of this. Within seconds I watched a 5 year old girl beat up 4 bullies and chased them off like little girls. After scaring those bullies off she came up to me. I looked up tears were sliding across my face as I looked up at her. She smiled at me.
“Are you alright” she offered her hand to me I flinched at her. “Come on I don’t bite” she giggled. I still stared at her and gave her a smile after grabbing the hand she offered. Ever since that day we became friends and we both promised to help each other out no matter what.
After finishing middle school there was a ceremony for us graduates and I knew that it was time to tell her how much I felt to her and how happy she makes me before it was too late. I eventually lead her behind the building away from the party.
“huh angel what’s wrong? Why you lead us to here? She said questionably.
“Well it’s because i-i…. uh” I stuttered trying to think something that won’t embarrass me in front of her. My cheeks flushed and I turned my head away from her face.
“Yes” she said in a concerned but soft tone.
“I’m… worried that” I paused
“Worried about what?” she said placing her hand on my redish cheek. Her hands felt as soft teddy bear.
“I’m worried that… we won’t be friends anymore” tears weld up in my eye. I looked up Amy raised an eyebrow and tilt her head.
“What are you talking about angel? We’ll always be friends no matter what happens.” She smiled and looked into my eyes.
“It’s not only that it’s… nevermind” I looked away my face turned redish again.
“What then?” she said puzzled.
“It’s just that i.i….. I uh well” my voice cracked as I tried to admit my true feelings for her.
Amy looked up giving me a smirk and grabbed my head. I flinched and tried to move away but couldn’t because even though she has soft hands she’s still strong enough to wrestle a bear.
“Now I’ll let go AFTER you tell me what’s up. Now tell me what?” she held my face and brought it closer to her’s my heart danced as I looked into those beautiful eyes again.
I stuttered and with my last bit of courage I said my true feelings hoping she wouldn’t hear it.
Amy heard every word alright as she let my head go. I looked at her and felt my heart sanked to my chest to see her expression. She looked shocked at me. I felt tears welding up in my eyes i knew it was a mistake telling her that.
“i-I’m sorry Amy I got to go” I quickly tried to dash away from her but I soon stopped by her grabbing my arm and holding it tight. I eventually looked behind me and saw Amy holding my arm with both hands. Her hair covered her face but I saw few tears running down her cheek and she gave a small and quiet sniffled. I knew it was wrong to run from the girl that you’re in love with but I couldn’t think straight after what happen. I turned my whole body and looked at Amy again.
“A- Amy a-are you ok” I said and raised my hand below her chin and lifted her face up. Tears steams fell on her cheeks and she made a small sniffle again. She wiped her eyes and took a small breath and looked up at me.
Amy looked up at me with anger in her eyes. I felt scared to see her angry even at me. “ANGEL YOU JERK” she slapped me across my cheek with her free hand and brought me close to her lips with the other. My mind had a hard time understanding what was happening. My lips were against her’s and she started to move her tongue around trying to find a way in. I open my mouth and was greeted with her tongue on mine. She finally let go and wrapped both arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist. After several minutes of playing around with each other’s tongue’s she finally let go. She blushed a bright red and placed her hands on my chest.
“Don’t you know it’s wrong to leave a girl by herself? Especially… if it’s your girlfriend” she smiled again at me.
“g-g-girlfriend?” I still couldn’t believe what she had done and said to me.
“Yes. You see angel you’re not the only one who has feelings for you. I love you too angel I always have but I was scared that… that you weren’t interested.” Tears started to form in her eyes again.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to run away it’s just that I love you too much to know what would happen if were split apart. That’s why today… I admitted to you now because I’m worried that you’ll find a new guy in high school and I’ll never get the chance to tell you about how much I love you” I lifted her head up again and got caught by surprise by another kiss from her.
“Angel I love you too and no man could ever compete against you. I’m glad you took the time to tell me how you really feel for Me.” she hugged me close and laid her head on my chest. “This is the best day ever” she smiled at me.
I placed my hand on her head and gently rubbed her long, soft curly hair. “Yes yes it is” I smiled at her.
After that day and on the first day of high school we became boyfriend and girlfriend throughout the years with no signs of abridging at all.
Her face sparkled with the endless sun with a scent of lavender flourish the air as I held her around my arms. She sometimes acted like sort of cowgirl with a girly side to it which wasn’t surprising when she talked to me that a normal girl should. She sometimes show both whenever we do something together. Example is that she loves sports and she usually shows her tom boyish side but other times when we watch TV she usually watches my little pony whenever it’s on. I wasn’t a fan but it never hurt to watched a few shows with her sometimes and soon knew what to get her on her birthday and for other occasional times I happen to see at the mall. She didn’t care about getting dirty but cared about life her family and friends so much she would do anything and everything she can to help everyone that need help. She later then decide to become a doctor in which she wanted while I spent my college days learning about physics while also spending most time at gym. She didn’t care about looks but she only care that everyone was safe and happy and that not’s why I loved her. Her heart and her free spirit is the most amazing thing that not many girls have now of days.
Last may during a nice breezy evening as both of us watching the sun began to set. She stands next to me while I sat on the soft green grass. She wore some regular jeans with some cowboy boots and a plaid shirt with a hat on her head. “Wow the sun is beautiful isn’t it angel” she said as she held her hat in place because of the wind.
“Yes it is.” I said and looked up at her. “It’s as beautiful as you honey” I said romantically. She blushed and turned her head away to hide it. “Angel” she said in concern tone.
“Hm yes babe what is it?” I said questionably. I starred as she began to sit next to me the warm sun light glistening like a rose on a warm summer day.
“Angel if anything ever happens to us” she said while covering her eyes with her hat. “I want you to find happiness even if we ever depart from one another” she said as she looked at me. Her eyes began to tear up as though her she was crying diamonds.
“What... What are talking about I love you and only you” I said as I help wipe the tears off her eyes.
“Well...” she paused “promise me this angel” she said. She then grabbed my hand and held it with both of her soft velvet hands.” Promise me that one day if another you fallen for that you should not hesitate to be to her.” She said as she held her hand across her heart.
“What” I said angrily. “Honey I love you and only you I will never love anyone else like you to live” I said as I move my hand across her face.
“It’s just-“she paused again. “it’s just that I want you to be happy as well as I. I don’t know what will happen in the future but I know that if anything ever happens to us that we will continue living even if anyone of us departed” she said clutching my hand in place. I looked at her and then brought my forehead close to her’s.
“I promise babe no matter what happens we will always be together” I said and then gave her a nice sweet kiss on the lips. She blushed and then we both laid on the soft grass together and watch the sunset together. I didn’t know why she meant that but somehow I wish I did. I finally did understand what she meant that day right after she was taken from me from this world.
One day on a long hot summer august we both laughed at each other for amusement, chuckling every joke we both could have then of. Then later that day she then told me how much she loved me and I told her how much she meant to me…. That was the last time I talked to her and the biggest mistake she had made. She soon later heard the door knocked and said she will be back. I waited for her to return I later heard a screamed coming from her.
“BABE” I said feeling worried
AHHHH HELP ME STOP!! She screamed in terror
I began to hear a roar and sound of a struggle happening.
“BABE… HOLD ON I’M COMING”! I said as I dropped the phone and ran out the door towards her apartment. With all my energy I sprinted towards the girls dorms. I ran up the stairs and pushed everything that was blocking me. People complained as I pushed everyone one that was in front of me. Finally I made it to her dorm room exhausted and fulled of adrendiline. As I tried to open it I viciously slammed my body towards the door. But as I entered inside I couldn’t believe the sight. A man probably in his late twenty’s was tearing flesh from her neck with his own teeth. I covered my mouth and stood there stunned my eyes were glued to scene. I was too late to save her. The man soon got up and looked at me he then gave a nasty shriek as though he was a sort of animal of sort. My anger soon spiked and I viciously attacked the man.
“YOU BASTURD I’LL KILL YOU!” I screamed as I banged the man’s head on the ground. I slammed the man’s head over and over till he stopped twitching but I still didn’t stop till finally it was over. I looked at the man then at my love and sat next to her corpse. Tears began forming in my eyes as I hold her body in my arms. “Oh god… WHY!!” I screamed as security came inside the room. That memory burned in my head and still with me till this day. I tried to move on since that’s what she wants me to do even though she’s gone.
After the incident more people started attacking others as well. The police and army tried to contain it but there were too many. Soon before 5 years later the city was overrun by the infected and later on the city… was dead. After 5 years of surviving I tried keep my funniest with me. And my kindness was still there even though I need to survive. But I never forget who I was. I kept telling myself
“My name is joseph angel delamarte.” “MY NAME IS JOSEPH ANGEL DELAMARTE AND I WILL SURVIVE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs my blood pumped throughout my body I was fully on fire with adrenaline till I finally realized something much important.
I hit a new level of stupidity to what I’ve done right in the middle of the street. Without me looking behind my head millions of the infected were right behind me and coming towards me. I sighed “oh me and my big fat mouth” I said and then took off running away from the horde. I quickly ran towards down the street but soon was stopped by another mob right in front of me. “Oh Jesus” I looked at my sides and saw an alley several feet from me. I didn’t know where it leads but I took that chance. I ran as quickly inside the alley but my luck sooned ran out as it turned out it was a dead end. I began to look for another way out but there wasn’t. I soon tried to leave but they were already coming in. I saw the millions of them coming in and pulled out my m16 and began to fire at them. As I fired at them more and more began pouring in. I was running out of ammo fast but didn’t realize it till I finally used up my last clip. I slowly walk to the back but soon couldn’t after hit the wall. My spine grew ice cold and I fell to the ground. “Oh god this is it… the end for me” I said while closing my eyes then all of the sudden a bright light shine in front of me and within seconds I lost conscious.

Welcome to pony world human

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As i lay unconscious I saw only myself floating in a white room with no way out. I squirm trying to move my arms and legs but couldn’t as though the felt like they were chain up by an invisible force or something. I looked up and stared at the endless white room and wondered. Is this heaven and that god is determining my fate as we speak. I began to felt a tear form in my eye but tried to hold it back but couldn’t. My heart beat harder with each passing minute that passed by.

“Am i… dead” I said wondering. “Did those things got me and now my body is being torned apart and dined as we speak.” I tried again to move but my body didn’t move even an inch as I continued floating. I floated for several more minutes it almost felt like an hour or two has gone by till finally in a distant I heard several whispers.

“Huh who’s there” I said questionably. I looked around and saw some sort of a light coming towards me. Within the light I saw a blurred figure standing inside the light. “Amy is that you” I said as I tried to reach towards the light. Again the figure grew bigger as I floated towards the light and the figure grew even clearer as I made my way up. As the figure grew clearer I soon began to realize who was waiting for me up in the light….. My love.

“AMY!! IT IS YOU” I yelled tears weld up in my eyes at the sight of my love again once more. I reached even more trying to hold her hand once more again. As I entered the light I soon lost sight of her again “AMY WAIT PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME AGAIN” I screamed trying to look for her again.

“Amy? Who’s that?” a strange voice was heard as I managed to regain my vision.

“Maybe it’s someone special to… uh whatever it is.” Another voice said in the background. “I’ve heardof these species before in one of my studies. There are called humans of some sort” a third voice was overheard. More voices we heard as I tried to regain my sight. I counted them and figured out there were at least seven voices I heard. Six of them were girls and one was a small boy I suggested. As I managed to regain my sight.

“Oh man what happen?” I shooked my hand side to side. “Where am i?” I looked up to see I was in a library of sort. Rows of books where everywhere but I couldn’t tell what the sides of the books said. I looked at myself to see that I managed to escape the horrible moment back at the alley.

“You ok there pardner” a female voice I heard in front of me.

“Oh thank god. Thank you for saving back there” I said thankfully while scratching my aching head from that moment. “Uh No prob but what we do?” the same voice came from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see the person who saved me and shake his hand but I was completely surprise at the results. An orange horse-like pony was standing behind me. It had hair like a light blondish mane and tail, a cowboy hat and an apple on its side.

“Wow I haven’t seen a horse in a while” I said while staring at it.’

“Horse? I’m no horse there pardner I’m a pony” the little orange pony said in a western style tone.

“uuhhhhhhhh” I said in disbelief. I laughed “Oh god I thought”. I continued laughing “for a second there it sounded that you talked” I said while pointing at her.

“Talking ponies. That’s so unbelievable” I said still laughing my sides started to ache with all this laughing. It has been a while since I laugh this hard.

“What are you babbling about? I AM a talking pony are you making fun of me because if you are I’ll bop you upside the head” she said raising her hoof in front of me. I looked at her surprisingly and couldn’t believe my eyes. I laugh a little and began to wobble back and forth and side to side till finally fainting on the hard floor again.
“Oh celestia. Boy’s softer than the inside of an apple pie.” The orange pony said.

For a few more hours of being unconscious I managed to wake up again after that shocking experience last time I woke up. “Man... I feel as though I was hit by a truck or something” I said while rubbing my head again. I looked around again and sure enough I was still in some sort of library last time woken up.

“Nope you fell asleep again Mr. Monkey man” a voice heard next to me. I looked down on my lap. A light pink pony with mane and tail that resembles cotton candy and some balloons on her side was laying on my lap and with my hand against her soft belly. “Uh” I said while looking at her.

“Did you just- “I tried to speak but I was interrupted by the pink pony.

“talking yes I was and were so worried that you wouldn’t wake up but when we saw that you woke up I was like so happy but when you fell asleep again I was like awwww but now you’re awake again and wanted to surprise you with a surprise party just for you” she said frantically. She then pulled out a cake back from next to her. “Let’s start with cake. You get first piece” she said holding the cake next to my face. The cake smelled delicious but the sweet aroma couldn’t win the amount of surprise I was in.
I couldn’t believe the sight I was seeing. A pink talking pony that is sitting on my lap and holding a cake in front of my face and she’s smiling too.
“This has to be a dream of some sort. I said frantically.
Yeah it’s a dream and I’m just tired I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep the past several months. I knock my head trying to wake up from this dream.

“Uh I don’t think so let’s see” the little pink pony said with a questionable look on her face.

“Here I’ll show you”

The pink pony placed the cake she had on her on the side and lifted my hand with both of her hooves. She brought my hand close to her muzzle and bit the top of my palm and pinched hard till finally letting go.

AH! THAT HURT! I said holding my hand. I looked at my hand a small red mark began to form on my hand.
“Wait a minute. It….actually hurt”. I wasn’t dreaming at all and it was real.
I couldn’t believe it. I was on some sort planet rule by talking ponies or maybe a different dimension of sorts.

“See I told you you’re not dreaming” the pink pony said smiling. “So are you ready for cake. Because I didn’t know what you like and so I just made a chocolate cake instead but I also add some vanilla to the first half of the cake for you if you didn’t like chocolate.” She said holding the cake.

I was sort of scared at the situation. But I knew that since I was here also means If safe from my zombie infested city and by looking at her she looks like she wouldn’t hurt even a fly even if she tried. I looked at the cake she held in front of me. The sweet moist chocolate icing all around it made my mouth water all over. I haven’t taste cake for a while and just gave a nod.

“s-s-sure I’ll have some cake uh” I said. I was astonished by how she picked up a knife with her mouth and sliced a big piece of cake for me. She then placed the cake on a separate plate and handed it to me with a huge smile on her face.

“Here you go I hope you like it I made it myself” she said handing the piece of cake to me. “Uh thank you miss uh…” I said while taking the cake from her.”

My name is pinkie pie and what’s your name mister” she said gleefully.

“My name is Joseph Angel Delamarte but my friends call me by my middle name. A-and thank you pinkie for the cake.” I said smiling at her.

“oooohhhh that’s a long name” she said and began to stare at me waiting for what I think of her cake. I chuckled and took a small piece of the cake and placed it into my mouth. My taste buds felt like there were in wonder land for the first time in years. The deliciousness made me want to savor every bite I ate. Pinkie pie sat there smiling as I ate the cake she made for me. After finishing the cake a burst of words came spewing out of her at a fast pace. “OMG how did you like it was it delicious. Was it was it. Huh huh huh.Because I’m trying some flavors for new cake recipes’ and I wanted to know how you like the chocolate and vanilla swirl I just made today. Tell me tell me huh huh. I see that you liked it very much and that makes me happy thank you for liking it” pinkie pie said at a fast pace.

I smiled at her and tried to say something through her pace. “Yes it was thank you I loved it very much” I said while looking around the room. Pinkie pie then let out a cheerful yay and started bouncing around to room. She then front flipped and landed on my lap. I blushed at the sight of her on my lap as she cuddled herself comfortably.

“Uh miss pie what are doing?” I said trying to contain my blushing. “I like it when you were rubbing my tummy” she said while moving on her back.

I couldn’t help myself at this situation and I really want to show her I wasn’t dangerous of sorts so I condulge and gave her what she like. I slowly lay my hand on her soft stomach and began to rub it up and down and around in circles. She let out a happy giggle and snort as I rubbed face although felt like it was on fire or something. “Why am I feeling like this all of the sudden” I thought.

“Uh pinkie pie what are you doing” another female voice heard from above. I looked up and saw a Pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail on her.

“You barely met him and already you’re cuddling all over him”

I stutter. W-w- “WHAT! WAIT IT’S NOT LIKE THAT MISS uh” I paused

“Rainbow dash is the name. Speed is my game. by the way you look you’re not from around here and you mustn’t heard of me. I’m the fastest pony around these here parts. Here watched” the rainbow colored pony began to praised herself and fly around the room at a very high speed. So fast I couldn’t keep up with speed. She then stop in front and me and bowed. Being the gentlemen I was I gave a nice applause and clapped at her performance.

“Thank you thank you so may I ask who are you or what are you” rainbow dash said while looking into my eyes. Her beautiful magenta eyes glistening as I stared into them.

“Oh uh my names joseph angel delamarte and uh. Well” I paused then looked down at pinkie pie. “I’m a-“

“You’re a human aren’t you” another voice came from behind me. As I looked over a lavender- colored pony came up behind me with all my weapon and backpack with a purplish color all around them levitating beside her.


“I know it’s yours and I’m sorry for taking it and looking inside” she said and began to levitate both back to my hands
As I reached to grabbed my stuff 3 more pony-like creatures came from behind her. “s-sorry for yelling at you” I said

“It’s ok. Actually I should be the one sorry since I looked through your bag without permission” she said in embarrassment
“No no I should be sorry since I jumped at you like that. Please forgive my rudeness” I bowed my head at the little lavender pony to show how sorry I am.

“Uh what is he doing” the little butter-like pony said in a quiet tone.

“He’s showing his gratitude by bowing to us. Like a master and his apprentice. Hmmmm althought he’s from another world he sure does got some good taste in clothing despite it being dirty in all” the white marshmallow pony while putting her hoof on her chin and smiling.

“Well whatever he’s doing he owes me an apology for laughing at me” the orange pony said as she came from behind the lavender pony.

I looked up and saw all 6 of the ponies all standing and staring at me. Well since being on a weird planet and looking like a total slob without any other human company why wouldn’t they stare at me? I didn’t felt weird being stared at but I had the strangest feeling. I’m in a distant planet far away from my zombie infested world where survive or be eaten. Once the eaten part came up in my head I suddenly stood up in shocked.

“OH GOD” I screamed as I pat everywhere and looked at each limb, my stomach and felt whole head trying to see if I wasn’t bit at all while being transported.

“ohhhhhh are we playing simens says. Oh oh I love that game so much” pinkie pie said as she copied everything I did.

I then sighed at relief to notice that I wasn’t bit while coming to this world. I knew if I was I could have spreading the disease onto this world and this world would suffer the same fate mine did. I then looked at pinkie pie in which she still was copying everything I did.

“Wow you’re quite the happy one you are” I said smiling at her.
“Awww thank you angel” pinkie pie said smiling

“Uh why were you doing that just now. Did you lose something” rainbow dash said while hovering over my head.

“No I didn’t I was just. I paused trying to think of a different story instead of the real one.” I- I was”

“Yes” the lavender colored pony said raising one eyebrow. Her eye was a beautiful shade of purple with a touch of sparkling in it. My heart began to beat faster and I tried to not blush. Why was I feeling like this especially to an unknown species that I recently encounter just now.

“You have to tell eventually”

“Why not start with the part when you called me Amy when you first woke up” the orange colored pony suggested.

I knew that I was in too deep already and faking a story will just make things worse for me. And in part of my head I somehow want them to know (for a reason… somehow) “Alright” I said while rubbing my head and sitting down. “But first what are your names”

“My name is twilight sparkle” the lavender pony said. She began pointing to her friends one by one.

“This is fluttershy”

“Um hi” fluttershy said in a quiet yet cute tone. (Damned she’s cute)

“That’s rarity”

“Charming to meet you Mr. Joseph” she said (wow what a lady- like attitude)

“Please called me angel all my friends did” I said waving to them

“And that’s applejack you mistaken for whoever thought it was”

“Howdy” applejack said while raising her hat. (She sounds so much like…. Amy)

“Nice to meet you all” I said and began to sighed. I eventually told them the whole story on why I looked like this and what happen to my world. I told them about who was Amy and why I mistaken applejack for her. Tears fell from each of the ponies faces as I told them what had happen to her and how much she meant to me. I began notice and tried to throw in some jokes in which actually helped. I then told them on my last 5 years I have been surviving in a wrecked city surrounded by monsters and having to survive daily in order to live the next day. I tried to contain my tears in which I told more jokes that again helped relieve my sadness. I eventually ended after my finally event that happen before I was brought here and how freighting it was for me.

“Wow. I never knew somebody that could be so cheerful after going through that” twilight said with an 0 of amazement on her face.

“Well I got by ok and I really should be thanking all of you for saving me. I owe all you guys my life for it” I said giving another smile.

“Really” fluttershy said and began to blush.

“Well you don’t have to thank us” applejack said and patted twilight on the back.” It was here twilight that save yah. Yup her magic is quite special”

“Really? Well then thank you Ms. Twilight sparkle”

Twilight blushed and tried to hide it.” Um it’s was nothing. Just glad to help”

“Nothing” I said in surprise. Ms. Twilight I was about to be eaten by a huge horde of monsters and you save me just in time I believe that’s I owe you something In return.

“Oh that’s not necessary” twilight blushed and tried to cover it with her forehan- I mean hoof.

“Please let me repay you in return for your hospitalities and for the saving.” I then looked at everyone to see which would respond before looking outside. The bright moon glisten the whole room with’s it magnificent glow. “Wow it’s a beautiful night”

Twilight looks outside and sees that it’s night already. “Oh wow I didn’t know it took so long to summon you from your world.”

I looked at the night sky till the word summon me came from her mouth and surprised me. “Wait” I raise my hand towards her.” You were trying to summon me Ms. Twilight. Why?” I realized that she knew more then she is telling me.” I know we just met but you know more don’t you Ms. Twilight.”

Twilight frowned and nodded. “Yes actually. You see” she looked away from me before looking at my face again.” Princess celestia has asked me to summon you from your world. I asked why and she said you were in danger and you were a kind and friendly person. I’m not sure about the details but I know I shouldn’t question my teacher’s wishes”

I raised an eyebrow at her trying to understand the situation. I began to think to myself while rubbing my chin. How did the princess knew about me and how did she knew I was in trouble in first place. My head was clouded with so many questions I had to ask to her princess but I was soon losing track with several of them. “Please take me to your princess Ms. Twilight” I said in a calmed tone.

“Well… she’s sort of working at the moment and right now it’s late so” she said trying to smile.

“Your right Ms. Twilight I believe we all should get some sleep” I said while rubbing my head.

“NOT SO FAST MISTER” rarity shouted as though I said something wrong.

“w-w-what Ms. Rarity” I said. My heart filled with anxiety at the tone that rarity spoken to me in. she came up to me and looked straight in my eyes. I leaned back away from her and began to prepare for anything that was about to happen.

She then pointed to my clothes.” May I have your clothes” she said in a kind tone.

“…. What” I starred at her in disbelief.

“Well if you’re going to see the princess you should at least have some proper wear.” She began tugging my tattered jacket. “Oh my this will not do. This will not do at all. Certainly not please give them here”

I raised my eyebrow at her a bluish glow all around my clothes and I felt my hands being lift up in front of me by a unknown force. I looked at my sleeves and in which they began to tug all around.” WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON” I began to fight it and then looked at rarity whose horn was glowing the same color as well.

“Hold still I’m not trying to hurt you” rarity said while trying to concentrate on removing my clothes

After several minutes the other girls began to blush after rarity got both my jacket and my shirt off. Fluttershy blushed and turned her head away trying not to look. Pinkie pie began to blushed had a smile so big that they reached to her ears.

“Oh my sweet apples” applejack said while covering her blushing with her hat.

“Uh rarity. He doesn’t need you to uh” twilight said while trying to contain her blush.

“No keep going I like it “rainbow dash said as she blushed and covered her mouth.

“MIS RARITY PLEASE STOP!” I yelled but already she got my pants zipper and buckles down. I tried holding them up but rarity manage to remove my pants down exposing my….eh Manhood. Rarity saw my manhood and blushed.
WAH HAHAHAHAH!!!! She said and began wobbled side to side and then fell flat on her back. I immediately pull my pants up my face was completely red with embarrassment. I remembered I was doing commando because my boxers need to be washed since yesterday. I mean let’s be honest when you’re living in a zombie infested city with only the clothes on your back and in your backpack you honestly think you have enough clothes to completely cover you. I remembered One time I ran around the city with no shirt because all of them had huge gaping holes the sizes of cooking pots in them while a huge horde was chasing me from behind. Yeah it was bad but let’s gets back to story.

After several minutes later I was in the bathroom. After taking a quick shower I changed into my extra set of clothes. After leaving the bathroom I stopped before closing the door. I looked down at twilight who was still blushing at last incident.

“Uh I’m sorry for rarity’s actions back there.” Twilight said with a cute giggle. “She can be a little…. Uh tidy up.

“Tidy up?” I said raising an eyebrow at her.” She was trying to rip my clothes of me.” I turned my head trying to contain again my blush. Twilight although saw my face turning red and gave a small giggle before going back to the main hall. Before she left open the hallway door she turn around and looked at me. Her face still blushing bright red.
“I made a bed for you so you can spend the night. I will contact princess tomorrow about your arrival” twilight said. Twilight then gave one cute giggle and wink before leaving.

“What was all that about? Was she…. Coming on to me” I slapped at myself. “No no she’s a pony and I’m a human” i rubbed my cheek i slapped and then pick up my messed up tattered clothes and jacket. “Well I need to give these to rarity if she’s gonna fix them for me.” I grabbed my tattered backpack and wrapped one of the straps around my shoulder and then I departed to the room where I eventually slept.
To be continued.

The smell of pure psycho

View Online

My heart ached as I tried to sleep the pass few hours. My mind filled with horrible thoughts of my recent years in the city. The memories of seeing people running and screaming all around me and the sound of cars crashing and smell of burning and smoke stenched the air. My eyes began to tear up for the sight of my love again roaming around still in a hospital gown and a tagged around her toe. Her neck still spewed blood all around from the incident a week ago. I watched as she turned and faced me her mouth dripped with blood and pieces of flesh, her eyes were not chestnut brown I fell in love with anymore but instead were pearlish white with little black dots in the middle. My mind and heart felt like dead weight as she made a loud screech and began to sprint towards me. I froze at the spot my eyes still fix at her as she ran towards me. I closed my eyes ready for the impact awaits but I ceased at the sound of a bang. I slowly open my eyes… I wished I hadn’t. The sight of her brains splatted on the side walk and her body still twitching on the ground. I looked at my clothes in which were now stained red with my love’s blood.

“Hey you alright?” an older man in a business suit carrying a shotgun came up and shooked my arm.

I turned my head at the man my face was still shocked but I began to shed tears in front of him.

“HEY NO TIME TO CRY MAN WE NEED TO GE-“the man was interrupted as two other men tackled him and began ripping him apart. I managed snap myself and wipe my tears. I looked around and saw the man’s shotgun on the ground next to me. I quickly grabbed it and ran away from the two infected. I felt more tears as I heard the screams of the man being torn behind me and has haunted me ever since.

*back in reality still in twilights house*

“Eh ah h-he-help so-someone” I muttered in my sleep. Twilight was levitating several books all around but couldn’t concentrate over the human’s mutters. She looked at the human who was sweating up in his sleep. Twilight knew something was up and went over to the human.

“I can’t study when you’re having such horrible dreams. Hmmm she rubbed her chin with her forehoof.

” I know a spell that can help erase those horrible memories.” she began to levitate a book off the shelf and began to read spell. After a few minutes of reading she closed the book and lowers her head as she tried to touch my head with the tip of her horn.

But before she could perform the spell I snapped up. The memories of my tragic past woke me up from my slumber. Sweat dripped onto my shirt as i stood up i began gasps horrible as I tried to catch my breath. I managed to calm myself and slowly lifted my eyes. I felt something soft and warm against my lips but as soon I began realized the situation i gotten himself into it was already too late. My lips… were touching twilight’s lips.

“Uh t-t-twilight” I said but couldn’t move. Twi’s lips felt so firm and soft her breath taste of fresh mint mixed with bananas and apples. I wanted to hold them a little longer but I couldn’t.

Twilight pulled back turned her head away from mine. Her whole face turned bright red.”Uh I- I” she stuttered

“I was tr-trying to help you sleep better” she turned her head but didn’t looked up from mine her hair covered her eyes as she was looking at the ground.

“Uh I’m s-sorry i- I didn’t mean t-“i blushed. I wanted to bring her over and hug her so bad but I kept myself calm and collect trying to not make matters even more worse than it should be.

After several seconds Twilight slowly lifted her head her beautiful sparkling eyes glisten as she looked into mine. Her face still blushing bright red. Her hair swift across my face the smell of apples mixed with vanilla fresh the air as I felt its soft texture.

“Uh twi are you alright there” I stared into her eyes.

Twilight came closer towards my face. I didn’t move as she slowly reaches towards my lips with hers.

I slowly came to her lips till we soon parted with each other’s. It has only been one day and already I’m kissing the pony who has saved me from a horde back home. I raised my hand and gently rubbed her right cheek. She let out a passionate moan as I rubbed her soft velvet fur. I knew it was wrong not only that we just met yesterday but she was also a pony but somehow after everything I went through I felt…. Like I really need it a kiss from an angel or something like that. I know that in my world it’s wrong but frankly… I didn’t care and plus I wasn’t in my world anymore.

I pulled from the kiss but kept them just several inches away from hers. “So are we both even for saving me from the horde” I gave a passionate looked into her eyes. Her eye’s sparkled like diamond’s mixed with other gem stones glistening from the sunlight outside.

Twilight giggled and nodded. “Yes it seems like it” she blushed. “Um…. may i… nevermind” she looked away.

“hm what twilight” I said questionably.

Twi kept her gaze on my hand then towards my face and mumbled. “c-can I have another kiss. Please” twilight looked up her eyes glistening.

I smiled “yes you may.” I slowly came up and press my lips against her’s again. twi placed her hooves on my shoulders as I placed my hands on her cheeks while we played with each other’s tongues. At first she was timmid since she was inexperience on how to use her tongue but hey who am I to judge since this is my first time tongue kissing this much too. I slowly poked my tongue in her mouth and slide it against her tongue and her platelet. What felt like only 5 minutes was actually 30 minutes of both of us kissing each other.

We eventually broke the kiss and I place my forehead on the tip of her horn and gazed into her beautiful eyes. We both were bright red but kept our eyes on each other for a while as though we were hypnotized by each other’s. We eventually snapped back into reality by the sound of banging from the door. We both broke off each other and turned our heads the opposite direction. But while doing so I turned my eyes towards hers and gave a small smile to her. She was doing the same till the doors flung open. I couldn’t believe my eyes after seeing the small creature that I thought were in fairy- tales and legends of sorts. In the door way stood what seemed to be a small purple- green dragon panting as if he ran a marathon or something.

“TWI- TWILIGHT!” he huffed and gasps trying to catch his breath. “The- the p-princ-princess” he still tried to breathe right while telling twilight what is the situation.

“Spike what’s wrong with princess” twilight walked over to spike. Her horn glowed a lavanderish color as she walked towards him a small cup of water with the same colored glow hover over to the purple dragon.

The baby dragon grabbed the cup and chugged it down. “AAAAAHHHHH. That’s much better” he sighed from the fresh water he gulped.

I was amazed to see a baby dragon inside twilight’s library but I was most amazed that it spoked in English the same language both me and twilight spoke and how it was able to drink water without any harm to his fire breathing.

“Now tell what’s wrong?” twilight pointed her hoof at her assistant.

“Oh right sorry” the purple dragon clear his throat and began to speak. “Princess celestia is coming over to the library to meet the human you brought over. She said that he wants to speak with him urgently.” The purple dragon then coughs up a fireball in which afterwards transformed itself into a scroll with a red sash and small pendent in the middle of the wrapped scroll.

Twilight levitated the scroll and began to read it. The purple dragon walked up to me with anger looked in his eyes. I tried not to show fear and sat there still. The small little dragon still gazed at me with his small but angry reptile eyes.

“So you’re the human the princess wants to see huh” the purple dragon crossed his arms still looking at me.

I looked at twilight who was still reading the letter then back at the small dragon. “Uh y-y-yeah I’m the human…. I guess” I ponder the question. “A- and w-who are you” I said my heart sanked but I managed to build up some courage and looked at the dragon.

“The names spike twilights number one assistant at your service” he point himself and then at the human. “Listen you better not do anything to hurt twilight….. Or else you’ll be getting burned” he looked me with angry eyes he puffed smoke and small sparks of fire came out of his mouth.

“Uh n-n-no I wouldn’t do that to twilight. Sh-she saved me?” I lean towards the dragon my hands held close to my chest.

Spike didn’t say a word he just stood there looking angrily at me. I felt like fainting but I managed to face my fears fast. I’ve done it several times when my government people’s experiments that were design to combat the infected but sadly were unable to control them all. I believe there worst then all the psycho’s that I have encountered throughout the years.

I turned my eyes away from the small dragon and looked up at twilight that was rolling up the letter and coming up to both me and spike.

“Spike leave him alone.” Twilight place her hoof on my shoulder and looked at spike.

“Angel is our guest and we should always treat our guests with respect”

I looked at twilight and gave a small smile at her. She turned her head and looked into my eyes again. She gave me smile and then looked at spike again.

“Ok I’m sorry but I’m still keeping an eye on him” spike walked to the stairs but turned his head towards me and twilight. “By the way….. Why does angels breathe smells like yours Twilight?” spike raised his eyebrow at both of us. Me and twilight blushed then we looked at each other then back at spike.” I know you like to eat some mint leaves with your banana’s and apples when you’re studying. It’s seems odd angel breathe will smell like that even though he said he hasn’t eaten anything fresh in year’s.”

I couldn’t breathe my brain trying to come up with an excuse that can cover it up. I looked at twilight who gave a small but faint smile while sweating.

“Uh well we uh” I stutter trying to come with something.

“Uh well I….. Let him tried my favorite snack. That’s it yes” twi giving the faint smile. “a-and angel like it… right angel” twilight looked at me and nudge my shoulder.

“Oh uh yeah it was really good. Ah haha best fresh food I had in years” I laugh softly but I soon stopped still feeling scared as the little dragon began to looked at me like he was giving me the evil eye.

Spike then gave up looking at me and twilight and went upstairs and into his small bed. I gave a small breath of relaxation as if I held my breath for so long. Twilight also gave a sigh of relief then looked at me again. Her face began to blushed when I turned my face towards her’s. We looked at each other smiled but that moment was ruined by the sound of our growling stomachs.

“Uh heh um maybe we should get something to eat” twilight blushed from embarrassment and rubbed the back of her head with her forehoof.

“Uh yeah that would be great” I smile and blushed in embarrassment. Twilight got off my shoulder and went into kitchen to cook up something for us to eat. I watched as twilight levitated several items and several pans all around her and began to cook up something.

“Thank god for some real food” I screamed in my head as the aroma of cooked food lingered all around the living room and kitchen. I watched twilight as she began to cook some eggs and mixed up some salad in a bowl.

“Uh twi you need help there. I know how to cook if you need some help” I walked up to twi but she turned her head and looked at me with a smile.

“Oh no I got it thank you for asking” twilight smiled back at me and continued cooking the eggs. I wonder if she’s like this to all her guest well besides the kissing part of course. I sat down on the ground and waited for twilight to finish. As I waited for twi the questions that I wanted to ask the princess came pouring into my head. I tapped my finger on my knee and began to think of theories of why the princess knew about me and other sorts but I didn’t know for sure till I meet her in person… today.

After 10 minutes of cooking twi came up with two plates of eggs, a bowl of salad and two cups of juice.

My mouth began to water at the fresh salad and cooked eggs that sat in front of me. I managed to calm myself and began to eat along with twilight sitting in front of me. I blushed as I stuffed a mouth full of salad into my mouth. It has been a while since I ate something green and fresh because I was mostly surviving with nothing but canned food.ever since during the infection all the fresh fruit were said to be contaminated and all of it had begun to rot easily over the last several days. Sometimes supper markets were unbearable to go inside because of all the rotten food that stank up as you walked inside. I usually went to small markets or looted dead bodies of “recent survivors” that were caught by the infected. Sometimes what I did haunt me for my crimes I committed in order to survive.

After finishing up breakfast I took one more gulp of apple juice and looked at twi. Twilight levitated her empty plates and cup away came up to me her eyes glisten again and gave a passionate smile as I drank up the last of the juice.

I lower my cup and look into twilights eyes. Twi came up slowly towards my lips again. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against her’s. I loved the feel of her lips against mine. I began to whirl my tongue around her lips and she gave a small giggle.

Twilight pulled from the kiss and giggled “that tickles” she smiled. I hugged her gently and close at my chest her head layed on the middle of my chest. I laid my head on her soft mane and close my eyes trying to stay awake from the softness. She closed her eyes and listen to the rhythm of my heart beat.

Twilight sigh and began to tap her right hoof on my shoulder as if she were tapping to the rhythm of my heart beats.” Your heart…. its sounds so big and amazing” twilight blushed and looked up at my face.

My heart felt like dancing as I looked into her eyes. The slow steady beats so gotten faster with every minute I looked at twilight face.

“So uh” I blushed trying to speak right but couldn’t “so what did the note say twilight” I said.

Twi eventually got up surprised as if something bad happen. She then looked at me with worried eyes but smiled.

“Oh I forgot already we need to get ready for the princess arrival” twilight got off my lap and walked over to the book shelves. She then levitated several items such as a table, some streamers and others sorts.” Hmm I’m not much of a party decorator like pinkie pie is so…. I’ll go and get her” twi then looked at me and smiled.

“While I’m going to go get pinkie rarity wants to see you now at her boutique up several blocks from here.”

I got up and dust myself making sure to look decent for rarity. Twilight went upstairs to grab a few things before we leave to pinkie’s and rarity’s stores. I grabbed my tattered backpack and unzip and looked inside.

To my surprise I didn’t notice but I had:

*glock pistol (fully loaded) with 8 full clips

*a holster for glock (glad to have one)

*6 clips for m16 (man I forgot I had that many. Guess I was too scared to remember at the time)

*Two hand grenades (regular and high graded)

*a combat knife (fathers)

*soap and hand sanitizer (to keep infection from spreading into my cuts)

*2 packs of cigarettes’ and lighter

*a pair of gloves and gas mask

*and four cans of food and 5 bottles of water.

I zip up my backpack but as I lifted in over my shoulder.


I stopped and sighed as I looked at the floor all of my stuff had fallen behind me. I lifted my backpack and not to my surprise but a massive hole the size of a manhole was there to greet me from inside my backpack.

“Ah man not again.” I sigh. I bend my knees and gather all my stuff.

Twi came down after grabbing her bag and saw me collecting all my stuff off the ground.

“Your backpack gave in huh” twilight gave a small smile.

“Yeah.i said “I knew it would give in someday. But I wish it could pick a better time for it” I picked up all my stuff and placed them on the desk in front of me.

“Don’t worry I bet rarity has made you a new one at her store. Either that I’ll help buy you a new one” twi smiled

“Oh no you don’t have to. I try to repair it somehow. You don’t have to spend any of your money on me at all” I looked at twilight giving a small gesture. Twilight lifted her hoof and placed it on my mouth.

“No you need a new one k but like I said let’s see if rarity made a new one as well as fixing up your clothes. Ok” twilight said and giggled

I blushed and nodded. “Ok let’s got then” I quickly grabbed my glock and put it into my holster and strapped it on my side in case for emergencies. I grabbed 4 clips and attached them into my holster pocket that I had next to my gun holster. After grabbing my combat knife and sheathing it into my sheath and attached it to my left side of my shoulder I was ready to leave.

Twilight grabbed her bag filled with scrolls, ink and quills and open to door. But before leaving she turns her head towards me. “hm aren’t you taking you big thing as well” twilight pointed at my M16 which was laying on the desk along with my other stuff.

I looked at what she was pointing and smiled “uh i thought were going to go to your friends store not into a battle field.” I chuckled “besides I won’t need it unless for emergencies ok” I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Oh ok then let’s go” twi open the door “SPIKE WE’RE LEAVING OK WE’LL BACK IN A FEW MINUTES OK” twi shouted

“Ok I’ll be here if you need me” spike waved his claw but didn’t turn his head around.

We then looked at each other and left twilight’s house.

*in ponyville*

As we walked to rarity’s boutique I was amazed by all the colors and shapes of all the buildings we passed by. I acted like I was some sort of 8 year old going to an amusement park for the first time. We strolled around in which several ponies were amazed to see a different creature moving around the city others let out some gasps and step back from me. I couldn’t blame them for being scared at me. Since an unknown creature that recent came since yesterday wondering around town with a weapon doesn’t appear to be friendly at all if you know what I mean. I looked at my right to see a house that looked like a gingerbread house. I soon began to remember a book my mother read to me when I was a child where two children that found a house made of sweets and a witch tried to eat them but soon got away from her. I began to laugh as we passed by the memory of how my mother would comment on the stupid witch has always made me smile. Twilight heard me chuckle and looked up at me puzzled about my laughter.

“hm why are you laughing angel” twilight said puzzled

“Oh nothing” I said “it’s just that” I pointed to the gingerbread house. “I’m surprise to see a house made up of sweets that’s several feet high from me. “ I laughed. Twilight looked at me and smile. “So who lives in that house” I said

Twilight pointed at the house. “Oh mister and miss cake live in that house but it’s also a bakery too.”

“Well that’s no surprise if it’s made of sweets as well” I chuckled. “I bet that’s how they get so many customers as well huh”
“Yeah they do but not only Mr. and miss cake work and live there but also pinkie pie too.” Twilight said smiling.

“Oh really” I looked at twi a little surprise then again I remembered that pinkie pie made a cake for me last night which somehow was no coincidence since she the way she acted. I laugh as I remember all the bouncing she did last night. Somehow I thought she was on drugs but I now know why. She’s on a drug called….sugar.

