mommy is a pony

by wolfman93

prolouge: a dying man last wish

What would it take?

That’s my question to all. What would it take for you to do? To protect yourself from harm’s way, to keep evil at bay and but of course what would it take to make sure your love ones are safe from harm’s way.

To me it would take…… my life.

A lone man runs through the desolate ruins of his home town. His home lay in shambles as the brutality of war destroyed each and every building was turned to nothing but rubble. Those who still stand layed on in ruins but none were much protective as he race down towards alley after alley.

His heart race as tried to hide somewhere safe against all. In his arms laid a bundle blanket which he carried deeply into his chest as he continued to run. The sound of barking dogs echoed out the sky as the sound of footsteps running towards him as he continued forward. The sound of men shouting could be heard from a mile away as he jumped over fence to fence looking for a safer route through the city.

More and more ruins he race through cutting through abandon buildings and over deserted cars not stopping, using every ounce of breath to get away. He knew they would kill him if he stopped and they would take ‘her’ from me. “I won’t let them” he said as he ran up across the street and through another alley. He managed to run up through but stopped there.

Suddenly his foot got caught onto a whole on the ground and tripped over. He landed so the bundle of blanket wouldn’t take any damage from the fall but still skidded against the hard cement. His body ached as tried to regain his senses from the fall. He looked up towards the bundle, his eyes still daze a bit from the fall but slowly regain as he looked up.

He tried to get up but only to be forcefully stood up. His body grunt and ached all around, each blow he felt at his chest as he stood up. He tried to look up only to feel pain course from his face before another surge hit him again on the other side.

Soon later his body was on the ground barely conscious even as more pressure pressed against his chest. He could feel one of ribs snapping as another blow made sure it was broken. after several more crushing blows he felt something tugging his hair before feeling massive pressure on his whole back. He slowly slid down feeling his whole body taking more blows. As he felt his body taking every blow a maniacal chuckle echoed in his ear.

Finally the beating was done and he managed to look up. He was on his knees before something grabbing his head making him look up towards…. A monster.

“Mr. Johnson you are in violation of protocol of sub section 65 of the diplomacy of galactic justice and peace and therefore in sentence to death for abusing said protocol.” He held a scroll up as he read him the scroll.

Mr. Johnson couldn’t breathe right as the monster continued to speak. He tried to move but couldn’t move his head right enough to look. He did manage to look up at the monsters lapdogs and his pathetic mutts so far. Each of his lapdog wore a special type of armor that includes a special helmet that covers the entire face. their colors were black and white with red sashes covering each part of the body. along side laid a special symbol which engraved with two knives side by side and a skull in the middle of it.

“Mr. Johnson you are well aware of protocol sub section 65 of all children of birth must be reported and sent to galactic base for safety and protection. Please sure we only concern for the ch-“

F@#K YOU! I know what you do to them. You don’t protect them you force them to join the army and then let fight in a war that we never wanted. You animals force kids at the age 13 to go into a battlefield only for them to die like animals” He screamed at them. for years he had to watched these animals take children after birth and killing off the parents so the child wouldn't know who his or her parents are. it sicken him to see so many children force into camps at such a young age only be sent out to the cold depths of war only to die and be replace by another.

"your nothing but animals. you hear me. YOUR F@#KEN ANIMALS!" he shouted again at them.

he stopped as his lapdog slammed his face against the concrete. A blood trail slithered down his face and onto the crack surface from where his head hit.

His head look up at the monster who disgustingly held the bundle in his arms. “I’m sorry sir but its protocol for peace. Nothing personal.” He heard the sound of a gun clicking before looking at his side. His lapdog held his weapon against his head; the cold barrel touched his ear as he held it there. A wicked smile grew on his face as he place his finger on the trigger.

“It’s only protocol” the monster smiled manically as he said it.

It happen so fast gun shots echoed the alley way as sound of barking and shouting echoed as well. After a few seconds everything seized. Only the sound of crying could be heard. A few seconds went by and a tall figure stood out from the alleyway. He gently rocks the bundle till it stops while also clutching his stomach. He moved his hand to see several gunshot wounds on his stomach. He gasps from the pain before looking at the bundle again. A warm smile spread across his face as he tried limping forward somewhere safe. Hopefully a place where it’s safe to rest.