We soon moved on towards rarity store. As we walked along I began to ask twilight some questions about what she and her friends do for work and some history about ponyville and other sorts to be familiarized. Twilight was happy to answer my questions and I soon found a new respect to this small and peaceful town. I soon found out that twilight works at the library in which it’s also her home along with her assistant spike that she had him since he was just an egg, rarity is a fashion stylist and works at a boutique we were heading which was no surprise since last night’s incident on how she hated my tattered up clothing. Applejack who I mistaken for Amy works on an apple farm several blocks from her with her family and rainbowdash works as weather manager in which her house was really in the sky. The theory of a house in the sky had always been my dream of living in.” huh maybe I can ask rainbowdash if I can stay at her place someday” I thought. I now know that pinkie pie works as a baker at the sweets store that we past a few block ago but twilight told me she’s the best party decorator and thrower in all of equestria and she love throwing parties to every newcomer in ponyville and fluttershy works as a nurse to small animals several blocks from the everfree forest. Later on as we stroll to rarity’s boutique twilight began telling me more history such as princess celestia and princess luna. I was amazed on how old she was and the great wars that both her and her sister fought but I surprised to hear that she banished princess luna to the moon after several hundred years ago after her sister had turned to the dark side. I just couldn’t imagine banishing a family member after they turned to the dark-side of life.

“Is she out or uh” I ask somehow scared to hear how strong she was all those years ago.

“Yes but she’s back to herself again. Me and my friends you saw before used to elements of harmony to help destroy the tyrant inside of her” twilight smiled up at me.

I looked at her puzzled. “Elements of harmony. What are those?” I asked but my question came to a halt as several ponies began screaming and running pass of me and twilight. Twilight looked at where they were running then at me. I nodded and we both ran towards what was happening.

After several blocks of running we finally managed to find out what was happening. To our surprise to see what was causing everyone to panic all around us. A man bout 40 years old in a bloody butchered outfit with bloody gloves and cap along with several other sharp utensils were hanging on his belt. He was wielding a large meat cleaver in one hand and in the other a small green and white pony with a harp on her flank.

“p-please let me go” the small pony said tears were fall in from her cheeks as she struggle to break free from the man’s grip.
“mmmmmmmmmmmm. What delicious meat.” The man licked his lips and made several loud slurp sounds. The sound made me want to vomit from the sickness he made. He held the meat cleaver high in the air. I quickly grabbed my glock out and aimed at the weapon. “I WONDER WHAT IT TASTE LIKE” the man screamed as he about to swing it down on the pony. The green pony shut her eyes tight not wanting the impact of the blade.


The pony slowly opens her eyes and looked at the man. The man looked at her surprise and looked at his hand his weapon was removed from his grip. After several seconds both the man and the pony heard a clang sound and looked at their right the weapon laid there on the ground several feet away from them.

“LET HER GO OR THE NEXT ONE IS THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD OF YOURS” I shouted pointing the glock at the psycho. My hands began to tense up ready to do whatever necessary to stop him.

The psycho lowered his head then turned his body towards me but kept his grip on the little defenseless pony. “So mister bad man wants to take me on” the psycho lifted his head towards me revealing a sinister smile blood splatter all over his face.

“I said let her go now!” I was angry at the man and at his disgusting smile. I wanted to beat this man for hurting this innocent pony

“NOBODY TELLS BUTCHY NOT TO STOP! BUTCHY WILL KILL BAD MAN FIRST!” the man shouted in a blood curling rage.

I raised my glock and aim at the arm he was holding onto the pony.


The bullet penetrated through his shoulder and out the back. The man let go of his grip on the pony and grabbed his arm that he was shot at. He groans in pain from the impact and took several inches away from the pony. The poor pony hit the ground and looked at both me and twilight then at her captive.

“QUICK GET BEHIND ME”I shouted at the little pony. The green pony wiped her tears and ran up behind me. I looked at the green pony behind me she was still sobbing from the attack. Twilight went over to the green pony and hugged her.

“It’s ok lyra angel will protect you ok. He’s one of the good guys” twilight said.

Lyra looked at twilight then at me. I smiled at her.

“Don’t worry lyra I’ll protect both of you” I said

Lyra gave a small smile at me then looked in front at me with surprised eyes. “WATCH OUT” she screamed.

I turned my head but was greeted with a fist at the face. I fell and landed on my back. My gun flew several feet away from me. Twilight and lyra both looked at me scared as the psycho came up to me with a meat tenderizer. I shooked my head and looked up the psycho with his weapon.

“butchy doesn’t like bad man” the psycho raised his meat tenderizer and aim at my head. “butchy will smash bad man’s head open and eat his brains. Mmmmmmmm brains good for fiber and muscles” the man then swung his weapon at me.

I managed to dodge his attack and got up for battle. I pulled out my knife and held it with the blade pointing down. The psycho came up slowly and swung his weapon again at me. I quickly dodge again and sucker punch him across his face. The man quickly regain his stance and came after me. I dodge several more attacks from his weapon. With one finally dodge I came up and side swipe my blade on his bloody clothing. Some of the man’s blood began to spill over the wound and onto his clothes some of his blood layed on the edge of my knife and some on my hand. The man began to pant hard after the slash and looked at me with anger and frustration in his eyes. I quickly backed up readying myself for anything.

“GRRRRRRRRR. BUTCHY HAS HAD ENOUGH OF BAD MAN! BUTCHY WILL KILL BAD MAN” the psycho quickly threw his weapon away and lunged at me.

“GAH!” I shouted as the man was on top of me. The psycho quickly grabbed my neck and squeezed it with his mighty grip. While with the other hand he pulled out a large kitchen knife from his belt. I gagged trying to breathe while trying to break free from his mighty grip.

“GAH AH L-LET G-GO OF ME” I tried saying but was still being chocked by the man’s mighty grip. The psycho slowly lifted his knife high in air.

“Bad man dies tonight. Then butchy will kill both purple and green funny looking creatures here.” The psycho said smiling

Once I heard he was going after twilight and lyra next … I didn’t know what happen. My eyes turned pure white my body felt as if it had a mind on his own. I couldn’t control my hands without any warning of what was happening I somehow grabbed the psycho by the neck and floated up on my feet with my hand still hooked onto his neck. I watched as I looked at the psycho who looked completely scared at my white eyes and this bizarre strength I had all the sudden. I was freaking out I couldn’t control myself what was happening. Somehow I managed to swing the psycho over my head like throwing a baseball over to the batter. With this unimaginable strength I slammed the man hard on the ground which felt like I shooked the earth with this man’s body. The man twitches and rolls in pain all around from the impact. I managed to snapped back and I regain my body but I felt….. drain all then sudden now. I began to pant hard trying to regain my breathing from what had happen.

“What the hell happen to me? How did… I do that?” I looked at my hand still confused at this bizarre strength I have.

“AH OOOOOOWWWWWWWW. BAD MAN HURT BUTCHY AGAIN” the psycho screamed in pain.

I panted hard and stepped back away from the psycho. “wha- what the. H-h-how d-did I…. do that” I tried harder to regain my breathing back. butchy tried to get back up but I stopped it with a round house kick to the face. I watched as the psycho fell to the ground dazzed and I began to wonder if he was unconscious from the kick. I was for sure that he was unconscious this time. With one last deep breath I smiled in triumph. As I smiled I began to hear clapping behind me. I turned and looked to see twilight, lyra and all twilight friends and a huge white but beautiful horse several inches from me. I looked at her and remembered that twilight described her appearance as a beautiful white majestic pony or alicorn for terms.

“Are you alright angel” twilight said her eyes began to water up from worriness.

“Yeah I’m alright” I looked at the man then walked up towards twilight and the princess in which had to be princess celestia. I rubbed my head and looked at them. All of them smiled their smiles suddenly turned to frowns all of the sudden as I walked towards them. I was puzzled at their expressions now.

“Hey wh-“ I was interrupted as the man impaled the knife on my right shoulder. I screamed as he driven the blade deep into my shoulder. Blood began to gush as he twisted the blade around from the inside.

“butchy kill” the pyscho lifted the blade off my shoulder as tried to aim for my head. I managed to grab his hand with both arms and tried to hold away from me. butchy used both hands to press the blade down towards my head trying to stabbed me again.

Twilight, lyra, the princess and all of twilights friends and several other pony residents all watch in horror as I battled the man with the huge knife.

I looked over and see the princess horn glowed a white color around the tip. “NO…. GAH I- I GOT THIS” I managed to say while struggling. The princess ceased his magic and continued watching.

The pyscho looked over and sees the princess. “MMMMMMMMMMMM SHE LOOKS DELICIOUS! Maybe butchy should chop her up instead”. He said licking his lips.

With this sheer luck I managed to turn him to his side. With all my force I quickly unhooked his hands from the knife and held his hands together.

“NO. YOU. WON’T!” I shouted as I brought the knife up to his head and impaled it through his thick skull. The psycho looked with at me with surprised looked as the blade went through the side near the ear and out the other side. I quickly push him off and kicked him away from me. The psycho looked at me then looked up at sky and fell on his back.

“BYE BYE BUTCHY” I said. Butchy was dead before impact on the hard ground.

I panted and began to wobble side to side and crashed on one knee. I closed my eyes and fell on my back from lack of blood loss and exhaustion. I slowly open my eyes but couldn’t hear anything. I looked around and saw twilight with her left hoof holding my head and her right on my chest. I watch as her friends all looked at me tears run through their eyes and some of twilight’s came in impact on my face. I gave them one more smile and slowly closed my eyes for the internal sleep. But as I closed my eyes I soon remember the same words that had spoken to me for all this time since I was in my rotten city. The same words that has haunted me for many years to come but I could never understand why?

“ANGEL. YOU WILL NOT DIE ON ME” a voice shouted in my head as I shut my eyes closed.

to be continued.

knowing more about me then me

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I floated in sheer darkness my mind completely froze and I hovered around the darkness. I began to wonder did I really die this time and I’m waiting to be judge for my sins. I felt a tear weld up in my eye and began to slowly slide down my cheek. After several more minutes I managed to see a light.

“So this is it “I wondered. “Here I come Amy” I started to float up towards the light and was blindsided by its bright glow. I shut my eyes tight and slowly open them. I looked up and saw nothing but a ceiling fan above me. I was still dazed and my vision was slowly regaining. But I managed to hear several voices again all around me. I shooked my head and looked towards me. I smiled to see twilight and lyra at the end of the bed along with twilight’s friends and the princess all around me. I tried to lift myself off from the bed. A shear pain carcinated on my right shoulder as I move myself up from the bed. I looked at my shoulder and along my waist which was wrapped with bandages and had a red gush stain from where the wound was inflicted.

“Oh angel please don’t move darling” rarity said concerning

“Yes angel please save your strength” the white horse said in a light calm tone.

“gah” I huffed as I hit my head on the pillow. I was in a lot of pain and it only made it worse when I moved. “How did I get here” I said trying to regain my breathing.

Rainbow dash hovered over me. “Well after that fight with that freak you sort of fainted on us.” She said crossing her hooves.

“Oh yes and what’s worse you were losing a lot of blood from that wound of yours. Doctor said you wouldn’t survive if it were not twilight and the princess magic in healing some parts of your wounds and carrying you to the hospital soon” fluttershy said

“Saved by twilight again huh.” I chuckled. I looked over at both twilight and the princess and smiled.” thank you both for saving me.” I said thankfully.

Twilight blushed and looked away but had that smile on her face. “You’re welcome angel” she said.

“You’re welcome. But actually it’s I who should be thanking you” the white unicorn smiled at me.

“hm what for” I said questionably.

The white unicorn smiled back. “I too heard what the man was going to do to me after the fight. Although I don’t like to hear or see murder.” The princess looked at me concerned. She then looked at both twilight and lyra who both smiled back at the princess. “But after recently looking at his clothes and hearing both twilight and lyra’s story I turned the tables on this situation.” She looked at me smiling.

“Thank you and you must be the princess I presumed right.” I said.

“Oh yes pardon my manners for not telling you in the first place.” She bowed her head towards me. “I am princess celestia. The ruler of all equestria.” The princess expands her mighty wings across from her knocking the small drawer and the curtain aside.

I was amazed on how beautiful she was and how majestic her wings were (this is one pony I don’t want to make her mad).

“Wow” I said in amazement.

She retracted her wings and looked at me. “Thank you angelito”

I was bewildered that she knew my spanished named that my mother always called me when she was angry. Then I remembered previous night after coming here that twilight said that the princess asked her to summon me and she knew me.

“Wait” I raised my hand to her. “twi said that you’re the one who want me to be summon. You’re the reason I’m here” I said trying to be calm.

The princess lowers her head and nodded. “Yes I am” she looked at everyone who was staring at the princess waiting for her explanation or something. “Twilight” she said

“Uh yes princess” twilight said frantically.

“May you please leave me and angel alone. I wish to speak with him… private” she smiled at her student.

“Um sure princess.” Twilight said concerned. “Come on guys.” She looked up at me and smile.

Lyra looked at twilight and then at me and smiled. “Thank you for saving me” she said as she was leaving. She then turn to the princess who looked at lyra and smiled.

“Don’t worry lyra I just want to talk to him about something personal. I promise you will get your turn on the questions… ok” lyra looked up and nodded.

Soon after a few seconds the princess waited till the door shut behind them. The princess looked over and saw all twilight’s friend looking through the small window. Her horn soon started to glow a white glow.

I began to hear a click sound as if she locked the door or something and the curtains soon looked to have the mind of their own. The curtains soon glow the same white aura color as the princess horn and close all around us.

“So now let’s get down to business shall we.” the princess said smiling. “So where to start?”

I looked at her bewildered. She knew more than every pony in the world probably more. I soon remembered twilight she’s like a thousand years old and she raises the sun along with her sister who is the princess of the night and she raises the moon. Somehow it felt as if I was talking to a god or something even more powerful.

“Um well…. How about telling me why I’m here a-a-and how you know so much about me if we only just met” I tried not to be frightened by this majestic pony. I felt my heart sinking with all the thoughts she could do to me if I say something that will upset her or worse. My heart grew tenser of the thoughts of being banished or disappearing from this world in a blink of smoke or being executed in any sort of horrible manner.

“Ah yes let’s start there” the princess the cleared her throat and looked at me. Her horn glowed and she slowly came down a few inches till touching her horn on my forehead. Everything felt cloudy all of the sudden. I closed my eyes and open them again. I looked around and couldn’t believe where I was again. I was floating in space. Stars shine brightly everywhere; planets looked as if I could reach over them and catch them. i starred at how beautiful space is and so many wonders and secrets it has had on my planet. I felt taking in a breath but I remembered something very important.

THERE WAS NO AIR IN SPACE! and I didn’t have proper gear for it. I held my throat as if was choking and held my breath while looking for something to help me breathe

“Don’t worry angel its ok you don’t have to hold your breath” the princess came and place her hoof on my shoulder and smiled at me. She giggled as she looked at my ridiculous face as if I had a lot of food stuffed in my face and each cheek was filled with food.

I slowly release my grip on my neck and slowly took some small breaths. I felt a huge sigh of relief that I could breathe without gagging for air.

“Oh thank god” I sigh. “So where are we” I looked at the princess.

“Well this where it all began.” She raised her hoof and swift it around us. “This is where it began for both our species.

“Uh ok” I said. I tried to understand why she’s showing me this. Was our species somehow met them millions of years ago or something.

“hm it seems like you’re not understanding aren’t you” she chuckled

“Uh” I was scared after she said that. Was she reading my mind or something?

“It’s ok let me explain.” She said “have you heard of the elements of harmony” she looked into my eyes.

I remembered twilight said something about the elements of harmony but she didn’t have time to explain because of that incident with the psycho.

“Well no but I was going to ask twilight about it before that incident happen. She and I were more worried about what was happening that we forgot about it.” My face turned red as the princess giggled at my explanation and patted my shoulder with her hoof.

“It’s ok angel please let me explain then” the princess horn glow and somehow it felt as if time was rewinding itself.

“Angel please tell me how was the universe create? Or what did you people believed that it was created from? She smiled at me.

I was sort of a science wizzed back home and I remember that our world was originally created by a huge explosion in which we called it the big bang. I remembered that when the big bang started our universe was created and all the stars, planet, black holes and other sorts were made while the big bang had ended.

“Uh well.” I said trying to say something but was too afraid to say. “w-we believed. Well back home we believed that our universe was created by an explosion in which we called it the big bang.” I looked at the princess. She smiled at me.

“Well angel there’s still more to know.” She said and her horn began to glow again. “You see over a millennium ago my father and my mother both created the universe and everything in it.” She said.

Several minutes of waiting I was amazed to see two beautiful creatures flying through space. One creature looked like celestia but was white with red hair and was engulf in flames while the other one looked to be a male but was pitched black and dark blue fur.

“These two beautiful alicorns you see are both my mother and my father millions years ago.” She smiled at me.

I was bewildered by these two amazing alicorns. I looked down at my feet and then back at the princess.

“So wait. Are you saying your mother and your father created the universe and not the big bang.” I raised an eyebrow at her. The princess giggled and places her hoof to hide it.

“Something like that. “She said. “You see your people are right about one thing. A huge explosion did happen.” She looked towards space then back at me. “But your people didn’t know how it was created.” She let out another cute giggle.

I was still pondered by the question and what else she wasn’t telling me. “Wait a minute” I raised both hands at the princess. “I lost yah” I said.

Celestia giggled and her horn glow again. I watched and all the planets all began to spin at a rapid speed and finally stopped and regain its natural speed.

“You see a big bang did happen but not just planets and solar systems were created. You see both my mother and father had created everything and both became guardians of the universe.”

I watched as both her mother and father flew through the universe swirling both in a fiery, dark cloud and then breaking apart.

“Uh ok soooooooo. What does this have to do with the elements of harmony? I said

Princess celestia raised her hoof at me and nodded. “Let me get to that.” Her horn began to glow again and with the tip of it she touches my head again. I felt dizzy again and shut my eyes tight from all the dizziness. For a few minutes I shut my eyes my head soon began to feel less throbbing.

“You can open your eyes now angel” the princess slowly rubbed the back of my head as I open them. I looked to see a bright rainbow colored star flying across the universe along with the both celestia’s mother and father.

“What’s that?” I looked up at the princess

The princess smiled at me and place her hoof on my shoulder.” That… that angel is where your legacy began”

I was caught off guard to hear that. “wh- WAIT WHAT!” I screamed

“Calm yourself angel. Let me explain.” She said “you see after my mother and father were traveling the universe they saw all the chaos that was brought over the universe. So many creatures were killing each other in order to survive and others were killing for power or all. The massive murder spree soon gotten worse and more and more species began to die off. “

“So to end the chaos both my mother and my father created a being in which of pure peace and harmony. This alicorn you see before you was called the alicorn of harmony. This star you see was once of the most powerful being the universe has too offered.”

I watched as the star soon became a huge alicorn much like her parents and herself but with white coat, and white with gold tip mane and tail and several gems on his chest along with golden armor all over.

“You see angel there was so much that he could do but he couldn’t bring peace to the entire universe. So millions of years ago.” The princess raised her hoof at the alicorn of harmony in which the alicorn started to glow brightly till finally a huge explosion happen. I covered my eyes as it blinded me for a few seconds till I could finally open my eyes. I looked around only to see the head gems floating in the middle of space of where the alicorn was floating before and both the mother and father began to tear up as they collected the gems and flew to a distant planet just close to where the alicorn of harmony exploded.

“wh- what happen to him” I felt something cold and wet hit the side of my cheek. I looked up at the princess. Tears were weld up in her eyes as well. “Princess” I said

Princess celestia wiped her eyes and looked at me. “In order to bring peace to the universe he- he used all of his magic and with a huge blast of his mighty power. He spread his power across the universe but doing so he sacrifice himself in order to bring peace and harmony to the universe.” She wiped another tear from her eye.

I couldn’t believe that he sacrifice himself in order to bring the harmony to the whole universe. But I understand why in the process. I frown to see the princess as she tried to wipe her tears away. I came up to the princess and wrap my arms around her and gave her a hug to help relieve some of the pain she had witness to me. She was caught by surprise but she return to my embrace.

“Thank you… I needed that” I let go of her and looked up at her.

“You’re welcome princess” I smiled.

“Sorry where I left off. Oh yes” I watch as we fast forward again but we were right next to a familiar planet I knew. “Recognize this planet angel”

I was smiling in amazement on how my planet looked like over millions of years ago. “Why… wait you still didn’t tell me how I fit into this.” I said

“Just watch and listen angel. You see those gems you saw my mother and father collected back there are known as the elements of harmony in which the alicorn of harmony transferred most his energy he had into the gems. Those are our harmony. This is where your harmony began”

I watch as some sort of fiery but rainbow ball of fire came crashing down on earth. The fire ball soon erupts into a huge explosion that of which must have wiped all the dinosaurs from extinction.

“Now let’s get a closer looked. Shall we” she place her hoof on my shoulder and we soon descended down towards earth. As we descend over the horizon I witness several creatures all layed on the ground in which I recognized them to be dinosaurs all beginning to die off from due to the explosion.

“Wow sucks to be them” I rubbed my head.

The princess then levitated us both to a huge meteor crater that the explosion created. I looked down to see a bright star or some type of glowing stone glowing down in the middle of the impact.

“Wow what’s that”

Princess celestia smiled and pointed with her hoof at the object.” You see not all of the alicorn of harmony was sacrifice. You see after giving himself to the universe and placing most of his energy into the elements of harmony there was still a little bit more that he had on him.”

I looked at the glowing object and finally back at the princess. “So…. That’s the rest of his power?

“Yes it is. Now watch what happens next. You’ll understand what I’m talking about”

I starred at the glowing object till a creature soon caught my eye away from it. I looked down and founded to be a full grown chimpanzee heading towards the crater and falling in. I laugh but I stopped after the princess looked over at me. I continued to watch as the chimpanzee came closer to the star and lifted it up and began pounding it into a rock.

The princess giggled at the monkey’s actions. “my my your kind didn’t know were always funny back then” the princess giggle some more.

“I wouldn’t be surprise. Back then we didn’t even know what’s food and what’s not and were also busy scratching our butts all day.” The princess giggles at my remark
I continued watching the chimpanzee that was still pounding it onto a rock. After several minutes of hitting it against the rock it finally place the rainbow rock into his mouth and swallowing it whole like candy of some sort. Figures it will do that . After swallowing it the monkey then began to grip his stomach and screech in pain as if he was about to explode inside. I soon felt my heart began to tremble at the chimpanzee who began to twist and turn till finally a blast of bright energy erupted into him and he float high about the creator and back onto solid ground a few inches away from the crater. The chimpanzee glowing figure soon fade back but revealing another being instead. After the glowing finally stopped the chimpanzee wasn’t a chimpanzee anymore instead it was an earlier stage…. For human development.

“What the hel- heck just happen there?” I was bewildered to see the creature running towards the jungle again.

“You see angel at first hand.” The princess descends us to the ground and began walking towards the sun. I follow and looked all around me as time somehow began to fast forward itself.

“That chimpanzee you witness had just unleashed the element of harmony onto this planet which in the process has also created your species. Ever since then the elements of harmony has been passed down over and over. Through man and woman. Each displaying the elements power by true harmony to the world.”

We both continued walking and time still began to fast forward with every step we took. I looked over at each previous holder in which I was surprise. Most of the holders were doctors, police force, firefighters, soldiers even one of our presidents was a keeper. With every step I watch every keeper’s eyes glow bright white and displayed its mighty power some of which used it to save lives, bring people back after dying, fighting for what’s right and above all bring peace to the world. After finishing up each of the individual that used the power finally returning back to normal and pretended like nothing happen. I watch over and over till the princess lifted her wing signaling me to stop. I ducked under her wing and present by the princesses’ side.

“You must remember who he is”

The princess pointed her hoof at the man in modern soldiers’ uniform. I looked around to see we were both in a stone building on a battle field somewhere in the Middle Eastern. I watch as the soldier the princess wanted me to look at took off his helmet and layed it on his side. Sweat began to fell all around his face, dirty was covering all over his face some of which was hard to make out who he was. I looked closely at his dirty face trying to picture who the man is. A huge smile erupted on top of my face. My smile felt as it was reaching all across my face.

“d- DAD!” I screamed in joy. My father layed there with his M16 next to him and pulled out a brown leather wallet out of his pocket. He began to stare into his wallet at the photo he had in it.

“i- I can’t wait to get home and see my little boy being born.” He said. Tears began to form into his eyes. He placed his wallet back into his pocket and brought out a tin flask out and drank out of it. I watched as he took a long drink out of it but only to be stop by a bullet swooped in knocking the flask out of his hand leaving a bullet hole through it.

“So much for drinking” my father chuckled. He looks over at where the bullet was shot and sighs. Several enemies began to form around.

I looked at where he was staring at. I could hear several people talking in a language I could not understand. There was open window in which I looked out. Several people with ak-47’s began to walked towards the building that my father was hiding in. I watch as they grew closer till I felt something weird. I looked at my body in which was wiggling like some sort of jelly till it finally return to normal.

“d-dad?” I looked behind me. He was readying his weapon and prepared himself for the attack.

“I came this far” he clutched his teeth. “And I promise my wife I come home for our son’s birth” he cocked his gun and raised it up to his forehead. “And nothing is going to stop me. Not weapons, not explosives, and not even a goddamned army will stop me” I watched as my dad stand there against the wall. More and more enemy soldiers began to surround the building all speaking in the same language I still couldn’t understand. With a few seconds past I started to hear footsteps coming from the doorway. Within a blink of an eye he raised his gun, pointed it at the door way and began to fire.

Celestia and I watched as my father began to battle against the enemies in order to protect himself. I was amazed even more. He always told me of his time in the battlefield but to witness him fighting in battle filled my head with so much amazement that I began to tear up for all his courage he had. Celestia turned head towards me and hugged me as we watch my father continued fighting.

“Your father was a true warrior. And a true father too you” celestia smiled down at me. I looked up at her. Tears were beginning to form and fall on the side of my cheeks.

“Yes he was”

My father continued firing at the mob of enemies. More and more enemies came pouring in all directions. Some of which began to fire back in all directions. He dove down on the ground and continued to fire at them. More bullets were shot and more enemies fell to the ground dead.

“GO DAD” I yelled cheering at my dad. Finally after several minutes of shooting the bullet rain finally stop. Silence swept around the room. Nobody and nothing was making a sound. My father kept his ground and reloads his weapon. More silence swept around the room.

“Is that It” my father raised an eyebrow. “They actually gave up” he stand against the wall for cover and slowly poked his head around the edge. Dust and smoked flew high around the shooting area.

“Wow it’s over he did it” I stand there smilling at my father. I felt a hoof on my shoulder and looked up at the princess.
“Let’s go” the princess looked at me with worried eyes. Without saying a word I looked at my hands in which began to fade. After several seconds we were outside of the building were my father was having his last stand.

I looked around me several enemy corpses laid on the ground around us.

“Why are we here?” I asked the princess.

The princess didn’t say but just stared at upward at an unknown building. “Because” she pointed at the building with her hoof. “We don’t want to get in the cross fire”

I looked over at the building she was pointing at. I stared at the window in which I revealed a figure with some sort laser object pointing at my father’s location. I squinted for a better view of the object he had on. The man had what seems to be an RPG with a laser of sorts attachment on it.

“FATHER!” I screamed as the man fired the rocket my father’s location. I tried to run over and warn him but I was stopped by a white glow that was enveloped all around me. I tried to move but the powerful aura was too strong for me to move.

I floated there as the rocket came faster towards the building and finally erupting it in a huge blast of fire and dust. I felt my eyes teared up at the sight of my father not knowing about it but was too late to think before.

Celestia finally lowered me down and came up next to me. I sat on my knees tears still weld up in my eyes at the sight of the wreckage.

“Angel please look” celestia patted my shoulder. I looked up at the rubble. Smoked and dust filled the air all around. I stared at the smoked till finally a bright white glow began to show over the dust. The dust slowly began to clear up and the white glow became more visible. The white glow was a half of a sphere of glowing energy. Inside the sphere a figure laid there his hand touching the sphere intense energy. After several minutes the sphere began to disappear into the air. The figure slowly stood up and looked towards us. His eyes glowed bright white, his hair was streaked with white and gold tips all around.

“d-d- dad” I was dumbstrucked to see him like this.

My father looked at us then at building where the rocket where was shot. The man was reloading another rocket into the RPG. With moving from his spot he raised his hand at the window where the man was hiding. With a strange energy source a ball of pure energy began to form in his hand. As he charged up his power the ball of energy began to get bigger at the size of his hand. With a hard push he shot the ball of energy at the building. Me and celestia watched as it travel faster than the rocket ever did. After 3 seconds the ball of energy finally made it in through the window.

At first nothing was happening. I looked at my father who lowered his hand and walked towards us. I raised my eyebrow at him who was still in his form. Without warning a blinding flash of light erupted in the building. The sound of its mighty blast shooked the earth as the top layer layed waste to the earth along with the rest of the building came crumbling down.

I stood there terrified at the massive mushroom smoke that rise up towards the sky with dust spread across from where the blast took place. My father kept walking towards us. His eyes slowly return to normal his hair returns back to its dark brownish color. He slowly returned back to normal but soon dropped to one knee after regaining his normal form. Celestia and I watched as he tooked several long breaths before getting himself up from his spot.

“Man 40 years of having this… this power and I still can’t handle it without getting tired” he chuckled. My father then looked behind him at what he done and smiled.

“i- I wonder if…. My son.. Will have this power as well as I” he clutched his hand and raised it above his head towards the sun.

“If he does I only wish… he won’t use it for evil” he began to tap his head, chest and both shoulders before kissing his hand and finally leaving towards his base.

“What did your father do just now before he left” celestia said questionably

I looked up at her. “Well… in your world your people praise you because the ruler and the god of the sun” I reached down in my pants pocket and brought out my rosary that I kept since birth and showed it to her.

“In our world we praise to our god. Jesus is our god that most people pray to all the time in my world. B-but not everyone prays for him.” I shove my rosary in my pocket.

“Really is he around or is he in a castle such as I and my sister?” celestia raised an eyebrow to me.

I stuttered “f-fr-frankly…. N-no he died millions of years ago. But after his death we still pray for his guidance every day.” I clutched my fist as memories before, during and after the outbreak. people blaming him for not protecting us when the outbreak occurred. Sometimes I wanted to smack every non-believer and every person who curse to god for the ordeal.

Celestia looked at me with worried eyes. she looked down at my right hand in which was beginning to bleed due to the strength I was putting it in. celestia put her hoof on my shoulder.

“You said others worship others… other what exactly?”

I loosen my grip and looked up at her. “Well we worship lot of things. Some of which we call them by their religion. Some were Catholics, Christian’s, Buddhism’s even Muslim’s. I only know those but I’ve heard that there were million more than what I know of back then.”

Celestia was amazed to hear that my world had many gods that our people worship and pray.

“Wow amazing to hear that your world had so many religions”

I smiled at celestia but the question I wanted to ask pop into my head. “Wait you didn’t answer my question. How did you know about me?

Celestia looked away then back at my face. “Well angel I have been keeping an eye one each of their holders for millions of years. Since the first to finally you.” Celestia horn glowed again and all around us began fast forward all around us. Finally it stopped.

“Do you remember this place angel?”

I looked around us. We were standing next to a school but not just any school. We were standing in front of the elementary school that I first met Amy. I looked over in the kindergarten playground. Several small kids where all ganged up around one small defenseless child who was quivering on the ground in front of them. I looked over at the small kid and I remembered who he was.

“t-that’s me…. I- I remember this moment. This is when Amy comes an-“I was interrupted as a small little girl stands in front of the bullies and began to beat them all up. I smiled as the bullies all ran away and the little girl help the little boy up. Tears flowed down my cheek at the most memorable moment I remember came back to me.

The princess came up beside me. Her horn glowed again but this time we were somewhere else. We were standing in a field filled with greenish grass, tall oak trees around and several playground equipment with some kids playing on them for fun. I looked around to and remembered where we were. This is the same place where we both made that promise after so many years ago.

Celestia pointed at the couple that I recognize to be me and Amy sitting down. I looked over at Amy who was beginning to cry and myself holding her hands together. The promise I remember came back to me. I never knew why she told me that till it was already too late to full understand why.

But I finally knew why. I finally knew what I must do.

Celestia sigh and finally looked up at the sun. “I think it’s time to go back. Wouldn’t you agree angel”

I looked up and smiled. I know finally knew what she meant now. “Yes it’s time to go”

With one more smile she lower her horn and touch my forehead with the tip. Everything soon got cloudy and I blacked out.

Celestia voice was faint but I managed to hear her message while returning.

“Angel we need you. We need you to help bring peace and protection to all of equestria”
*back to reality*

I slowly open my eyes. There were still blurry but where slowly regaining my sight. I felt something warm and soft against my lips. I lightly shooked my head and fully open my eyes. The blurriness was still there but the warm softness was still there. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. The warm softness was preventing me from speaking.

“mmf” was I could say.

I blink several times. The figure grew more clear and that moment I finally regain my sight. I looked down at the figure my face felt flushed and my heart began to beat like a speeding drum. Her warm softness still press against my lips as she held it in place. Her eyes were closed her cheeks flushed bright red. She finally let go and looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. Her cheeks brushed bright red as she looked up towards mine.

“My my Amy was lucky to have you. You’re a really good kisser” the princess giggles at the remark.

“Uh” I lost my train of thinking.

“You’re wondering why I kissed you huh?”

I nodded
“Well twilight told me. She’s more than a student of mine. She’s like a friend and we both shared some secrets together.”

I was shocked at the answer. Twilight and I kissed this morning and she blabbed it out to the princess.

“d-did she told anyone else”

Princess celestia rubbed the back of her head and gave a cheese grin.

“I’m afraid yes. She told everyone including lyra and her friends as well. Everyone said she was going a little too fast but she sort of went into detail on how it felt.”

I slapped my forehead and hit my head on the pillow after hearing that twilight had just told all her friends plus lyra and her friends and even the princess this morning incident.

“uuuuhhhhh. Just my luck” I sigh

“Don’t worry angel. Things aren’t bad at all. Who knows with your charm and luck maybe you can make all these wonderful ladies fall in love with you” celestia said in a cheesy tone.

“Yeah but if that happens there will chaos over all of us” I raised and eye brow at her. celestia smiled and giggled.

“Well angel I must depart.” The curtains behind her flung around and back. Twilight and her friends were still outside looking through the window.

“Angel before I leave I need three favors from you.”celestia smiled at me before making her way to the door.

I looked up at celestia. “Sure princess. What is it?”

She raised her hoof. “One practice with my star pupil in learning to use your magic”

“Two don’t use your powers to gain or for evil.”

I nodded I knew that twilight was really smart with magic and her being the princess student she must be incredibly strong too and for me using my power for evil that will never happen. My grandfathers always told me never use your gifts for any personal gain.

“Ok but what’s the third thing”

Celestia gave a cute smile. “I would like for you to come and live in canterlote with me and to meet my sister and also become the prince of the sun with me.”

I… couldn’t believe at what I heard…… Did she ask me to live with her and to marry her and become prince of the sun.

“i-I don’t know what to say” I was still bewildered

“Well angel it’s up to you. I won’t force you.”

I took one breath of air and smiled “let me think about it. I still need training after all”

Princess celestia smile and bow. “As you wish angel”

With the sound of the click of the lock on the door the handle slowly opens. Twilight and her friends all came tumbling down onto the floor as the door flung open. I chuckled after that scene.

“Well twilight I have some royal business to attend too. Angel will tell you what to do until then ok.” Celestia turned her head and winked at me “goodbye everypony” she finally exited out the room and left the hospital.

Rainbowdash was the first to get up and rush towards my bed.

“SO WHAT DID THE PRINCESS SAID HUH!” she hoovers at the edge of my bed.

Rarity got herself up and dusts herself. “Yes darling oh this is most important. Please do tell us”

With all of twilight and lyra’s friends getting up from the floor they all surrounded my bed waiting for what I have to say. Especially twilight who was anxious for me to tell her what important task that the princess told me to give to her?

“All right then where should I begin?”

To be continued

the old man and the forbidden books

View Online

After finishing the whole story about elements of harmony and what had happen to me during the fight with the pyscho and finally ending it with that I’m some sort of alicorn of harmony and that its power was passed down for generation and now I have it. Twilight sat there bewildered at what I told her and that she’s now my teacher in magic. All of twilight friends including lyra and her friends all stared at me after finishing up the story and the message for twilight. Silence swept the room nobody made a sound for several minutes. It felt as if time stood still and everyone sat there frozen in time. That time soon ended as Pinkie pie was the first to break the silence.

“OMG OMG OMG MY NEW FRIEND IS AN ALICORN. I MUST MAKE A SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL PARTY FOR YOU OOOOOHHHHHH I MUST HURRY” pinkie pie started jumping all around the room before finally running out the door at top speed.

I raised an eyebrow. Rainbow dash hover over me and patted my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about her she’s like that all the time”

“Well I kinda guess she’ll be the first to break this silence. I just need a little more warning on how she was gonna do so”

Applejack shooked her head. “So what are you going to do sugarcube? Now that you’re some sort of magical being and all”

I drifted my sight away from everyone and frowned. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. After hearing and witnessing on what I am and my duties of having unimaginable power I just didn’t know what to think now. A huge magical alicorn of harmony with powers as strong or maybe stronger then the princess herself can make a man think of millions of ways to use the power. half of which can be used for good but the other half can be used for evil. I was actually surprise that my ancestors were able to use the power and not know what it was and I was still surprise my father never told me about it. Guess since being an old man you forget things from time to time.

“I’m... I’m not sure.” I ponder the question

“I know I will use it for good but i-… I just didn’t know I was that special”

Rarity went over to the bed and patted my hand with her forehoof “Oh darling please don’t frown” rarity smiled

I looked up at everyone and smiled. I tried to get up from the bed again. The shear pain in arm made it worse when I move around even just a simple nudge caused some serious pain. At last I gave up and let my head hit the pillow just near inches from the guard rail.

Fluttershy came up and placed her hoofs on the side of the bed.

“Uh angel you haven’t healed all the way. The nurse says you have stayed her till its better”

I groaned not just from the pain but I had to stay there till I’m fully healed. I rubbed my forehead with my other arm and bit my lip from the next question I about to ask.

“h-how long will I stay here?” I sighed

“About a week” twilight said

I let out a loud groan after hearing how long. I wanted to pull my own hair after the thought of being stuck in a hospital bed and forbidden to get up till the wound was healed.

“Oh don’t worry you big baby. The doctor has a special area for all the patients to get some fresh air.”

Twilight came up to the window. The window glowed the same aura as twi’s horn. With her magic twilight open the window all the way and pushed the curtains away till we were able to see all of ponyville. I was amazed on how beautiful and how peaceful it was in this small town.

“See. You have a lovely view of the town and a nice beautiful, relaxing breeze to help relax your stiff muscles” rarity smiled again.

“Yeah it’s nice. It’s as nice as the time twi told us that story at what happen jus-“dash froze and covered her mouth.

I didn’t need to ask what she was saying… I knew before. I crossed my arms and gave twilight an angry look. My arm didn’t felt good when I had my arms crossed to each other but right now I didn’t care I felt more embarrassed then in pain. Twi felt fear as I gave her the look and began to sink down underneath my bed. I groaned and slapped my head. I looked at everyone in which all were blushing and had turned their heads away trying to not look at me.

“I know what you were about to say rainbow dash. In which I’m disappointed in you twi” I looked over to see twilight her head was laying on the floor.

Twilight slowly got up from the floor and looked up. Tears were weld up in her eyes as she looked up at mine.

“i-I’m so sorry angel. I- I didn’t mean to tell everyone. I just-“

Applejack came up next to her friend and wrapped her hoof around. “Aw don’t be mad at twilight sugarcube”

“She just told us what happen this morning and uh… she told us how it felt” fluttershy turned her head away from me. Her face turned brightly scarlet red.

I took a deep breath and sighed. I looked down at twilight her eyes teared up and some drip down onto the floor. Even in the real world I couldn’t take seeing or hearing a girl cry no matter what world I am it sorta breaks my heart to see them shed tears.
“look twi I’m ok that you told everyone including the princess about what happen but please tell me before you tell them ok twi.” I smiled “I’m not mad anymore”

Twilight looked up and smiled “yes angel I promise”

Me and twilight look at each other and stare to each other’s eyes again. We stared for several minutes till rarity nudged twilight’s shoulder and rainbow dash began to shake my violently.

“HEY YOU TO LOVE BIRDS WAKE UP AND STOP ACTING SO LOVLY DOVY!” rainbow dash shouted as she shooked me violently.

“Uh uh uh u o-o-ok I- I get it “rainbow dash stopped shaking me and remove her hoofs off of my head. I slammed my head back against the pillow dazed after the violent shaking. Pain carcinated from my shoulder soon flowed all around my body and then towards my head and I soon began to feel a headache in a few seconds.

“Oh my are you alright angel” fluttershy said in a quiet tone.

“Oh relax fluttershy. Angel can take a simple shake right angel” rainbow dash said nudging the center of my shoulder.

I shook my head and look at rainbow dash “A little. You tried to snap my neck out of place after that shake.” I said

“Yeah well it didn’t so that’s good” rainbow dash raised her shoulders up signaling she’s playing around.

Both me and rainbow dash began to argued over and over about what she could have done if she didn’t stop. I explain to her that my neck is not some sort of bobbled head that can bobble all around and back into place. My head can easly snap out of place and I’m glad that I’m in a hospital that can save me if that ever happens. Dash listen but showed signs of not interested in my explanation. After 5 minutes of yelling each other lyra finally spoke up and ended argument.

“Uh if it’s not any trouble but uh” lyra lowered her head.

I look down at the green and white pony. I remembered just a few minutes ago she was being held captive by the psycho that almost made mints meat out of her if we hadn’t came along. I gave a small smile to see that she wasn’t harm in the process.

“Yes lyra is it” I pointed to the green and white pony.

“Oh yes t- that’s my name uh angel is it” lyra said

“Yeah that’s my middle name. My full name is joseph angel delemarte. But everyone calls me by my middle but it’s ok if you want” I smiled.

Lyra stood there shaking her feet clutching together and gripping tight to one another. A small squeal came out for a moment and she looked like she was ready to explode in seconds. As I tried to say something she instantly began bouncing up and down while keeping her mouth close as if she was holding her breath.

“Oh great you made her all gittery and what not” said the cream like pony.

I looked next to lyra what I believe to be her friend. She was a cream pony but with a purple and pink mane and tail and several candies on her flank. Her hair was dividing half along with her tail in a more curly style. She continued to looked at me angrily as lyra continued to bounce next her. Finally the cream pony finally stopped her bouncing my placing her hoof on her tail and holding it in place.

“You see what happens when she sees something that was supposed to be a fairy tale.” The cream pony sighed and let go of lyra’s tail.

“See bonbon I told you humans were real. And you said they weren’t” lyra said while nudging on the cream pony.

“Bonbon?” I said questionably

“Yes that’s my name. I’m bonbon. lyra’s best friend and lover to be exact.” She said placing her hoof on her chest.

I look at both lyra and bonbon and wasn’t surprise to see ponies even ponies that can love the same gender. I began to imagine that this world was like mine even gays and lesbians can fall in love here but it looks like nobody will discriminate them for their love interest.

Bonbon looked at me questionably and tilts her head sideways.

“Uh you don’t have a problem with me in love with lyra right” bonbon places her hoof on her love.

“What no I’ll never have a problem with you and lyra” I said frantically

Bonbon raised an eyebrow in suspicion at my reply. She looked at lyra then back at me giving the same expression as though it was stuck to that same expression.

“Oh bonbon please don’t be like that. After all he did save me from that other human.” Lyra said

“Well alright I give him a chance because he did save you. But if he does anything stupid to you I’m getting the bat on him” bonbon said while pointing her hoof at me.

I gave a weak smile and held my hands up away from face. I know thought these ponies were going to be mostly kind. Who knew that they can be hardcore when then get mad? I need to be careful on what I do in this world. After giving lyra a kiss on the cheek she finally said goodbye and left the hospital leaving me with lyra and twilight and her friends. Another awkward silence left the room. The silence was then broken by another pony who came into the room she was a pure white pony much like rarity except she had pink hair tied behind her head and a medical plus on her side.

“Good afternoon mister delemarte. My name is nurse redheart and I will be your nurse for the next week” nurse redheart grabbed the clipboard and began reading it and checking off with a pen on the clipboard.

“It looks like Mr. delemarte needs his rest right now. May everyone please leave the room for Mr. delemarte to rest.” Nurse redheart said.

Lyra groans. “awww I don’t want to leave. I want to ask angel some very important questions.”

I sigh. “Nurse redheart I don’t mind answering a few questions for Ms. Lyra here.”

Nurse redheart rolled her head and sighed.” Alright but please don’t overdo it lyra. Mr. delemarte needs his rest. The rest of you please leave.”

Twilight and her friends all looked at me then at lyra and finally at nurse redheart. Twi didn’t felt comfortable about leaving me with lyra especially since she’s is a crazy human fanatic. The others knew how lyra is and can get especially since she has been searching for these beings that were once said to be only fictional characters in books and scrolls.

“Uh I think it’s better if we all stay” twi said while rubbing her head with the her hoof.

“Oh no one is enough. Besides Mr. delemarte is having a roommate in a while probably soon today and he does need some rest.” Nurse redheart began to push both twilight and her friends out the door.

“Don’t worry I will make sure lyra doesn’t do anything that will hurt, traumatize or mentally scar him for the rest of his life” nurse redheart smiled to twilight and her friends.

“HEY I’M RIGHT HERE YOU KNOW” lyra shouted out.

Everyone all look at me then back to nurse redheart as they left room. Finally with one final nod twilight left the room leaving me with nurse redheat and Lyra.

Over the last hour wasn’t so bad. After everyone left lyra requested some paper and a pencil of which nurse redheart went to get for lyra. She finally grabbed a chair sat next to me sort of in a human style why. I was a little curious on how she sits especially since she’s a pony It doesn’t look confortable to sit like that. She explains that she’s ok sitting like this, it somehow feels like she’s really like a human and she enjoys sitting that way plus she says it saves room for bonbon to sit as well. i was surprise on not hearing that she’s ok on sitting that way but that she’s knows some parts about humans already.
“lyra. H- How did you know about humans even though you haven’t seen one in your life until now?” I said questionably.

Lyra smiled and lower head but I was still able to see her eyes that were looking up at me. “well angel… be- before I met you today I always have been fascinated about humans. Even as filly I was amazed about them after I read a book about mythical beasts.” Lyra lowered her notes and pencil and scoot herself till she was at edge of chair.

“After reading so much about your kind i- I... Wished that I could become... a human being like you” lyra smile turned into a frown. I looked at her questionably. She actually wanted to be human a creature that was supposed to be a myth and legends until I made it reality.

“i- I wanted to know what it feels like t- to have these” lyra began to rubbed my left hand with her hoof. I look at my hand that she was rubbing then up to her face. Her eyes began to water as she continued to rub my hand. I eventually lifted my hand she was rubbing and slowly placed it on her cheek. Lyra flinched but she didn’t move away as I rubbed her cheek with my fingers. Her soft fur felt as if I was rubbing against a soft pillow. Lyra felt the warmth of my fingers and placed both hoofs on my arm and grip it tight signaling to not stop this moment. She closed her eyes and smiled as she held my arm while rubbed her soft cheek. Tears began to form and slide down against her cheek but she was still smiling. I felt the cold impact and smiled. I slowly tried to move my arm due to sharp pain from shoulder was beginning to flow down my side. Lyra still holding my arm moved along as I lifted my arm in the air. Seeming that she wouldn’t let go I scooted a little to the left and gently lowered lyra on the spot of my bed. Lyra still holding my arm had no clue till she finally opened her eyes and looked at me. Our faces were closed but not to close but still close enough to see each other eyes.

“Uh” lyra blushed “I’m sorry I- I didn’t mean to-” I cut her off there as I run my fingered down from her neck and ended in the middle of her stomach. Lyra squeals and placed her hoofs on her mouth. She had waited for this moment and now it was now or never. She turned around and laid her back on my lap. I smiled and held her head with my right and began to rub her stomach with my left. I began to chuckle as I watched lyra who covered her blushing face from mine.

“I glad you’re enjoying this” I chuckled

Lyra began to squirm but not in discomfort but in pleasure. I continued to rubbed her stomach small sounds of squeal were coming out as lyra tried to hold it in. after 15 minutes of rubbing her lyra couldn’t hold it anymore and finally let out what she wanted to say.

“OH GOD ANGEL PLEASE RUT ME!!” she screamed. She placed her hoofs on her mouth and looked up at me with her blushing face. Since I barely know that much about these ponies I didn’t know what she meant. But I dawn me after the way she said it just know. My face slowly began to heat up with the thoughts of what she said. D- Did she ask me to… have sex with her? Face became brightly red like a rose and I took my gaze away from her. lyra finally sat up and looked away from. Her face still a crimson red from embarrassment at what she told angel what to do to her. I slowly turned my head towards her but she still kept her gaze away from mine.

“uh l- lyra a- are you… ok?” I placed my hand on her shoulder. She didn’t move placed her right hoof on my fingers.

“y- yeah. I- I’m sorry… f- for asking that.” She said

With all my energy I lifted myself up from the bed. I ignored the pain from my arm and layed my head next to lyra’s. “i- it’s ok lyra. I just… well. I think it’s best that we take it slow ok”

Lyra smiled and layed her head on the side of mine. “yeah… it’s best. It felt so good I- I just lost it.”

I smiled. “I understand that you want to know what it feels like to be a human.” I placed two fingers on her chin and turned her face towards mine. She didn’t fight it and let me turned her head for her.

“Tell you what. If I can I will try to find a spell that magically transforms you into a human when I get the chance ok”

Lyra smile grew larger and without knowing she jumped on me and wrapped her hoofs around my neck and hugged me tight.


I returned her embrace and held her tight against my chest. I knew that I made a promise and no matter what I will keep that promise and will find a way to make her happy. I open my eyes and looked up at the door. Nurse redheart who was just coming in to see me had saw and heard everything before and after the promise. Her face was a deep scarlet red and the clipboard in her hoof fell to the floor in front of her. lyra finally let go and looked behind her seeing nurse redheart who was standing there and listening to everything that had happen.

“Oh celestia I knew it was bad to leave her here with him” she whisper said to herself.

“Uh t- this isn’t what it looks like” i said to nurse redheart. Sweat began to flow down my cheek as I told her.

“Y-y yeah it’s nothing. Uh you- please tell me… you didn’t hear that did you?” she quivered at the question.

Nurse redheart nodded as she slowly grabbed the clip board and lifted it up to her face and covered her blushing with it.

“i- it seems… that visiting hours are up and you need to leave now ms. Lyra. Please take your notes and leave. You can visit tomorrow!” She said in a fast tone.

After several seconds lyra looked at me then at nurse redheart and smile.

“yeah ok” she began to levitate her notes but before leaving she came up to my face and kissed my cheek.

“Please keep your promise ok angel” she giggled as I blushed bright red. She finally got herself off the bed and left the room. Nurse redheart who was standing a couple of inches away from the door came up and placed the clipboard at edge of the bed that was a couple inches away from mine.

“your roommate will be here shortly. Don’t worry he’s a regular here but he’s absolutely friendly towards others.”

I looked at nurse redheart and smiled. My gaze was interrupted by the sound of wheels rolling and clank sound from the door. I looked up to see a grizzly old pony in a gown and on a wheelchair while another nurse was pushing his bed. The old pony or stallion that they like to call the males was a very old one. To my best guess in human life by the way his face looks to be about 90 almost a hundred maybe. Nurse redheart came up to the patient and helped him up to his bed. After covering him up and placing the iv on his hoof the nurse finally took the clip board and pen and did a side note on it.

“alright mr. shard you’re all set. So how are you doing today?”

The old stallion smiled and then looked at me. “I’m old but I’m still good” the old man chuckled at his comment.

I began to chuckled as well at his comment. I was glad someone wasn’t too uptent about there age. Nurse redheart began to ask a serious of questions to him before checking them off and setting the clipboard back onto the edge of the bed.

“well mr. shard. As well you already know I will be your nurse and as well as green leaf. If you need anything please don’t be afraid to press the button for service but you already know.”

He didn’t listen but kept his gaze at me. His eyes were showing faint color but I still could make it out to be blue. His coat was a light bluish color and his mane was a faint redish color and his forehead had a sort of worn out horn on it.

“So who is this young man” the old man said.

Nurse redheart looked at me and smiled. “oh this is joseph angel delemarte. He’s the human that save ponyville from that monster a couple of hours today.” She then pointed her hoof towards the old man.

“Angel this is golden shard. One of ponyvilles oldest unicorns in all of equestria.”

I waved my hand to golden shard. He return by waving his hoof and slowly laying his head on the pillow. Nurse redheart then went to the door but not before turning around and look at us.

“Well it’s time for everyone to get there rest. Good night to you all”

After several seconds the lights went off and I laid my head on my pillow and began to drift off to sleep.

The next day wasn’t any different like all the previous I had. Having trouble sleeping, dreaming of my years in the wrecked city and all the bull I had to overcome to survive even for a mear few minutes still hasn’t change for me at all. At least I wake up on a confortable bed and not in someone’s bathtub or on a building with a weapon next to me and waking up every 30 minutes for cost clear. Even here it’s the same way of waking up. Waking up startled from fear, sweat dripping from my head slide down against my chest some of which seeped into my wound causing a tremendous sting that spread all around my whole body.

“GAH” I began to pant against the pain on my shoulder and place my hand on the wound to try to relieve some of it. I continued to breathe heavily from my recent nightmare. Like all of my nightmares that I dreamt this one was completely different from all the others. I close my eyes and picture pieces of it. I dreamt that ponyville was too attacked by the infection and every pony was either running away, fighting or being eaten. The thoughts shuddered me as I remembered seeing all of my new friends being turned into the infected and were coming for me.

“Bad nightmare?” golden shard said from across the room. I looked across to my roommate on his bed. His face showed a sense or worriness and fear as I looked towards his eyes.

“uh… yeah I’m fine. Just a bad dream that’s all” I said. I slowly laid my head on the pillow and stared outside. The sun rising over the valley was there to greet me while I lay awake.

Golden shard who was just lying there still continued to stare at the human. He had never seen one and doesn’t know much about these species. He was mostly surprised that a once was fairy tale creature was now sitting in bed across from his and badly wounded.

“Do you want to talk about it uh dangle is it” he said

I turned my head and chuckled at the named. “No it’s angel and no it’s fine nothing special.” I continued chuckle

Golden shard continued to stare at the human but finally stopped and layed his head on the pillow and drifted to sleep.
I continued to look towards ponyville amazed by the beauty the sun that rise over ponyville. I begin to yawn from lack of sleep and finally layed my head down and drifted to sleep again.

Early this morning I finally woked up bright and ready but still badly injured. Seemingly that I’m supposed to stay here till my wounds have healed I decided to see if there was anything to help keep me entertained for the time being. I continued to look at the window till a faint sound of squeaking caught my eye. I looked at the door in front of us that whished wide open and two carts with lids covering in the middle of them are being pushed a one nurse each. Breakfast was served my mouth again began to water at the stack of pancakes, eggs and hashbrown as the open the lids from the tables. I continued watching and I turned my attention again to the door. nurse redheart and what seemed to be a pony in a chef’s outfit with a funny looking moustache and a spatula on his side came into the room and stand in the middle of the door way.

“Good morning mr. shard and mr. delemarte I hope that both of you slept well.” the chef pony said

“Oh yes” golden shard nodded

“Uh yeah it was a nice sleep” I tried to diverte my sight away from the food and towards the pony. Unfortunately I couldn’t the smell of the fresh flapjacks made my mouth water all over again.

“Well that’s good to hear that everyone had a good sleep. Well enough of that I’m chef spatula the manager of the cafeteria and today I have cook you both an amazing breakfast this fine morning.” He finally took a bow and both nurses came up to our beds with both carts of food and layed them on the table in front of use. As they placed the food on our tables I however was puzzled on why. I mean come on I’m an unknown creature with some sort of magical power in another dimension while being in badly injured and still was getting both medical and room service in a hospital that patients will or may be afraid of and may cause some sort of panic all around.

“Uh may I ask but uh” I stuttered

Chief spatula raised his hoof. “I know what you’re going to say Mr. delemarte. I know that you’re human from another world and you’re wondering about this room service we have provided for you. Well sir golden shard here has been a huge contributes on ponyville and we thank him as much as we can for everything. He gains this type of room service all the time for that. You on the other hand is more than we can ever thank for.” He then took a bow as well as the nurses have done.
“We have heard of what you done yesterday and how you risked your life to save the ponies in ponyville and how badly you gotten hurt while doing so. For our thanks from me and the princess who has told us to treat you with respect and she also has paid everything for you both medical and room service we our honored in serving you sir. Considered it a reward from me and the princess to you mr. delemarte” after setting up the rest of the food and rolling the carts out chief spatula took one finally bow before leaving with the nurses. Nurse redheart however stayed behind to make sure we were confortable or if we need anything.

“Well I’ll leave to the both of you to enjoy your breakfast but before I leave is there anything you both need till I’m gone.” Nurse redheart smiled.

Golden shard was too busy stuffing his face with hash brown and pancakes. I however was waiting for nurse redheart to say something like that. I knew that since I’m going to be here for a while I might as well learn a few bits about magic if they allow them.

“Actually yes nurse redheart. I was hoping that you may have some reading material for me. Specifically magic and spell casting books of sorts.” I said

Nurse redheart looked at and frown while she shooked her head. “I’m sorry we don’t allow any magic books at all. It’s against medical policy.” She said

I begin to ask why they won’t allow any magic books to be given to patients. She explained that several years ago the hospital banned any magic books inside the hospital after last incident. A former nurse had a few magic books a while back and decided to give one to a undergraduate magic student who came in for a broken snout. The student began to cast spells to speed up the process of healing but unfortunally cast a spell that almost burned the patient and half the room down. Questions on why he was doing so are still a mystery but since then magic and spell casting books were forbidden since then. I frown because they don’t allow any magic books and so I said I’ll go with others instead. I explained to her that I enjoyed reading others books specifically romance, horror, action of sorts. Nurse redheart nodded and wrote down the type of books that I’m interested. After saying one last goodbye she left the room for us to enjoy our meals.

I begin to eat my food but I eat normally since I had a roommate and I didn’t want to show any slobbiness. I began to cut my pancake and took some bits from it. The sweet syrup mixed with the warm, soft, and delicious pancaked began to drive me crazy. I continued eating for about a few minutes. Golden shard who had already finished his eggs was taking his time looking at me while I ate.

“So you want to learn magic huh son” he said

I looked over to his smiling face. His old wrinkled face was hard to understand if he was smiling or not.

“Uh y- yeah I do want to learn magic” I said nervously.

Golden shard chuckled and coughs from his old age. He hit his pillow with his head stared into the ceiling.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about here son. I may not know much about your people but here it’s a lot different. You see Magic is more than just magic son. It’s our way of life. Without it we wouldn’t be who we are today” he closed his eyes for a while till finally opening again. I set aside my food and looked over him. His worn out colored eyes began to glisten as though he was beginning to cry. We both sat there in silent I watched as a tear fell down his cheek and landed on his shirt. I tried to speak but I couldn’t for some reason. Finally after adjusting himself from the bed and sat up to look at me.

“Listen son. If you want I’ll be happy to teach you some basics on magic while you’re here. I’ll still be here for a while not sure about you though but I still can help you for the time being. “he gestured

I sat there amazed. This one pony who is supposed to be one of ponyvilles oldest senior member in all of equestria was going to help me learn about magic. I still couldn’t believe it but I knew that I needed to take advantaged with it before he changed his mind.

“yes yes I want to learn magic please… teach me” I nodded.

Golden shard smiled at me and grabbed his unfinished plate of pancakes and eggs in front of him. “well mr. delemarte finish your breakfast. Because after our breakfast we will start magic 101” he began to shove a fork full of pancake in his mouth. I grabbed my breakfast and begin to eat the rest. I couldn’t wait to learn magic so I started to eat faster then before. After finishing up golden shard looked at me and smiled.

“Let the training begin” he clapped his hooves together my magic training had just began.

Have you ever heard that a patient is supposed to ’REST’ while in a hospital. Well in my case I grew more tired as if I ran a marathon and back three times. For the last 4 days I have been learning the art of magic from my mentor golden shard while healing from the hospital. It started out simple magic tricks such as levitation and small spark spells. I concentrated most of my energy into certain objects in which I supposed to have getting use to after the second day. Golden shard watches as I grew stronger with my powers and was amazed to see how I pick them up so quickly.

“My my son.” He rubbed his chin with his forhoof. “You’re quite the unique one for that. Most of my students couldn’t even lift a pencil on the first day of training and already you’re learning to even levitate your own self from your bed.”

I chuckled and nodded. Thank you mentor after all I learn from the best haven’t I. golden shard heard the word mentor and looked down from his bed. Tears began to weld up in one of his eyes as he tried to fight it. I looked over to see his struggle to not cry and wondered why. “Did I said something wrong? Is my performance not very good? Why is he crying? I questioned in my head.

I tried to speak up to him. The old pony stood up and wiped his face. he looked at me with an anger look in his eyes and a cracked smile.

“I think it’s time that you learn more than just common spells my boy” he said smiling at me.

I looked at his eyes that glared at me. To me I thought he was angry with me but his eyes show something else. They didn’t show anger but some determinations of sorts.

“Uh ok let’s do it then” I shouted to him

*3 more days pass later. 2 am at in morning*

I sat on my bed my hand griping hard as I focus my powers onto it. The shear pain carcinated inside of me grew more intense as I focused harder and harder. Golden shard who was sitting beside me began to scream at me to focus harder and harder and harder. For several minutes I focused my hand the intense pain ravaged into my hand and began to close my eyes for total focus. Golden shard watches more and more till finally my hand began to glow. The glowing soon seeped out of my hand and grew both ends of my hand. The glowing ore grew further apart from one side and began to shape itself. Golden shard smiled as the figured finally stopped and the patted my shoulder signaling to stop. I opened my eyes and looked at my hand that I was focusing on so much. There laid on top of my palm my fingers coil around the end and the long part pointed out the end where my thumb and index finger meet. There in my hand…… laid a bright white glowing ghost sword.

“Well done my boy. You have master conjuration” he shooked my shoulder and smiled at my success. I smiled at my success at this so call spell I have learning the past few days. Golden shard have told me this magic spell in which unicorns are able to summon all sorts of items, weapon’s even dangerous creatures if practice more. He once told me that these spells are completely dangerous and that most unicorns grew completely insane due to the much power they learned doing so. Along learning this powerful magic I also learned different types such as restorations, different illusions, even some dangerous destruction spells such as controlling fire, lightning even frost in which I literally gave myself the cold shoulder one time after mastering it. He smiled deeply at my success and hugged me for it. I returned his embrace and helped to his bed. Golden shard gave another bad cough as I set him in his bed and covered him up. I began to worry for him and his health as though I’m watching his life fade away in front of me. golden shard looked at my worried face and chuckled.

“now angel please don’t be sad for me.” he coughed harshly “I’m an old stallion and my time may be up.” He smiled

“no mentor please” I grabbed the edge of the bed and sobbed in front of him. “Please I have so much training I need to learn from the great wizard of equestria. Please don’t leave me” I sobbed against the bed.

Golden shard lifted his worn out hoof and rubbed my head against it. I slowly looked up at his old but warm smile. Golden shard sighed as he continued to rub my head with his hoof.

“Angel this you need to know. For so long I have always dreamed of being a great teacher in magic. I learn from the best at my highest peak every day ever since I was a child. I worked hard to gain the respect these ponies have given me. You must know you aren’t the first I taught. For many years I taught students all about magic at the famous school for gifted unicorns. I watched as student’s progressed so much and worked so hard for their knowledge. But in the end I witnessed them become something else. I watch as they used there knew powers for evil and for their own person gain.” He began to shed some tears from his eyes.

“As I watched more at their cruelness the ponies of canterlote blamed me for it. Some called me a tyrant, a terrorist, an evil dictator that wanted to overthrow the princess and take the kingdom for my gain. I lost my job and I was never again granted to teach ever again. After that I packed most of my stuff and lived here as a helping hand. ” He began to sob as he told me his hard life story.

I continued listening to his story. Golden shard finally stopped weeping and looked at me with a smile

“I thought it was over for me but when you wanted to learn magic I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t use it for evil. Now that I know you more than any of my students will ever be I finally can relieve my burden I had for so long. You special angel. You learn so easily and so fast that you probably learn every magic In the world if you tried.” He said

I sat there surprised at his story. Once was a great magician at the world famous schools in canterlote and now reduced to living here in poniville. I couldn’t believe that his students use there powers for evil but I was most shocked that ponies will considered him a evil tyrant for teaching his students magic. I knew that one thing is that a teacher teaches the student but he can’t control how he will use his knowledge. I looked up at my mentors face and raised my hand and placed it on his hoof.

“Mentor” I said. “I promise no matter what happens. I will use this power for good and only good. I will never be like them. I promise you sir.” I lowered my head in respect for my mentor.

Golden shard looked at his student and patted his head. “Angel… you gave me another chance in teaching and hearing that you’ll use these powers for good has filled up my old aching heart again. Thank you angel” he smiled at me. he began to point at my bed.

“let’s get some sleep tomorrow you leave for you new home.” He said

I smiled and lifted myself from the bed but I turned towards him. “Will I see you when I wake up mentor?” I said

Golden shard smiled and sighed “I’m not sure student. My time is slim and I don’t know when I’m gone. But if I’m gone please keep this in your dreams and your heart for till your time ok. No matter what happens always raise up against everything. Keep your magic clean with honesty, loyalty, generosity, happiness, and kindness and you’ll know what to do when you most need it” he smiled.

I went to the lamp and shut it off before heading to bed and finally falling asleep.

Later that night golden shard layed on his bed awake staring at the ceiling fan waiting for something. He continued watching the fan a black smoke hovered in front of him and floated over at the edge of the bed. He got himself up and looked at the black smoked at the foot of his bed. The black soon grew bigger and bigger and revealed a creature with a black cloak and wielding a sythe behind him. It looked up at golden shard who was showing no signs of fear but only smiled at it.

“took you long enough huh” he chuckled

“your time is up golden shard. It’s time to go” it said

Golden shard looked at the human student who slept peacefully in his bed. He gotten himself off the bed while he pulled something out off the cupboard and walked his way to my bed. Golden shard placed the object on his counter along with a note on top.

“ guess it’s goodbye my student. Only wish I could say it without you being sad for me” he placed his hoof on my side and patted it with it. “well goodbye my student please take care of yourself.” He went back to his bed and finally layed on it and drifted to eternal sleep.

*** ***

The next morning I woke up fully energized and fully healed. I stretched both arms feeling complete relieve of my shoulder. I looked over to say good morning to my mentor. My day came to a halt as I looked over to my roommate. His bed was clean up but his walker was still there. I began to wondered if he went to the bathroom or went to get some air or something like that. I waited for him to returned and to greet him. 20 minutes passed and still no sign of him at all. I waited more trying to get the idea out of my head. I began to imagine that he…. I couldn’t stand if he did last night. Time passed and finally nurse redheart came in with my clothes on her back. I knew they were because there was some blood still on them from my wound. Nurse redheart smiled at me and came up to my bed.

“Good morning angel how was your sleep? I have your clothes and your breakfast is waiting down stairs for you so after a quick shower and change of clothes you can come and eat ok.” She said

I stared at her uneasy smile as if she was hiding something from me.

“Um… w- where is golden shard?” I said

Nurse redheart lowered her head and tied her left hoof with the other. She kept holding her hoof till finally looking up at me. Her beautiful eyes where tearing up as she looked at me.

“Golden shard…. Passed on last night” she quivered as she told me.

I sat there in disbelief I didn’t want to believe it. I shooked my head and covered my ears trying to push the horrible answer far away.

“no no no no no he’s not please tell me he’s not please” I sobbed

Nurse redheart looked at my sobbing face. For the last week she knew that golden shard one of ponivilles oldest senior members had become friends with the human but it was hard for her to tell him that. She looked away from him for a few seconds till looking at his face.

“I’m afraid he is. He passed away in his sleep last night. I know that you two grew close together and I’m happy you did he hasn’t had a caring pon- I mean person ever since then. I’m sorry that he’s gone but it’s the truth.” She layed my clothes next to my bed and turned and walked towards the bed. Before leaving the room she turned her head towards the human who was clutching his head from the extreme sadness he has been given and on his last day. She closed her eyes and finally left the room.

I sat there sobbing. My hands clutching my forehead as all the time I had hanged out and learned from him now all gone along with him. I tried to wipe as many tears away from my face but couldn’t. I tried to reach out for something to help I felt around and felt a hard but soft cloth next to me. I stopped crying and looked at the desk next to me. There layed a brow old knapsack with a letter on top of it. I reached out and grabbed both the letter and knapsack. I opened the letter and began to read it.

Angel if you’re reading this then you must know I’m gone. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you but I didn’t want you to feel sad for me. I don’t want you to feel sadness in fact I want to see you smile again. Your smile has brightened me for so long and I wish to see it again even if I’m gone. Please angel take these books that I kept in the knapsack that I prepare for you and learn every spell inside them. I know you are a good student and I want to use to this power for good. Goodbye angel I promise we’ll meet again in another life have faith and always never give up.

Sincerely your friend and mentor

Golden shard

I finished reading the letter the sadness that my heart felt for my loss began to lift for everything he has done for me. I looked at the knapsack and looked at the button that resemblance his mark on his side. I unlocked knapsack and opened it. Inside it was 3 old worn out books. I pulled out the first and opened it the covered inside read ‘shine star’s gift of conjurations spells and magic’ in the front page. I flipped the pages of the book. The book was all about how to summon all sorts of creature and weapons that can help me in my journey. I sat the books and brought out the other books. The first read ‘restoration and destruction’ and resemblance a land and a fire in the front of the book while the other said ‘wizard incantation high graded spells and magic for advance students’. I looked at both books and held them tight against my chest. I began to tear up but not from sadness but from joy. I quickly placed the books in the knapsack and went to the shower. After showering and changing my clothes I went down to the mess hall for breakfast.

Nurse redheart who was sitting on the table was waiting for me as I sat down on the table next to her. I smiled at her and gave her a warm hug. Nurse redheart was caught by surprise but returned my embrace and ate along with me. After breakfast nurse redheart look carefully at my shoulder and rubbed it. After getting the clearance I finally left of the hospital. I step outside and took a deep breath but as I tried to exhale something pressed down on my chest and made me lose my breath and my balance and I came tumbling down onto the ground.

I rubbed my head and looked at my chest. a pink fluffy mane began to rubbed all around my chest. The pony lifted up her head and gave me a huge smile and giggled before jumping up and off me. I dusted myself and looked in front of me. 5 familiar faces were there to greet me from my release. I grabbed my knapsack and walked along beside… my new family and friends.

As I walked along side my new friends somewhere else deep within the everfree forest above the harsh rock mountains there lies a cave guarded by a heavily iron gate. Within the hollow walls layed a long hallway through a huge room with two huge chairs. Inside a strange dark figure sat in stone chair facing away from the entrance. Alongside a strange bug like creature sat next to it as another tall figure came up to the front of the room. He bared a long black cloak alongside an iron dagger and satchel on his right side.

“Sir and your highness. Butchy is dead” he kneeled in front of them.

The figured sat there and rubbed his chin. The other creature sighed and tapped his fellow beside her.

“It would seem that your kind aren’t strong as they would appear mortal” she hissed

The figured raised his hand in front of her. “don’t be foolish. He was weak and mindless compare to all my other applicants. Beside it was a test to see if they were strong. And looks like they were” he continued to rub his chin.

The other figure got up.” Not exactly sir.” He said

“hm what you mean” the dark figured said

The apprentice hand glowed a bright red as a huge red ore mirror began to form in front of him revealing the fight that happened a week ago.

“Our sources say this man here killed him. We’re not sure where he come from but he is definitely human sir.” He lowered his hand and the ore disappear.

The dark figured tapped his figures at the question. “I see. Well sending a minor was no problem for him.” He looked at the huge cage in front of him. Two red eyes showed and the sound of a growl sturred from inside the cage. The dark figured smiled at the creature and looked at his former partner. “Let’s see how strong he is against 'it' shall we my queen” he smile manically

The queen smiled back revealing her long sharp fangs. “Yes……. Lets”

To be continued

greetings from the beast of the everfree forest

View Online

After leaving the hospital and entering ponyville again somehow became completely strange that day. As me and my new friends walked through the once more peaceful town we was stopped by some rather strange ponies that all gathered in our path. The ponies all ganged up at me from in front and in the air some Pegasus began to fly above our heads. As they walked in front of us I began to think of why they are doing this are they mad at me from last week incident. I looked at their faces they didn’t look angry at me at all. I prepared myself for anything with some new learned spells I was ready to take even an horde of zombies if I had to but these weren’t zombies they were ponies and I don’t want to do any harm to them but I will stand up for myself if things tend to get ugly. From just inches from me a brownish colored pony came up and presented in front of me. His eyes stared deep at me and didn’t blink at all as he made his way to me.

Without warning he raised both hoofs up and turned away from me. “HERE HE IS” he shouts to the ponies in front of him.

“Here’s the man who saved us from that monster last week”

I stood there puzzled alongside my friends. I continued to watch him as a faint sound occurred in front of him. The faint sound began to get louder and soon enough I watched as every pony including the one who made the announcement and my friends were somehow tapping both hooves together and were clapping for me. They continued to clap for me and the sound of whistling and whooing made me felt good about myself. For that small moment it felt like I was being treated… like a hero of some sort. They kept clapping for me as they left and made a path for me and my friends to continue on. They continued for a few minutes before finishing up and returning to jobs or whatever they were doing afterwards.

“Well that was a surprise after coming out of the hospital. I never got a welcome back like this ever” I smiled and rubbed the back of my head.

Rainbow dash hovered beside me and patted my shoulder.

“Well you did save us from that monster before right. I mean he did look human but he acted more monstrous then human”

My smile turned to a frown at rainbow dashs remark. I knew that he must have been a survivor of the outbreak and I know how badly it can do to the psyche when your best friends, family or even love ones are trying to kill you and no explanations on how or why this is happening. I remember there were times where I almost lost it when….. Remember that faithful day. Fluttershy looked at my frowned face. My eyes began to shed tears as every detail from my tragic past during that day began to flow like a river without stopping. She flew above while meeting with my shoulders and wrapped her hooves around my neck from the back. I was caught by surprise and looked behind my head.

“I know what you’re thinking angel. Please don’t be sad anymore angel.” She continued to hug me.

Applejack came up and patted my right leg. I looked at her with teary eyes at her warm smile. “fluttershy is right sugarcube. You’re safe from all monsters back home.”

I unhooked fluttershy’s and walked forward just a few inches away from my friends. “That’s not it.” I stared at my hands and felt the weight of guilt pushing down and collapsing on both knees still staring at my hands. “Ever since I lost her I have been condemned to kill what use to be people not only that but others who tried to hurt me. pyscho’s, animals, even government officials all tried to kill me.” I clutched both hands tightly. “These hands have shed blood for so long that I- i-“I wrapped both arms around me and began to cry. “That sometimes I almost lost my sanity” I continued to cry.

“I just want the memories to stop”

Twilight and her friends all stare and frown at their friend and all the hurt he had endured. The remaining ponies who stayed around a little while longer all watched their hero fall to his knees crying. Some of which began to approach to twilight and her friends asking what’s wrong with him. Twilight and her friends each explain briefly on why and the pain he has felt over the last 5 years of life of being in constant fear of the monsters in his once was peaceful town. As they heard the stories the town’s ponies all began to cry some which kick dirt thinking of all the suffering that the hero has suffered for no reason at all. The dreams became nightmares, the courage became fear but some of which was surprise as rainbow dash told that after everything he went through he still had hope in him. Pinkie pie continued to watch me still sitting on my knees crying about the memories and tried to think of a way to help relieve it somehow. She began to think real hard and in just a split second an idea popped up.

“I GOT IT” she rushed at top speed towards god knows where. All of twilight’s friends and some of the town folk watched as she rushed at top speed towards what seems to be her work place.

“Uh pinkie pie. There’s no time for a snack angel is hurting here” rainbow dash sighed deeply.

Finally after several seconds’ pinkie pie came back both me and twilight watched her as she present herself in front of me with her hooves behind her back and smiling.

“Uh p-pinkie pie” I said quivering of lip.

Both me and twilight and her friends all looked at her with her hoofs behind her back. To our knowledge we all think she may have some sort of cupcake or a large cake from behind her but it wasn’t. She pulled with both hooves a brown sack with symbol that represents wheat on the middle and suspected it to be grain or flour of sorts. I sat there questionable at what she’s going to do with that sack. She continued to smile at me and raised it above her head. With just a few shakes the sack from the bottom ripped open. There stand in front of me now was a smiling flour covered pinkie pie. I looked at her silliness from looking at what she did my sadness so beginning to turn to laughter. I chuckled at her and wiped the last of my tears off my eyes.

I continued laughing. “Pinkie pie why did you do that?”

Pinkie pie laid the empty sack and smiled. “Because I want to see you happy. I don’t like to see you so sad”

I sat there and smiled at her. Pinkie pie let out a small giggle and snorts before… before she came up and gave me a big tight hug. I was caught from surprise but I return her embrace and nuzzle my chin on her shoulder. Pinkie pie began to nuzzle my shoulder as she increased her grip around my neck. The strength soon got stronger and I began to have trouble breathing. Already in just a few seconds I was turning blue and trying to pry her off my neck. My oxygen was depleting at a rapid pace and I don’t know how much I have left before I run out of air.

“p-p-p-pinkie p- pie i- I can’t br-breathe” I struggle to speak.

Twilight and her friends all looked at my face and how badly I’m struggling to breathe through the tight hug that pinkie pie was giving me. Twilight let out a worried face and rushes to aid in releasing her off my neck. It didn’t take long before applejack and the rest all rushed over to help release pinkie pie’s grip. Because from being the strongest in the group both applejack and rainbow dash both were the first to hook on me and pinkie pie sides. Applejack along with fluttershy hooked onto my side while rarity, rainbow dash and twilight all grabbed hold onto their friend pinkie pie.

“PINKIE PIE. LET GO OF ANGEL” twilight struggle to pull pinkie pie away from my neck.

“Sugar cube let go. Angel’s noggin is getting bigger and bluer than a light blue balloon filling up with too much air.” Applejack said as she pulls back.

Pinkie pie felt her sides being pulled as she held in place. At first she thought her pinkie senses were tingling again but she looked down to see her friend rainbow dash’s arms around her stomach. She then diverted her sight towards me. My face was already now turning a darker purple and getting bigger due to lack of oxygen. Without a warning pinkie pie smiled one more time and finally let go right in the middle of both applejacks and rainbow dash’s pulling back. As pinkie pie had finally let go of her grip both me and pinkie pie fell back along with our friends in back. As I fell back I tried to turn my body so I didn’t smash them as I fell back. Pinkie pie however didn’t turn and just fell back on all her friends. My eyes were closed as I fell. After few seconds I felt relieved that it was over and decided to open my eyes. My vision became blurry due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to my brain. I shook my head and took some deep breathes to help my vision regain blood and oxygen flow to them and the rest of my head. I wished I didn’t fell like I did now.

My arms were facing in front and providing leverage next to her head. Her blushing face was several inches from mine as I stared into her beautiful green eyes. they sparkled like emeralds on a beautiful gold ring or on a royal crown. She began to breathe heavily and her breath was brushing against my lips as we both lay face to face together.

“Uh” was all I could say. My mind tried to figure out a solution to this problem I just gotten myself into.

She raised her head above just missing pass my lips and next to my head. As she made her way to my ear she began to whisper into it.

“sugar cube you know it’s not right to be laying on me like this… unless you’re going to give me something in return” she lowered her head and looked into my eyes again. Within seconds she slowly came up towards my lips…. With her’s.

Twilight who came out of the pile of friends and dust herself off looked at me and applejack who both layed together on the ground several inches from her. She watches surprisingly as applejack began to come forward towards angel’s lips with her’s and I wasn’t moving at all. As shockingly she was she began to feel angry and rush her way towards both me and applejack. Applejack who was just about an inch away from my lips was caught off short as twilight rammed into my side with her horn and pushing me off her.

“OW” I screamed in pain from twilight’s horn that pressed into my side and just below where my liver was. The impact felt as if I was being jabbed by a dulled spear or something with a non letal pole and barely impaling me.

Applejack watches as I twist in pain on my side just several inches from her. She then looked up at twilight who was just a near her looked at me in anger.

“Why did you do that twilight?” she said as she gotten herself up and place her hat back on.

Twilight looked at her friend then back at me with anger in her eyes. “You know why” she said angrily. She then walked towards me. As she came up to me I was barely able to stand up so I sat up gripping on my side. I lifted my shirt at my side. A dark purple bruise began to form from where she pushed me with her horn. My breaths began to become harsh rasp as I sat up from the pain. I took another shot of pain rushing through and I lowered my head in agony. As I lowered my head I felt something coiling around my head and pressing me against something soft and purple. I couldn’t move my head but I managed to look up. Twilight who was wrapping my head and bringing it against her chest still looked at applejack in anger.

“Angel’s my coltfriend” she screamed to applejack who starred in disbelief. I couldn’t understand what she meant due to the fact that I was in more pain then shock. That only shot on the side felt worst then from the actual injury I suffered or maybe it was because of that. I remember some of my restoration spells my mentor taught me and I began to heal my bruised side. Twilight who had kept my head close to her chest didn’t know I was performing magic without her knowledge. She was more furious at applejack who she distinct fully tried to take her supposedly coltfriend.

“COLTFRIEND?” Applejack screamed at twilight in anger. “Now you listen here you book eating varmint. Angel here is not yours he didn’t said he was yours when we first met or even during the week.” She pointed at me in anger.

Twilight finally let go and walked towards her friend applejack and looked at her in the eye. Applejack who stood her ground gave the same angry gaze at twilight. “Yes he is. We both kissed together at MY library.” She yells at applejack.

As I healed my bruised wound I watched as these two ponies who are my friends began to fight over me. “Uh girls wait let’s not-“I tried to speak but I was interrupted again by applejack.

Applejack raised her hoof and pointed at twilight. “The only reason he kissed you was because he had a nightmare that jolted him up from his sleep and hit smacked dabbed on your lips remembered. That seems more like an accidental kiss then then a loving kiss to me” she said angrily.

Rainbow dash and the others all gotten up from the ground and heard all the commotion and rushed in to stop the fight. Rarity came up and began to push twilight away from applejack’s face as did rainbow dash pushed applejack away as well. fluttershy who kept her distant from the fight went over to me and hook her hooves around my neck.

“Are you ok angel?” she said in a light worried tone.

I patted her hooves with my hand and looked up at her with a smile that I’m ok. She held me tight like cuddling a teddy bear except I was a huge teddy bear compare to her size. Applejack and twilight continued to bicker on about me being twilight’s coltfriend. Before asking I already know what twilight meant about coltfriend. Since coming to this world I somehow began to understand on how to better understand on different gender call names and figures. For women they are called mares with a roundish figure and a more detail hair features while men who are called stallions or colts have a narrow shape snout and more of a Mohawk type hairdo sometimes. I couldn’t believe what is now happening. The mare that I just kissed last week is fighting with her friend who sounds like Amy and now I’m caught right in the middle of everything.

“Girls please” I said getting up from the ground. “I like all of you ok a- and I’m happy to be with you all if you want me.” I smiled at everyone.

“But please let’s not fight over this. You guys are friends and friends don’t fight over who likes who. It never ends well”

Applejack watched and heard and lowered her head. Twilight who also heard came up to me and I dropped to one knee to give both a big hug. Twilight who took this moment to show how much she cared to me came up and wrapped her hooves around my neck. At first it was a straight normal hug but she then looked at my face and pressed her lips on mine again. Applejack and the others looked at both me and twilight with surprised looks. Applejack who was just a few centimeters from both me and twi came up pushed us away from our moment. Twilight looked angry at applejack for ruining supposedly our moment but to me I was glad she did my face felt like a volcano and I was sweating up intensely.

“See applejack me and angel are together” twi said In triumph and stick out her tongue at applejack.

Applejack looked angry at her friend and pushed her a few inches away from me and her. “That’s because you kissed him in a surprise attack” applejack and twilight all began to bicker and fight on about me and I just watched some more.

“uh this will never end I suppose” I said to myself.

*two hours later. At twi’s library*

After the fight back in poniville both applejack and twilight settle their difference and shook han- I mean hoofs in agreement. Supposedly as they were fighting about me being twilight’s coltfriend they were also fighting about who I should stay for now. Knowingly all of twilight’s friend agree that I will stay during Monday through Wednesday at Applejacks farm due to the fact it’s huge and they have an extra bedroom I could stay and I could work for a few extra cash so I can provide for myself and maybe get a house for myself in the near future. Thursday and Friday I will stay twilights which would give the advantage of learning newer magic spells and train longer than most days. And finally Saturday and Sunday I will stay at either rarity’s, fluttershy’s, pinkie pie’s or rainbow dash’s place if they were ok of keeping me there. Maybe I’ll get a better understanding on how they run there life and how they do their jobs here in town.

After agreeing with the agreement me and twilight went to her library to train on my magic for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to tell twilight that I already learned basics about magic so I decided to pretend I don’t anything about magic and I struggle with it. Twilight began to levitate a few spell casting books and we both began to read a few. I begin to read the first book I got hold and opened it. Twilight however was already done with her first book in just a few seconds. For an hour in a half we continued to read several more books about magic and already I learned most of this stuff during my time at the hospital. I continued to speed read each book twi levitated me and through some books I began to learn shield breaker, time freeze and somehow atlas’s strength which I know will come in handy if I need to do some heavy lifting or some heavy smashing. Finally after almost 4 hours of reading twilight set the book down and ready herself in front of me. I was still reading one of the magic books till what she was doing that caught my eye. I set the book down and looked at twilight who looked ready to perform magic in front of me.

“Alright angel let’s see how much you learn in during the two hours. I hope you’ve been studying hard like I was.” She said as she took stance in front of me.