“I will protect you even if it will take my life. I will protect you” he said as he limp through the dead streets.

*equestria: canterlot*

It was a beautiful night in the land of equestria. The nightly moon shined down across the lands lighting up the sky with its beautiful white glow. The town laid peacefully as the residence of the town let the warmth of the moons glow shine as the lay in their beds asleep. All across the land all the residence of each town including the wild life slept peacefully throughout the night. As most of the residents of equestria slept only two stood up.

Both were more different the most of the residents of their beautiful home. They were actually princesses of equestria. Both were sisters who both par take in helping out and taking care of their loving home both day and night.

Both stood in silence as they stare through a small pool of water inside a decorative concrete bowl. An image of a human with a blanket bundle in his arms limp through the streets as he tried to find a safe place. The image stopped it was interrupted by a small tear.

The eldest of the sister stood in front of the pool of water another tear ran down her beautiful pearl white fur. She wore a beautiful white and gold dress with a gold tiara and a golden sun necklace around her. Her beautiful multicolored mane gentle flowed like a calm river as she continued to stare into the pool. More tears fell slide down her cheeks as her beautiful magenta eyes sparkle from the tears she shed. Beside her stood another figure as she too watched from within the pool, she was the eldest younger sister.

She was like her oldest sister except her fur was a dark navy blue same goes to her beautiful flowing mane. She instead of white wore a dark blue and black dress with a black tiara and a crescent moon necklace. Her eyes unlike her sisters were beautiful light blue and sparkle as she tried to fight back her tears as she witness the image from within the pool of water.
After a few seconds of watching the youngest finally spoke.

“Sis thou us do something? Thy can’t let this creature suffer anymore the thou self has been endured.” She let out another tear as the man limp over a few cars before falling on his bad shoulder.

The eldest just continued to watch but didn’t look at her sister as she nodded. “Yes dear sister your right. But I don’t know what to do?” she said through a tear full of sobs. As much as she wants to help the poor creature she knew she couldn’t interfere with other creatures. The possibility of a war being brought with if any creature was brought to equestria.

She was caught off as the man stopped at the end of an alley and slide down from his back. More blood leaked out around him as his life slowly faded before him. He panted for a few seconds before looking up at the dark night. Even though his home was gone the night sky still gave out a beautiful display of stars for any dark day upon him. With all luck he couldn’t believe his eyes before him as a star shot through the sky like a rocket and across from where he was.

He knew he didn’t believe in wishes but it never hurt to try it. With most of his strength he finally spoke. “d-d- dear star from above… please…. Grant me this wish for your star so bright…. Please take my child somewhere safe where s- he will grow up b-b- big… a-and s-str-strong. Please…. Someone help protect… m- my… my-“that was the last thing he said before closing his eyes. His eyes stung with tears unable to finish it. He then felt his life fading faster and knew only one thing left to do. He carefully reached to his pocket not to disturbed the bundle and pulled out two objects in his hand. He then pulled out a piece of paper and a safety pin and pin it onto the blanket.

After fixing his back so that his blood wouldn’t stain the backpack that contain the essentials he set it aside and look at the bundle. He carefully moves the blanket away till he was able to see inside. His eyes brimmed with tears as he let out one last smile before moving over and kissing inside.

“g-goodbye…. Hope….. d-d-daddy… l-loves…….. you” he said as the last of his life faded. His arms loosen till the bundle was on his lap and his arms were frailed on both sides. More blood pooled around his body stood still on the spot for eternity.

The eldest cried tears on how much this man fought to protect the bundle inside. She couldn’t believe his own species could be so monstrous in separating them apart but in the end she witness the strength and courage this creature put up in order to save it. She sighed before turning to her youngest. She raised an eyebrow because her youngest was anywhere to be seen. She looked around to see where she went only to see her at the front of the balcony. She then saw her horn glowed a navy blue color before a bright flash spread throughout the room. The eldest covered her eyes as the blinding light slowly dimmed out. As she manages to regain her sight she looks up at her youngest who was slowly descending onto the ground.

The eldest looks at her sister and walks towards her. “Dear sister what did you?” she asked in a calm motherly tone.

The youngest didn’t speak for a few seconds before looking up at her sister. A small smile lay across her face as well as a small tear ran down her left cheek as she smiled. “I gave thou his wish.” She said as she smiled.