I smiled at her and set the books aside from me. “Alright then let’s get started… mentor” I bowed my head to my new mentor.
Twilight started to act giddy almost like lyra did a week ago at what I called her. She had always wanted to train someone in magic and has always waited for someone to call her mentor. Now her dreams of teaching magic to a student can be fulfilled for the first time.

“Alright let’s get started” then twilight said cheerfully

*6 pm still at twilight’s library*

Well during the past few hours as not out of the ordinary. Me and twilight began to start with a few levitation spells and a few teleportation spells to help me get to place from another without taking the long way to travel. Twilight was very surprise that as we continued on with our magic sessions I was getting them flawlessly right and having no problem harnessing my magic from inside. Although there were times well I accidently use too much and uh well broke some things in twilights house. I apologize for breaking her stuff and she forgive me for it. We continued to practice several types of magic for a few more hours till both me and twilight were finally out of energy. We sat there together exhausted due to amount of magic energy we used to help me learn magic.

I huffed. “Are you ok twilight”

Twilight looked up at me and smiled. Sweat dripped from her head and down to her chin. “Yeah just a little tired that’s all”

I chuckled. “Yeah we’re both tired I mean we worked on magic for hours nonstop.”

Twilight giggled and looked up. “Yeah but I’m surprise. You’re learning magic so quickly you’re mastering it in just a day like me. “

I blushed and scratched my head. “Well I have a good memory and when it comes to learning what I like to do I just well learn quickly than most of my other subjects back home.”

Twilight smiled and made her way to my lap and layed on me like how a cat or dog would sit on his owner. But I wasn’t her owner and she wasn’t a dog nor a cat. She was a pony and my friend or maybe more since she just told applejack and her friends I was her coltfriend just a few hours. I begin to rub my hand down from her horn, down her back and ending at her tail. Twilight laid her chin on leg and hum in comfort as I continued to pet her forehead and down to her tail. After a few minutes of break time twilight got up from her spot but didn’t left. At first I thought she was going to get off me so that our next training session will commence but it was not what I had expected. She turned her head and looked at me with a seductive smile. I sat there a little nervous thinking of what is this girl planning. She finally came up and placed her hooves on my shoulders and pressed her lips against mine. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her back and placed my hand on the back of her head and pressed it so she wouldn’t have trouble if she wants to go a little more deeper than before.

We continued to kiss for about a few minutes till a faint sound of the door opening but we ignored it and continued.

“Oh you bucking colt stealer” someone said in front of the doorway. Both me and twilight stopped and looked at each other wide eyed. We then looked at the door to see who said that. There standing in to front of the door way was none other than applejack. Applejack was sprinting towards to twilight house to tell about the news that just came up. But as she opened the door instead of me and twilight studying and learning magic she caught me and twi kissing on the floor together. She grew furious not only that she took the only human friend of equestria but also one of the nicest humans she ever had as a friend for all to herself.

“I knew it was a bad idea to let you stay here with twilight alone.” Applejack slapped the middle of face with hoof.

Twilight got off and scooted away from me still blushing bright red from embarrassment. I sat there embarrassed as well. applejack walked towards us still giving both of us the evil eye mostly at twilight.

“now are you both going to keeping kissing like a bunch of namie pammies or are you going to hear what I have to say?” applejack looked up at me with anger in her eyes.

Why was she acting like this in the first place I wondered? I mean she was mad at me for mistaking her as amy and then making fun of her before. Now she’s acting like she’s… jealous or something and she did try to kiss me a couple hours before at the middle of town. I looked down at applejack she was still giving me the angry looked and I couldn’t speak even if I could. My heartbeats grew intense as I tried to come up with something that may help with this situation.

“Uh um what’s w- wrong applejack?” I said nervously keeping my gaze away from her.

Applejack looked at twilight then back at me and sighed. “well it’s actually bad news”

My nervousness disappeared and I looked at applejack. “what you mean bad news?” I said

Applejack pointed outside towards the everfree forest where fluttershy is. “Well fluttershy came over to my barn just a while ago and some sort of huge iron box was sitting the middle of forest entrance. We’re not sure what’s inside but she said she heard growling and moaning inside and we think somepony is hurt inside.” She said worried.

I gotten myself up and dusted off before going to my m16 and grabbing a few clips and shoving them into my pocket. After grabbing my glock, my ammo and my knife I sheath all of them on me and wrapping the strap from my m16 around I looked at twi and applejack. “let’s get going then”

Both applejack and twilight nodded and we all took off towards the entrance of the everfree forest.

*everfree forest entrance*

I raced myself towards the entrance hoping that whatever is inside hasn’t been let out for either a nice stroll or even a quick bite. Applejack and twilight who were behind me were having trouble keeping up with me as we run towards our destination. Applejack who seemed more of the athletic type was amazed on how fast I was getting to places.

“Dang boy’s faster than even rainbow dash. Boy may actually beat her in a race if he tried” applejack huffed out of breath as the continued to run towards the everfree forest. Twilight heard and being rainbow dashes best friend she had to agree with that. Angel spent 5 years running so he must be a good runner since all the time he was being chased. Twi also remembered last week angel was fast at dodging the monsters attacks so quickly was beyond amazing.

After few more minutes of running towards the ever free forest entrance we finally found the huge container that applejack said was sitting in the middle of the path way. The huge iron container layed there in the middle of the path way like someone left it there. I began to approached it to see if anythings dangerous about it. As I moved closer towards it I began to hear the sounds applejack said she had heard. Some of them made my stomach turned as I began to recognize a few noises inside. I only wished it wasn’t what I think it was.

I drew closer to the huge container and what’s inside of its mighty door. I looked at its side and it seemed to be that It didn’t stretch far. Seems mostly like a big metal box that stretches only about 2- 4 feet away from the path. I looked closely at the side at what seems to be a logo of a hand with an eye in the middle of sorts. I carefully examined it and sure enough it looked like the same symbol like the one back in my planet that mostly carried experimented creatures that supposedly try to combat the undead but failed to control. My heart sanked to know what sort of creature or creatures is inside this huge box. I took a few steps back and ready my M16 for anything. Applejack and twilight watched as I ready my weapon and began to shake as I stand towards the huge container

Twilight tried to speak up to see what’s wrong but was caught off as the sound of metal turning began to commence from inside the container. The sound grew louder and soon after more sounds of unlocking began to be heard from inside the container. The sound of the unlocking began to attract attention and sure enough several ponies including the rest of twilight’s friends all came to see this huge container beginning to open. I held my weapon in place and pointed it straight as it opened. Again my heart sanked deeper as it fully opened. At first it was pitched black inside but the horrible groaning sounds still could be heard but louder this time. I gaze fully on the container inside. Some ponies began to run home and locked their doors knowing something bad is in there. Only me and my friends stood our ground against whatever is inside.

“Twilight” I said in a calm tone.

Twilight immediately looked up at me. “Yes angel” she said nervously.

I continued to hold the gun at place but I kept my eyes still on the inside of the container. “I want you and your friends to go home. Now” I said keeping my eyes at it

Twilight shooked her head and looked up. “No angel we’re not leaving you here with” she looked at the container. “Whatever is inside there” she felt nervous the groaning grew louder and the sound of something walking against metal began to occur from within it.

I gripped my gun tighter as whatever was inside began to come forward out into the open. i… I couldn’t breathe after that moment when I saw it’s face. there coming out of the container… was an infected.

I stood there wide eyed at it as it began to limped out towards the open land. I looked closely at the infected individual. He was about maybe 50 years old before he became infected. It worn a dirty, bloody worn out business suit and worned out business shoes and was carrying a blood stained suitcase with his left. His hair was messy worn out black and his skin Christ his skin… was as grey as worn out metal. His eyes what scared me the most all the time they were the same pure white with little black dots in the middle. The same my love Amy had when she… I sighed but I kept my gaze at the infected. My mind began to rattle on as it drew closer. What is this thing doing here? Why is it here? Who brought this monster to these lands, and most of all how the hell did it got here in the first place?

I shooked my head trying snap back to reality. Twilight and her friends watched as what seems to be another human came out of the container but something was wrong with him. Twilight began to wonder what’s wrong with him. Is he sick? Does he need medical attention or what? She began to wonder more about him but her train of thought seized at the sound of my gun cocking. She looked up at me in which I was pointing at the so call man with furious and hatred. As twilight tried to say I had already pulled the trigger. The guns shockwave ranged in violently and both twilight and her friends all ducked down, covering their ringing ears from the blast of the gun. The ringing only lasted for a few seconds and twilight was first to get up from the ground.

She looked at me with worried eyes. She took her attention to my gun of which in the end of the barrel blew smoked from where I took my shot. She finally looked towards the other human that came out of the box. There he layed on the ground, blood oozed out from behind him and down the side from where his head layed. Twilight already knew why he was on the ground like that. I killed him.

“w- why did you” twilight was speechless at my actions.

I sighed and lowered my gun and looked at her with worried eyes. “Because…” I paused.

“Because he wasn’t human. Not anymore at least. His appearance says human but inside he was flesh eating infected.” I began to wipe the sweat from my eyebrow and patted my gun.

Twilight remembered the story I told her a week ago and what the infected were and their only purpose was to feed on the living. She also remembered that the only way to kill them was to destroy the brain at any means necessary. Twilight knew these things was dangerous and decided to step back. She signal her friends who have gotten up from the horrible deaf trauma move back away from me and the container and head home to where it’s safe.

I nodded and begin to looked at my guns recoil slot to make sure it wasn’t jammed after making that shot. I check my whole gun to make everything was in proper order and hope there will be no trouble when I shoot it. There as I checked my gun they finally came. I counted one by one as more came out of the container. One, two, three at least 6 more just began to walked faster towards there meal. My heart began to beat increasing with every step they took. I tensed up as more begin to walked towards me hungrily for a taste of rotten meat against their yellow, black teeth. After checking my gun one more time I aimed it at the horde coming out and began to fire.

I felt the shot’s force against my shoulder as I made every shot count against the horde. The sound of my gun’s blast and bodies hitting the ground ranged my ears over and over with ever bullet I let out against them. One by one I watched as what used to be humans took the plunged to hell and all layed there each with one hole in the middle of the forehead. I continued making shots and more bodies began taking to their deaths. As I shot one down another came out to takes it place but later dies and another comes out again.

Finally after a few minutes of shooting it… it was over. I looked at the bodies that layed there on the hard ground and stain it with their blood. I finally lowered my gun and sighed in relief that I managed to kill them off. I removed my gun’s strap from around shoulder and went to pick up the shells from the ground. As I picked them up I began to count them and found out I wasted 20 bullets. One bullet for one infected. As I picked the sound of galloping was heard coming from the far end. It soon gotten louder and I took attention to where it was coming. I looked at my left to see three small ponies racing towards me and the middle of the container.

“I heard it from here” the little orange purple Pegasus said as he drove her scooter down the path.

I looked at the end of her scooter and see that it was attached what seems to be a red wagon with a pure white and light pink and purple unicorn and light yellow and red pony with a red bow on the wagon. They raced towards the sound and already were halfway towards the container and infected. I knew that they shouldn’t see this and rush to stop them. I left my main gun and rushed to the middle raising both hands signaling them to stop.

“STOP WAIT” I shouted in hopes they heard.

The orange Pegasus saw me blocking the middle of the path and began to steer sideways. She finally stopped but wagon in the back didn’t and flew up along with the two ponies in the air. I watched the two ponies flying in the air and heading towards me. I got ready and held out my hands to catch the children flying in the air. The wagon they were one was the heaviest and was coming down faster towards me. I managed to dodge it and catched them both in my open arms. I looked down and sighed in relief that they weren’t hurt as they took first flight in air by accident.

“Are you two ok” I said in calmly to the young ponies.

The unicorn rests her head on my arm and looked up at the strange creature holding her and her friend. She felt nervous at the creature but the pleasant smile made her feel less scared. The other one looked more excited the fear as he held her.

“Wow you’ve must be the human my sister talked about” the regular pony clapped her hooves in excitement.

“Yeah my sister told me about you too. She said you’re a good guy or something” the unicorn said

The orange Pegasus removed her helmet and walked towards me and her friends in my arms.

“Um sorry about that” the orange Pegasus said as she rubbed the back of her hair.

I set the other two next to her both at each side of the Pegasus. “It’s ok I’m just glad you two weren’t hurt.” I kneeled down and present to the small children. “Who are you three and how do you two know me” I said

The three all present themselves in an orderly fashion as though I had given them and order or something.

“I’m applebloom. Applejacks younger sister” the yellow pony said in a western tone.

“I’m sweety bell. Rarity’s little sister” the small unicorn said in a sweet tone.

“And I’m scootaloo. Rainbow dash’s number one fan” the orange Pegasus said in a tom boyish tone.

“AND WE’RE THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS” they chorused out together.

I chuckled as the chorused out what they call themselves. “Uh ok but why are you two here. It’s dangerous to be here now.”

Scootaloo walked towards and present in front of me. “Well we heard a lot of banging sounds and we decide to investigate.”

Applebloom began to bounce forward. “And we were also hoping to get our cutie marks as well” she smiled at me.

I scratched my head in confusion about cutie marks and their desire for them. “Uh well you’re not going to get them here. It’s really dangerous to even be here by yourself. “

Sweet bell and applebloom all groan hearing me nagging them for to leave. Scootaloo rolled her eyes ignoring my warning. I tried to explain what is happening here but still it wasn’t getting to them. They seemed more focused on getting their cutie marks and were willingly to take the risk to get them. I tried to explain more but it suddenly came to a halt of a faint clapping sound. I gotten up from my knee and looked around to find who was clapping. The sound grew louder and I traced it to be coming from behind me from on the top of the container the infected were in. I looked above it and my sight caught an unusual figure. He stood like a human but had a long black trenched coat the stretched down to his ankles. He wore black gloves and deep black sunglasses to hid his eyes. He looked to be young about 20 years of age with dark redish hair and a huge scar reaching down from his right eye and all across his face and ending in the middle of his left cheek. I was more shocked to see another human then facing infected that came from my world to this peaceful town. He continued to clap slowly as he walked towards the edge of the container.

After making his way to the edge he finally stops clapping. “So you’re the one who killed butchy a week ago.” He said in an evil but calm tone. He slowly raised his hand and pressed two fingers against his eyebrows and scratched them both with his thumb and index finger.

“I must be seeing things. This... this human killed one pyscho and 20 infected all by himself with no help at all.” He began to chuckle at the idea of one man killing barely even point one percent of his masters army.

I grew annoyed at his tone and stepped forward. “WHO ARE YOU AND ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THESE INFECTED HERE” I stood my ground not knowing that I left my gun just inches from where I stand. He looked down at me with a maniacal smile and shooked his head.

“Sorry but I would love to be I’m not. I’m just his delivery apprentice.” He bowed before jumping off the container and walking over the dead bodies that layed on the ground beside him.

“So if you’re the servant then who’s your master” I said angrily.

He sighed at me but still kept his evil smile. “Don’t worry about that. You’ll meet him soon. But for now” he went through his right sleeved and pulled out a black object with a red button in the middle.

“He wants to know how strong you really are”

He pressed the button on the remote control. The sound of more metal unlocking began to occur and the large box began to open more widely than before. The three fillies who were still behind me also watched as the huge container opened its side revealing to what seems to be a medium sized cage from within the middle. I squinted to try to get a better look inside the cage. The creature inside began to growl like a lion and he bared his long fangs. His red devilish eyes glowed from within the cage and it makes several shrieking noises telling me that it wants out… now. The servant right next to me lowered his remote and smiled devilish at what he’s about to say.

“Are you scared human?” he chuckled

“I’m sure that if stay still it might kill quick and painless. Maybe” he laughed a monstrous laugh before raising the remote again and pressed the button a second time.

The cage that held the creature inside began unlock itself. Once the creature inside heard the unlocking sound he already made his move. He jumped out bursting the front door of cage out and slowly stands up on both feet. I watched as looked up at me with his dark red eyes. I couldn’t believe to see what was inside the cage. It was a man but something was off about him. He was medium built guy with tanish complex skin nothing out of the ordinary except for his fingers nails being longer and sharper than regulars. It’s just his facial features what caught surprise me. He bared long sharp canines and his eyes showed a dark redish color in the pupil area. His hair was green and spiked up that somehow resemblance an anime character I couldn’t quite put my finger on and a black bandana kept it from falling to his face and over his eyes. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but he was wearing a huge metal collar with the same hand logo on the side. He also wore dark green army cargo pants and black combat boots signaling that he was once in the military. He also had something attached in the back and it swayed side to side and recognized it to be a… green wolf’s tail.

The well I could say ‘man’ started to walked towards me with anger and rage in his eyes. The servant watched in delight as their so called toy began to walk towards me. He then raised the remote and held it pointing it at the green hair man.

“Good boy.” He said taunting. “Now listen my master made it clear for me and I’m sure he did the same for you.” he proceed to point towards me.

“Kill this man and destroy everything in this village. If you succeed I will grant you your freedom. But fail “he pressed the button on the remote. The green haired man shrieked in pain as bolts of electricity began to surge through his body shocking him with several bolts of electricity. I watched as the servant held the button longer and the other man shrieked in pain because of the collar wrapped around his neck. I couldn’t believe on how cruel the servant was to this man. I felt for him being tortured like this and for being forced to kill me for his freedom. After 5 agonizing minutes of holding the button the servant finally let go and smiled in evilish delight. The green hair man fell to his knees after the shocking ordeal his captive had put him through.

“That’s only a piece I’m giving you. Fail and I’ll make sure your heart stops beating” he smiled one more time before stepping back away from me and the collared man.

“Enjoy” he said in a singing tone.

I looked at the man who was still heavily breathing from the shock collar. I began to slowly move sideways trying to get my gun before anything.

Without warning the man looks at me again and finally he disappears from my sight. I looked around to see where he had gone and ready myself for anything. For a few seconds it was silent. I scanned around me to see where he had gone but nothing. Finally I knew one thing he could be. I looked up to see him coming in fast for a devastating punch. For just barely a second I managed to dodge his attack. His fist was just an inched from my face. I twisted my body away from him and he came dastardly hard cracking the earth with just one punch. I rolled away till I felt the butt of the gun before picking it up and pointing at the man who still held his place after the impact. I looked over at the three fillies who looked terrified at the collared man in front of them.

“GIRLS GET OUT OF HERE! GO GET HELP!” I shouted to them. The girls all watched in horror as I held my gun at the strange man. Scootaloo rushed over and picked up his scooter while applebloom recovered the wagon just inches from them and hooked it to scootaloo’s scooter. After hoping on the three fillies raced away to find some help leaving me with him. I held in place my gun aiming at him but he didn’t move but just stand on one knee with his fist still on the spot from where he cracked the earth. Finally after a few minutes and just a gust of wind he vanished again from his spot. I scanned around looking for where he was. I didn’t want to go full on scale shooting spree since I’m limited and I didn’t want to shoot a bullet then let it bounce off and hitting some pony by accident. I looked everywhere over and over, turning my whole body so I’m facing the back but he wasn’t there finally I turned back to my position but there I stopped. He was standing in front of me.

I looked at him paralyzed that he was now in front of me. Without warning he grabbed my head and tightened the grip. I felt and though he was going to crush my head but he leaned his head back. Finally he rushed forward and my head felt the tremendous force he had inflicted on me. I fell back landing straight on my back and holding my forehead in agony. My head throbbed intensely as though he had cracked my whole skull with just one headbutt. I managed to get myself up my right hand still on forehead. As I got up from I felt something sliding down my face and into my mouth. Whatever it was seeped into my mouth… I was tasting blood. I let of my hand and looked at it. A dark red puddle of blood layed on my hand and more seeped down my face. I staggered up facing the man who held my gun in one hand. He then held my gun in both hands and without any effort he snapped down the middle where the cartilage and the recoil where in half and threw it at both sides.

“Let’s make this a fair fight” he said in Russian accent.

He began to put up his fists and walked sideways but still kept his body facing me. I stood my ground as well and put got into a fighting stance and walked in a circle the opposite direction. After a few seconds of walking we both attack. He came up to me swinging his fists first towards my bleeding head. I managed to dodge his attacks and held my arms to block if I missed a dodge. He kept at me punching and swinging his arms around trying to hit my already bleeding face. With every miss he made he grew furious. He finally decides to let it out with one well place front kick. I crossed my arms and shield my chest against his attack. The force he was putting on his kick felt as though I was getting shot by a cannon or being hit by a car of sorts. My arms felt like snapping from all the power he was using on one kick. As he was kicking he made I to his advantage to counter act it. Instead of going even more forward he raised his leg knocking my balance off and leaving my body completely exposed for him to attack. At that right moment he quickly lowered his leg and lunged up with his knee aiming towards my head. I didn’t have time to block his attack but for a split second I quickly lifted my arms up and pushing his knee up. He missed my head just an inch off my forehead. I had managed to make him miss my head and I knew I had him there. With all my strength I lifted my arms up throwing his whole body off balance. He flipped in the air uncontrollably and tried to regain balance as he was falling. For just that brief moment I made it a window a opportunity. As he flipped just above my height I lunged my foot straight into him hitting his back just below the neck and in the middle of his shoulders. He let out a gasp as I put forced onto that one spot. Blood spewed out of his mouth as I pushed him away from me. He finally landed straight on the side of cheek and slide across just a foot from where we are and finally ending it onto his back.

I huffed from exhaustion the cracked wound on my forehead. “Stop this now.” I got myself up and looked towards him as he slowly gotten himself up. “I don’t want to hurt you”

The man sat on one knee and coughed up more blood from his mouth. He then looked at me with angered eyes as he slowly got up on his two feet."funny because i want to hurt you so much right now"

The servant who was watching the fight from the distance began to grow impatient for the death of human.

“What the hell are you doing” he raised the remote and pointed at the collared man. “Finish him you fool” he pressed the button again. A surge of electricity coursed through the man’s body and he twists and turned all around from the pain carcinated into his whole body. I watched some more till finally it ended. The man this time held himself in place but lowered his head. He clutches his fist tight as he stared at the ground before looking up at me. My heart beated faster as I stared again into his devilish red eyes of his. I got ready for anything that he will come at me and held my ground. The man finally moved slowly raising his right arm. A black aura began to form in his hands and across his shoulder as he stared across from me. The black aura began to take shape and just in a minute the aura shaped into what seems to be a black cloak wrapping around his whole arm. As the cloak blew against the wind he finally began to toss it around. After finish his stunt he ended by covering the cloak around him and finally disappearing in a gust of smoke.

“What the hell?” I quickly looked in all directions trying to find where he had gone. My heart beats grew faster as ever second pass. I raised my hands up high so if he comes up with a sneak attack on my face again. I continued to scan the area for anywhere he may strike. Suddenly in just a second I began to fall frontward. My back felt pain as though someone or something rammed into it and kept pushing it down as I fell. I finally managed to land on my hands and knees and quickly got up from my spot. I quickly looked everywhere for where he may be. As I continued to try to find him my body finally took another blow across the side of my hip. I stumble around again but managed to regain my stance got ready for anything he may throw at me again. I felt another blow but this time it was on my face lower down my right eye.

Applebloom, sweetie bell and scootaloo all raced towards to twilight’s house. Knowing that twilight was applejacks best friends she must be there along with the others in hopes of stopping whatever angel was facing. Scootaloo kept going faster and faster towards twilight’s house to tell them the news back at the entrance. Applebloom and sweetie bell who were both back on the wagon held on tight as their friend scoot drove faster than before.

“SCOOTALOO CAN YOU PLEASE SLOW DOWN” applejack screamed as she held on the side of wagon.

“YEAH SCOOT WE’RE BARELY HOLDING ON HERE” sweetie bell screamed.

Scootaloo looked behind her for a split second but kept her speed. “Sorry girls but we need to get to twilights fast or angel’s a goner” scootaloo continued to speed up faster towards twilight house in hopes of making there in time.

Back in twilights house after angel told all her friends to go home and stay there twilight was feeling a little more or actually A LOT MORE nervous of leaving him back there to fight them off. She knew he was strong but she didn’t know if he can handle whatever is inside other than infected. The one who left that huge container wouldn’t release infected into their town. Angel had already told her and her friends on how to stop and kill them so they could stop them by themselves. There was more and twilight grew more scared of whatever layed inside. Twilights friends all however felt nervous but not so much since there human friend will deal with them in no time. All of them began to do something that will help relieve the boredom. Pinkie pie began to bounce all around trying to keep positive at this situation. Rainbow dash began to pick up one of her favorite daring do series and read it and rarity pick up a fashion styling book to help pick up some ideas for future. Fluttershy kept occupied by having her little friend angel come with her before she was told to head towards twilights but she still felt worried about her other small furry friends back at her house and hoped they are ok. Applejack who was the last of her friends just sat there still waiting for anything that will signal that it’s ok to come back. She looked over at twilight who was beginning to pace back and forth with a worried expression on her face. she knew that everyone was worried for angel and whatever he was facing back there but twilight looked more scared than everyone about angel’s safety. After a few more minutes of seeing twi pace back and forth over and over again she finally got up from her spot and stopped her there.

“listen sugar cube. You’re making me feel scared too.” She placed her hoof over twilights shoulder.

“angel’s a strong guy now. He surely has taken care of whatever was in there by now but is just taking longer than expected.”

Twilight looked at her friend applejack and smiled. “getting all worked up on him isn’t going to help. Plus he is a powerful being remember right.” Twilight lowered her head and back up still smiling.

“your right applejack. Angel surly must have stop them by now” applejack smiled and patted her friend’s back before getting off and walking towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.

After a few more minutes of waiting everyone all stopped by the sound of banging of the door. Since being close to the door twilight smiled grew and she rushed at top speed at the door. She then quickly grabbed the door knob and flung the door wide open.

“ANGEL THANK CELESTIA YOUR O-“she looked down at the three fillies and her smile turned to a frown.

“oh girls it’s just you. Sorry about calling you ang-“She was interrupted as applebloom stopped her there and all three showed fear in their eyes.

“TWILIGHT COME QUICK” applebloom shouted

“IT’S REALLY BAD” sweetie bell almost shed tears as she screamed to twilight.


Twilight and the others heard the girls plead in help and stood shocked. Since Twilight was the first to open the door she turned her head towards at her friends. Her face showed fear as she looked at them and then back at the three fillies.

“Ok girls please calm down and get inside quickly” the three fillies quickly went inside and as they went to the middle of room they began to tell them what was happening back at the entrance and how bad it was getting.

Back over near the container I somehow was busy being beaten constantly by the collared man. My body ached with every punched and kick he threw at me. The blood from the wound on my head spew everywhere with every hit I took. I couldn’t keep up with this merciless beating. If I didn’t find a way to stop him he is going to kill me before I even hit the ground. The servant watched in delight with every beating I took in pleasure. He smiled manically with ever hit I stumble around like a rag doll. Finally after one more hit across the face I fell back dazed and in pain from all the beating. I began to breathe harder as I layed there on the ground. My breaths soon gotten raspy and I was barely able to breath. I felt pressure on my throat as he places his boot on my neck and held it in place as he press down. I struggle to remove his foot from neck but it was no use. It felt as though I was being crushed by something heavy and had no way of escaping. I gasped more and he pressed down harder with every minute passed by. The servant finally got up from his spot and clapped as he walked towards me and the collared man.

“good boy. Good boy indeed. Now” he smiled manically “finish him off and take care of this town and everyone in it” he said as he walked back to the container.

The collared man looked at his captive then back down at me. I felt his boot began to move and I know he’s about to snap my neck with his heel.

I had to come up with something fast before my neck is snapped into two. Then it dawn at me. My knife that I didn’t use was still on the side of my belt and I quickly unsheathe it. After flipping the blade so that it pointed up I drive it into the collar man’s leg. He screamed in pain as i drove the blade deep and out the other side of his leg. He clutched his teeth as the screaming pain loosens his leg and I managed to lift his boot up just a few inches from my neck. I quickly remove the blade from the side and drove the knife deeper through the front of his shin. The sound of bone snapping made me feel sick as I twisted the blade. Like a dog munching on a bone and just snapping it in every place. He screamed more in pain and I quickly pushed him off me with the knife still stuck in the front of his shin. I quickly got up, shook my head and ready myself for anything again. The collared man looked at with anger and breathed heavily from the intense pain on his leg. I smiled and wipe a bit of sweat off my forehead.

“I guess we’re even on bone breaking” I said giving a cheesy grin.

To be continued

the metal wolf of fear

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side note: first not also anyways sorry for delay on this chapter. been really busy especially at both school and work. not only that i just had eye surgery so i had my roommate help me type up this story which i'm not sure if he added some other stuff to it though but it's nice he helped me. i can't be on a computer to much for a couple of weeks 4 tops mostly. anyways just a warning on this chapter k


Twilight and the others who were still at twi’s house all listen to the three fillies story and what was happening after they heard the banging. They soon told them they went to investigate and that’s when they ran into him. They explain that he tried to tell them to get out of there but they were stubborn till another human came out of nowhere and opened the huge container more and released something from inside the cage and it almost hit angel but cracked the earth with just one punch. After ending with them rushing to twilight’s house the girls all looked at them feeling sorry for not listening to him in the first place. Applejack shook head and looked at her sister with anger in her eyes.


Rarity looked at her little sister with anger as well. “All three of you could have gotten hurt or worse if you didn’t listen to angel”

The three fillies all began to tear up in shame for not listening and going somewhere it was dangerous without any thought of it. Applebloom looked up at her sister with teary eyes.

“I’m sorry sis. We were just-“she paused

“We thought. We thought we could get our cutie marks if we helped.” Sweetie bell wiped some of her tears.

Applejack looked at her lil sister and went over. She knew she couldn’t stay mad at her and decide to hug her in embrace. Applebloom was caught by surprise but return her sisters hug.

“You may be crazier than a sack of weasels sometimes but you’re still my little sister.”

Rarity also came over and hugged her sister. Sweetie bell returned her sisters hug. “You may sometimes drive me crazy sis but still I love you no matter what happens” she smiled down at sweetie bell. Sweetie bell smiled back up at her sister and wiped some of tears away.

Rainbow dash went over to her number one fan and patted her head. “Don’t worry squirt I’m not mad ok. Don’t let it beat on you”

Scootaloo wiped away her tears and looked up at her favorite Pegasus and smiled. “Alright dash I’ll try my best next time”

After wiping the last of their tears they looked at twilight who looked like she about to have a panic attack.

“Uh what’s wrong with her” applebloom raised an eyebrow at twilight who began shake over next to fluttershy.

Everyone else all looked at twi with worried expressions. Their friend is acting more scared and worried for angel than anything that ever happens and after hearing of another monster that almost killed him only made matters worse as they were. Fluttershy who was right next to her friend twilight turned her body towards her and hug her. She held her in embrace trying to stop her from shaking any more than she has. Twilight felt fluttershys warmness and slowly stopped shaking all around till finally she hugged her friend back.

“It’s going to be ok twilight” fluttershy said in a sweet tone. “Um maybe. Um we should go back to see if he’s ok now”

Twilight let go of fluttershy and looked up at her still with worried eyes. Applejack came over to the two and patted twilights back.

“She’s right sugar cube. If angel’s facing something that strong he will most likely get hurt badly or worse.”

Twilight looked at all her friends who each looked that it’s the right thing to do. After shaking her head she raised her hoof and stood tall. “Alright girls listen up. Angel is in trouble and it’s our duty to help the ponies her in poniville. And that includes angel”

Rainbow dash hovered over the desk and wrapped her front hooves. “Yeah angel saved us from that monster last week. We should help him defeating this freak”

All the girls cheered and each began to storm out of the building one by one. Since fluttershy and applejack left the immediately stopped at the front door and turned towards the fillies and angel bunny.

“Angel bunny please watched over them till we get back ok” fluttershy said in sweet tone. Angel salutes and looked behind her at the three fillies.

“Listen to angel and stay her ok you three” applejack said.

The three fillies all nodded and sat on the ground. After looking at fluttershy both applejack and fluttershy all shut the door and race to catched up with their friends. as the all ran to help angel applejack who pretended to feel less worried began to feel anxious to get to angel as fast as they could.

“oh celestia. Please let angel be ok when we get there.” She whispered in her head.

Back over at the everfree forest entrance I was busy dodging for my life. After recently impaling my knife through his shin he tactics became much slower and I managed to see him come up with the blood dripping down on the ground. My avoiding made him more furious on taking me out for breaking his leg and he came up at me with a broken leg. He continued to attack me over and over swinging at me with every bit of energy he had. I grew more tired as he came up swinging and punching trying to hit something to throw me off balance. With every step he came at me I could feel the extreme pain I inflicted on to his leg as I stared at his furious face. I couldn’t dodge anymore and I was getting exhausted from taking the beating before and now. The collared man finally lunged at me with a straight fist and I ducked down. With all my strength I came up pressing my fist hard on his chin and knocking him up in the air. With this moment I leaped in the air and grabbed his waist and finally with my last bit of strength I slammed his body hard down where his neck and shoulders meet. The collared man flopped on the ground before laying there still on the ground gasping for air. I sat on my knees taking several deep breaths before getting up and look at the servant.

“It’s over. Let this man go and leave. Or else” I said threatening.

The servant who was happily watching the fight got up from his spot again and looked at me with a devilish smile. “Or else what?” he said mockingly.

I pulled out my glock that I had on me and pointed at him with one hand. “Or else I put a bullet right between your eyes.”

The servant laughed manically as I held my gun up and pointed straight at him aiming towards his. My heart sanked as I heard his awful laugh began to ring inside my head. I clutched my teeth and proceeded to pull the trigger. The bullet travel towards him and he just stares at it as it came towards. Finally the bullet was getting close but stop in front of his face. It didn’t make it through. instead he held it in his thumb and his index finger as it sizzled between both of them. He caught the bullet with his bare hand. I couldn’t believe it. My body trembles as he held the bullet close to his face before laughing and dropping it on the floor in front of him.

“y- You think” he continued laughing. “You think your puny weapons will ever hurt me.” He proceeds to point at me with a sickly grin across his face. “You have some balls to try hurting Me.” he pulled out the remote that activated the man’s shock collar and smile. “YOU THINK YOU WON. THIS GUY HAS MORE IN STORE FOR YOU” he laughed again manically as he pulled the button. The electricity began to surge through the man’s body and he immediately got up from his spot. He shrieked in pain as got up from the ground. His broken leg laid their wobbly and bending the other way as he stood up. With one final shriek of pain he bend down on his good knee and with this unknown strength he jumped straight into the air making me lose sight of him. I wiped bit of blood and sweat from my forehead and looked at the servant.

“You see he has more forms then we ever anticipated.” He then proceeds to pull out a long black clock with a string tied at the middle. “You’re about to see one form that took out 15 of our best guys all at once before we managed to beat him to unconscious.” He untied the string and pulled out something long and black from the end. As he pulled out the object or weapon from inside the sheath I closely looked at it and it appeared to be a staff or some sort of sword from then end. After removing the end of the sheet he discarded it and held it for me to get a better look at it. It was katana but something was odd about it the hand. The end had a dragon on it and somehow glowed brighter even though the sheath was pure black like darkness.

“He can’t kill you without this. Trust me I know he didn’t even like me holding this thing either.” He tapped the end of the katana on his leg. “Now without any more problems let’s get to more fun part” he laughed again.

I looked at angrily as he laughed but I took my attention again towards the sky. Something twinkles from where he jumped and came down hard. It finally landed hard on the earth causing a small crater around him and knocking me back. I dusted myself and looked towards the small crater. From within the dust a dark figured layed in the middle of it and rose up. It was the collared man but something was completely different about him this time. He wasn’t wearing the cloak anymore but instead golden armor plated all over him. His chest down to his feet was covered in golden armor and his helmet incrusted with gold also had what seems to be a white feather on the top. His tail was gone from the back but instead was replaced by two beautiful see through blue wings. They stretched out across from both ends each revealing some sort of ghastly glow around the end of each wing. This collared man still has the collar around his neck but ne definitely change this time and what looks to me has just gotten from bad to worse in just a few seconds.

The servant walked behind him with the sword and smiled. The collared took his attention away from me and turned around. His armor clank as he turned his head towards the servant that held his weapon.

The servant began to tap the hand with his left palm. “My my. This is a nice weapon you got here.” He unsheathes the weapon by just a few inches and looked at the blade. The blade wasn’t like other katana’s I seen back home. This one was glowing bright white and still glowed even after he sheaths it back. “I wonder how much it will cost.” He smiled as he raises the weapon high towards the sun. “Maybe priceless if it’s in the right hands or hooves for better terms. “He finally threw the sword towards the collar man. He man caught it with one hand and hooked it to his left side.

“well now since it’s back to its original owner it seems that the only way to take it away from him is to kill him instead” he pretend to act faint as the collared man grabbed the handle and bend both knees into a fighting stance.

My heart beats grew faster as he held in stance pointing his katana at me with anger in his eyes. I stood there with fear in my eyes fearing on how fast and how strong he is in this form. If he was fast in the last two ones then he must faster than anything else around here or maybe back home. I held my arms in place waiting on for what he may swing that sword at me. Without even blinking and not getting out of his stance he disappears from my sight. I quickly looked around me surroundings.

“Where he go again? I swear he’s disappears every time since we just started.“

Back over to twilight and her friends. They were racing towards where the container was their hearts beated faster as with every step they took. Thoughts me laying on the ground dead while something is slowly devour right on me rattle twilights mind and she cried with every moment think of it. Since being the fastest rainbow dash was the first to leave and the first to get there before everyone one. Twilight and the others all managed to make it there but not before seeing the collared man disappear. Twilight looked over at me. Blood and dirty stained all clothes and my face and some on my arms and hands. Cuts on both of my clothes and on my face made her feel uncomfortable but the huge gash on my head made it worst. The fillies back home were right. Angel looked horrible like he gotten in a fight against an ursales major or something. She then took her attention to my face. I was busier on looking for my opponent that I didn’t see them behind me. The girls watched as I twisted and turned my head but not my body as I continued to scan all around me.

Rainbow dash who was still in the sky but still close to the ground looked around too. She then looked up in the sky something twinkle above but she couldn’t make out of it. The object or figured soon gotten closer at lightning speed and she recognized it that it was heading towards above me. She didn’t have time to tell what it was and just screamed towards angel. She placed both hooves over mouth and screamed.


I quickly looked behind me the girls all stared at me. “Girls what are you-“I quickly looked up above me where rainbow dash told me. The end of the katana was almost staring straight down almost touching my nose. The collared man came down at break neck speed down on me his blade lunging towards and aiming down on my head as I looked down. Twilight and the others all covered their eyes as I looked up to see the katana just an inch from my face. Twilight began to sob a little as she heard the sword clunking the ground. The others were too scared to open their eyes and seeing if their new friend is dead. Winning back some courage twilight slowly open her eyes at the collared man. He sat on one knee his blade giving some leverage as he slowly got up. The end of the blade have a few droplets of blood sliding down but lucky I wasn’t there impaled at the end. She quickly looked both ways before seeing me on one knee just a few steps from where the blade hit.

“Girls look” twi said astonished that I managed to dodge something like that so fast.

Fluttershy shooked her head. “No I don’t want to see. I’m scared at what I will see.” She said quivering.

Twilight nudged her friend fluttershys shoulder and placed her right hoof on fluttershy’s hooves. “Don’t worry. He’s…. ok actually” fluttershy slowly let twilight uncovered her eyes. She looked across from where I sat just a few inches from where I was before.

“He- he” fluttershy was amazed as much as twilight was. The other girls all uncovered their eyes and stood with their jaws drop.

“How. What. How di- how did he” rainbow dash stuttered.

Applejack removed her hat but was still amazed. “oh celestia that magic boy actually did it” she said in amazement.

Pinkie pie began to bounce around in joy that I wasn’t at the end of the blade. “YEAH ANGEL GO GET HIM” she screamed in encouragement.

I sat their looking at the collared man and slowly got up from my spot. I felt something stinging across my left cheek as I got up. I pressed my index on where it sting and wiped it. I looked at my finger which had a red smear from where he cut me. I had barely dodged his attack and I was glad I survive even for such a small cut on the cheek. The collared man turned his head to look at me with his left. After a few glimpse he slowly got up and removed the blade from the earth.

“You are quick on your feet if you managed to dodge that American” he said in annoyed tone.

I smiled and got into my stance. “Thanks” I said. “Seeming that of your tone and all your abilities I see that you’re not from my country I lived in huh.” He walked sideways. He kept his gaze as I moved to the side but not turning my body towards him.

“Yes but sadly” he raised his blade over his head the end of it pointing towards me. “You won’t live to know about it”

The servant grew annoyed as both me and his new pet begin to talk instead of fight for his entertainment. “WILL YOU KILL HIM ALREADY!” he screamed

The collared man made no hesitate in doing so. He quickly lunged towards me bring the sword across the left side down. I saw him as he lunged forward and barely managed to dodge his sword strike. The collared man finally came up again bring the sword up towards me head. I again barely duck only letting a few pieces of hair being cut by the mighty blade and jumping back away from him. He grew annoyed yet again as he came forward swiping me over and over with his blade.

During this with some well-timed counter i managed to dodge each of his swipes. Only funny thing about me dodging his attacks was I was never this fast at all before everything that has happens to me. Back home before the outbreak I was never that fast hell I wasn’t even fast enough to catch a fast ball back before everything started. But when the outbreak occurred I had to change that up especially my physical appearance too. Back home as I stayed in the city I practiced everything; my dodging, my counter acting, my speed, force, strength all of it. At first I thought I wouldn’t need my dodging that much since most of them were slow but now I know it was worth it especially against someone this quick on their feet. I was light on my feet against the collared man and with one more swing I dodge roll away from him. I felt even more tired before and got up from the ground. I looked at the man’s face across from me. He began to cough as he took some deep breaths. Sweat began to drip down from his face some of which were seeping out from his helmet and landing on the earth. I knew that he was getting tired to and somehow someone is going to end this. I had to end it before he does or else he will kill me and everyone else if I don’t stop him and the servant but I didn’t want to kill him. Somehow I can’t understand why but it feels like not such a bad guy. It’s the other one that I need to stop. He’s got that remote and if he loses or hell disobeys him he will die because of the collar around his neck.

“I need to get that thing off him. But how?” I wondered. The collared man grew annoyed and held his weapon towards me. “This will end now. For my freedom YOU WILL DIE AMERICAN” he screamed

I lowered my head shooked it. I looked at my side towards twilight and her friends then back at the man. “I’m sorry but I will stop you.” I place my right hand on my chest. “I don’t care what happens to me if I die or not” I looked up at him with anger in my eyes.

“BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT MY FRIENDS” I screamed at him. Both end of my hands began to glow white the same color as the princess celestia’s magic aura. Two forms began to glow as held them away from each other. The glow blinded twilight and her friends and they all covered their eyes. The collared man watched as the glowing orbs or light began to seep out from both end and grow bigger. My left arm the orb grew larger and began to shape narrower on the sides of the orb. The other hand was different however. The other grew and began to form around the arm and grew bigger. As it did it began to take shape as it glowed and grew. The orbs finally took shaped and ended. The glowing finally dimed down and twilight and her friends all uncovered their eyes and looked at me. Their jaws drop again as they looked at both of my hands. The servant and the collared man looked at me stunned at both my hands which held two familiar objects.

I smiled and looked down at my hands. In my left hand I held a ghostly glowing sword that looks almost similar to the katana’s except mine had a large hook pointing forward at both then end blade and the end of the handle. The other hand layed something different but still had a ghostly structure as well as the blade. In my right layed a handle which in the back that it connect was a large shield with a wide but narrow body and stretched down almost touching the ground from the tip. I looked behind me at my friends’ dumbstruck faces and chuckled at their expressions before looking back at my opponent and the servant. They both gave the same jaw dropping faces and I began to laugh a little to see their faces like that.

“What like the magic trick I can do?” I chuckled

The collared man stood there still shocked of what I can do. “That American is not human at all if he’s able to do that” he said to himself. The servant looked over at me stunned at my abilities. He then looked over at his pet who just stood there like a common statue. He knew just the thing to wake up a statue our better yet break a statue. He pulled out the remote he had on his sleeve and began to press the button again. The electrical surge began to course through the man’s body even if he was wearing so much armor on him.

“I DIDN’T SAY STOP! WHO CARES IF HE CAN DO THAT! KILL HIM ALREADY!” he continued to press the button.

The collared man screamed in pain and rushed forward towards me. The servant stopped and sat down and continued to watch as he rushed forward at me with his sword pointing at me. I stood there and waited till he was about an inch towards me. As he was just an arm’s length I quickly held my shield up blocking his sword’s slash. The sound of metal banging against metal rang all around us as I held my shield up against his katana. The collared man placed his hand at the edge where the blade and handle were and pressed down hoping into break the shield or push me down. I held my stance and began to swing my sword sideways. He caught of my hand’s coordination and with some warning he barely dodged my swords swipe. He jumped back away from where he struck me first just a few inches away. I smiled as I held my stance after the swiping. He looked at me puzzled on why I was smiling. He finally looked down at his armor…. A small slash mark just five centimeters deep sat in the middle of his armor from where I slashed. His hearted felt cold, his mind was felt a little fear of what my sword did to his armor in which nothing could have damaged it. Hell not even high graded explosives could have damaged or dent if even if they tried harder. He then looked at me with a little nervousness in his eyes.

I slowly twirled my sword and placed it against the top of my shoulder. I smiled again one more time and pointed my shield towards him. “I hate to be rude but do you feel scare now” I twirled my blade and bang it against my shield. “well” I continued to bang them together. “COME ON THEN COME GET ME! I shouted at him.

He grew annoyed of my taunting and readies himself for another strike. “Poor choice of words American” with one quick swipe he slashes his blade down the middle across from where I held my shield to help defend my front.

The sound of metal clanking against metal began to echo again as he continued to swipe against my shield. I brought my sword up and began to swing towards his helmet. He managed to lean back away from blade hook almost hitting where the nose guard and across both eyes. He jumped back an inch as I brought my sword across in a free hand style. He lunged up in the air back again at me his blade making a roundhouse swing. I lifted my shield up high above the air and with all my strength I pushed him high above knocking high. With this moment I decide to use this to my advantage again. I looked down at my sword at the hook end. I smiled looking at it. It was just enough to hook around his neck. The collared man began to spin in the air and was almost landing on his feet. I quickly rushed forward skidding my sword down against the hard surface making a long dirty trail line as I came towards him. He landed on his feet but couldn’t react fast as I was just a few steps in front of him. He didn’t have enough time to bring his sword up to defend him against mine that was coming up towards his helmet. The blade clunked his side and his head jerked to the left from where the blade landed. My sword didn’t went through the bracing that protected his neck but that’s wasn’t what I had in mind. With some force I yanked my blade back. The hook on the end wrapped in the back of his neck jerking him back towards me. The collared man became dazed and confused after the hit against from my sword against his helmet and then being pulled back. With some more force I pulled the end of my blade down and with my right knee I lifted it up striking him against his stomach.

“GAH” he said has he spewed blood from the extreme blow against his stomach. I smiled and swiftly twist my body till I was behind him. My sword still hooked in the back spun around slicing the neck brace around in a 180 degree spin. With some more force and strength I yanked the collared man onto my back. He reached against my hook, gagging as I pulled him onto my back. With every bit of strength I had I threw him straight in the air knocking him off balance. I looked up as he spun around in the air uncontrollable. As my sword unhook off his neck I dropped my shield which disappear without a trace. As I dropped my shield I reached up and grabbed my sword with both hands and held it like a baseball bat. I began to conduct some energy into it which now was glowing brighter as I concentrate my powers into the sword. The collared man had finally landed head first and rolled on the ground groaning in pain. With some ditched effort he slowly got up on one knee and looked at me. Blood oozed out of his mouth and some blood began to run down his face onto his left cheek. He slowly lifted his left hand trying regaining his balance as he stood up from the ground. My sword grew brighter as I charged it my hands clamped down hard on the handle and with just that last second it was done. I opened my eyes towards him and with a raging scream I swung my sword like a bat at the collared man. The blade impacted onto the middle of his chest armor. The intense force from my blade caused some of his chest armor to crack and the man lost his wind as the blade carried him up. I swung him up like a baseball coming towards me and with the force from within my sword shot him forward. The force shot him through like a bullet from a gun into the forest and finally he disappeared. The man skidded against the pavement and began knocking several trees down as he flew forward till we couldn’t see him anymore.

I huffed in exhaustion from all my magic I conducted into my sword and all the force in swinging the damned thing. My sword finally disappears in a brink of small twinkling stars and I held both my hands against my legs to help support my weight. The man still skidded down into the forest knocking ever tree in its path. Several birds flew away as their homes began to timber down and a massive dust explosion occurred from within the middle of the forest from where he finally landed. Twilight and the others all stood their shocked not just because I had created two weapons made of pure magic but more on that I shot the armored man straight into the forest causing several of the trees to fall and a huge blast of dust shooting high above the forest.

“Now that’s a homerun” I laughed. Twilight and her friends continued to stare as I twisted my body towards them and began walk forward.

“So girl’s i-“I was cut off as pinkie pie frantically jumped on top of me.

“OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH ANGEL YOU DID IT!” she screamed of joy at my accomplishment.

Rainbow dash raced towards me and grabbed my head and shooked it. “HOW ARE. NO HOW DID. NO HOW IN EQUESTRIA WERE YOU ABLE TO MOVE LIKE THAT AND THAT FAST.” she continued to shake me.

I grabbed both of her hooves to stop her from shaking my head anymore and began to explain. Twilight who was behind everyone came up to hear my explanation about how I was able to do forbidden magic that most ponies don’t even know at all before me. I briefly told them that during my stay at the hospital I had recently became roommates with one of ponivilles oldest unicorns named golden shard who died the night of my last day staying. I told them that over the last week he taught me magic and several forbidden spells and magic that most ponies should never learn since it will drive them insane or pure evil with so much knowledge. Twilight heard my story on how he became my friend and how much I care for him even in such a short time but still felt more left out that I learned magic from someone else then her. I went over and leaned on my right knee. I knew it was wrong for not telling her that I learned my magic from someone else and it made me feel heartbroken at twilight’s sad expression.

“twi I’m sorry for not telling you. I just didn’t want to hurt you that I learn magic from someone else.” I leaned down to give twilight a hug.

Twilight looked up seeing me offering a hug and accepted it. “I still rusty on magic and I still need my mentor to help guide and teach me all about magic and well-“I pause feeling the soft texture of twi’s mane against my left cheek from where the cut bled and accidently rub some blood onto her hair.

Twilight looked up at me with teary eyes but also with a smile. She seemed to take the hug a little better and I felt a sigh of relief.

“Alright but please tell me the truth ok. Apprentice” she smiled and giggle at what she called me.

I chuckled and smiled as well. “Yes… mentor” we both laughed as so did her other friends. We all laughed softly but another laughed was heard in a more in a disgusting maniacal way. I stood up and looked to where it was coming from. Not to my surprise but the servant who had watched his own pet flying across and into the forest at a break neck speed and disappeared just stood laughing.

He continued to laugh manically. “OH GOD DISGUSTING! You all make me sick just watching all of you together.” He chuckled and began to laugh.

Rainbow dash grew annoyed at the unknown individual and step forward in front of all of us. “HEY WHO YOU CALLING DISGUSTING CHUMP!” she screamed at the man angrily.

Her anger boiled as the servant continued to laugh and she took off towards him. I quickly stop her grabbing her tail and yanking it back while she flew forward but wasn’t going anywhere.

“What that?” she said confusingly seemingly that she was flying but not moving. She quickly looked around and then back at me holding her tail back

“Angel what are you doing?” she said questionably.

She stopped flying and landed on the ground. I let go of her tail as she descended onto the ground in front of me. I looked down at her and the back towards the servant who gave another maniacal smile.

“Let me handle him rainbow dash. This one needs to be taught a lesson” I smacked my fist against my palm and bend some of my fingers. Some of them in which gave a small crack sound as I pop each finger in my hand.

He smiled as I came forward towards him. “hm so you actually ‘think’ you beat him this time?” he begin to chuckle.

“You have no IDEA on what this freak is capable of do you.” he held the remote that control the collar in front of me. He flips the remote and began to twist it like it was some sort of rubiex cube but on the top part was turning. As he finished twisting it he flipped the top off revealing another red dot in the middle of it. With one more sinister smiled he gave he looked up towards me. His smile stretched across both cheeks like his lips were slice on both sides and ending next to ears.

“Let’s see if you can handle…. THIS!” he slammed his right hand down hard on the button. The device began to make a hard loud screeching sound as he held his hand in place on the button. My ears began to ring violently as the screeching sound rang through my ear drums and began to collapse on one knee. The screeching continued but soon the earth began to shake all around. I began to wobbling around but because I had my hands covering my ears from the screeching coming from the remote I couldn’t hold my balance during the earthquake of sorts. I fell on my back landing straight on my ass but my hands still covering my ears.

He finally released his hand off the button but the earth still shooked even after he stopped pressing the remote. The earth all around us began to shake but something felt odd. As the earth shook somehow the sound of something thumping like something was walking towards us. I looked around to find where it’s coming. The sound of trees branches crunching and sight of birds flying off as each tree was disturbed by something passing through towards us.

“What the heck is that” the earth continued to rumble and I slowly tried standing up.

“The end of your existence” he bowed.

The thumping sound seized before a large figure leaped out from within the everfree forest. My heart sped up as the creature stood up behind the servant. It stood up as tall maybe as a 15 foot building and its wing span was wide as 6 long school buses. The whole body was covered in rock hard golden scales and it’s talons on both feet and some covered its head and some on his tail that resemblance like some sort of a spike mace. It bared its teeth which the fangs were longer than the rest but still looked like they can tear a hole inside a armored truck. It wore something huge around its neck that resemblance the same collar the collared man wore after I whacked him towards the everfree forest.

“Jesus how many creatures did you bring?” I said frighten by the huge creature.

The servant laughed manically. “What you don’t recognized the same freak you used as a damned baseball” he continued to chuckle.

I stood paralyzed at the enormous creature and couldn’t believe it. That thing is actually the collared man from before. “God this guy is definitely not human if he’s able to turn into this huge thing”

The creature let out a huge roar and began to look down at me. His dark red eyes horrified me as he stared down at me. With one last snarl he rushed down, opening his mouth as he came at me. With a stroke of luck I immediately dodge the bite attack. I rolled away while twilight and her friends all managed to run back. The impact caused them all to fall on the ground. Dust and dirty covered the air and twilight and her friends all began to have trouble breathing. The dust settle and twilight and the others all looked up towards the monster. Twilight being closest looked up towards it. She recognized the creature of not just being any powerful creature. She recognized it to be an actual fire breathing dragon. The dragon slowly raised his head from where he bit the ground. He began to snort smoke out from his nose as he looked at twilight and her friends. The servant who sat and watch looked over from where the girls layed and smiled.

“HEY IGNORE THE HUMAN!” he pointed towards them. “KILL THESE PONIES INSTEAD” he smiled manically.

I heard him giving the dragon a command and looked at up at it. The dragon looked down at twilight and her friends and bared his long humongous teeth at them. with just a split second it lunged down towards twilight who laid motionless by the humungous dragon.

“TWILIGHT WATCH OUT!” I screamed as I quickly got up and race towards twilight. Twilight layed their paralyzed as the dragon rushed forward down towards her. She quickly shut her eyes as the dragon rushed towards her with his mouth open. Twilight held her eyes tight for a few minutes. The dragon was already next to her but he couldn’t close his mouth for some reason. Something was preventing him from closing something hard and strong. Twilight managed to build some courage to open her eyes. She slowly squinted towards the dragons half opened mouth and the person lodging against both the bottom and the top of the mouth. She stared as he held the bottom with his right leg but his left he held the top and kept it tight for not letting the dragon’s mouth close on him. Finally after a few seconds of looking at both the dragons’ mouth and what’s keeping it from moving she finally recognized who has saved her.

“a- angel” she muttered as I held the dragon in place.

I struggle as the dragon pressed more strength into his mouth trying to close his mouth on me. I looked at twilight who just layed their shocked. My head and body ached and I grew ever more tired from the intense fight earlier and I knew I wouldn’t last long in this state. My head throbbed in pain from the blow I took and I couldn’t think straight before doing this without even having a second thought.

“Why did I ever do this?” I question in my head. My breathing became raspy and I began to have trouble concentrating and trouble keeping my strength up. The dragons’ saliva slide down its gums and some began to seep down towards me my face and chest. Some of which began to seep onto my left shoe and down into the legging of my pants. I shudder as it flowed down inch my inch past my thigh down some into my boxers.

“Oh god this feels so wrong in so many ways” I said softly. I blocked the nasty feeling from the saliva and looked down behind me. Twilight just sat there her front legs were covering her mouth. Her eyes petrified with fear from the enormous dragon that layed in front of her and me blocking its massive bite. With all ounce of my energy I finally managed to warn her.


My screamed managed to help snap twilight back to reality. She shooked her head and looked at me plugging the dragons jaw and keeping him from closing on top of me. My clutched my jaw down putting all my strength on both my legs. With some effort she finally got up and grabbed some of her friends with her magic and pulled them away from the dragon and me. I slowly smiled as twilight dragged her friends each of them had trouble processing their thoughts on what is happening after the violent screeching sound from the remote the servant pressed on. Each of twilight’s friends managed to regain their hearing but already they were about several blocks away from where they were.

The servant grew annoyed as he saw twilight carrying her friends to safety and me trying to stop his enormous pet from enjoying his snack.


He’s not the only one getting annoyed of me fighting for my life. The collar dragon grew more frustrated at my ignorance to die. I knew that I was pissing it off way before this battle but right now I wished I hadn’t right now. The air around me soon felt like it was getting warmer.

“What the” I looked down from within the beasts mouth. A faint yellow glowing began to erupt from the depths of its mouth. The light soon gotten brighter and air grew warmer all around me. My body began to tense up from the fact that both bright, glowing and warm is not always a good thing. The glowing grew more brighter and began to rush towards me like a freight train without a stop switch. I have to react fast before it reaches to me. My body tremble as it drew closer and closer with every second.

The great dragon felt the intense flames building up inside. With all it’s might it let out a ferocious roar that shooked the earth from its very foundation. As it roar violently the burning power from within erupted from its very core burning everything that stood against it. For a shear inch of luck I managed to detach my legs from the mouth of the dragon and curled into a small ball. With the rest of my magic I formed a large shield barrier all around my curled body shielding me against the mighty flames. My whole body shot out like a rocket as the flames pushed me out of the creatures’ mouth. I flew for only a minor second till finally it ended.

My body felt a tremendous force across my back and up towards my shoulders. I gasped as my back met with something hard and began to bend from the bottom part of my spine. The shield around me cracked and broke like glass as my back end against something hard behind me. As my shield disappear so did the dragons flames dimed down after shooting me. I felt like passing out as my body began to slide down against the hard surface behind me. My vision became blurry again. My stomach felt something tight squeezing around my whole waist as.

“Uh” was all I could say. My breathing became more raspy but I managed to look up… towards the dragon. It held me tight as he raised my beaten body up towards its face. It stared down at me with its dark redish reptilian eyes and barred his teeth again at me. Small strands of saliva still connect to parts of his mouth and some began to drip between the jagged ends of its teeth. It continued to increase its grip around me. The pressure around my waist felt as if he going to snap my pelvis and both legs in pieces. I couldn’t take the pressure anymore I tried to pry my hands to help stop the dragons grip. As I held my hands on both sides my attention was diverted by the sound of clapping down below. I looked down in front of me. the servant who just watched as it’s pet began to squeeze it’s new found food till it guts are spewed out of his body began to clap and walked towards the dragon.

“Good boy. Good boy indeed” he continued to clap. “Now…” he smiled manically.


The collared dragon eyes that locked on me grew more menacing as his master gave him an order. The dragons grip grew tighter around me. I screamed as the crushing became unbearable to withstand anymore.

“a-any t-t- time n-now” I struggle to speak. Blood began to gush out of my mouth as the dragon continued to squeeze me like a damned rubber toy. I knew I had to transform into that other form my ancestors and I all have inside. The pressure increased each second and I have to transform soon or my own guts will spew out from my mouth. I began to concentrate on harnessing the energy within me or trying to unleash it someway. But how can I do so even when I’m being crushed to death?

The servant watched and listen in pleasure as I screamed in pain and blood spewed out of my mouth. He began to laugh at my pain.

He sighed. “hm maybe after this I should have some ‘fun’ with that little slut. What’s her name…. twilight was it?” he chuckled.

That’s where he hit the wrong button. I felt my mind going blank and my body began to have a mind of its own again. A white aura began to engulf me around my whole body and I couldn’t control my hands. The dragon looked down towards his captive. Its anger became fear as it felt the intense energy flowing through this being. The glowing soon took formed, transforming my hair from a dark brown color back into pure white with gold tips at end. But my eyes are what he feared the most. I stared straight up both eyes were glowing bright white light like headlights from a car. The servant looked up towards me his eyes turned from crazy manically smile to now fear filled looked.

“Oh shit” he said

Without any effort I slowly bend the collared dragons’ fingers off away my waist. The dragon grew frustrated as bend his fingers. It tried to close its hand but couldn’t. My strength was nothing to compare to it’s and right now I’m in no mood to be mess around anymore. After a few seconds I finally had its fingers several inches part away. The dragon continued to stare at me as I held its fingers part with both hands. The dragon couldn’t close its claw anymore as I held in place. It began to growl as it continued to stare at me.

Since having no control of my body during this state I began to wonder what am I going to do to this dragon. I couldn’t just kill it even if it’s or I mean he’s dangerous to a certain point. “Oh god I pray I don’t kill him” as I stood there with both hands holding both ends of the claw I began to feel something warm brushing against my bloody face. I looked straight at the dragons face. Smoke began to erupt from its nose and a few puffs of black smoke began to puff out of its mouth. With one final roar it released it’s the intense heat again but this time I wasn’t in its mouth.

Back to twilight and her friends. Twilight had already managed to move all her friends away from the fight but was still able to spot the dragon from the safe zone. All of her friends were still dazed by the loud screeching sound but each managed to regain their thoughts together. Rainbow dash being the toughest besides applejack managed to float up in the air and shook her head.

“Wow that noise was more painful and annoying then pinkie pie. No offense” she waved both hooves at pinkie pie signaling no harm.

Pinkie pie shooked her head violently but she regain back her happy go lucky self. She looked up at rainbow dash and smiled. “No worries dashie” pinkie giggled and snorted.

Rarity, applejack and fluttershy all got up and shooked their heads off.

“what in tarnation was that horrible noise? Sounded like claws on a chalkboard.” Applejack said

Rarity began to dust herself off and looked at twilight. “Twilight what is happening? Where are we darlning?”

Twilight sighed in relief that her friends were ok. “We’re safe right now. I moved all of us far from that dragon.”

Fluttershy looked around and counted her friend. She counted 6. One was still unaccountable. “um where’s angel?” she said in a worried tone.

Twilight lowered her head in shamed. “i- I had… to leave him behind.” She was on the verge of tears as she told her friends the truth.

Applejack grew furious at twilight for just leaving him behind to deal with a large rampaging dragon and a psychotic servant. She walked in front of twilight angrily.

“HOW COULD YOU JUST LEAVE HIM THERE LIKE THAT? I THOUGHT HE WAS YOUR COLTFRIEND!” applejack screamed at twilight. Her eyes began to tear up and some began to drip down onto the ground.

Rainbow dash went over and places her hoof on applejack’s chest and pushing her away from twilight. “HEY GUYS LET’S NOT FIGHT ALRIGHT.” Rainbow dash screamed.

“Rainbow’s right fighting each other is not going to solve anything.” Rarity said “we must go back and help for not only angel but for the citizens of poniville.”

Applejack sighed and began to calm down. She then looked over at twilight who still hanged her head down. Several tears began to fall onto the ground and she began to sniffle a few times. Applejack felt like a jerk for yelling at twilight and finally went over to twilight and hugs her best friend.

“I’m sorry twi I didn’t mean to yell at you like that.” She said as she held her best friend. Twilight took the hug a lot better and returns her friends embrace.

“I’m sorry applejack for leaving angel back there again. It’s just that…. He told me to get you guys out of here.” She let go of applejack and looked at all her friends. “He sound more worried about us then himself so….. I did what he asks me to do.” She frowns.

Fluttershy came over to twilight’s side and hug her. “It’s ok twilight it’s not your fault.” She said in a sweet tone.

All of twilights’ friends all came up for group hug. As they hug it didn’t last long as a large roar took their attention towards where twilight levitated her friends away from the dragon. They all stared at the dragon began to shoot another breath of flames out along with its vicious roar. Twilight felt another shock of fear for her friends as the dragon continued to shoot flames out.

“We have to stop that dragon from destroying the town” twilight step out of the group hug and began to run towards the dragon. The others all soon caught up with her to stop the dragons’ rampage.

Back at the dragon and the servant watched as his pet breath another shot of flames out of its mouth towards the white eyed human. The dragon continued to breathe fire but lost sight of me as the flames engulf its claw. Twilight and the managed to make to the spot and witnessed the dragon breathing fire onto its hand. Twilight looked puzzled as to why it was doing so? The flames began to dim down and twilight recognized that….. There wasn’t anything there to burn except a few scorched marks on the scales on both the bottom part of hand and some of the fingers.

Rainbow dash raised an eyebrow as the flames finally stopped. “Uh was it burning its hand or what?

Twilight also raised an eyebrow at the dragons’ reactions. Nothing not even ash fell down or anything was visible to detect of what it was. “I- I’m not sure rainbow?”

Twi took her attention towards the servant. He had a shocked expression as though he witnessed something beyond his worst nightmares.

“WHERE DID HE GO!” he screamed and began to shake a bit.

Applejack blinked and raised an eyebrow. “Ah going guess he’s talking angel right?” she looked around for her friend.
Fluttershy looked around for my whereabouts but sadly I wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Um where is he anyw-“she was cut off short as the dragon jerked forward against something hard striking on its back?

Twilight and the gang including the servant took their attention towards the dragon. It somehow was moving back and forth and side to side at a fast pace as though he was getting whack by something. Twilight and her friends all stood shocked as each time the dragon moved side to side they see an inflicted blow showed on both the face and below the body. After a few seconds of seeing the dragon being tossed around like a doll it finally flew up into the air but without spreading its wings and its neck began to bend back as it flew up. As its neck bend back the dragon felt its neck bending back further and finally it’s whole body being pulled around and thrown down towards earth hard. The beaten dragon body caused all twilight friends and the servant except rainbow dash to fall tumbling down onto their backs. It started to breathe heavily after the beating it endured and slowly tried to get up. Twilight looked up at the dragon and then up towards the sky. A small figured hovered above from where the dragon layed.

The figured floated in the air still locking his sight towards the dragon below. Without any warning he fell down at an incredible speed towards the middle of the dragons back. His front left leg stuck out as he fell while the other coiled up just barely touching his stomach. The dragon wobbled on it’s stomach trying to get up from the ground. It extended it’s wings across hoping to get away from the blow but already it was too late. The dragon felt an incredible force against the middle of its back. It gasped as the force traveled throughout its body causing its bone’s to crack from within starting from the spine, up breaking the ribs and shoulders and down cracking the pelvis and tail bone. The dragon held its mouth open for several minutes before turnings it’s head sideways and laying it on the hard floor. Its eyes became from the redish colored pupils to pure white as though it was the final crushing blow to the dragon. Some parts of his body began to twitch after the blow down the spine mostly its wings, legs and arms.

The servant that witnesses his mightiest of creatures being defeat by something just sat on the ground in shocked. His eyes showed terror and his devilish smile turned into a quivering lip. He took his attention to the top of the dragons back. His slowly began to crawl backwards as a figure stood on top of the dragons’ back.

“h- ho- how o- o- or what d- did this?” he quivered his speeched as he crawled backwards.

Twilight and the others all shooked their heads and looked at the defeated dragon. Twilight stood their stunned as she looked up on the dragons back where the wings were laid out. The figure stood tall his clothes drenched in sweat and blood. His face was covered in its face but none was on his hair which was pure white with gold tips at end. His eyes was what made twilight felt relieve which both were pure glowing white. The figure looked at twilight before jumping off the dragon and right in front of twilight and her friends.

Rainbow dash gave a quick smirk. “Not bad angel. But you need to work on your speed next time.” She yawn. “I knew it’ was you all along.” She giggled.

I couldn’t say anything nor move any parts of my face or my body for that matter. I stood in front of them but still in this form. “Shouldn’t I be turning back now” I said questionably in my head. While in this state I couldn’t move anything and it seems that my whole body has a mind on its own or someone else is controlling it. My body finally turned its head around towards the dragon. It slowly began to transform itself back from the dragon to the collared man before. I kept my sight lock onto him as he slowly return back to normal and got up from the cold hard ground but this time he didn’t look so good. His army pants were covered in blood and his whole body was covered in scratches, slashes, and bruises were clearly visible through his chest and some on his face. He wobbles side to side as he slowly stands up on both feet. His legs looked like sticks after surviving a hurricane storm both broken several parts, snapped in a location and finally bending in different in opposite direction that the leg can’t and shouldn’t be bending towards.

He huffed in exhaustion as his beaten body stood wobbling everywhere. He finally crashed to one knee. His head covered his face but I could tell he was either furious or manically.

I continued to watch him but felt my body began to move slowly towards him. Twi raised her hoof hoping to stop me but she pulled back in the last minute. Her friends all stared like statues as I just walked towards him. I continued to walk forward but stopped half way and just stared at him blanklessly. The collared man huffed and coughed up blood a few times before looking up at me. He only took one glimpse of me and dropped his head down covering his face with his head. As he held his face down a small sound began to occur as he continued to huff. The sound grew louder and I slowly cocked my head sideways then back straight. He was laughing.

The collared man sat on one knee his body ached all over from the damage he had taken during the battle but he didn’t care. Instead he… started to chuckle. His chuckle grew louder and became a horrible laugh. He continued to laugh but kept his head down trying not revealing his beat up face towards me.

“y- you.” He continued to laugh. “You t- th- think you have beaten me…… American” his laugh made him loses his breath with every chuckle he made. Sweat and blood began to drip down from his mouth but it didn’t bother him at all. He just continued to laugh like some maniacal monster. He sounds worse than servant who just stood a few feet from where we were. His expression showed fear but his face turned to a smile as the collared man just laughed. The collared man finally ended his laughter but kept his head from revealing his face.

“You think I’m done, finished, through” he chuckled. He slowly got up from his feet and finally reveals his dark red eyes. “This isn’t over American” he smiled turned into a scowled. His eyes narrowed within the pupil area as he stared into my glowing white eyes.

“I’LL KILL YOU” he screamed up into the air. A flash of bright green light covered his entire body. A dark greenish aura hovered around him as he just stood their glowing. My body still in special mode or whatever just stood there like a statue. My own mind couldn’t move anything I had no motion to anything as he just glowed. The glowing around him started to grow bigger but as well taking form of something else.

Twilight and her friends all stood there. They all began to shiver with fear as the man began to glow and taking form.

“w- What in the hay is he doing?” applejack said

Twilight shooked her head. “I- I don’t know.” She gulped. “But his energy level just spike up just like that”

Twi and her friends all stood shaking towards the glowing figure. All except me who just stood there watching him. My powers somehow was lasting a lot longer than my previous using it and right now it was beginning to become difficult moving my body. The collared man figure grew bigger all around but kept glowing as he transformed again. As he transformed I began to see some details about its figure. For starters he was getting bigger but his legs began to change from two straight legs to two hind legs like something of a dogs back legs. His arms grew larger but its fingers looked to curve down and became sharper than before. His body structure grew which gave him some sort of a hunch back. Its face was still glowing but its face was transforming completely. Its nose and mouth grew longer sort of a snout and its ears grew larger and rose up in the air visible looking like a wolf ears of sort. His eyes weren’t visible as he glowed but they soon glowed like head lights except they were the same color as his eyes before. A dark evil redish color.

The glowing soon faded and now instead of the collared man standing was more than anyone can anticipate. Now standing on hind legs was a large green metallic werewolf. The metal around him screeched all over as it move its joints to see if everything was in shape. Static crackle around as if some of the joints were disconnected and reconnected again. The collar still layed around its neck but it seemed like it didn’t caused any discomfort as it moves its neck around.

The servant stood dumbstruck as the next transformation. His face then brighten into a smile and he began to chuckle. His chuckling grew louder and soon his chuckling turned into a maniacal laughter.

He continued to laugh. “HAHAHAH WHAT DO YOU? YOU CAN’T KILL THAT BASTURD!” he continued to laugh.

Twilight and her friends all stood their ground behind me. Twilight ready herself with her magic for anything. Rainbow dash hovered higher in the air for some fast dive bombing. Applejack and rarity both stood in front readying for anything. Pinkie pie and fluttershy however stood behind, well except fluttershy who stood far off behind pinkie pie.

Finally after checking all its joints was in motion it finally looked at us. The metallic monster let out a mighty roar and laid both claws forward onto the ground for leverage.

My body didn’t move but somehow I felt my lips moving into a small smile as my head shift side to side letting a faint but noticeable crack sound on both sides. The metal wolf stood in his position without moving an inch. The sound of metal screeching and wires crackling began to occur on top of its back. His metallic back began to shift around letting an opening inside its shoulders. Two large objects from inside its back popped out straight up pointing into the air. The two objects then shifted towards me which both was aiming at towards me. Both of the objects looked the same each both had a large barreled weapons connected to some type of machinery which it’s connected to several wires and a stand on its back. Both ends of the barrel began to glow a bright orange color. In just a mild second I couldn’t react soon before each blasters shot two large beams of energy at me. Both beams made contact but a large blast of black smoke blew over from where I stand. The metal wolf didn’t move and just stared as the smoke hovered all around. The smoke finally cleared for a few seconds revealing the target still standing. A large lavender colored screen blocked in front of me as I stood in the same spot.

I turned my head to the right and looked down. Twilight’s horn was glowing the same color and her face was squinting to try to hold onto the force field. The force field dimmed down and twilight horn stopped glowing which she began sweat a bit. She then looked up at me and smiled. The blast did take its total but it looks like nothing she couldn’t handle. I smiled down but the sound of energy began to form took my attention. I looked back again towards it. It was building more energy up again. Twilight and I this time got ready for another shot. Twilight horn glowed again in case for another force field conjuration.

“OH NO YOU DON’T” rainbow screamed and took off down towards the metal wolf. Since being the fastest she caught up just in time before it fired at us again. Rainbow made contact with her back hooves onto the guns on its back. She placed enough force to turn both weapons the opposite direction causing the beams to fire more towards the right.

The servant who was just in range from the blast didn’t have time move and stood frozen as both beams of light came towards him. The beams barely missed him by an inch but the force still bounced him off his feet and into the forest. He shortly landed hard onto the cold ground. The remote that controlled the collar that clutched into his hand fell out and landed in the pool of blood a few inches from where to infected bodies layed. The sound of static crackling and wires frying echoed for a few short minutes. Small puffs of smoke came out from the sides of the remote. The servant still on the ground groans as he lifted his face dirt covered face. His glasses were smashed on one side from where he landed and some became embedded into his left eye. His right however was ok as he looked up at the remote.

“o- oh crap” he groan intensely and looked behind him.

The metal wolf had managed to regain his stance after rainbow kick. Rainbow hovered up away from him but still locked eyes at it. The metal wolf looked up towards her then back to us. It then took stance again signaling another blast attack. But something was wrong with him again. The collar around his neck began to course electricity throughout his whole body and he began to roar and wailed in pain. Finally with the remote short circuited instead of using his two blasters he put them away and charged towards me and twilight. Twilight conjugated another force field to protect against the wolfs attacks again. The wolf just charged full steam ahead, slashing and clawing at us. twilight was tired but her magic became unbearable due to the amount of force it was inflicting onto her shield. Her magic was depleting rapidly and the shield was already beginning to crack a bit. Applejack behind us came up behind us.

“angel, twilight ah got a plan.” She shouted behind us. “when ah give the signal twi let go of your magic and both of you get the heck out of the way. Ah’ll take care of the rest” she smiled and turned around with her back hooves facing forward. The metal wolf continued to slash over and over before finally steping back. Electricity still surged through it’s body and messing with it’s circuits as it back away for another pounce attack. Twi and I looked and ready for his attack. I was still in other form but still my body still was able to obey applejacks plan. With just a second the metal wolf leaped towards us his claws spread forward but apart making his face an open target.

Applejack waited till he was close enough. Twilight and I held in place and ready for signal. The wolf was just a few inches at me and twilight. Applejack nodded.

“ALRIGHT MOVE” she screamed. Twilight seized her magic and the shield disappears instantly. Both me and twilight jumped out of the way revealing applejack behind us to the metal wolf. The metal wolf saw her but couldn’t stop in time. With one fell swipe applejack kicked both legs straight towards the wolf’s metal skull. The metal wolf felt the force against applejacks strike. The mirror parts of his eyes cracked. Its teeth began to break all apart and the metal chin began to bend against her hooves. Applejack raised her legs high while kicking the metal wolf while also the wolfs head moved along with her hooves but its body still pointing down. Applejack finally sends the creature flying away but just inches away from where it pounced before.

“That’s what we call an apple buckin pardner” she smiled

Rainbow dash still in the air began to clap for her friends’ awesome kick. “WHOO THAT WAS SO AWESOME AJ!” she clapped her hooves.

Applejack toppled her head and bowed. Twilight and I both who dodged for applejacks kick got up and clapped for her. I somehow was still in the form and couldn’t understand why. It’s been longer then before and I don’t know how long till it wears off. But I still managed to clap for her as so did twilight.

The sound of metal began to echo and everyone all looked at the metal wolf again. It was already standing up again after the hard impact on its face. Its retinal scans were screwed up due to applejacks kick and the large amount of electricity still surging into it. But somehow due to so much damage it was now locking his attention towards me again. The wolf barred his broken and cracked teeth again and began to charge towards me. I stood still of course but this time I felt something different. My foot felt something hard underneath. I tried to look but already my leg picked it up for me. The object was long and pure black with a bright glow around the end of it. i felt puzzled but remembered it being the same katana that was wield before. Guess after shooting him to the forest he left his sword on the ground.

Without having any thoughts my body twirled the sword around and I placed it on my side. I bend both knees and held the end from where the katana blade was and my other was readying myself for a surprise attack. The metal wolf was almost close to me but I held my stance and slowly closed my eyes. I couldn’t see anything but still could hear its footsteps coming towards me and getting louder each time. The wolf finally let out one final leap towards me.

The last thing that echoed was the sound of something getting slashed.

*** *** ***

The wind blew one gust of wind. Some of the leaves began to bristle all around us. Nobody made a sound but everyone just stared blankly at both of us. I stood from where I was but this time with the katana’s shaft in my left I held it in and the weapon in my right pointing to my right. The metal wolf stood behind me with both claws pointing forward. We both stood still like time just stood still all around us. The metal wolf stood still for a short moment till the sound of metal hitting the floor caught his attention but not only that His neck felt lighter. He slowly looked at the ground in front of him. The collar that wrapped around his neck layed on the ground in pieces in front of him. He couldn’t believe it… he… was free. He turned around towards me. Already I was twirling the blade and placing it back into its shaft. I held it tight in my hands but I turned towards the metal wolf.

My eyes still glowed but I still smiled at the metal wolf. “You’re free now. Let’s end this nonsense” I said but my voice sound like it was mixed with others as well. I felt my body began to drain and I knew that means I was back to normal. I collapsed onto one knee and breathe heavily.

Twilight stood dumbstruck but smiled and ran up. “You did it angel” she began to hug me.

Even though I was tired I still gave twilight a hug back.

Everyone else ran up and began to group hug all around me. Still exhausted I sat my knees with the metal wolf’s weapon in both hands. The metal wolf just stood their amazed at the individual. Instead of killing him with his own weapon he set him free. He stood there still but his attention was diverted by the sound of something fast coming. He looked at his left. A large RPG rocket began to hover towards rainbow dash who was just a few inches away from twilight and the others. Applejack was smiling but she managed to see the projectile coming towards rainbow dash.


Rainbow dash was smiling at the awesome battle that happen but her smile turned to a frown as the incoming projectile came towards her. I didn’t have time to see the rocket and didn’t have time to react. Rainbow dash froze there was it came towards her. The rocket continued towards her but she couldn’t see it anymore. A large figure jumped in front of her and hook around her bracing her for impact. The rocket met its back which the blast caused the figure to flew back and skid across the pavement. The skipping didn’t last long and ended with the metal wolf facing towards the sky. Rainbow dash layed on its chest unharmed. She moved her head which its hands fell on both sides. She couldn’t believe at the sight her savior. The metal wolf took the blast that was supposed to be her. The red glowing in the wolf’s eyes began to blink till finally dying off.

I quickly got up from my spot after the blast. Rainbow dash slowly got up but something was wrong. Her eyes began to water for the metal wolf risking his life. I began to feel teary eyed for the wolf’s actions but I turned my head to the sound of laughter. My anger flared at the sight of the one that fired the rocket at rainbow dash.

The servant smiled manically at me. His suit was dirty and his left eyed began to bleed due to the embedded glass from his sunglasses. He clutched a large cigar in his hands while the other a large RPG rocket launcher. He then brought the cigar to his mouth and took a few puffs before finally blowing out a large puff of smoke out.

“Oops sorry.” He chuckled. “This gift was supposed to be for the little blue one over there.” He continued to laugh.

I clutched my teeth at him. “YOU MONSTER” I race towards him. The katana lay in my hands as I raced towards him. The servant quickly tried to reload another rocket but it slipped out of his hands as he pulled out another rocket. He tried to pick it up but already I was close to his face. I removed the blade out of its shaft and raised the blade high above my head. The servant raised the rocket above its head and grabbed both to stop the impacting. With the last of my energy I swing the blade down. The blade didn’t stop till finally hitting the ground between the servant’s legs. The servant stood still his legs gave off. The rocket split into two and dropped both halves on each side.

The servant looked at me and smiled one last time. “y-y- you w- will n-no- not b- beat u- us” he said as both halves of him split apart and both caught fire. The ashes blew away as if he was a vampire and nothing left was just the sliced rocket launcher. I shaft the sword back again and then looked back. Twilight and the others stood next to the man. I ran over with the katana in hand over towards him. he already transform back into his normal self before I finished the servant. I got on my knees and placed my head on his chest.

“Is he” rainbow said almost chocking from her tears.

“He’s he’s alive. I can hear his heart beating” I said in relief. I placed my ear next to his nose and mouth. The felt of breathing was another sign of relief. “He’s going to live but we need to get him to a hospital now”

Everyone nodded and helped me get his arm around me. Rainbow dash helped by grabbing his other arm and support leverage on the other side. Twilight and the others stood beside us as both me and rainbow took the well I can now say rainbow dash’s hero to the hospital.

To be continued.

the memories of the battlefield

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It has been almost a whole week since the fight back at the everfree forest. The hospital has done a great job helping my wounds including the other humans’ wounds as well. Right now he sleeps peacefully on twilights couch while both me and twilight practice learning new spells a few inches away from him. Mostly sometimes we take our magic sessions outside to make sure we didn’t harm him or for more room to cast more spells. So far as the days went by we practice in peace without another attack like the one before back at the everfree forest. Along the way to the man’s recovery, a certain cyan pony kept by his side and has been keeping an eye on him making sure he’s still breathing which frankly it’s really cute the way she’s with him since day one. She started coming by after returning from hospital late that night.

It was late pass midnight and every pony was asleep. All except for me whom I kept my night reading a few more spell books to help pass the time. As I grabbed another book from the top shelf the sound of the window creaking caught my attention.

“hm?” I said quietly as the sound of flapping echo as the window creaked more. The candle I had with me blew out from the gust of air blowing from outside and the flapping sound grew louder with every second pass by. As whatever drew closer I quickly set my book on the desk and took cover behind the couch leaving my glock on top of the desk far off from the couch. Thankfully I still had my knife in my boot sheath and unsheathe it pointing the blade downward. I moved behind the couch till I was on its side and peered behind it.

I couldn’t tell who it was due to being so dark and all but I could tell that it was definitely a pony due to the fact of its small body and Pegasus wings. I watched as whoever looked at both sides before leaning towards the man’s face. I couldn’t see what it was doing to him as whoever it was drew closer till his or her face was touching the man’s face. It last for a few seconds till finally the Pegasus pony let go and began to walk or better yet fly away. Perfect opportunity. I leaped forward off the side of the couch towards the Pegasus. He/she didn’t have time to move and I tackled the suspicious pony down and brought my knife to its neck.

“Who are? What are you doing here and what did you do to that man?” I said angrily but quietly.

The dark pony grunted. “It’s me you big lug” she said.

I body tremble as I recognize that voice. I remove my knife off his neck and back into my boot sheath. With a well place flame brightened my hand and I shined it down at both me and the Pegasus. My heart felt cold as ice for seeing who I was on. I was sitting on a good friend. Rainbow dash.

“r- r- rainbow dash” I quickly got off her and sat on my knees. Dash floated up and dusts herself off as I stared at her.

“w- What are yo-“I was cut short as my head fell back after a hard force that caused me to fall onto my back. I groan and rubbed my face but it didn’t stop there as I felt another force impacting in the middle of my legs. I placed both hands between my legs. A jolt of pain made me lose my breath and I couldn’t breathe right for a moment. Rainbow dash huffed and began to giggle after landing the second punch right in the sensitive area.

I gasped harshly and looked at rainbow. “wh- why there?” I gasped

Rainbow dash giggled. “Because you deserve it”

“Still why THERE!” I huffed

“Because it’s funny” she made a triumph grin and laughed.

Twilight who was sleeping peacefully in her room was woken up by the sound of laughing and groaning downstairs. She stretched both her hooves and got off her bed and made her way down the stairway. A lit candle hovered in front of her as she moved down the stairs. She shined the candle down the stair case and raised an eyebrow. The candle shine with me lying on the floor with both hands between my legs and groaning while was rainbow dash laughing in front of me. Rainbow dash didn’t move as twilight made her way down the stairs and stand next to her.

“Uh angel are you ok?” twilight said in a sweet but worried tone.

The pain didn’t stopped but I managed to look up at twilight. Tears were running down my cheeks as I looked up at twilight and rainbow dash. “Yes twi… I- I hit my knee on something hard. That’s all” I groan again as another surge of pain coursed through my whole body. Twilight didn’t need ask again. She knew I was lying due to the simple fact that I’m gripping another part instead of my knee.

“Oh really. Are you sure you weren’t doing something dirty to rainbow that made her kick you in the groin angel” twilight folded her hooves and looked at me angrily.

Rainbow turned bright crimson at twilights comment. I blushed and shooked my head. “WHAT NO! DASH SAY SOMETHING!”

Rainbow dash sighed and patted twilights shoulder. “He’s right. He thought I was an enemy and attacked me. But its ok I’m fine and well I got mad at angel and well” she chuckled

I glared at dash. “NOT FUNNY DASH” I said almost in a growling tone.

She kept laughing but soon stopped at twilight’s question.

Twilight looked at rainbow puzzled. “Ok Wait rainbow why are you here then?” I managed to sit on my knees thinking of the same question as well. Rainbow looked at us. She was sweating and her voice quivered trying to think of something.

“Uh well I uh was.” She rubbed her head. “I was uh…. In town and decide to check on you guys.”

Twilight and I didn’t buy the little lie due to the fact that it’s almost 2 in the morning and most ponies are in bed asleep and plus her blushing face shows another side of this story. she indeed cared about the man that save her life yesterday.

She never praised anyone except the wonderbolts but she like them because of how awesome they were. When it comes to others she never needed saving since she was the element of loyalty and was always there when a pony is in need of help. She always there and always helping or saving somepony and for some random creature risking his life for rainbow dash it was a big deal for her.

I cross my arms and looked at dash who diverted her sight away from. “Dash you’re an awesome flyer but one thing is that your terrible at lying.” I chuckled.

Rainbow dash dropped her head and stared at the floor. She knew she was bad at lying especially about her feelings. Twilight wrapped her friends shoulder and hugged her.

“It’s ok rainbow it’s good to be in love.” Twilight smiled

Rainbow dash flinched and pushed twilight back. Her face was burning up and her lips form into a crooked smile. “WHAT NO! I- I just want to say thank you that’s all nothing more” she crossed her hooves but still blushed.

I smiled devilish as thoughts of torment for her. Payback is going to be a bitch for you rainbow dash I said softly in my head.

“Oh really.” I cleared my throat. “If I can recall; I saw everything dash. Especially the little gift you gave him right smacked dabbed on his lips to be exact.” I grinned.

Twilight looked at both me then at rainbow. Her mouth dropped and she covered it with a hoof trying not to squeal as she stared at rainbow. Dash looked at me with a surprise looked. Her whole face was now a deep shade of red. Her face looked like a tomato and I laughed as rainbow grew more redder as I smiled.

I laughed. “Oh man you should see your face. Priceless”

Rainbow twitched her eyebrow before finally lunging at me “WHY YOU LITTLE” she said angrily and began punching and kicking my sides and chest. My body ached again but not from all the punching but because of all the laughing I was making. My sides ached from all the laughing I made. Tears rolled down my eyes as rainbow dash punched my chest and upside my head. I shield my face and my between my legs so that rainbow wouldn’t deliver another crushing blow that will end it fast. I managed to stop laughing mainly because I had to protect myself from rainbows strikes over and over. As I held my hand to my face something was wrong. The beating stop and I could hear sniffling.

“Rainbow” I said. I got up and looked at rainbow. She stopped pummeling me and sat on the ground in front of me. Her hair covered her eyes as she stared at the ground but she let a small sniffle. I looked at the bottom from where she sat. Several dark spots layed in front of her. Another was made by her own tear.

Oh crap I made her cry. I felt more worse now. Seeing a girl cry is bad but making your best friend cry well that’s just cold. I placed two fingers onto of her chin and help raised her head up till she was facing me. She didn’t hesitate as I moved her head. My frown grew worse as I looked at rainbow tearful face. Her cheeks had a few streams of tears running down, a single tear layed on top of one of her dark lashes. She sniffled again.

“Rainbow I’m- I’m sorry. I’m truly am.” I brought rainbow dash close. She moved up till her chin was lying on top of my shoulder. I folded my arms around her waist and hugged my friend in forgiveness.

“I’m sorry rainbow for laughing at you. can you please forgive me”

Rainbow returned my embrace. She wrapped both hooves around my neck and nuzzled my shoulder. Twilight smiled as for a few seconds but her smile turned to a frown as to see from where this was going. She stomped forward towards us and stopped just an inch from where we were sitting.

“Oh no it’s bad enough that applejack’s has a crush on you. I rather not have another mare falling for you again angel” twilight said angrily.

I blushed and stared at twilight. Rainbow however didn’t turned to look at twilight and just stared at my chest. I smiled lamely and chuckled.

“Twilight it’s not like th-“I was cut off as another jolt of pain surged from between my pants. My arms were clamped against rainbow’s shoulder which she squirm around to break free. Twilight watched as my face made another pain surging face and later falling onto my back. Rainbow dash frowning sad face turned to a deviant smile as I placed both arms in the middle of my pants.

“HA I should be an actress with my skills” she said as she fixed hair and wiped the last bit fake tears off her face.

I looked at rainbow dash again with tear filled eyes. “Why? Of all places WHY THERE?!” I breathe raspy as another jolt of pain surged again.

Rainbow smiled. “Paybacks a bitch huh angel. Remember that”

Twilight shooked her head but smiled as she sat beside rainbow dash. Rainbow and twilight both looked at each other and giggled. Rainbow looked behind twilight at towards the sleeping human on the couch. She stood up and walked straight towards him sat in front of the couch. Twilight watched as rainbow sat next to him and looked at his face. She walked forward and sat beside her again.

“Listen rainbow I- we know that you care for this man deeply” rainbow looked at twilight.

“How about you stay here and watch over him till he wakes up. I’ll grab a blanket and pillow for you to stay here and I’m sure angel won’t mind your stay provided if you don’t hit him again.”

Rainbow dash giggled and nodded. “Yes twilight that would be cool” she looked at me. I barely managed to control my breathing rate but I still was able to sit on my knees again. I wiped the last of my tears and looked at rainbow dash and nodded.

Since then the last few days’ rainbow dash has been staying by the man’s side waiting for him to wake up. Twilight had provided rainbow a confortable blanket and pillow and allows her to sleep next to him. I tried not to make any jokes of any hints of other places she could sleep since that would bring in more pain. Rainbow dash didn’t mind sleeping on the floor but the way she looked as both me and twilight wake up or when we’re training she looked like a guard dog or something waiting for his master to wake. I know it’s not right to think of her as a dog but with her like this it was so cute to see her beside him.

Two more days passed by and both me and twilight both took turns seeing if he’s ok. Since I was close to his form I took most of his vital signs like his pulse and heart rate. Twilight took his temperature and breathing rate which mostly help making sure his temperature didn’t spike or his breathing patterns weren’t badly damaged after taking a blast from a rocket. Rainbow dash sat at one of the end of couch and watched as I pressed two fingers against his neck and counted the number of beats per minute. As I checked his vitals I stared at the man with great discomfort. The same question kept popping into my head as I looked or even took a glimpse of him.

“What are you?”

** ** **

Protrokalos stood floating in midair in a shroud of darkness. His body floats lifeless as he drifted off in slumber. His eyes were completely shut his mouth opened a small inch. His long canines reveal through the half inched opened mouth. He couldn’t move for a while. It felt like days, months at least.

His body stood there for a long time but it finally was over. His hand twitched a bit. It twitched till he managed to clutch his hand tight. His eyes lids wiggled a bit, enough for him to finally open his eyes. His eyelids felt like bricks as he tried to open his eyes. He groans from the pressure carcinated all around his body. He shooked his head softly and opened his eyes.

“Uh wha” he said.

He shooked his head again. His vision became blurry but he slowly began to regain his vision. He looked around his surroundings. Nothing he saw nothing but pure darkness. He looked down at his feet. His body felt cold as he stared in the endless debts of pure darkness.

Is this judgment day? Are they determining on where I should go? He felt his body tremble as the thought of being thrown in hell but he didn’t last long. He had worse than before while being alive and hell will be nothing compare to all the harsh times he had from the first time being born to after being caged and collared like a common animal. He closed his eyes and sighed deeply. He kept his eyes shut as took another breath of air but he stopped halfway as he felt something odd. A gust of cool air condition blew across his face. His feet felt something else instead of just air. He felt cold against hard surface on the bottom of his feet and between his toes.

“What the” he opened his eyes again. His eyes widen in surprise as he stared around his surroundings. Instead of floating in pure darkness he was sitting a room. He scanned his surrounds and turned in all directions to see the whole room. It as a fairly sized white room with several war posters on two sides and a huge window at the end from where the door leads. In the middle of the room was a regular sized hospital bed with several monitors’ layed next to both sides and a huge lamp hanged on a stand above the bed. On one side layed a huge counter which had a computer and a large stereo on top while on the other side had a small restroom and shower.

His body felt shakened as he stared at everything inside at the room. This is his room back in his hometown. He home was actually connected to a secret large laboratory in the outskirts of Russia far away from civilization. Since he was born he was always kept in the same room, never to see the sun and never to venture out into the labs themselves. He remembered several scientists coming in and checking on his vitals including his bone functions and brain waves. He dislike all the tests they gave him including all the strange vials filled with something he couldn’t pronounce as each syringe had a certain a different label with only letters and numbers on it.

He shooked his head thinking it’s not real. He wasn’t in his room since because. His thoughts seized as the sound of a metal sliding caught his attention. He looked in front from where the door and the huge window sat. The metal door that sat next to the window was wide open with a strange figure in the middle of the door. Protrokalos couldn’t see who he was because he was standing further away from door in complete darkness. The only thing that was visible was two hands holding a large tray with a plate of food and two visible white eyes. The figure stood there for a few seconds before finally stepping out of the darkness and into the well-lit white room.

The figure was a large broad man with light brown hair and a white complex. He was wearing a large lab coat along with some dark black pants with a pair of black dress shoes. His hair was long and his bangs kept protrokalos from seeing his face. He walked forward till he was standing in front of him holding the tray forward.

Protrokalos looked up at the man’s face. His head tilted forward an inch covering his whole face with his hair. He then looked down at the tray. A nice tender juicy steak with a side of mash potatoes and corn layed on a plate on the tray as he presented it to protrokalos. He looked at the food then back at the man who carried it in suspicious on who he was underneath his hair.

He reached his hand to grab the plate of food on the tray. His hand stopped as he looked at the plate again. In the middle of the plate a single red drop laid splatter in the middle of the plate. He stared at it.

“That wasn’t there before” he said softly. His hand layed over the food. A cold impact onto his hand that made him flinched and he took a few steps back away from him. He looked at the man again. His hearted beat faster as he felt a sudden chill down his spine from just looking at him.

He looked down his hand. A small red smudged dripped down from the palm and through his fingers. He reached onto his hand with the other and wiped the red smudged with his index. He rubbed his index with his thumb against the red liquid on his finger. He drew his nose closer to his finger and took a whiff of it. The pungent smell stunged his nostrils but somehow even though it was masked he knew what it was. Blood.

He rubbed the blood off his hand onto his pants and starred at the man. “Does this guy have blood nose or something else that I don’t know” he said.

The scientist didn’t move as protrokalos flinched back or even when he tried to grab the food. He just stood there like a common statue or like time has stand still only for him. Protrokalos didn’t even know if he’s breathing at all since he just stood so quiet. He wanted to know who he was but he didn’t want to get to close to him. He felt around for anything that might help move his hair or maybe move him without getting close. His hands guide behind on top of the bed trying to find something useful.

His hand felt something hard but slender as he moved his right down at the edge of his bed. He looked down at where his hand touched the object. A huge smile erupted on his face as he looked down at it. His katana lay next on its side on the monitor connected to the lamp. He grabbed his katana and held the shaft in his left and the handle on his right. With a quick motion he brought the blade towards the scientists’ face slicing off parts of his hair and quickly sheathing it all in one quick swifting motion. The scientist head fell back, the tray fell down clunking onto the ground. The food spread all around along with several patches of hair falling on top of it.

Protrokalos smiled pleasingly but his smile ended as the scientist brought his head back facing him. His body trembled as he stared into the scientist’s pure white eyes with small black dots in the middle. Bits of flesh from his face were gone leaving parts of his bone and muscle showing. His teeth were stained a dark reddish color and piece of chunked flesh sat between his teeth as he stared at protrokalos. A low growl echo from the scientist mouth, more blood dripped from his mouth and onto the fallen food in front of him.

Prtrokalos stood shocked at the scientists’ torned up face. He brought his sword up a bit showing him he’s armed and will not hesitate to hurt him. The scientist turned his head while still staring at him. Without any warning the scientist let out a nasty screeching scream before lunging straight at protrokalos. Protrokalos didn’t have time to bring the blade out as the scientist lung forward at him. Both arms sticking towards his exposed head. He quickly ducked away against the man’s grip and brought his sword straight up. As he ducked down he clamped both hands on the shaft of his blade and with all force he strike at the man’ stomach with the handle of the katana. With all his weight on top of his sword he threw it behind him. The force he placed into his handle toppled the man forward almost landing on the bed. The last thing protrokalos heard was the sound of bone snapping.

He didn’t want to know if he was ok due to the fact since he didn’t know what he was anymore. He wasn’t stupid when it comes to defending himself and he was definitely wasn’t stupid on checking someone who tried to kill you. He shoved his katana into his belt slots and rushed towards the open door. He quickly ran to the opened door but he was stopped soon as he entered. His whole body was pushed forward by a violent force. Bits of debrey and a large gust of smoke entered the room as he flew back from the door. His body flew a good 10 centimeters’ before finally landing on the hard floor. The back of his head hit first on the concrete.

He blacked out.

After blacking out for a mild second he woke up again but this time something was different. He wasn’t staring up at the ceiling anymore instead he was staring up at the beautiful sun down sky. A few clouds hover over the beautiful orange sky. He lifts himself up from the ground. His body itched in the back as he lifted himself up. His head didn’t ache after the massive impact on his head but he still had a mild headache after waking up. He looked down at the ground in front of him. Large fields of grass stretched out for miles as he looked around. A few trees layed far miles off from where he was.

“Where am I now?” he said rubbing his head with his left. The other was clutching something long, slender and heavy as he stood up. He looked down at his hand. He was clutching his katana he had on back when the scientist or whatever he was attacked him before. But as he brought it close to him something didn’t quite add right to it. First off his sword shaft looked almost beat up as though he was using it more than the sword itself. Both the shaft and the blades handle was both covered in some type of dried up liquid. He brought it up to his nose and sniffed it. The same pungent smell stung his nose and he covered his nose and mouth with the other hand. As he covered his mouth something made him gag. He coughed as the same smell grew stronger but same time he taste it. He looked down at his hand which was covered in the same red liquid his sword was covered.

Protrokalos stood up panicking as he looked down at him. His whole body was covered in the same red substance his sword was covered in. another whif of it made his heart grow cold. It was blood.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” he screamed as he twisted his arms around. More of it covered his arms and some that was still wet dripped down his body and down his pants. He patted his face with both hands. Something felt dried up as he touched his whole face. As he touched his face the memories of previous place he was made his body shake as the image of the scientists’ rotten face made him feel horrified as to anyone living with a face like that. He shooked his head trying to get the horrible images of the scientist face and looked behind. A gust of smoke floated in the air far up the hill from where he laid.

“What’s that?” he said as he stared at the grey smoke slowly turned black and blacken the sky above. An ominous screamed caught his attention as it echoed all throughout the land. His body stiffens as another screamed echoed again. He shooked himself and raced up to the top. He stomped both feet down onto the ground as he ran up the hill. He made his way up the top of the hill and viewed over the horizon. He stared over the land from on top of the hill. A small village layed on the bottom of hill as he gazed over the horizon.

He stared shocked at the small village down below. It was burning. His mind felt blank was the sight of the small village down below. It wasn’t just any village burning down in fact he looked down from where he was standing. This was the first time he witness coming to this beautiful world and the village he heard the residents’ called it poniville. His mind tried to achieve what was happening. Another blast of black smoke hovered in the air as another screamed echoed as the village burned. He looked down at earth from the village. A faint red smudge smeared all over the fields and some smeared on the walls. several bodies layed on the pools, some of which had several objects sticking out from the bodies.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPP-“he stopped midsentence and looked down and then at the weapon. He squeezed the shafts of the katana, more drops of blood oozed down it and dropped onto the ground. He brought his other hand and rubbed the bandana around his forehead. His mind baffled as he stared at the town and then at himself.

“Could I’ve done this? I know I’m can destroy a city but…. This beautiful peaceful town.” He took a deep breath.

“I must find out”

Without running down he bend both legs and without using any of his strength he leaped straight up in the air. His leap stetched far off from where stand and fly over till he was right above in the middle of the town. He covered his mouth as he flew through the black smoke of one of the buildings but didn’t stop. In a few seconds of flying into the air He finally descend down to earth. He flipped twice to keep balance as he descends down. He finally landed onto the hard ground, both legs kneeling down and he stood on both front toes as he touchdown.

He kept his head down but he lifted it up a bit and scanned his surroundings. As he slowly stand up he felt petrified at the destruction of all the buildings. Houses caught on fire, several walls, doors and farm equipment stood in ruins as the fire consumed most of it. Blood splattered every along with several bones and pieces of ripped fleshed spilled everywhere as he looked for survivors. But something felt peculiar as he looked around. There was so much blood everywhere but no bodies anywhere. Nothing a few limbs, parts of wings and some unicorn horns were scattered everywhere. He raised his eyebrow as the lack of bodies weren’t anywhere to be seen.

“Where are the bodies? They couldn’t just walk up and left with so much blood loss. Surely someone or something did this.” He looked down at his weapon. “I…. I could never be this cruel”

He clutched his weapon hard and closed his eyes. He stood their silent as the sound of fire crackled against the hard wood that was engulfed in flames. There was no one around the town which means they either got away from whatever did this or…. Everyone’s dead. The wind whistled through the streets, the sound of buildings crashing down echoed around him.

“HELP ME SOMEPONY!” a screamed echoed in front of protrokalos. Protrokalos felt startled as the screamed ring in his ears. The cry for help sounded like it came from a few blocks from where he stands.

“Somebody needs help” he shoved his katana’s shaft through one of his belt slots on his pants and race down through town.

He felt his adrenaline pumped as he race through more burning buildings, more large body pools of blood covered all corners with very lack of bodies to near them. He carefully missed each puddle so not to slip and lose balance as he sprinted through the streets. As he race through his mind became question in all of the destruction that’s covers the town. ‘Who did this? Where did the survivors go?’ ‘Where’s the monster that did this’ he closed his eyes for a second. He felt his body beginning to lunge forward. His feet began to turn up in a 180 degrees straight up in the air. His arms twisted around as he tried to regain balance but couldn’t. His back felt the impact as his finally landed straight.

He groaned as he rubbed his head. His entire back felt cold and wet as he laid there for a few seconds. He managed to lift himself up but not entirely. As he stood up his back felt something dripping down and he felt something drip down onto his neck.

“What the?” he looked down at his hand. A large dark redish puddle stains his hand and he looked at it. His heart beated faster and he looked at the other hand. Another red puddle stain on his hand. He turned his head and stared straight onto the ground. His breathing grew faster as he stared at the large pool of blood he was laying on. He shooked his head and twisted his body till he was on his knees, his head stared down at the puddle he laid on. His pants became wet and stained dark red as he sat on his knees. He sat on them for a good few seconds before finally getting up. He slowly placed his hand on his knee to provide leverage but stopped half way. A large crunching sound was heard right in front of him as he got up.

He slowly lifted his head up from where the crunching sound was coming from. His eyes grew wide eyed at the horrible sight.

A fairly sized light red pony with a flaming Mohawk laid dead on in front of protrolakos. His eyes were stone white and large pieces of fur and flesh was torn off from his face and neck. His limbs were battered and chewed off and in the middle of its side had a large hole that reveals several of its organs. One particular layed in the teeth of another that stood next to it. It was a light blue Pegasus pony that stood next to the corpse. Its left wing was completely gone and it beared a large bite marks on its left hoof. Its eyes were the same stone colored but in the middle laid a small black dot in the middle. It’s teeth stained red as it lowers its head down in the middle of the hole and began pulling off a chunk of flesh up. The flesh made a nasty snap sound as it rip off, some of the blood spew up into the air and landed onto its rainbow colored mane.

Protrokalos felt his heart beats up his throat and they were so loud he could hear them. His body shakened as he slowly stands. His eyes widen as he stared at it enjoying its meal. He couldn’t breathe as he remembered who it was.

It continued chewing on its meal like a rabbid animal before finally turning its head. Its pure white eyes with small black dots made protrokalos flinched as it stared at him. It beared it’s blood stained teeth; pieces of flesh stick between some and blood drooled out and onto the floor. A low growl echoed from it as it slowly began to walked towards him.

Protrokalos couldn’t move as it continued to limp towards him. He managed to see full view of her as she walked. She had more than just a bit on his arm and her wings. Part of its right side of its face was torn off revealing half of her jaw bone. A lone tear fell down his right cheek and landed into the pool of blood below.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you” he said softly as it continued limping towards him.

The zombie looked at him and snarled. It continued to bare its teeth at him before finally letting out a ghastly shriek. The shriek stung protrokalos ears but he was able regain before…. It lunged at him. He watched as the zombie lunged forward at him. Its mouth was wide open as it lunged forward waiting to take a bite on its new meal. Protrokalos sway his arms around, the end of the katana made contact with the zombies side face but not before its front hoofs made contact to his chest.

The force on both the katana and its hoofs caused both figures to tumble down. The zombie flew off to the side as the katana’s shaft pushed if far off to the side. Protrokalos fell back; his arms shot straight into the air his head fell further down towards the ground. He closed his eyes for a few minutes as he fell straight back onto the mud puddle. His only thought was he forgot the large rock he tripped on was still there. He continued falling till finally his head…. Felt the impact against a hard rock.

….. He finally woke up.

Protrokalos woked up startled; sweat dripped down his brow and onto the pillow he layed on. His breathing became raspy as he stared straight up towards the ceiling. His body felt warm as he continued to stare at the ceiling. He felt something wrapped around his whole body and something heavy was lying on top of his stomach putting pressure on his stomach and his chest.

“wha-“ he continued to breath heavily. He shooked his and lifted it up an inch. He looked down at his chest. He was covered in a large blue blanket from the shoulders down to his feet. He raised an eyebrow as he looked down at his stomach. A large rainbow mane layed on top of his chest just inches from his face.

He tried twisting around hoping to move whatever was on him off. The blanket wrapped around him was loose but not loose enough to get his arms out of the sides. He wiggled about trying to break free from the blankets grasp; with all the twisting and turning the rainbow figure finally woke.

She tossed and turned too before finally lifting her head up and reveals her face. She was half asleep as she placed her chin on top of his chest and slowly opened her eyes. Protrokalos stopped moving as he felt the mare slowly waking up and placing her chin in front of him. He stared as she slowly opened her eyes; her beautiful magenta eyes glisten from the sunlight right above them as she opened. He blushed at the sight of her beautiful eyes.

Rainbow dash finally woked up after a long exhausting night of watching over him. Later last night she grew tired of sleeping on the floor and since she didn’t know when he’ll wake up she decided to use his stomach as a bed instead. She slept like a small filly once she lay peacefully onto his stomach but it didn’t last long. She felt irritated by his constant moving and finally woke up. She slowly opened her eyes and blushed. He was awake too.

She rushed up into the air; her face burned a crimson red as she kept her gaze at him. Protrokalos also stared at her as he sat up. Their eyes locked on one another, like they were in a trance by both each other’s gazes. Rainbow felt her heart sped up as he blushed so did protrokalos.

Both stood there for a few blissful moments till finally breaking out of the trance by the sound of the door opening. Rainbow dash took his gaze off him and looked at the door. Protrokalos shooked his head and looked towards the door.

“Oh come on honey. You know she’s my girlfriend too” one figure said as the door opened.

“Still I don’t care. She could have least tell me before giving you the kiss of life.” another figure said

“You hit me so hard I almost fell into unconsciousness.”

“Yes but I apologize didn’t i? I didn’t even meant to hit you that hard”

Protrokalos watched as two familiar figures came in through the door. The first was the human he faced earlier. He wore a regular green shirt and pair of jeans and combat boots. Around his knee held a strap on with a glock in the holster. His hair was long brownish with several long bangs in the front and down his sides and a large red hoof mark printed on his left cheek as he carried several bags of groceries in both arms. The second the purple unicorn that was saved by the human last time he fought. Her hair was a dark bluish color with a purple and pink streak down her mane and tail and had several stars on her side of She had an angry but blushing look on her face.

Rainbow looked at the red mark on angel’s face as he came and set the groceries on the desk next to the door. A small giggle erupted in her mouth but she tried to contain it as I looked up at her.

“Hey rainbow glad you’re up. Uh guess you see this huh” I chuckled and pointed at my little temporary tattoo on my face.

Rainbow tried to contain her laughing as she didn’t need an explanation since she knew ‘who’ made that mark on his face but wanted to confirm it. “What happen to your face angel?” she chuckled again

“Well” I rolled his eyes and smiled.

*flash back*

“hm these peaches do look yummy huh angel?” twilight said smiling

“Yeah they do twi. How much sir” I said rummaging through his pocket.

It was a nice day walking through the shopping center. Both twilight and I went by buying groceries tonight’s supper. Since I was working for applejack I was able to pay for some of the food. Twilight enjoyed the company of her coltfriend especially when he generously asks to carry the groceries so she wouldn’t mess up her back. Twilight smiled as I placed 4 peaches into the bag and hand 6 bits to the sales pony; the other two peaches were for me and twilight. I happily chew on the healthy sweet peach I bought for both twilight and me; the sweetness of a fresh peach made my taste buds water again. I had canned peaches back in my world however I didn’t like them but I had to eat them if was going to survive and eating a fresh peach right off the tree tasted heavenly. Twilight chewed on her peach as well and looked up at me.

She smiled as a single drool strained fell down my cheek and against my jaw. She giggles and took another bite of her peach. I heard her giggle and looked at her confuse.

“Twilight what are giggling about?” I raised an eyebrow and smiled.

Twilight kept giggling before looking up at me. “Because you look cute when you’re drooling”

I blushed and wipe the drool off my face. We both continued finished our grocery shopping and decided to call it a day. Twilight led the way as I walked next to her, carrying several bags of fulled with food. I took a huge breath and looked up at the sky and smiled.

“Today is such a beautiful day huh.” I said looking up at the bright blue sky.

Twilight looked up at the sky then at me. “Yes it is”

“It would be even more beautiful with me and yah underneath a big old apple tree with the sun setting down and us kissing throughout the night sugar cube” a voice was heard right behind us.

Twilight looked annoyed as she recognized that voice anywhere, especially the sugar cube part. I was too busy blushing bright red and my heart skipping the beat to let my brain achieve who had said that. I managed to snap out of it and looked behind me. Twilight turned her head at the same time and looked behind. A certain farmer pony giggled and blushed as she looked at me.

“Oh hey applejack nice to see you today” I smiled lamely

Twilight looked at her a little unamused feeling down her gut. She cared for applejack because she was her best friend and she loved her like all her friends. She only wished she wasn’t trying to steal her coltfriend. But like i said a couple of days ago that i loved her as much as her and I told both her and applejack to behave if I was with one or the other or even both.

Twilight sighed and smiled at her good friend. “Hey applejack. What brings you here into town?”

Applejack trotted in front of me and placed her hoof on my left leg. “Well sugarcube ah was heading to grab ah few ingredients’ for granny smiths recipes and it seems ah hit the jackpot today” she said blushing.

“Can’t wait till you get home. Ah hope you’ll like my apple pies or you want something more ‘sweeter’ then pie sugar cube” she said winking at me.

Twilight looked at applejack and raised an eyebrow and then at me. I rubbed the back of my head and chuckled. I closed my eyes as I rubbed my head but I opened them as I felt an intense heat next to me. I turned my head slowly inch my inch; my face made an unease look as I looked down at twi.

Twilight stared down at the ground as I watched a red aura began to form around her. I felt the heat getting hotter every second pass as I stared at twi. I felt like I was going to get 2nd degree sunburn on my right arm and parts of my face felt warm even though I stopped blushing a while ago. Her hair began to change color as well as float up in the air. It changed from the dark purplish mane to blazing on fire style. She looked up at me with anger in her red and orange eyes. I took a few steps back away from twilight as she continued to stare at me angrily.

“ANGEL WHAT ARE YOU NOT TELLING ME?!” she said growling.

I raised both hands up to my chest. I sweated as twilight death glare made me shivered in terror. I know I face zombies, psychopaths, government monsters, a dragon and finally a large metallic wolf but none could ever scare me more than twilight’s angry look.

“Wait honey I thought applejack told you” I said cowardly. I looked at applejack and frowned

Applejack looked up at me and shooked her head. “Ah was hopin you tell her since she good with yah then me”

Twilight squinted her eyes at me. She grinned her teeth against each other as she looked at applejack then back at me. “ANGEL!”'

I rubbed the back of my neck and sighed. “Well twi I guess I should just keep it short with you. Me and applejack…. Are…. A couple likes you and me.”

Twilight looked at me dumbed struck. Did he just say applejack is angel’s marefriend too? She thought as the blazing slowly dimed down.

“I wanted to tell you twi and I forgot. With everything happening I sorta thought applejack told you and well I read in you books that it’s not rare to see a colt with two mares at once in this dimension. I’m sorry twi I didn’t tell you sooner” I bent down and looked at twi at eye level.

“I love you twilight as much as I love applejack as well. I just was so caught up with both of you I thought I told yah twi.” I slowly placed my hand on twilights chin and help raised it up. Normally I would go for the teary, beautiful, sparkling eyes she always gave me. Well actually they were angry, glaring, feral eyes that would even make zombies run in terror. I felt even more unease as she stared at me with those eyes again but this time minus the burning flaming hair.

“Angel” she said softly before lifting her hoof up a bit. “You. ARE. AN. IDIOT!” she screamed. Her hoof swift up towards my face. I didn’t have time to dodge or move out of the way from her attack and I felt the impact across my cheek. I fell back and onto my back, my head felt dazed after the impact and I laid there on the hard ground. Applejack was the first to rush towards me. Twilight stood their huffing at what she done. Her brain tried to achieve after the next scene that happen as she looked at angel’s dazed face. Applejack was locking lips with mine.

I felt dazed after the hit, my brain couldn’t process at what was happening since even though twilight spent her time reading, studying and learning magic she can still hit hard. Not as hard as rainbow dash like a few nights before but still she can hit hard. I closed my eyes hoping that the first thing I see after getting hit once was having the second hoof coming towards my face. I lifted my left hand to help support the weight of my head. As I raised my hand I stopped as I felt softness against the back of my hand, the similar softness I felt against my lips. I quickly opened my eyes and looked up. Applejack was kissing me and twilight stood their dumbstruck.

Applejack slowly let go and lick her lips as she look into my eyes. She blush a bright crimson as she stared into mine. I felt the same way I looked at her every time I look into her eyes. Hypnotize.

Applejack giggles. “Looks like ah save yah. Nothin like a good breath of life can bring a good stallion back” she smiled. She turned her head towards twilight and gives her a cheeky grin as well as sticks her tongue out at her.

Twilight looked at applejack annoyed and blushed. She then looked down at me. I was blushing bright red and smiling at applejack. Twilight gave me an angry glare and rushed to my other side. Her horn glowed a lavender color and I felt my head being lifted up by a force along with my body, my arms however were tightly squeeze together as I was lifted up. I fully rise up like I was some sort of zombie covered in a lavenderish color aura. I sat up and the aura disappears but I felt something wrap around me again. I looked to see twilight wrapping her hooves around my head again.

“I’m sorry angel I didn’t mean to hit you that hard” twilight said sweetly but looked at applejack angrily.

Applejack looked annoyed and wrapped her hooves around my head and yanked me towards her chest. Twilight hanged on as applejack yanked my head towards her. Both of them glared angrily into each eyes and both held my head tight. I wanted to speak out but I need my mouth for it and well they were covering it as they began to pull on both sides of my head.

Twilight jerked my head to her chest. “I said I was sorry now angel’s coming home to ‘MY’ house to rest applejack.”
Applejack jerked my head to her chest. “Ah beg your pardon but angel needs to come over to ‘MY’ house to rest after Ms. Bookworm here used his head as a punching bag.” Applejack said annoyed

I sighed.

*Present day*

“And what made it even more awkward is that twilight and applejack kept jerking my head over and lasted for an hour till some ponies figured out I needed to breath. And that’s not all. It had to take at least 2 ponies to pry twilight off and 4 ponies to pry applejack off my head.” I chuckled.

Rainbow dash just kept laughing as to everything that she missed. I joined in and protrokalos gave a small chuckle. Twilight however was blushing bright red on how embarrassing the way she acted in front of almost every pony in town. They both acted like small school fillies fighting over a toy. Except I was the toy.

“Yeah rainbow dash just get it out of your system.” Twilight said annoyed at rainbow dash continued to laugh. She then looked down at the couch and smiled at her ‘guest’ who was finally wide awake.

“Oh you awake” she said blushing again. “Uh you heard the story didn’t you?”

Protrokalos didn’t move his lips and just nodded. It had felt weird to see a unicorn before but seeing that is talking just makes it weird.

I managed to set the groceries down and looked at the couch and smiled.

“Hello we’re glad you’re awake. You’ve been out for a while my friend” I smiled and fixed the bangs off my head.

Protrokalos just sat their stunned and stared at me. The memories of the fight against me flourish him as I walked towards him. His body began to shiver as the memory of his crushing defeat against this man. The intense blow he taken while in his 5th form on his back and the amazing fight in his other forms as well. He stared at my face, his throat felt dry as thoughts of my other look, White hair with gold bangs, glowing white color eyes that look like two flashlights sticking apart from each other.

“I’m terribly sorry about that” I said rubbing the back of my head. “Anyways my name is joseph angel delemarte. But all my friends call me by my middle name so you can too” I gestured my hand at him.

“What’s your name?”

Protrokalos snapped out of it as he I told him his name. He shooked his head and looked up at me, twilight and rainbow dash. “Oh uh my name is protrokalos marrow and uh” he paused.

“And uh thanks for sparing me angel” he kept his gaze at the ground.

I chuckled. “no prob I’m just glad to meet another hu- um” I paused. I remembered the ‘other’ things he could do that a normal human can’t and plus his ears and tail were real since I tried to pull them off but found them to be exactly real.

Protrokalos took a deep breath and sighed. “I know I’m not human I understand it’s weird to see a creature such as myself my comrade”

I frantically waved my hands side to side. “What no no it’s not that it’s just…” I paused again and looked at the ground. My brain tried to come up with something that wouldn’t hurt his feelings or would endanger the life of his friends or the ponies of ponville. Thoughts and images of him tearing the town apart and killing everypony filled my head if I wasn’t there to stop him in the first place didn’t help.

Protrokalos shooked his head and stared at me with his red eyes. “Look American I don’t need your sympathy on what I am. I know what I am.” He lowered his head and stared at the ground.

“I’m a monster.” He closed his eyes for a brief moment.

Twilight and rainbow dash looked at him and frown. I looked at him and shooked my head. I always hated when people either call themselves something that isn’t true or call others things just for the hell of it. I grew angry that he would call himself that and stomped my foot. Protrokalos opened his eyes quickly as the sound of my stomp echoed making everyone in the room flinch even protrokalos. He looked up at my angrily glare and stared.

“Don’t you dare call yourself a monster! If anyone is a monster it’s that asshole who took advantage of you and his so call master” I said almost shouting in a growling tone.

Twilight back up as a white flowing smoke began emitting out of angel after stomping his foot. Rainbow dash couldn’t see the smoke that twi could see but she was scared as angel’s eyes went from normal happy look to a narrow anger style look that of a dragons’.

Protrokalos stared at his eyes too but something about them made him shiver uneasily as if he was looking into his soul. I shooked my head and sighed.

“Sorry I- I just don’t like when people say something horrible about themselves when it’s not true.” I smiled and rubbed the back of my head.

Protrokalos looked unamused as the human from last fight was trying to sweet talk him into thinking something else about himself but he didn’t need anybody to try to sugar coat it. He knew what he was and that’s that.

“Listen American don’t try to help me feel better about myself. I know what I am. I almost destroyed this town and everyone in it if- if you hadn’t stop me then. My question is why spare me?”

Angel looked at him with great discomfort. He was right on one thing. Even though he looks different then but minus the ears and the tail he would actually look like a human. His physical structure was indeed more muscular and his face, his clothing and his attitude definitely speaks military. I wanted to tell him why but something was prevented me from saying it. Not sure why.

“Well you see um…” I paused and took a minute to compose myself with the millions of questions that burn into my skull since the first day we brought him home from the hospital.

“Um f- first let’s uh gets to know each other first. Then angel will tell you why he did what he did?” twilight said smiling.

I turned my head around and smiled to twilight. “Yeah that’s good idea twilight. What better way to get to know each other is by asking each other past right” I said smiling.

Protrokalos looked at the ground for a few seconds before looking up at me. “sure sounds alright”

Rainbow dash did a somersault and slides herself down onto protrokalos lap. Protrokalos moved his hands up and blushed as rainbow dash got herself comfortable as she laid on his lap.

I tried to contain my laughter as I watched rainbow dash becoming softy to protrokalos. Twilight giggled and presents herself first.

“Sorry she’s not always like that. “She tried to contain her giggling as well.

She clears her throat and places her hoof on her chest. “My names twilight sparkle.” She pointed at rainbow dash. “The one on your lap that you save is ra-“protrokalos interrupted her.

“Rainbow dash. Ponivilles fastest most awesome pony.” He said smiling. Rainbow dash sat their stunned and stared into his eyes at amazement to knowing your name and who she is. Both me and twilight looked at him with surprise looks on our faces. How did he know rainbow dash if he only met her today unless he somehow was he before me. I paused and think for a moment. Twilight was the first to break the quiet moment.

“Um how did you know-” protrokalos interrupted again as twilight spoke.

“Before I explain everything I want hear your story American” he said in a serious tone.

I felt my eyebrow twitched after saying American again. I’m starting to grow annoyed of him calling me just American instead of my real name. “My names angel not American. Russian”

Protrokalos nodded. “Point taken angel.”

I grabbed one of the chairs behind me and set it in front so I was facing protrokalos. Twilight came up and rest herself onto my lap, both her hind legs and front hooves were facing my right but she turned her head till she was protrokalos. Rainbow dash just stayed where she was and placed both front hooves behind her head for leverage.

“Alright where should I begin?” I said while petting twilight head.

*everfree forest cave*


It was a week before they heard that their so call creature was defeat and already his queen was growing ever so impatient that it lost against the human yet again. Her fellow companion in chaos however grew more amused as the news about the early defeat.

“Patience my dear queen. It would seem that he’s much stronger than I would anticipate. I knew he’ll win eventually” he smiled sinisterly.

The queen slowly began to calm down and sit in her chair correctly. “I know it’s just strange that one human can defeat so many in one day. I still can’t believe he let that monster live.” She sighed.

Her companion taps his fingers and closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them. “A monster of flesh and bone can’t stop him then let’s try a different approach. “He snapped his fingers, a large metallic sound echoed throughout the room and began to walked forward towards them.

Both the queen and her companion smiled sinisterly as their newest toy came out and reveal itself to them. “If flesh is easy to be penetrating by bullets. Why not something more..... metal. Don’t you agree my queen.” He looked up at his queen.

The queen smiled again and stared at the large figure. She then looked down at her companion. “Yes seems fair enough”

Her companion snapped his finger and the large figure left the room. As it left the queen looked at him again but this time she wasn’t smiling.

“Before we continued on with our plan. I must ask you. How do you know he’ll win? What is he to you?” his queen questions him.

He didn’t say anything for a long period of seconds before looking up at her queen. A devilish look in his eye glowed bright red as he looked up and a large smile. “Let’s say we share a bond together.”

He chuckled for a bit before his laughter grew and echoed throughout the room. His queen too laughed and the sound of both laughter echoed through the whole cave and out from outside of the cave.

*twilights place*

“And that’s how I got here.” I said finishing up my story.

Protrokalos petted rainbow dashes stomach as I finished up my story on who I was and how my life was before coming to equestria. He sat their amazed as I told him what happen to my home when the infection came and how hard it was to survive and the difficulty it is to see family, innocent, even love ones die right in front of me.

I closed my eyes as the memories that haunted me began flourish my head with every heartbreaking moment from the day I lost Amy to my years of living in the dead city. A single tear slide down my cheek and landed on twilight back. Twilight felt the cold impact on her back and flinched. She looked up my tearful face and frowned. She didn’t like seeing me cry especially telling his harsh memories that I lived through. She turns her attention to my hand which was clenching almost hard enough to draw blood again; another tear fell down landing on twilight head. She finally came up, placing her hooves on my shoulders and planted a sweet kiss on my lips.

I opened my eyes as I felt the tip of twilight’s lips brushing against mine and smiled. I brought twilight closer and hug her tight. “Thank you twilight. I really need that”

Twilight smiled and giggled. “You’re welcome angel”

Rainbow dash shooked her head and stick out her tongue. “Ugh will you two get a room.” She blech as a small saliva trail was still connected to our lips.

I looked at rainbow dash and gave a devious smile. “Oh really its grosses you out rainbow dash.” I said grinning. Rainbow dash looked at me confused.

“If I recall a few nights back didn’t you give the same gift to protrokalos here.” I began to chuckle and grin devilishly.

Rainbow dash turned a deep shade of red as I blabbed her out to protrokalos. Protrokalos face felt warmer too as the thought of her kissing him while he was out. He turned his head to the side and cover his mouth with his right, his mind filled with thoughts on both of them together and both locking lips together made him blush as red as a tomato. Even though she was a pony he still somehow grew a crush on her during the last few months of living in the everfree forest. As protrokalos was day dreaming and blushing a deeper color red rainbow dash however stand up and faced both me and twilight. Her face was still red but she was grinding her teeth together.

I felt scared as rainbow dash took off into the air just a foot off from where she laid on protokalos and stared down at me like she staring daggers at my soul. “ANGEL YOU IDIOT!” she screamed as she rushed down towards my face.

I flinched and brought my hands to my face, waiting for the impact that rainbow dash is about to deliver. (I knew I should have kept my mouth shut.) Rainbow dash race forward down, her front hooves lunged down at my head and her body went flat down straight towards me. I panicked as rainbow dash was just inches at my face before I stood their confused. Rainbow dash face was facing up and her hooves looked like she was crushed. Her back was bending till her cutie mark was almost touching her ear and her tail slowly fell down covering between her legs.

I raised an eyebrow and reached out with my hand. I felt something hard against my fingertips as I felt where rainbow dash stopped. I then looked down at twilight. Her horn was glowing and the wall shine a lavender color around where we were sitting.

Twilight scowled at rainbow dash as she slide down the force field and onto the floor. “Before you kill angel why don’t we hear protrokalos side of the story on how he came here to equestria first rainbow” her horn stopped glowing and the force field disappear.

I smiled and brought twilights face up to mine. “Thanks honey”

She was done scowling and just smiled as I brought my lips to hers again. “No problem but will you stop teasing rainbow. I really want my coltfriend in one piece not in pieces” she said nudging my shoulder.

I sticked out my tongue and gave a cheeky grin as I petted twilights mane. “Alright hon I’ll stop”

Protrokalos watched as rainbow dash slide down the force field and the human and twilight both smiling at each other. Rainbow dash finally hit the ground and began rubbing her face. Rainbow knew twilight was going to do that eventually only wish she just stopped her instead of projecting a force field and letting her ram herself into it.

Protrokalos sighed and shooked his head as he watched rainbow dash rubbed his face. He left her there for a few seconds before finally bending down and reached out with both hands on both rainbow dashes sides. Rainbow dash took one more shook before feeling something wrapping around her hips. She left them for a few heart beats before she hoisted up and onto protrokalos lap. She looked up at protrokalos face; her face turned a light shade of crimson as he looked down at rainbow and smiled.

Both me and twilight smiled as protrokalos began to pet rainbow dash ear and making her blush even more redder than before. I chuckled as rainbow dash adjusted herself till she was confortable. Protrokalos still kept petting her as she twisted her body till she almost sitting like twilight except both front and back hooves were pointing at us and she laid her chin on his left thigh. Protrokalos didn’t move as she sat herself in a more comfortable place. He then took his attention on me, his red eyes shined as rubies off the sunlight as he stared at me.

“So angel I’m sorry on how much you lost and how much you suffered. We both are similar in several ways.” He sighed

“Yeah it’s fine. We still managed right. But I don’t know how much about you. I barely know you except at what you can do.” I frowned.

“Like I said can you tell us about you protrokalos?” twilight said concerning.

Protrokalos chuckled and turned his head. “I- I can’t tell much. I can’t remember my childhood, my family, my friends nothing” he hanged his head for a few seconds.

I remember very little about my past but I knew one thing. I was the Russia’s best cop they had. The only problem was”


A large crashing sound echo through the small alley along came with a large thud. Pieces of glass fell down onto a fairly sized man. He covered his face as shards of glass began pouring down onto him, some of which sliced his hand. He quickly got up from the ground; pieces of glass scratched his palms and some became embedded into his shoes as he took off down the alley. His body filled with adrenaline as he race towards the exit, pushing garbage cans, trash bags and several broken equipment’s out of the way.

“Almost home free” he said huffing as out of breath. He grinned as the sunlight shined brighter onto his face as he drew closer out of the alley.

He felt relieve as he was almost half way through but quickly felt his body grew cold. The sound of another crashing sound echoed the alley and his body violent being pushed to the wall. He felt his head throbbed as the right side made contact to the wall and again. He felt his hair being tugged; his whole body was hoisted up into the air. He frailed his arms around trying to break free but his whole body felt being thrown again to the wall. He hit the wall but that wasn’t over there as he felt his a large pressure against his back. His back bend as it pressed him hard against the wall, the sound of bone cracking echoed in his ear as he fell to the ground. He groaned in pain; he coughed up a few drops of blood before feeling more pressure except again but this time on his face this time. He squinted his eyes up at the man.

He could see his face because he became blindsided from the sunlight but was able to see what he was wearing instead. He wore regular clothing with a black jacket, red shirt, along with some regular cargo pants and combat boots. On his waist a bright shiny police badge sat their peacefully as the man pressed his boot harder on his face and a large green wolf’s tail sway side to side slowly.

“Thought you got away didn’t yah. Didn’t you mother told you it’s not polite to steal. Especially from cops.” The man said chuckling.

The man grunted as he tried to push the man off his face. “Let me go you stupid fuck” he grunted. Poor choice or words.

The police officer continued increasing pressure on the man’s face. The sound of him screamed made him smile as he watched him trying to pry his foot off the man’s face. He crossed his arms and shooked his head.

“To bad looks like I have to teach you a lesson doesn’t It.” he lifted his foot high up. The man breath heavily as he watched the officer’s boot was lifted off his face and up to the air but stayed hovering above his face.

“Tell the devil I said hi” the officer said chuckling evilly. The man grew wide eyed as his boot quickly came down towards his face. He tried to move his hands but he wasn’t fast enough to move anything. He closed his eyes tight not wanting the impact onto his face.

“PROTROKALOS!” a shout heard at the end of the alley.

The officer stopped half way to his face and looked at where the screamed came from. The man slowly opened his eyes, he felt relieved as the boot that was half way to making his head into a pancake was away from his face. He too looked behind him at where the officer was looking. He looked up at the end of the alley at another officer but instead in a regular police outfit with his badged around his neck and a angry look in his eyes.

“YOU IDIOT! WE NEED HIM ALIVE!” he shouted angrily. As he shouted two more officers in uniform came behind him and walked towards the bleeding man.

“Thank god” he said slipping out of conscious.

*few seconds pass*

Protrokalos sat on the rail just on the other side of the street from where his suspect was captured. He crossed his arms and hanged his head as he leaned on the rail. His tail wrapped around his waist as his ear twitched. He listened in as a medic was talking to his police chief about the man’s condition. He smiled as he heard he’s alive almost due to so much pressure on his face which he cracked most of his cheek bone and several parts of his eye socket.

His commanding officer nodded as the medics told him some good news and bad news. He proceeded by saluting them as the medic got into the back as he walked towards protrokalos. Protrokalos chuckled as his commanding officer walked up to him, a large scowling angry look on his face made him laugh to how many times he has made the same face every time he sees him.

“You know I wonder how come you haven’t scared you kids with a face like that. I mean come on your face must be frozen in that same look every time we meet like this.” Protrokalos chuckled again.

His commanding officer squinted his eyes at him. “You think it’s a joke. WE ALMOST LOST OUR LEAD OF ILLEGAL WEAPONS STASH BECAUSE OF YOUR TATICS!” he raised his arm and pointed at the ambulance rolling away.

“We be damned lucky to get anything out of him any time soon.” He lowered his arm.

Protrokalos didn’t move but just smiled. “Hey you told me to get the bastard and I got him easy done alright”

His chief began to grit his teeth together. “Yes but not only that BUT HALF OF THE THEATER IS ON FIRE AND THE SMALL CHINESE RESTURANT IS BLOWN TO BITS AFTER YOU STUNT WITH THE DAMNED BUS! I still can’t believe you drove a f@#ken bus into a Chinese restaurant. A Chinese restaurant protrokalos” he said shouting.

Protrokalos laughed and patted his chiefs’ shoulder. “Well next time keeps up with me instead of keeping up with those donuts and maybe I won’t blow shit up” he poked his chiefs belly before facing the huge city.

His commanding officer slapped his face with both hands and pushed his face down and began stomping his feet all around. As his boss was having a rage quit he admired the beauty of the city.

His home is the year 3056 in Russia where Technology has increased over the last several decades since before 21st century. Today Russia now stands more than ever as the world’s largest leading army and home to much biological warfare in the entire world combine. America has been dealing with Russia for over several decades but one matter cost the increase of weaponry during the la incident that happen in 2015 where almost 95% of LA tourists, workers and citizens were turned into zombies. Later in the late 2022 a nuclear strike was order to ‘sterilize la’ forever. After the ‘incident’ America order a large number of weaponry if another attack happens again. Since then Russia became the #1 leading army recruiting in the world.

Even though his town has the largest army rate and the largest weapons depot still Russia was one of the world’s beautiful countries with its beautiful sights, music, arts and poetry. Protrokalos has always admired his countries success and just smelling the fresh air always made him feel calm. Especially even in his current state where people like him are discriminated because the way he looks. Very few people are born with animal like instincts and very few have gain animal parts such as ear’s, tails, fins, beaks, wings or gills. People who do gain them were always treated badly because they believe they were freaks of nature and all should die. Protrokalos has always been told the same shit over and over. Maybe that’s the reason why he became a cop or something like that in the first place.

He turned his head towards his boss again. He still continued to pull his hair and continued stomping all around. He laughed and continued viewing the scenery.

Chief Nicolai has been chief of police for 20 years and has worked with protrokalos for over 5 years. Over the last few years he’s been nothing but a thorn in his side and a pyro maniac to the whole city. He always wanted to fire him but he couldn’t since management forbids it because protrokalos was the best at doing his job even if it cost the city billions or trillions of dollars in damages. His men we right about one thing he does get the job done even the more suicidal jobs too but he wished he doesn’t have to cost the station billions of dollars because he doesn’t know the word enough when it comes to a situation.

As chief Nicolai was busy having a rage moment on the huge bill for the repairs that protrokalos had done one of his officers walked up to him.

“Uh sir sorry to interrupt but” the officer said tapping chiefs shoulder.

Commander stopped and looked at the officer. The officer stood before him and held a phone up for him.

“Station wants to talk to you about something important.” He said handing to phone to Nicolai.

He grabbed the phone from the officer and began speaking through it. “Yes hello”

Protrokalos looked at his captain who began to speak through the phone. He tried to listen in but sadly the phone had a special sound attachment that prevents protrokalos form hearing through but he knew he was talking about him since his captain said ‘yes he’s here’ as he talked on the phone.

The captain hanged up the phone and looked at protrokalos. “Station says someone is there and wants to speak to you now” he points behind him. “Get going or else you’ll be scrubbing floors for an entire year after the stunt you caused today”

Protrokalos nodded and smiled. “Alright I’ll head down there ‘AFTER’ I get myself something to eat” he chuckled.

His commanding officer twitched his eyebrow and took his gaze off him for a second before returning back. “GET BACK TO BASE OR I SWEAR I’LL MAKE YOU SCRUB THE BRIDGES WITH A DAMNED TOOTH BRUSH!” he shouted

Protrokalos put up his hands in a defensive position. “Alright alright I’m going” he said as he walked to his car.

Chief Nicolai just stood there as he heard the sound of a car starting and finally taking off behind him. He sighed and groaned. “I hope whoever they are gives that asshole for what he deserves here.” He raised both arms both to his sides and stared up into the sky

“What else can go wrong here?” he said slouching down. As he slouch another officer came up with and unease on his face.

Nicolai looked at the officer and raised an eyebrow. “What is it officer?”

He smiled crookly and looked at him with worried eyes. “Uh well sirs uh remember the crash at the Chinese restaurant.” He said in a worried tone

Nicolai nodded. “Yes why?”

The officer scratches the back of his head and kept his gaze away from his commanding officer. “Uh well sir. The bus caught fire and well the fire spread and destroyed the small café shop next door. The owner is requesting over 3 billion in dollars for the repairs and replacements the fire destroyed.” He felt his body grew cold as he turned his head towards his commanding officer.

Nicolai didn’t moved, his left eye twitched and he looked at the officer with a surprised face.

As protrokalos drove off the base he could have sworn he heard his name called in an angry tone from over 100 feet away.

After dodging traffic jam from the police and firefighters that were busy dealing with the fire spread from the Chinese shop to the small café shop he finally made it to the station. He causally got out of his car and walked up the steps and into the police station.

Inside the police station there were a few desks scattered around. All each were facing in front of a fairly large pillar with several monitors on it. Each monitor had a specific case and or map in which several detectives were busy using to track done suspects, locations and murder scenes and car thefts all over Moscow. One detective however from the rest of them sits comfortably in his chair with his legs sitting on top of the desk. A large cup of coffee laid on one hand while a jelly donut sat in his other.

He sighed and turned his head to the captain’s quarters. Several men in suits sat patiently inside as well as his captain brass who sits at his front desk discussing with the men. He sighed and lifted the jelly donut up to his face. The sweet aroma from the frosting made his mouth watered. He licked his lips and brought the donut up to his mouth and held it for a few seconds.

As he was about to feel the sweet softness from the dough and the raspberry flavor filling that supposedly will take him to heaven was replace with cold hard and sharp pain of his teeth hitting on against each other. The stinging from his teeth flowed throughout his whole mouth which he let out a low groan and covered his mouth with his other hand.

He held his mouth as the stinging faded. He looked at his empty hand and around the room. A familiar face smiled down at him holding the jelly donut between his thumb and his index finger.

Protrokalos stood there staring at his former partner and chuckled as he held the donut in front of his face. “You know if you keep eating these and superman couldn’t see right through you. Oh that’s right he can’t” he chuckled and gave the donut back to his partner.

His partner felt annoyed as to his smart remarks and sarcasm. But like everyone else around his unit he has sort of gotten use to how protrokalos acts around the world. “Oh ha ha I forgot to laugh.” He said sarcastically and proceeded to point towards the captains’ quarters.

“Captain Brass and a few other suits are looking for you.” He took a sip of his coffee before looking up at protrokalos.

“Listen here protrokalos. Keep your guard up. I don’t trust these guys” he said concerning.

Protrokalos looked at his partner and raised an eyebrow at him. “Why what you know about these guys?”

He shooked his head. “Not sure except they called themselves S.A.N.I.T.Y organization and I’m not sure what that spells.”

“I think I know. It stands for sugar and nachos indulging tons in yards.” Protrokalos laughed.

His partner punched protrokalos arm. “I’m serious man. I haven’t seen these guys in my life. nobody has. Just keep on you guard with these guys”

Protrokalos waved his hand and shooked at head side to side. “Yeah yeah eat your damned donut you lard fat” he causally walked towards the captains’ quarters but turns after hearing his name in an anger tone.

His partner pointed his finger at him “hey just to let you know.” He taps his hand with his chest. “I lost 30 pounds this week. So you can’t say shit”

Protrokalos put his hand in his pocket and smiled deviously. “Pull up your shirt I think I found them” he laughed and went inside the captains’ quarters.

His partner groaned and flipped him off as he went inside. “SCREW YOU.” He shouted and quickly took a bit from his donut. “bastard” he said softly while eating it.

Protrokalos walked inside and looked around. His captain sat at his desk and folded his hands as he looked up at him. The other two men sat in the guest chairs and faced as protrokalos shut the door behind him.

“Ah protrokalos you finally came. I’m surprise you survive after the stunt you made with a bus today” he closed his eyes and gestured protrokalos to sit down at one of the other guest chairs. “Please sit. These men want to talk to you in private.”

Captain brass stood up from his chair and walked up to protrokalos. He stopped next to protrokalos and stood facing the door. He whispered softly. “Be careful protrokalos” he said leaving the room.

Protrokalos didn’t say a word as he left the room. His words made him felt unease as he took his attention at the men in suits. he always trust his captain since the first day on the force and when it comes to these types of men it’s best to be on guard on what they do or what they offer. Protrokalos took his seat in one of the chairs on the walls, he kept his gaze at both men sitting down and staring at him.

Both men were wearing pure dark black suits with black ties and black shoes. They both looked to be old bout in there 40 or 50’s with dark brown hair and tannish complex. They both also wore sunglasses and a head piece around there left ear that stood to be FBI of sorts but one thing made sure they weren’t FBI both had a badge on their left collar. Protrokalos stared at the emblem for a few seconds and wonder who they work for, It resemblance a hand with an eye in the middle on it.

“Good evening protrokalos. I trust that you are having a good day am I correct.” One of the men in suits spoke in calm tone.

Protrokalos shooked his head and looked at the men “yeah went by like any other day” he chuckled softly.

Both man looked at each other nodded. “Well Mr. Marrow I’m glad it went well especially the little scene you made down near the theater today. I must say you got quite the talent there” one man smiled and rubbed his chin.

Protrokalos never felt fear in his whole life when he first joins the force but now he started to feel a little apprehensive as both men smiled at him.

Few minutes pass by. Finally after 10 minutes of watching protrokalos one of the men pulled out a brief case and presented it onto his lap. Protrokalos stared as the man held the case with both hands, a large cuff link connected from the handle to his arm as he presented it to protrokalos.

“Now we know you are an impatient man so we’ll keep it short about why we are here and why you are here with us as well.” he taps fold his hands together and tap his thumbs together.

“You see protrokalos we’re from a special organization called S.A.N.I.T.Y. You’ll know what it stands for after our little ‘offering’.”

Protrokalos looked at him unamused. “Offering huh? What offering?” he said crossing his arms together.

The man I suit chuckled at protrokalos before clearing his voice. “An offering you won’t regret.” He smiled devilishly.

“now let me first introduce ourselves. You may refer me m and this is my partner s. our names are un aunthorize till end of discussion.” Mr. m said

Protrokalos looked at the men and raised an eyebrow. “m and s. really. You sure it’s not s and m” he chuckled.

S looked at protrokalos and chuckled. “a man with a sense of humor. Guess we should have seen that coming” he said smiling.

Mr. m cleared his throat. “Alright enough jokes let’s get down to business. You see our organization is how you say secret from the world. Nobody knows of our work but those of us knows of our work”

“As in what work? Give me something specific” protrokalos said questionably

Mr. M tried to speak but Mr. s interrupted. “You remember the incident years ago during the incident where china was engulfed in outbreak similar to LA outbreak but almost destroyed half of the country right. We were ones that stopped it from spreading.”

Protrokalos sat there, a surprised look in his eyes as Mr. S told him their work. Years ago after la was sanitized, another outbreak occurred in the heart of china resulting in over 30% of china’s population becoming the undead. But after three months it was stopped and china managed to regain and repair its tremendous loss against the undead. Nobody knows who or what started the outbreak and what killed off the infected. Few survivor’s however explain that they saw several men bought bout 4,5,6 men in some type of high tech armor went through all over through each parts of china, killing off every single undead and mutant in sight.

“So you guys did the clean up over in china huh. I’m impress. A little” he said crossing his arms. “So let me guess you are here to recruit me is that it.”

Mr. M and Mr. S both looked at each other and nodded before turning towards protrokalos. A little devilish grin stretched their faces.

“He caught on quite quick then the last one don’t you agree Mr. m?” Mr. s said calmly.

Mr. M nodded softly. “Yes he has Mr. S. The only question is will he join? As you can see our time is short and since protrokalos has better things to do all we need is an answer.”

Protrokalos watched as they sat comfortably on the chairs. He sat their surprised as they would recruit them even though he doesn’t know anything about them except they were the ones to stop the outbreak years ago. He doesn’t even know if they were watching him or they knew anything about him or his life.

He sighed. “Why should I join you even though I don’t know anything else about you guys or your organization?”

Mr. M sighed as well softly. “You’ll find out about us if you accept in working for us.”

Protorklaos shooked his head and got up from his seat. “Listen I don’t join anybody I don’t know so take you tidy ass out of my captains office and leave.” He walked towards the door but stop mid-way from opening it.

Mr. S watched him as he walked to the door and opened it slightly. “We know that you’re sick of people thinking you’re a monster. We can change that.” He softly tapped his finger onto the briefcase on his lap.

Protrokalos stood their half way from opening the door. He didn’t move and just stared at the ground. For many years he was called a monster and for many years before and during the force they only acknowledge as only a monster. He had always felt alone since then and always been treated badly than anyone else because of his appearance. And for someone saying they can help change that stopped him there. His mind wonders on images and thoughts of people accepting him for who he was and not what others think about him from the outside. He stood there for a few seconds before slowly closing the door.

Mr. S and Mr. M smiled as protrokalos shut the door softly and sat back down into his seat in front of them.

“How do you plan on changing that?” protrokalos said softly.

Mr. M and Mr. S managed to hear protrokalos question even and began to answer.

“Simple we’re going to train you to becoming more ‘advance’ then most of the leading training you had. By the time we’re done you will be unsta- I mean loved by the people of each and every country.” Mr. S causally opened the briefcase and pulled out a small piece of paper and a pen.

“All you need to do is sign here” Mr. M held out the pen towards protrokalos.

Protrokalos stared at Mr. M for a few minutes and then at the pen. His mind filled with the decision of being better than just a cop and actually gets recognized for his work and just being staying the way he was and always get yelled and ignored. He compose himself before looking at the pen and reach out. At first protrokalos mind filled with thoughts of being stronger, faster, smarter made him feel confident about the idea but they soon seized as he felt a sharp pain in the middle of his index finger.

Mr. M who held the pen as protrokalos reached out for it watched as his fingers reached at towards his. With a small precise aiming he took aim at one of the fingers. In a quick motion he pulled back the pen and lunge the pens tip towards protrokalos index finger. The tip of the pen was sharp and went through the skin and through muscle.

Protroklaos retracted as the pen went deep into his finger. “OW BASTARD!” he shouted and looked at his finger. Small drop of blood oozed out from his tip and down his finger. He raised his finger over his mouth to stop the bleeding but stopped as he felt his something wrap around his wrist. Mr. s grabbed his hand before he placed in next to his mouth. He slowly twirled his palm around, blood from his finger begin to drip onto the carpet. He slowly brought his finger till it was touching the end where the signature was.

“Please use your blood. It’s more ‘accurate’ then a simple signature.” He smile stretched to both cheeks as he drew protrokalos finger to the contract.

Protrokalos lowered his pricked finger down onto the contract. Slowly he begins to sign the contract. Mr. S took the signed contract and put it back into the briefcase. Protrokalos liked the blood from his finger before speaking up. “So what now?”

Mr. S removed his sunglasses and slowly opened his eyes, his left glowed a greenish glowed all around his eye while the other eye glowed bright red. Protrokalos heart sped up a bit as he could swore he saw something dark lurking within both eyes.

“Now you’re one of us now?” he said softly but almost in a demonic tone.


“That was twelve years ago when I made that grave mistake of signing that contract” protrokalos stared down at the couch. He tried to fought back his tears as told his greatest mistake. Rainbow dash sighed and stared up at his watery eyes.

I stood silent as I petted twilight’s mane. I knew he was fighting back tears because of the way his head was covering his eyes with his headband.

A long silent filled the air, nobody made a sound well nobody dare wanted too.

I managed to break it... somehow.

“What happen then?” I said softly but concerned.

Protrokalos managed a small but depressing smile before looking up at me. His red eyes looked almost watery as though he fought every inch of holding back his tears. “Well I don’t know how to explain it to you but I can tell you this. The last twelve years I experience would even make the gods cry. The horrific nightmares I endured, the many experiments’ my body was introduce.” He took his gaze away from me and stared down at the floor.

“The millions of lives that suffered… because of me” he took his hands off rainbow dash and stared at them. “these hands shed so much blood it- it felt like the part of the world was bleeding because- because of what they did to me.”

I shooked my head. “God” I stared at him in disbelief. My thoughts of thinking should I have let such a dangerous man like himself live still came to question. I took my eyes off him and began to think of why would I let him live. He indeed was dangerous when fighting him several days ago. I thought of finishing him off there but something in said I should keep him alive and it was not his fault he’s like this. Only one question can prove it and I hope he says the rights answer.

“Were you given a choice?” I said almost in a low serious tone.

Protrokalos let out sigh and looked up at me. His red eyes started to glow a bit before finally speaking. “No”

I let out a small ounce of relief. This meant that even though he’s dangerous in almost every way he still has a heart. One that manipulated and controlled by the people who changed him. I looked up towards protrokalos face, he showed certain of unease as if he was reading my mind or he could tell what I’m thinking from just looking at my face expression.

“I’m sorry i-“I was cut off as he raised his hand.

“No need to be sorry. After all I’m just as surprise as you are.” Protrokalos lowered his head and began stroking rainbow dashes mane.

“Why? You seem alright to me?” rainbow dash looked up at protrokalos.

Protrokalos looked at her questionably. “What’s your definition of me being alright?”

“She thinks your awesome protrokalos. After all I have to agree with her that fight plus you saving her was awesome” twilight giggled

Protrokalos cheeks flush a bit and smiled. I chuckled and nodded. “ I have to agree that’s a fight I will be remembering for a long time” I rubbed my forehead, my skull was still healing after my forehead met with his.

Protrokalos rubbed the back of his neck. Even though he was controlled he wasn’t mind controlled to do all the fighting. He wished he was.

“Uh yeah sorry about that ame- I mean angel”

I sighed “eh heh no worries. It’s ok. The important thing is that everyone is ok even you that’s important”

“Which leaves the final question that I know you want me to answer?”

Twilight nodded. “Yes. How did you come to equestria? I mean angel came because of me.”

“How did you came is what twilight is asking?”

Protrokalos face showed a more amused tone as he looked at us. A small smile spread across his face made me feel a little unease. He looked as though he could scare a full grown lion just smiling that.

“I can’t answer that nor explain how I got here. The only thing I can remember was the beginning of a violent massacre, then getting shot, and finally waking.”

“I guess we both are alike. We were both almost dying men” he chuckled one last time before speaking the last few images of his final mission.

*3068 over Russia*

“I can’t believe Russia’s falling. This cannot be happening”

“Believe it hothead. Just hope we can stop this before Russia lost.”

“Gonzalez a Hothead? I thought protrokalos was the hothead here. He’s always the asshole that charges first and asks questions later”

Protrokalos looked over at shears with anger in his eyes, his grip wrapped around the end of his katana. “Keep yapping and you’ll lose more than just your tongue.” He slowly pulled his weapon up a bit the blade shined against the light from inside of the aircraft.

Shears one of alpha teams’ top best sharp shooter and protrokalos partner in war gave a devious grin towards protrokalos. A large .38 colt python with an attachable red dot scope point towards protrokalos head.

“I wouldn’t do that. After all I don’t think you want end like the last guy that pissed me off” he cocked his weapon and both stared down at each other. Few minutes pass before both protrokalos weapons were out of their hands. Both shears and protrokalos looked around for their weapons before looking at their commanding officer.

Shear ginned as commander riverwood used the end of protrokalos katana and slammed it against his head before doing the same thing to shear’s head with his weapon.

“KNOCK IT OFF MAGGOTS! IF I WANT YOU DEAD I’LL DO IT MYSELF!” he throws both weapons back to owners.

Everyone else started to chuckled but stopped as their commanding officer stared daggers at everyone.

“ALRIGHT LISTEN UP! You all must have heard. Russia’s falling and both beta and delta teams couldn’t stop the attack.”

As both sides watched their captain made their way towards the end of the aircraft a small tv turned on and revealed a broadcast. A Russian reporter begins to speak through as short vids showed destruction of the mother land. Buildings crumble, innocent run and what seems to be infected and some type of creatures that resemblance humans but with horrible disfigured faces and other limbs race through the streets attacking anything that moves.

One of the creatures that race through the streets spotted the camera man and rushed towards him. His face was horribly disfigured with several black spots and what appear to be several more eyeballs all around its face. Shears begins to laugh as the vid stops right where it’s face was in front of the camera’s lenses.

“HA looks protrokalos and swift’s face mixed together. Priceless” he continued laughing.

Protrokalos grinded his teeth at shears smartass comment; his grip tightened on his weapon begging for blood. Swift team alpha’s top demolition expert sat next to protrokalos and grew unamused at shears comment too. His aa-12 gripped tightly in his hands as he growled, several puffs of smoke from his cigar hovered over his head but he did not say a word.

“SHUT UP SHEARS THIS IS IMPORTANT! Now these ‘things’ you see here we just call them mutant’s for now. Almost 80% of these things are running amuck around our home is out there infecting anything insight.”

He taps his finger against the screen of the tv. Another image revealed a large map like structure of the entire city. Several large red circles covered most of the city while some stayed a light bluish color.

“As you can see Russia’s not doing so well. We’re not sure on where they originated from but I can assure that we will be the ones the ‘clean’ up the streets.” He points at each member of the team.

The first was redfield who was the team’s best recon and satellite surveillance operative. He was a crazy sort always carefully looking around and truly was a coward. Even the smallest bit of out of the ordinary like a crack noise or the sound of something snapping freaks him out and he’ll go into a frenzy, shooting anyone or anything in sight. He was however good with scouting ahead and had almost everything to scan through air, land and through sea.

The second was summer aka bitch you don’t want to fuck with. She was their best runner and always quick on her feet. She so fast that she could even out run a jet without breaking a sweat. But as her speed became faster so did her temper who gradually will shift from happy to angry in a matter of seconds maybe not even. She only gets mad well for whatever reason since mostly she’s always crazy but when she’s steamed…. Well all I can say is you better start running to a jet soon or at least hope you’ll get a 5 minute head start.

The last one their commanding officer pointed was swift out team’s demoman.

“Redfield, summer and swift will take the north end of city.”

Shears cheered and began to laugh. “Hell yeah. Finally I don’t get stuck with Redfield again.” he chuckled again. Commander riverwood looked over towards shear, a devilish grin shifted on his face that made shear feel uncomfortable in the situation. He stopped laughing and gulped as riverwood pointed at him then…. To protrokalos and finally skinner.

“Alright if you want to laugh about that then I’m putting you, protrokalos and skinner together. You’ll both take the middle of the city.” He smiled again.

“And the rest will go with me on the south side of the city.”

Protrokalos looked at his commanding officer; his jaw fell as he heard that he was teaming up with shears the one person he truly hated. Shears gave the same looked but knew not to argue with his commander since he’s the only one that gives the orders and nobody should question or refuse from him. Last time he refused he woke up with all his limbs broken and his head almost caved in.

He sighed and looked over towards skinner who was sitting next to protrokalos. She was teams’ top medic and top scientist with the brain of a supercomputer. Parts of her body have been replaced by machinery including parts of cranium. One of her eyes was computerize to help scan and read fast computerized data without missing a single letter. She was mostly calm whenever the situation gets hasty and whenever it becomes any worse than before she always finds a plan to get out of the situation even with their captain is present. She does get along with everyone but mostly she gets along with protrokalos after one fatal day where a mission went wrong and she was stranded in North Korea for 2 weeks. After 2 long weeks protrokalos couldn’t take it anymore and without the commissioners permission protrokalos stormed into the North Korea’s military headquarters’ and begin torching the whole facility and everyone and everything in it. it was there that skinner was saved after two weeks of tortured she was finally freed and carried out by protrokalos. It was after that day she grew a somewhat crush with him. Even though he was kept away from everyone else back at base she truly cared about him then most of the other teammates.

Protrokalos looked over to skinner but couldn’t see her face; her face was turned to the side so she couldn’t show. Her face was now a nice shade of red.

Protrokalos couldn’t understand why she acted like this when he’s working with her or hell even looking at her but like always he didn’t care. As long as his blade tasted blood.

20 minutes went by quick and already they were over the city. The first stop was to drop redfield and his team down on the north end of city. Next protrokalos and his team were over city hall. With one final Russian cheer protrokalos and his men all jumped out of the air craft carrier. Having his bones enhanced through various chemical and biotechnical chemicals using the rope was just too slow for him. Shears ignored him as he took a quick but suicidal trip down to earth.

“Show off” he said as he continued to slide down earth. Skinner followed behind.

Protrokalos shut his eyes as his descent down towards earth. Down towards earth the drop zone was cleared of enemy hostiles for a few seconds before several mutant’s began running through the drop off zone. A few infected scattered around and some began tugging on his teams ropes, one particular stood right where protrokalos was to land.

It’s teeth bared as it snarl, it’s eyes bugged out, darting everywhere looking for a slab of rotten meat or something that breaths to sink it’s teeth into. It turns it head quickly all around the area till he finally looked up. He looked up and turned his to the side as the object fell down towards earth and a break neck speed. It just stared at it as it’s head caved in, and it’s back ripped out from his lower pelvic. Blood and brains splattered all around hitting the walls and the other infected.

The infected all directed their attention onto the brain splattering that none were focused on protrokalos and his blade swifting around in a 360 and ending it with his blade back in his sheath. The sound of the blade clicking back inside caused blood to rain all around him none managed to stain his combat gear. Protrokalos had his eyes shut as the blood rain finally stopped and opened them as the sound of bodies hitting against concrete.

Protrokalos scanned the area for anymore hostiles. Thankfully none were spotted but the sight of destruction and smell of decomposition stenched the air. War brew around him and only the faint screaming echoed through the sky. His mind focused on his surroundings, the sound of footsteps and another body hitting the ground caught his attention. He took his gaze away from the exit and looked behind him. He grew a small smile, an expression he’d never made in the last 15 years of being on the force.

Skinner ready her weapon as the cable wire detached from the rope. She stared down at the other end of the rope along with shears laying on the ground, his left hand putting leverage on his anti- tank rifle while the other rubbed the back of his head.

Protrokalos looked up at the ropes, of all three ropes one was shorter, and the end of the shorter rope was cut. “Enjoy the drop?”

Shears shooked his head and slowly lifted his weapon off his stomach. “asshole” he finally got up and picked up his rifle.

Skinner shooked her head and looked up. With a circle motion with her hand the cable wires detached and the carrier flew off towards the east side.

As their ride flew off protrokalos, shears, and skinner ready their weapons as a wave of infected began pouring into the entrance. As skinner and shears pointed their weapons at the horde protrokalos however smiled and gripped the handle of his prized weapon.

“heh this may be fun”

Back inside the air carrier their commanding officer held onto the flight controls. He didn’t wore the head piece and only flew for a few seconds before letting go of the controls and making his way to the parachute locker. He quickly and carefully walked over the remaining members laying on the floor. Blood pooled around their heads and some caught onto his boots as he open the locker and pulled out an unused parachute. After attaching it onto his suit he grabbed the door handle and looked behind him at his men.

“Sorry boys nothing personal” a click sounded as he opened the aircraft hatched. “It’s only business”

With one more sighed his body felt lighter and finally felt like a rock falling down over a waterfall. His body fell towards earth at a break neck speed. His eyes close as he reached out with his right hand grabbed the cord connecting to the chute. With a little force he yanked it, the chute released and his body slowly departed down at a nearby building. As he descends towards the city, a large flash shined through the sky behind him but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Without any regard to self he removed the chute off of him and landed straight on top of the building. The only thing he did was fixed his gear while a large bombing sound echoed behind him. Fire crackles and pieces of static shined behind. He didn’t turn his body but slowly turned his head behind him and smiled.

“Like I said before. Only business.” He said in a devilish tone.

The sound of fire crackles and electricity static echoed as he walked away from what’s left of his ride.

*several hours later at city hall*

Several hours passed as protrokalos, shears and skinner made their way inside city hall. More mutant’s race towards protrokalos none made at least 10 inches from them. They were busy having their heads rolling down onto the steps along with their bodies. Shears followed alongside protrokalos but kept his distance from his blade. The sound of flesh tearing apart along with a large explosion echoing as every shot his anti-tank rifle fired. Skinners rifle fired at more individual hostels, after more shots her weapon stopped.

“What the?” she quickly looked at the side of her weapon, a single used cartridge lodge in the recoil chamber.

“DAMMIT!” she screamed. She quickly turned her gun to the side and pulled onto the recoil slot. The slot didn’t move as she tried to remove the cartridge. She tried wiggling bullet out but nothing. As she tried prying it out a random mutant spotted her and rush towards her without her knowing.

It felt as time slowed down all around her. Her body stopped as flashbacks shot through her head. Memories of her previous life as a technical technician at a small company in the city of la, to making the deal with two suits to finally the many cybernetic implants that was inflicted onto her body and brain. Even though the horrible cybernetic had altered her physically she had managed to retain several emotions through several chips hooked up into her brain.

Some of her memories and emotions she cherished were made from one particular soldier. The same soldier who took the liberty to eliminate to hostel that rushes towards her. His blade slide back into its shaft. With a small shake he slowly shooked skinner’s shoulder and helped dislodged the cartridge out of the recoil.

“Hey pay attention skinner.”

Skinner shook her head and looked at protrokalos. “Sorry protrokalos. I lost my train of thought there.”

Protrokalos shooked his head. He knew that skinner rarely to never loses train of thought when on the job but every time you are teamed up with her it’s almost like it’s a daily thing. “Listen skinner we’re a team but if you keep doing this. That’s going to get us all kill here” he pats her shoulder and walks up towards the main entrance of city hall, shears follows behind protrokalos leaving a blushing operative down at the middle of the steps.

She snaps out of it and makes inside as both shears and protrokalos barricaded the entrance. And blocking the entrance with several desks, tables and filing cabinets both they all went through each room, looking for any signs of survivors.

As they went through each room one particular room stood out from all of them. Skinner went inside the large conference room, a large box sat on top of the table along with several wiring attached around it. Skinner slowly walked towards it, after scanning her surroundings she opened it. There layed a recon surveillance hacking software computer, highly equipped technology that only a few are rarely heard of in the entire world. Now this high tech computer is on the table of the conference room fully laid out as if someone left it there for her to find it.

“How the hell this got here.” She quickly set her gun down and began typing up information. Protrokalos searched each room before entering the conference room. He spotted skinner on the computer and walked beside her.

“All rooms clear. Looks like they got out in time… I hope” he sighs and looks at skinner who was popping several surveillance footage of the entire city.

“Where did this come from?” he said questionably.

“That’s what I said.” She said as she looked around seeing only protrokalos are herself were present.

“Where’s shear’s?”

Protrokalos shrugged his shoulders. “Not sure he said he’s checking the east wing. I check to see where he is now” he taps his head piece and begins calling shears. Skinner continues typing up every piece information she could drain out of it seeing any connection of this outbreak and where bouts of any survivors. As she looked at each surveillance camera a piece footage caught her eye and filled her with fear.

“p- protorkalos” she said almost as she saw a ghost.

Protrokalos gave up and groan. After numerous tries of contacting shears he finally gave up. He looked up and at skinner who was glued on the monitor. Her hair looked as though it was standing up. He casually walked up beside her and looked at the monitor.

“What is it?” he said questionably.

Skinner replayed a video footage at the north side of the city. The footage showed Redfield and his teams were all running away through a company building. As they race through the building another figure reached the doors. He wore a military armor along with knee pads and a bangay hat. Skinner could see he smiled before pulling out his pistol and firing at each of Redfield’s men in the head. They all fell to the ground dead as he left them to be dined one. Several infected rushed over tearing the bodies apart and slowly devouring them.

Both protrokalos stared at the video as skinner rewind at the man again. They started at him for several seconds at who it was.

“th- that’s” skinner said in disbelief

“Commander redwood.” Protrokalos said in disbelief as well

Skinner shooked her head as to what she saw. Their own commander has shot his own men and left their bodies for the infected to snack on them. Protrokalos took his off the monitor, his thoughts could comprehend the sight he just witness. Skinner scanned through various video footages to see where he is now; footage shows him entering the back end of city hall and started up the stairs. He was inside city hall and was up on the roof. Skinner took her eyes off the computer screen and called out protrokalos. As she took her eyes off the monitor another video footage shows shears inside a room. His rifle pointing towards the wall as though waiting for his target.

“Protrokalos commander redwood is here.” Protrokalos looked at her; a nasty angry looked in his eyes made her flinched and back away a bit.

“Where?” he said coldly.

Skinner gulped and spoked. “He’s up on the roof. If we move we ca-“the sound of explosion echoed throughout the room but I didn’t stop there. The last thing was seeing skinner’s entire left arm and part of her shoulder exploded off its socket and she came tumbling down onto the ground. Protrokalos couldn’t react in time of the explosion but he managed to grab skinner before she hit the floor. Another explosion echoed again but this time the sound of something beeping echoed as protrokalos looked up. The computer had a large hole on its side and the beeping grew louder.

In such short minutes he turned and dash at the stainless glass. The computer behind him shot him through carrying and skinner a good few meters off. He held onto skinner with his life. He slowly twirled his body till he landed on the floor against his back. The force from the explosion and his impact gave weight from the floor and soon felt him hit the floor again on the first floor.

Protrokalos coughed as dust filled his lungs, his tried to lift himself up but his body ached from being carried by an explosion, landing on the second floor and then down at the first floor. He shooked his head and looked down at skinner. She was shaking profoundly, her bleeding was growing uncontrollably. He quickly got up onto his feet and carried her to somewhere safe.

Up on the second floor shears smiled devilishly at the two fairly large holes that lead through 3 offices and stopped in the middle of the conference room. After blowing the smoked off his rifle his next destination was the roof.

Protrokalos carried skinner through the building and towards the middle gardens. The gardens was a huge area with an open sky lined with a large tree in the middle and several patches of flowers all array red velvet roses to exotic fly trappers and puff flowers. Protorkalos slowly walked up to the tree and sat her down gently. As he sat her down he started working on her injuries. Her mechanical body managed to go into self-repair but due decapitation of her entire left arm and most of her left shoulder she had lost a lot of blood. He grabbed a portion of his jacket and ripped it off and applied pressure onto the bleeding flesh with it, but sadly the bleeding was simmering down. Skinner managed to open her eyes and looked up at protrokalos.

Protrokalos looked into her eyes, they were started to lose color fast. She was dying fast.

“Oh gods rooky don’t die on me. We’ll make it out of here. I promise.” For so long he’s has seen many individuals including his own men died and never has he ever shed a tear from his eyes or show any emotion towards anyone for the last several years. But this was different this time, for so long he and for so many years he finally felt something slide down across his face. a lone tear slide down across his face and landed on skinners emblem on her leg.

Skinner felt all around her being lifted, breathing became raspy and she was having trouble breathing. Death was waiting for her. She managed to open her eyes and looked up towards a hooded man wearing nothing but a large cloak and black hoodie. His face was black as darkness but she could see him carrying a large scythe in both hands.

It offered its hand signaling for her to go with him. Her eyes became watery but she managed to look at protrokalos and smiled.

“Before I go can I just tell him this for one second? Please” she pleaded.

The figure nodded and she was back only for a few seconds. She opened her eyes to see protrokalos trying to stop the bleeding and saying he’s getting her out of there safely. She smiled and grabbed his arm.

Protrokalos stopped as he felt skinner hand around his wrist. He looked up at her watery eyes. “Don’t worry we’re going to make it ok. Just hold on for a lit-“he was cut off as his lips were connecting with hers. She had savor for this moment for far too long and finally it’s all coming true. Protrokalos couldn’t think straight at all. His mind couldn’t process after everything they went through together he never knew she liked him more the just an operative or more the just a friend. They savored the special moment for a few seconds before letting go.

Skinner and protrokalos looked at each other with teary eyes, none wanted for this to happen.

“I- I’m sorry. B-b- but I- I hav- I have to go now” she said sniffling.

Protrokalos shooked his head violently. “No… no no no. I can’t lose you. Please. I’ll stop the bleeding and I’ll carry you out of here. We’ll leave this country. Start a new life, a home, a family, just you and me. Please” he said pleading again but this time his eyes were streamed with tears. He had never felt like this to anyone before but somehow he knew he felt some type of connection with her but didn’t know what it was. He now knows and wishes for it to not end.

Skinner smiled one last time, a small tear fell down her cheek and onto protrokalos hand. “I love you protrokalos…… goodbye” she said one last time before falling into an eternal slumber.

Protrokalos said her name again and again. He violently shooked her to wake up. More tears slide down his cheeks. He couldn’t hear her heart beat anymore. He cried more and more. For so long he had felt his body, mind and heart turn icy cold from everything that has happen in his life. And now the moment that somebody who actually cared and loved him made him see the difference in life after so many years.

His sadness slowly became anger for the man for not just killing his own teammates but the one that truly loved him. His emotions turned to rage on killing everyone at headquarters filled his thoughts of revenge. But most of all his commanding officer must suffered for everything he took from him. All of this pent of rage he felt inside him was all caused as he felt the muzzle of a gun against the back of his head. A low chuckled sickened him as he slowly got up from his spot.

He didn’t have to turn his head to know who was making the chuckle. He recognized it for so many years of working with him. The bastard and his damned rifle. Shears.

Shears held his colt pointing dead center of protrokalos’s head. A sickly grin spread across his face as he got up. “opps sorry splitting you guys apart. But hey accidents happen” he said laughing.

Protrokalos didn’t say anything as he heard the monsters messed up voice. He wants revenge on his commander but first skinners killer must pay dearly.

“I must say if I knew you two were intimate together I would have just blowed your head as well so you could join with her as well. But I can’t because commander redwood would have my hide if I did.”

“so you were working with him this whole time. You f@#ked up bastard” he said coldly.

Shears laughed. “Yeah I was. But hey we all do for the money and besides I get more then I could ever want now. We’re all in the same basket boy.”

“But for now commander redwood wants to see you now. I’ll show you to him” shears made the ultimate mistake. He approaches closer towards protrokalos to grab his weapons’. His couldn’t move his arms or legs, at each ends he screamed from intense pain inflicted at each joint. He soon finds himself on the floor. His back felt wet and he couldn’t move at all. He tried moving his arms and his legs but nothing. His arms and legs sat disconnected and spread apart from his discarded body.

He panicked as he laid in his own blood, he frantically looked at all his limbs that which were all separated from his body. He violently looked around till a faint click sound caught his attention. His neck felt pressured all around it, the pressure kept him from screaming or talking. His discard body slowly lifted up and stared into the eyes of a devil. His body felt cold as his red eyes shined thus of a demon. For a few seconds he stared at it before he couldn’t see anymore. His body felt cold as it hit the pavement, both halves fell on opposite sides of his body.

Protrokalos stared at the sliced body then back at skinner. With one more sighed he walked over and started digging.

An hour later protrokalos sat next to skinners grave. His blade and with a piece of shears clothes he made a makeshift cross against the tree. After putting a bunch of roses on the ground he wrapped his fingers around each other, several tears slide down his face and onto the roses. He turn his attention to the discarded body on the side that started to collect fly’s all around, several maggots were in already embedded into the torn flesh of his former traitor.

“Goodbye skinner” he slowly got up and walked towards the stairway to the roof.

Nothing he wants more is just revenge. His mind filled with images of killing the bastard in several ways as he walked up the steps. As he walked up the steps he started to pick up pace and soon he was racing up each step. The same anger looks in his eyes as he passes each floor. He passed floor after floor till he managed to make it to the final door at the end. After several slams he broke the door off its hinges but just as quickly fell down at the ground.

He gasp in pain and clutched his chest, he lifted his hand. A large red puddle laid on his hand and more red liquid dripped onto his hand. His commanding officer stood at the edge of the roof facing where protrokalos lay. In one hand a lit cigarette sat between both is index and middle finger while his other hand held onto the trigger of shears anti-tank rifle that he recently borrowed for just for the occasion.

“You could have been a great fighter. A man that brought order to this giant rock.” His commander said. He took a puff from his cigarette before laying the rifle on its side from the railing.

Protrokalos huffed as the bullet went through his chest and out the back. his armor had not enough stopping force against the explosive force shears rifle caliber. He felt as though the every rib on the side it hit was broken. He managed to look up the traitor, his eyes began to show fading around the pupils.

He knew he was dying but he wanted his commanding officer to suffer before he dies.

“So just- just to clarify. Y-y- your- you’re the bastard tha- that caused this. Aren’t you?” he said coughing through bloods filling his mouth.

His commanding officer took another puff and chuckled. “Yes and no.” he walked towards protorkalos. A clump of his hair tangled around the redwoods fingers as he pulled his head till he could see him at eye level.

“You see life is worthless without order, like the mighty lion of the entire African jungle humans must be in controlled by only one man. Not by several people.” He sighed and let go of protrokalos head.

Protrokalos managed to lift himself up as his commander walked to the edge of roof.

“only one should rule, one makes the decisions and all must…. Surrender in order for safety. And if any refuse then sometimes we have shown them what we have to do for our country.”

He growled, drops of blood oozed from his teeth as he grinned his teeth together. “So to preserve you precious order you have to cause a disaster in order to scare them. NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE?”

“YES.” He quickly turns around facing protrokalos. “This world needs to be controlled by only one man. And my master will lead us to a future that best suits us.” he slowly reached out to grabbed the rifle.

Protrokalos watched as his fingers as they travel towards the handle and down to the trigger.

“but for our world to begin one must clean up the mess and ‘trash’ the unwanted” he chuckled one last time before lifting the rifle up, pointed it towards protrokalos, and began firing at him.

Even though he was losing a lot of blood protrokalos managed to regain some of his still beating energy. After dodging the first round with his life he quickly sprinted towards his commander, he drew his blade out shining through the moon light. Commander redwood became blindsided from the blade and missed several shots from his target. Redwood covered his eye from the blindness but instead felt cold steel piercing through his armor, through his heart and out the back. His mouth filled black blood that oozed out of his mouth.

Protrokalos twisted his blade twice through redwoods body, more black blood squirted out and some stained into his katana’s handle and some of his hand. He looked up at his at the bastards face, his anger fueled as a cold cruel smile spread across redwoods face.

“go to hell. You jacka@#” he quickly kicked him off his blade and over the railing. Protrokalos felt drained and slowly sat on the ground, his back leaned against the railing as his vision became blurry from all his surroundings. His senses started to dime off, even the hearing of the body hitting the steps was almost to inaudible. His lungs become harder to breath and he couldn’t move any part of his body. For a few seconds could only hear the last breaths he made as he slowly closed his eyes.

He finally closed his eyes and he was surrounded by the same thing he was clouded by for years.


*present day. Twilight’s library*

Silence hovered the whole room as protrokalos the tragic story he had witness on his last mission. Both me and twilight sat on the chair, tears streamed our faces as to protrokalos loss. Rainbow dash shed a few tears as she sat up and stared at protrokalos eyes. They became watery as to women he lost for his bosses actions for a better world.

Protrokalos sighed and closed his eyes, his tears slide down his cheeks but he stopped from something warm and soft around his body. He looked down at rainbow who was hugging him tightly in a deep embracement. Protrokalos took a few seconds before returning her hug.

I took deep sighed and wiped my tears off my face. Twilight too wiped her tears off and I held her tightly.

“So after that. How did you come to equestria?”

Protrokalos shrugged. “I don’t know. I… I just woke up again but this time… I was in a forest.”

“That’s it you don’t remember how you came here or who brought you here?” twilight said

Protrokalos shooked his head. “Nothing. I just woke with my katana and fully healed and that’s it”

“Where did you stay? Did you actually stay in the everfree forest” rainbow crossed her hooves together.

He nodded. “Yeah I have. been months since I stayed there. I…. I was worried that the residents of this town would consider me an animal. A monster.”

“We never considered you animal or monster.” Twilight smiled.

“Yeah and any pon- I mean anyone who is awesome but not as awesome as me mind you I still would like to enjoy hanging out with. Especially someone who saved me.” rainbow nudged his shoulder erupting a smile on his face.

“That does remind me. How do you know rainbow dash?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Every pony knows her. She’s quite famous. I may not left the forest but I still admired her flying. You can say that I… nah it’s. It’s stupid” his face turns a little red around his cheeks

I smiled at the blushing on his cheeks as he diverted his sight away from rainbow. “What? Having a crush on a pony.” I laughed “buddy I’m way ahead of you. I believe rainbow is too” I softly tap twilight back and smiled.

Both protrokalos and rainbow looked at each other and blushed but didn’t turn away from their gaze.

I smiled but remember one final question that needs to be answered. Although I hate breaking moments such as this but the truth is need to fill in the blanks. “I still have one more question for you. How did you get capture and well…. collared.” I said nervously.

Protrokalos smiled shifted to a frown as I asked the question. He sighed and began to answer. “I was spending my time meditating underneath a waterfall one night. When I got back ‘they’ were waiting for me. As usual I fought them. But failed.”

“I woke in a damned cage with a damned collar on my neck. That was three weeks ago. Which leads to my question? Why did you spare me?” he said in a serious tone.

I opened my mouth for a few seconds but shut it tight as the sound of an explosion saved me. We all took attention and ran outside as a second explosion echoed outside. Rainbow and twilight both got off our laps and race to towards the door, protrokalos grabbed his weapon and I grabbed my M16 that I fixed up a week ago and ran alongside twilight and rainbow. As we ran outside the sound of metal against metal echoed through the night.

The sound grew closer from the buildings, both protrokalos and me ready our weapons as the sound stopped and the earth shooked in front of us. we all stood their silent as we stared at large machine stood in front of us. Its large metallic closes opened and closed as it displayed itself to us.

I felt a little shaken at how large it was and I started to have trouble keeping my sights onto my target as I pointed at it.

Protrokalos looked at it but didn’t show any fear. He held his blade with his left and ready himself as it approach them. He looked over and shooked his head. “Scared American”

I looked over and shooked my head. “heh heh uh no. no I’m not” I said a little shaken in my tone.

He chuckled and drew his blade out of his shaft. “Just keep telling yourself that American. If you let your fear control you. You can’t save others.”

I uncocked my weapon and took a deep breath. “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my friends and the ponies of poniville.”

He chuckled. “That’s the spirit. Now let’s send those f@#kers a message that we aren’t to be f@#k with”
To be continued

the cold prison

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Survivor of equestria

Chapter 8, the cold prison

Have you ever felt so damned cold that makes you shiver all over till all of your body heat is gone? Then either you were sitting in cold water for too long or the fact you’re trapped inside a giant ice cube. I may not know how it feels…
But I wouldn't say for rainbow and twilight who had to watch us as we dodge for our lives as millions of sharp icicles came raining down towards us like hail. At least they got a show and protrokalos got his workout for being unconscious for a whole week.

We both continued dodging as more icicles came raining down hard; some were so sharp that they pierce through private property while others pierce through other icicles. Me and protrokalos managed to dodged a first few ice projectiles but sadly my weapon didn't. After dodging a few icicles my weapon strap I had around my body been caught through the bottom half of an icicle and I had to leave it behind. I quickly pull my strap off around my body and left my gun hanging on the icicle as more rain down at me. I quickly dodge as more pierce through the ground. I managed to get away and sat on my knee. I looked behind at my weapon. Praying that it wasn't damaged only to see my hopes of using it ever again was slashed and punctured.

I sighed and stood up on my feet. “Well that sucks” my only powerful fire arm I had on me throughout my years in the infected city of LA to coming here to equestria, having it broke in half and now became Swiss cheese.

Protrokalos took his time dodging and tearing through the icicles before reaching up to angel. His back hit the icicle and stopped there. He looked at angel and raised an eyebrow.

I sighed and hold the broken rifle in one hand before tossing it away. As I toss it a faint chuckled heard next to me and I looked to where it came from.

“You should definitely take good care you toys American. They break easily.” He deviously smiled.

I scold at him since he does recall on breaking it the first time. My rifle had suffered many battles during the outbreak and only it has jammed on me once. Now after coming to equestria it seems that this planet doesn’t enjoy my firearms because in just a few weeks after repairing it the first time it breaks even more than before. At least I had my glock on me and my knife which I should be greatful that they survive better than my other weapons.

Protrokalos patted my shoulder and smiled. “Listen Angel right now your weapon is the least of your importance. Right now we need focus on destroying this oversize freezer.”

Both me and protrokalos looked up at the enormous machine, its large arms waved all around as it locked on target. It large metallic legs caused the earth to shake from every step it took.

Knowing that protrokalos was right I upholstered my gun out and pointed at it. protrokalos chuckled since he knows that it won’t even leave a dent on it. I sighed since I didn’t need any sarcastism from him but I need to stop it whatever means possible. My powers were still developing and the time I used them without the alicorn form it took a lot out of me. I don’t know if it would work like last time since I hadn’t perfected it since that day.

Protrokalos held his weapon tight and sighed knowing that the American wouldn’t turn down a fight especially for his friends and for his love ones. He turned his head at the two frozen ponies and smiled. Even he couldn’t leave a pony in distress especially if she’s somepony he grew a crush on.

His drew his blade out and pointed the blade towards the mechanic menace. “Well American I see that you’re quick against enemies’ projectiles. But let’s see how you fighting”

“Well then let’s tango”

The large machine raised its large hand straight into the air; aiming at us he rushed down towards us his hand full extension and slamming down on us. I managed to dodge the slam and quickly fire several rounds at it, my bullets couldn’t penetrate it. Protrokalos managed to dodge half way from it race towards its legs.

Protrokalos swiftly dodged the last icicle before stopping in front of the machines legs. Without warning protrokalos sword clicked once and then again. Wind blew in front of protrokalos as he stood his back turned that he was twilight’s hut. The screeching sound of metal on metal echoed in his ears in delight followed by a large crashing sound.

“hm that was fast. Not much of a fighter” he turned his head but didn’t have time to react. A large metal hand slammed onto him, pushing him across the street. His body travel a good distance till his head hit against something cold and hard. Quickly he got back up and rubbed the back of his head, small droplets of water slide down his neck cooling off parts of his back and traveled down his spine. He looked behind him seeing a large crack that spread up and over the large ice prison that twilight and rainbow were being held in.

The crack then stopped near the top but then again continued as my back caused it to further the crack after being thrown by the large metal monstrosity. Both twilight and rainbow couldn’t move nor cast any magic to being so deeply encased in the ice. But seeing this window of opportunity twilight horn glowed and rainbow dash began to shift around. The ice began to crack and finally they broke free.

Both rainbow and twilight began to shiver after breaking free form the ice prison. They both stood shivering behind protrokalos; their bodies were shaking too much to even move. Twi tried to conjugate some magic to get somewhere safer but sadly she couldn’t, her brain began to suffer the worst of all feelings. Brain freeze.

Rainbow feathers were badly soaked making her wings unavailable to fly right now. She tried to fan her wings dry but it would take a while for wings to regain flight again. Even though both ponies were unavailable in both combat and magic they still managed to help protrokalos up to his feet. As rainbow help protrokalos up to his feet he felt his a hundred pounds nearly crushing him as he fell back to the ground.

Somehow as both ponies were released from their ice prison I was busy trying to keep the monstrosity from destroying the city. I tried shooting out several vital parts but my bullets didn’t even do a bit of damage against it hulking frame. Knowing that my gun wasn’t able to penetrate the metal I know one thing might do. I dodged another icicle before trying to make it towards twilight’s house for my equipment.

I tried moving through as more icicles attack towards me, my body quickly dodge more and more spikes as I run up the walk way. As I tried to run further I felt my body lifted up into the air. The mechanical menace got an iron grip on me as I tried to break free from it. It raised me up to its large crystal like mirror. I peered into it only seeing my reflection but I saw more than just that. Through the freezing coldness of the machine I could sworn I see a living being inside the machine.

He or she twitched as in pain. Several cables like wires wired on the back and a glowing blue fluid flowed out of it. The hulking frame took the fluids as a way of using its ice powers. The figure inside turned its head towards me. I couldn’t hear it but i could read it’s lips. Whoever was in there was saying help me. My body travel a good few yards before landing on a soft surface my chest was almost frost bite from it shooting you like a bullet but after some good deep rubs you could feel your chest again. I continued to rub your chest but that wasn’t what was on my mind. Two things formed in your mind as I warmed up my body.

One was what or exactly who was in the machinery and why was whoever inside. Was it a prison or sometype of energy depleter that was sucking every bit of energy or whatever from inside its prisoner? And second what was I sitting on?

I looked down at your new friend and gasped as he tried to breath from my crushing weight.

“Oh geez I’m so sorry” I said as I quickly got off him.

Protrokalos was having trouble breathing as you sat on him for a few seconds before finally getting off. You gasped for a few seconds before getting up. Rainbow helped protrokalos up to his feet again as twilight helped me up to mine.

Protrokalos took a few seconds of dusting before looking at each other.

“Not to sound mean but I will. Lay off the cake dude.” He said as he took another deep breath.

I take it offensive since I didn’t gain weight over the last few weeks. In fact I was still the same weight since I first came here. Although says goes to protrokalos since he hadn’t eat in an entire week. Again I was surprise he still managed to fight even though he hadn’t got anything in his stomach.

“I’ll worry about you later. Right now we need to stop it that thing?” I said pointing at the large machine.

Its legs were gone but were replacing with pure ice and it still walked towards us.

Protrokalos only smiled as he held his blade tight. “No problem all I need is one more slice and it’s finish” he said walking towards it.

I stopped him, my hand grasp his shoulder as he looked behind me. “What?”

I took a short breath before saying what I saw inside. “There’s someone inside that thing. I think it’s using whoever as some sort of power source. Protrokalos couldn’t believe it. It just like with him, him being in a cage of sorts before the main attraction is starting. His rage boiled as he stares at the machine. Even though it’s a brief moment he still gave angel his word on keeping him safe along with the other residents of ponville. He knows that one life wasn’t worth a thousand and he would make sure that wouldn’t happen. Not again.

I kept a good grip on his since I know what he was thinking. Even though I told him about the other human inside he still was going to destroy the machine with or without whether he or she is still inside.

“Wait protrokalos please give me a sec to think of a plan.” I said.

Protrokalos shrug my hand away and looked at me. “We don’t have time to wait. That thing is coming closer if we don’t stop it. One life isn’t worth a million lives” he said squinting at the last sentence.

I sighed and looked up at it. He was right about one thing, one life isn’t worth a million lives but I remember one more thing that he’s wrong. ‘If you can’t save a life then you can’t save others.’

I looked around the machine, scanning anything thing that could help take it down with harming the individual inside. By the looks in the front there wasn’t anything to damage but the back said another story. I could see in the back a large white like backpack like machine on its back. As I looked at the large metal container on its back something clicked in the back of my head.

In order for a machine to maintain its cooling temperature so that the whole machine doesn’t turn into one big ice cube it would need to most of the ice into a special air pressure tank to house the cold. Knowing that liquid nitrogen is a key chemical in freezing of which anything or anyone comes to contact would instantly freeze due to its dangerous low temperatures. It can also become hazardous if the tanks are not properly adjusted or if tampered with. If any of the tanks were to violently erupt the chemicals inside would instantly freeze anyone or anything depending on the blast radius.

Smiling at my knowledge in chemistry has paid off I knew that it has to be the source of the machines power.

“protrokalos I got an idea to help us both” I said patting his shoulder.

He looked behind me. “What”

I pointed to the large metal tank on its back. “If you can slice that thing on his back I can come up with a way to destroy this thing and help save the hostage.”

Protrokalos looked at the latch on the machines back then back at angel. He could see the determination in my eyes to knowing what he must do but he didn’t know what was right.

He sighed before looking up at angel. “You better be sure you know what you’re doing angel. Because if it doesn’t” he pulls the blade and slightly presses it against my neck. “You’ll be the next one I kill alright”

I didn’t flinch since I know what he meant but I knew he had to trust me on this. As he kept the blade against my neck all I could do is nod. Protrokalos slowly moved his blade from my neck, a few drops of blood layed on the side from where he presses it against my neck.

I could feel blood flowing down my neck as the cut bled more every time I turned my head. But that wasn’t important right now. The major one is walking towards us right now. ‘I hope it’s what I think it was’ I said in my head.

Protrokalos stood readying his blade as the large monstrosity continued to stomp towards us. Both protrokalos and I ready our weapons knowing that this plan had to work. As we stood our ground I turned to twilight and whisper into her ear. After a nod she quickly muscle as much magic she can and teleport both her and rainbow away from battlefield.

I looked behind and smiled knowing that both are safe from the monster machines sights. I sighed one last time before turning towards it. It stood in front of us just one more step towards squashing us like bugs but we still held our ground.

Protrokalos held his blade pointing towards it not even flinching as it stood in front of us. After a few seconds of staring down in draw protrokalos finally broke the silence.

“heh heh. So angel do you want to have fun with this tin can?” he chuckled

I smiled before speaking. “Yeah Protrokalos and I got a good game to play. It’s call.” I pointed my glock straight at it. “HEAVEN OR HELL” I shouted before firing several rounds at it.

Twilight POV

Back at twilights she was trying her best to hold her speed demon friend down so she wouldn’t get herself killed from the crossfire. Rainbow squirm and toss and turn trying to break from twilights magic, unfortunately her magic was way too strong for her to break free but she still kept struggling from her grip.

“TWILIGHT LET ME GO! I NEED TO HELP THEM!” she screamed as she struggle, a lone tear slide down her cheek as she tried her best to break free from her magic grip. Twilight felt a tear too slide down knowing that she left her coltfriend out there to fight something monstrous with protokalos all by themselves.

“I know rainbow I know. But if are any chance of beating that thing we need to do whatever we can.” Twilight wiped her eyes and looked at the stuff on the desk. It’s all angel’s stuff and she quickly scan through all of it. Rainbow tilted her head as twilight looked through all of angel’s stuff looking for something.

“Uh twilight what are you looking for?” rainbow asked twilight.

Twilight look behind to see rainbow for a quick second before she continue looking through the stuff. “Angel asks me to find two small black cylinders and bring them to him.” she continued to scan till she saw them behind the can’s label greens on them. She quickly levitates them out of the pile and walked over to rainbow. She looks at both closely and handed the one with the red marker on it to rainbow.

“Rainbow asks me to give you this and to fly up as high as you can. He also told me to signal you to through it down at the machine, so I’ll shoot a beam from my horn and you throw down hard as you can at the monster alright. Rainbow then looked at the other metal cylinder then look at hers, twilight’s had a small red line around it while rainbow’s had a green ring around it. Rainbow didn’t question it because they need to get back at soon as possible.

Rainbow didn’t need to be told twice and nodded before taking off towards the window. Twilight looked at the small cylinder and at the small metal pin on the top. Angel remembers telling her a while back to never and he means never pull the small metal pin from the top. She always wonders what these things were but angel never told them. All he said was they were dangerous.

She sighed knowing angel needed them. She could only wish that it will stop that menace from destroying the town. With a quick lite from her horn she teleported back to fight.

As of right now I already was having trouble from my end of the bargain. Because of only wielding my glock most of my attacks were useless against the mechanical menace armor and ice. Protrokalos sword cut through the ice like butter but sadly the armor rejuvenates back sometimes the ice becomes thicker after every new ice form. The large menace continued chucking large iceicals at us, we both managed to dodge every single one of them but sadly we couldn’t dodge them all.

My body felt a little tired from all the dodging and already I started collapse after the many times I was thrown today.

Protrokalos was breathing heavily a bit but not as much as I was. He kept his stance and readies his blade.

I coughed a bit and looked up at the large towering menace again before a blinding light shined right beside me. The light died off and there stood twilight clutching my high powered grenade in her hoof. “Right on time twilight.” I said chuckling.

Twilight smiled and turned her gaze at me. “Like I said before. I want to help save equestria?” she said in a triumph tone “and i like my coltfriend in one piece not in pieces” she giggled.

I couldn’t help but chuckled at the last remark. Protrokalos looked behind and shouted. “HEY CAN WE FOCUS HERE AMERICAN!” he shouted annoyed.

My smiled turned into an annoyed frown since already I’m starting to hate being called just my state. I sighed and pointed my glock at the middle of the where I saw the captive. “ALRIGHT READY GUYS!” I shouted.

Twilight levitated the small grenade in her magic and held her place. “READY!” she shouted.

Protrokalos didn’t speak but nodded and quickly change his stance. He places the blade beside his head and pointed it straight at the monster.

Sighing one last time I pray that everything goes to plan. ‘Dear god please be with us right now’ I said in my head as I look up in the sky. I couldn’t see rainbow but I decided to go with the plan now. Too many lives were at stack here. We waited for a few seconds, neither us nor even the monster moved for a few seconds. Finally after a few more seconds pass and a small gust of wind blew beside us the metal monster ended it, its arms extended out shooting more icicles at us. protrokalos like a raging river sprinted towards the monster dodging every projectile before diving underneath it’s legs and standing behind it.

protrokalos look at the large backpack and ready his blade.

‘Better be right about this American’ he said in his head as race towards it. With a quick motion protrokalos blade slash deep through the metal backpack. His blade slashes through cutting electrical circuits, wires, and including the nitrogen tanks like paper against metal scissors. To make sure his blade did some real damage he slashed again diagonally onto it. The gas from the tanks expelled from within as the blades cuts were deep enough to cut through the tank fully. Protrokalos managed to jump away far enough for the nitrogen gas to take its effect.

Protrokalos was amazed as the nitrogen’s gas quickly engulfs the mechanical menace in a thick cloak of ice. The metal menace limbs were slowly stopping before being covered in ice. I watched closely as the nitrogen’s gas quickly covered the limbs and parts of its body in ice. I looked at knowing I only got a few seconds left till its complete covered in ice. In a split second I turned towards twilight who watched the machine turned into an ice sculpture. “NOW TWILIGHT!” I shouted at twi.

Twilight snapped out of trance and shot a small beam of light into the air. I looked up hoping rainbow will see the light in time.

High above poniville rainbow dash held the small cylinder can in between both hooves, waiting for the signal to toss it down.

She was high enough above from where the clouds were but she still managed to see down below at where the battle was taking place. she gritted her teeth knowing that she needed to be down there doing whatever it took to save her town…. And the one that stir deep inside her.

Since that day after he save her all she could think about was him. That amazing figure, those radiant red eyes, the way he moved so fast was like anything she ever seen before. She had always knew that she never express her feelings like that since she didn’t want ponies to think she’s become soft but she knew she couldn’t deny it either. She sighed in hopes the signal will come quickly. She hated waiting.

Finally after a few seconds she spotted the light from twilight’s horn. Looking down at the monster she gripped both sides of the cylinder can and with a quick swift motion she hurled it down at the monster. As she watched it fall down towards it she wondered. ‘What does it do?’ she said in her head as she continued to watch it fall.

I watched as the large machine quickly turned to ice till the screen on the top was slowly turning crystal clear. After a few seconds the whole screen was ice and right in the middle a small shadow cast on top of it as the ice was readying to harden.

I smiled as the shadow grew bigger and ready my weapon. At the right moment I saw my target and as quickly and precisely as I can I fired.

The bullet traveled a great distant towards its destination. It seemed as time has stopped by itself and slowly flew through the speed of sound. The bullet continued on till it stopped... Right in front of its target. It successfully penetrated the outer shell and traveled inside.

Twilight jumped back as the blast from within the canister shot out all around the machine, covering it in a thick cloud of grey smoke. The sound was almost ear shattering as twilight tried to cover them with her hooves. The citizens of poniville all saw the large monstrosity roaming through the streets and did what was best. That was to hide in hopes it will leave them alone or the elements and their new found hero will stop them. Most were covering their ears as the battle rage on but none could comprehend the next sound they heard. It sounds like a large explosion of which they all took cover where they can find.

Most unicorns projected a shield spell while the rest hid underneath something that was hard and able to handle so much weight. They kept their eyes and ears shut hoping whatever is happening outside will be over and the monster was stopped.

The smoke still covered the area the bullet struck the grenade and I knew I only have a limited time before the ice closes. I continued to scan through it till finally I managed to see a golden door. The exterior wall of the window was heavily cracked.

“There” I said before sprinting towards it.

Twilight watched as I raced towards it, she extend her hoof but stopped and watch and waited as angel ran up towards the smoke. She slowly squinted her eyes to get a better look from where the blast had occur and can see a large crack on top of large mechanical menace.

I continued to race towards hoping that the plan will keep going even at this pace. The thought of my plan failing would mean the end to poniville and possibly equestria will be next. With shear bit of strength I used I climb my way straight up. With the last bit of adrenaline I had left I use it to lift myself high into the air. With my all my strength I gave the crack a hard kick. The force and pressure I put against the crack was too much for it to handle anymore. It finally gave in and the whole screen became nothing more than broken snowflakes made of glass.

As fallen glass flew all over missing your skin only by an inch wasn’t what caught you by surprise. It was what inside you stood wide eye in shock. Your body felt as though it froze in not from the ice but from pure fear and shock. Inside you stare at the captive of the large machine.

The captive was a young girl.

You stare at her as wires were connected to her neck, arms, legs and back. both hands were covered by some weird metallic gloves that were also attached to some wires. Her feet were included. She wore nothing but straps that covered her chest and pelvis but that weren’t what you couldn’t believe. It was her hair and face that you never could have imagines anyone to have.

Here hair not black, nor blonde, not even brown or any of that color but only instead white. It shined like ice and slide straight down like needles. Her lips were ice gloss and sparkled from the moonlight outside. She looked unconscious or was already before being put on the machine which she didn’t make a sound. I looked around to see the ice was already freezing up again and only a matter of seconds I had to save her. Quickly and carefully as possible I removed all the wires and unlock the locks from her hands and feet and held her in my arms. I quickly manage to jump out just in time as the ice was already forming around the hole just in the nick of time. I looked up to see twilight facing me as I leaped out, smiling I began to shout.


Twilight heard my shout and does what she was told. She quickly uses her magic to pull the pin out of the grenade and aim at the hole. She held it for a second trying to make sure it will get in before the ice will cover the hole again. Praying for celestia’s guidance twilight hurled the small object into the hole of the screen. A single sweat drop slide down her head as it flew as precisely as she wanted it to. After so many years of learning aero dynamic and precision she never had time to actually perfect it. More sweat fell down her chin as the grenade was just an inch away from its target. She continued to watch it for a few seconds before…… smiling.

The grenade, Landed inside the machine before the ice finally closed up. “YES I DID IT I-“she was cut off as I scooped her up and ran as fast as I could before it goes off. Twilight was surprise at the sudden grab and looked up at angel. “What. What are you doing?” she said surprise.

I panted and looked down at her. “Getting us out of here” I said.

Protorkalos from behind saw the small grenade before it landed inside. It had been a while since he seen one but after hearing angel shouting to pull the pin it all makes sense now. From the first blast wasn’t strong enough to destroy it but it managed to crack the window of the machine that held the captive. Once then angel attack and broke through grabbing the captive and fleeing in time before the nitrogen will consume them inside. After that twilight will throw the other grenade which must be a higher blast radius into the hole and run as fast as he can.

“I’m impress.” He said sheathing his weapon away. He then looked up to see rainbow was already in front of him smiling. She had seen the blast from down below and saw that angel taking a captive out of there but didn’t see twilight throw the second one inside. Seeing as though he got only a few seconds he quickly grabbed rainbow and race as far as he could away from the machine.

Rainbow blushed at the sudden grabbed since he held her tight in his arms as he race away from it and took cover behind a building. The same feeling she felt since he first save her course through her body and her heart sped up like crazy. After blushing red she started too fidgeted around from her grip. Protrokalos didn’t bother on her squirming since he was actually a lot stronger than her and trying to break his grip wasn’t happening. After a while protrokalos look down at the squirming Pegasus before letting go. Rainbow dash finally saw the open gate to freedom and flew up a bit so he was out of reach from him. She then scowled and flew down till he was eye level. The same redness was on her face as she looked at him.

“Hey I’m ok that you can touch me but the way you were holding me was way too much for my taste.” Rainbow cross her arms and huff. Protrokalos continue to watch as rainbow dash began to complain. He watched as she frailed around saying that other ways of trying to not admit her feelings but protrokalos could see in her eyes and in the blush she really like him.

She continued on for a few seconds before finally pointing at him before speaking. “AND ONE MORE THING BUB I-“she was cut off as a large explosion was set off behind her.

The blast from the grenade was so powerful that rainbow’s mane was blowing straight in her face along with her tail blowing hard towards her body. They were still far off so the blast didn’t harm them but rainbow could still hear it being so loud it was almost ear shattering. Protrokalos smirk as the blast went off and now he was staring at rainbow’s shock expression. It has been a while since he smiles even if it’s just for a second and he felt….. Good.

The blasts wind blew over his face, messing with his hair for a few seconds before finally dying off. Rainbow expression was priceless as her mane covered most of her face except her drooping muzzle. She slowly turns to towards what’s left of the metal menace. The only thing left of it was a pile of ice and a few puffs of black smoke coming out from the ice. She stares at it for a few seconds before hearing protrokalos voice.

“So you were saying” he smirk.

*back at twilight’s place*

It has been an hour since the incident back in the middle of the town. All of twilight friends including me and protrokalos sat around the library as we all stare at the new human laying peacefully on top of the couch. Protrokalos held his blade tight ready it in case she tried to do anything stupid when she wakes up. Twilight and the others also had their elements of harmony out and ready too and I slowly fidget on my glock. Messing with the slide I inspect my gun and then at the new human over and over.

I can’t believe it nor what just happen back at town square. I couldn’t believe that someone would place a young girl into some machine. Someone that wired her down and make her do the things she done to his bidding. I could tell on who sent the robot since it may have not bear the mark but it’s clear that if it had a symbol it would have an eye in the middle of the hand.

Rainbow and the others spent their time reading some books. I look to see twilight reading one of the spell books golden shard gave, she look fascinated on the large amount of spells she hasn’t even heard off. I look to see rainbow reading her favorite series daring do, applejack was reading a book about farming while rarity was reading a book called ‘the mare and the tramp’. Fluttershy was reading a book about medicine while pinkie was reading a cook book. The only ones that weren’t reading were me and protrokalos since we were still watching to see our new guest will be waking up soon. Finally after almost an hour in an half she finally stirs. Protrokalos got to one knee and ready his blade as she slowly got up from her seat. I grabbed his hand to keep him from doing anything rash and walked up to her.

She slowly shake her head a bit to relieve the aching headache from her head. The ringing in her ear was gone but her vision was still blurry as she looked up for the first time in her life. As long as she can remember she was always blinded by either something hard of something soft. She could hear well and understand somewhat but she couldn’t read nor speak. In fact the first thing she sees is something she did not know what it was. The first thing she sees is me.

I smiled hoping to bring out a good first impression for her. She only tilts her head and look at me. Her eyes were baby blue as she stares at me for a few seconds. “Uh hi” I said.

She tilts her head again as she tried to understand this hi but couldn’t. “Um it’s nice that you’re awake. My names joseph angel delemarte” I said nicely. She doesn’t respond.

“What’s your name?” I said gesturing her to speak. She doesn’t respond.

I waited for a few seconds, still no answers. Either she’s deaf or she didn’t know my language or something like that. Since I use a special healing spell twilight had made sure if anything wasn’t damage while I remove the wires from her. I then remember that she couldn’t be deaf since twilight used a special spell that allowed her to know if she was either blind, deaf or was speak preference. Twilight told me that she was healthy girl and had no internal damage to her organs or her nervous system.

Knowing she wasn’t deaf I decided to try another language. Since English wasn’t my only language I decided to try a bit of Spanish. I started translating in Spanish at what I said and ask her again her name. No dice. I then used French. Amy taught me a bit about French after she pass on. I tried again in French. Nothing. Since Spanish, English and French were the only languages I could speak I called protrokalos over to help maybe translate some of his language to her.

The moment he went up to her she was already crying in fear at the sight of protrokalos. He only scowls at as he walked but softens up as he walked towards her. I gently rub her back so she would calm down. She finally does and asks protrokalos to translate some of his languages he knows to her. Surprisingly protrokalos knows many languages ranging from Russian down to heck even azetec language. Heck he even tried sign language but above all nothing.

“I’m out of options American” he said shrugging it off.

“It seems like she doesn’t even know how to speak yet somehow she knows a bit of what we’re saying.” I said looking at her puzzle.

Fluttershy managed to walk up and brought her some food. She place the tray on her lap and just stare at it like she didn’t know what it was. We watch in confusion as she held a piece of bread and inspect it like it was something new to her.

Fluttershy looked at her puzzle before doing something shocking in front of us.

She began to feed her. Fluttershy pulled out a few bits and motion it like she’s eating it before giving it to her. She ate to bread slowly as bit by bit she fed her.

“It’s like she’s a new born foal. She doesn’t even know what food is” twilight said amazed as fluttershy continued to feed her.
“I have to agree on that twilight. But question is who would deny a girl an education to the point of being a baby.” I continued to watch as fluttershy began to show her how to drink from the cup. The girl learns quickly and drinks from the glass.

“WAIT DID I HEAR THIS CORRECTLY?!” rainbow dash screamed as she threw her book to the side. “Are you saying she doesn’t know how to speak or eat” rainbow dash looked at the girl confuse.

Protrokalos walked up beside both me and twilight. “Even I’m surprise to hear this.”

Rarity places her book down and walked up beside fluttershy. “Really darling are you sure this one isn’t just playing with us right?” she said hoping that the girl is just fooling us. But sadly she wasn’t.

Fluttershy looked at her friends and shook her head. “No girls I really think she doesn’t know anything” she continued to help feed her.

“Beg a parden their girls but isn’t this seem beyond evil. Ah mean who would be so cruel is to strap a poor girl into a rust bucket and not let her see the world or heck even educate her a bit.” Applejack rubbed the back of her neck before continuing. “I makes me feel smarter and I’m not the one to use any of those fancy shamcy words” she chuckled.

I chuckled since she was right about one thing. Applejack rarely uses any fancy words and only twilight likes to use words like zenith or phosphate of that matter. But the major question is who or what is she and more importantly why was she so cold. Since I pulled her out and after the hour we spent watching her she had not yet drop to room temperature. In fact she still feels cold as an ice cube and her hair still shines as she was being fed. I reached out and grabbed a piece of her hair and retract it quickly. Last time when I felt her hair felt like regular hair almost like silk, however now her hair feels hard and sharp and cold to the touch. Almost like needles or very thin icicles.

Protrokalos looks at me as I had a weird expression on my face after touching her hair. Um angel are you ok?” he said raising an eyebrow.

I looked at him and relax from my expression. “Yeah I’m ok.” I looked at the young girl as fluttershy finished feeding her. “Well getting information is out of the picture. But that does leave the question. Who will do this to her?”

Protrokalos sigh before speaking out. “Well it’s obvious on who sent it. Those damned bastards who took me and cage me like an animal did the same to her. Experimented, torture and above all forced her to harm others for their doings.” He said with a bit of venom as he said it.

As angry as he may be he was right. Clearly someone or somepony is sending out or capturing other humans and forcing them to destroy this world. The only question is ‘who’. I looked at the girl and can see she looks she’s ready for bed.

“Um if u don’t mind” fluttershy said almost timid as she look at us. “Um… if u don’t mind i- I can take her to my home and take care of her till then. She looks so innocent and I don’t want her to be afraid anymore” she said.

I looked at fluttershy and smiled. Knowing she does have a lot of experience as to being a mother. Even if she was a mother to animals the young girl look like she will get along well with fluttershy then the rest of us. While looking at the others each and every one all nod in agreement of fluttershy taking care of her. “Alright fluttershy we trust you to take care of her. But you need to bring her here every day so we can help educate her.” I said smiling. “But I think we should give her a name as well” me and the others were all brainstorming of a name to come up with. Some of the ponies started coming up with weird ponies’ names but I don’t think it would fit for a human like her.

Finally after a few reject names I finally think I came up with a name. “hm how about Madeline. Madeline frost” I said. Everyone all seemed to like the name and they nodded that it was perfect for her. Rainbow shrug it saying it could be at least 20% cooler but she agree that name. After counting the votes we all soon agree to call her Madeline for now on.

Fluttershy squee at her new name and smiled at their response. She then looks at the girl; already she was sleeping which fluttershy begins to stroke her beautiful long hair. The girl’s hair acted like silk to her which to me it acted hard like needles when I touched.

Seeing her yawn and made everyone else in the room feel sleepy too. “Well it’s been a long night ah says we all should hit the hay” applejack said stretching.

Rainbow dash simply yawns and nodded. “Yeah I thinking I’m heading out for the night.

I chuckled and looked at everyone. “Yeah I think it’s best to call it a night. Fluttershy you can pick Madeline up tomorrow and take her to your house in the morning ok” I said smiling.

Fluttershy yawn and agreed.

After a while everypony had left back home to sleep. The only ones were still awake were me and protrokalos. Twilight let me sleep with her since mostly before I was sleeping on the couch since my arrival but after meeting protrokalos and madeline I started staying in twilight’s bedroom. But unlike everypony I wasn’t all that tired. So to pass the time I went up and stand at the railing of the balcony and gaze at the beautiful night sky. It has been a few months since I came to this magical world called equestria. Since I found out more about me and already fought and became friends with two strange humans with amazing powers could do a huge number on your sanity.

I sigh knowing that I have more things to worry about. Since my years of in the quarantine zone the same symbol has been showing off every time i face something. The ones behind this all of this the attack of poniville, the attack in Russia and possibly the attack back at my home must have been the work of the leader of the organization. The only question leaves out is. ‘Why are they attacking equestria? What are they hope to gain in return.’ I keep thinking on the two questions before hearing the door open. Since I remember I locked it I looked back to see protrokalos coming outside.

Surprising his blade wasn’t on him since the last few times he had it with him since he woke up. He walked slowly and leaned into the balcony with me. “Beautiful night eh American” he said softly.

I gritted my teeth again since already he’s getting on my nerves on my name but I cool down and watch over the town. After a few seconds of watching the peaceful city sleep protrokalos finally spoke.

“You didn’t finish telling me why you spare me?” he looks at me with a stern look. “So are you going to tell me why?”

I sighed hoping that he wouldn’t ask me since I don’t think he’ll like the answer. Sucking up whatever courage I had left I turn around and walked back. I stopped in the middle and answer his question. “Because I believe everyone deserves a second chance. I can’t explain but I could tell” I looked back at him and smiled. “You’re not a bad guy” I said before walking back inside.

Protrokalos watched as I walked back inside and continued to watch the night sky. He thought about what angel had said and somehow even it was the strangest one he heard before he smiled. Never has anyone ever given him a second chance to redeem himself. Maybe now he can. Instead of being a mercenary maybe…. He can be the hero for a change. He thought about the idea for a while before turning back inside and went to sleep.

*the dark caves of the everfree forest*

As word of their new toy has been destroyed their queen was growing angry at the news of two meer humans and two weak ponies defeating something so big was unheard of. She grew anxious that this human was growing stronger by the minute and they will foil their plans for world conquest. She started to grit her teeth and looked at her king to rule over. She stopped and raised an eyebrow. Her king was…. Smiling.

“What are you smiling about?” She growled in anger as her king looked at her. “Your little plan b was nothing more than a bucket of bolts” she growled after finishing.

Her king chuckled a bit before looking up at her. “Plan b? That wasn’t plan b. in fact I haven’t even start the planning yet.” He looked at towards him and sighs. “It seems that he is smarter then I anticipate. More or so he still won’t stop us in this world’s conquest. I still have more then he thinks in store against him and his precious elements.” He snapped his finger. As the snap echoed two black shadows along with a coffin appear in front of them.

“I want one of you to take this one at the end of the forest and release him from his slumber. Then I want you to help him kill off them off.” He chuckled “Don’t worry just show him this” he taps one of them hooded men’s head filling him with memories of what to show ‘him’ when they awake him.

“He’ll know what to do next. Now….. GO” he shouted. Both disappear with the coffin. The king smiled as another one of his experiments was sent. His queen raised an eyebrow wondering what is he planning to do. But more importantly:

What was in that coffin?

To be continued