mommy is a pony

by wolfman93

pinkie promises

It was a nice pleasant walk to twilight’s library. Since most ponies were still asleep and with the blanket still wrapped around the small orphan pinkie pie had no problem walking down. Vinyl, Octavia and the rest of the crew that was there when they first met the baby human all walked along with pinkie pie. They all agreed to tell twilight that while the small baby is growing up they will all be there and help pinkie in taking care of her.

Lyra was still amazed as they walked down to twilight. The thought of an actual human has been lingering her mind since she was a filly. She had heard about humans when her mother told her stories about mythical beasts that stood up as high as princess celestia on two feet and wore some type of metal armor all over his body. They also wield weapons that were so tall they reached the heavens, some that were sharp enough to slice gems like butter and some that were so hard they can break mountains in one swing. Her mother told her of humans coming to equestria to protect the weak and innocent and serve under celestia’s rule. There were times she reread the story and cried at the end when the last of the humans gave their lives in protecting equestria from discords reign long ago.

Since after reading those stories she grew officiated on them, wondering if they were real and was the stories about them true or not. Now she knew that the stories were true and she had proof. A real live human was here in equestria however she was still a baby. She still smiled knowing that her beliefs of these mythical creatures were actually true.

Vinyl and Octavia both were beside pinkie pie as they walked towards twilight’s library. Vinyl was busy listening to her ponypod while Octavia was busy fixated on the small human orphan. She began to wonder if the foal or better called baby will enjoy music as much as her and her lover. Both her, vinyl and lyra have always enjoyed their music at a young age and she wondered. What about humans? Do they enjoy music as much as ponies do? She kept that idea and decide to ask lyra about it when the time is needed.

Colgate was just taking her day off when all this happen so fast. Today seemed so fast which she didn’t know what was going to happen. Now she finds out that her friend pinkie and the others along with her sister lyra have found a new species wrapped in a blanket and was right now an orphan. She knew that whether new species or not she was still a new born foal which needs a lot of attention and love for her to grow up. Colgate still felt worried on others who will see her worrying if they will judge her as a monster or one of discords minions on destroying equestria. But after years of medical even if she studied to become a dentist and being roommates to berry punch and her daughter pinchy she knows that children that are raised right can have a good life ahead of them.

After a few more minutes pass by they finally made it to twilight’s house. Pinkie had her hands full holding the small human baby in her arms but luckily she had 4 guardians to help her in need. Octavia from all step forward and knocked on the door three times.
“Come in its open” said a familiar voice from within the library. The crew slowly opens the door to see a busy looking twilight and a very tired looking teen dragon. His arms looked frailed as to the large amount of books he tried to balance only to lead him being buried in them afterwards. Pinkie pie giggled as the avalanche of books devours the teen dragon leaving only the tail safe and sound.

Lyra and vinyl went to help spike out of the books while pinkie pie went over to twilight who was a little busy sorting the books back to its original shelf. After the last book was put back onto the shelf twilight then turns her attention to pinkie pie and Octavia who both smiled as she looked at them. in pinkie’s arms she saw the small blanket bundle and walks up to her.

“hi pinkie pie what’s that?” she said curiously but kept her distant. In hopes to it’s not another one of her pranks which made pinkie giggled more at twilight’s reaction.

Pinkie giggled for a few seconds before reaching out. “Look at what we found at the fountain in town square twilight.” She holds the bundle up for twilight to see.

Again twilight was being cautious before getting close enough and peering inside. What she saw made her bug out at the sight.

Inside the bundle was a small alien like creature that was wrapped in the blanket. She then went over and closely examines it. A large smile spread across her face as she looked at it.

“Oh my celestia. It’s a completely different species.” She then starts to levitate the bundle and look closely carefully inspecting the small creature. “Oh pinkie pie do you know what you have here. You possibly have one of unknown creatures in its existence. Oh the princess must know about this finding she has too.” she said quickly and frantically as she levitate the bundle. The levitating wasn't bad but the small foal soon began to stir from its sleep and began to cry. Pinkie pie went over and grabbed the small foal and began rocking her. Twilight’s magic distinguishes after pinkie grabbed the creature and began rocking her. Octavia who wasn’t fond with how twilight was acting walked over to her and pointed fingers at her.

“Now miss twilight I understand you are happy pinkie found a new creature but you must know that it’s a she and it’s still young. Its only two months old when pinkie pie found her” Octavia crossed her arms and looked at the librarian.

Once twilight heard how old the creature was she felt ashamed since the way she held the small being and for making her cry. Pinkie pie had already finished putting the foal back to sleep and went over to twilight.

“I’m sorry pinkie pie. It’s just that I get so excited to new discoveries that I can’t help myself. Can you forgive me for treating it unfairly.” She said worried. Pinkie pie only giggled and nodded which twilight smiled back.

She then turns her attention to the small creature. “So you found i- her at fountain square right?” twilight asked.

Pinkie pie smiled and nodded. “Yeah it was this morning I was walking down town square and my pinkie sense told me that a new pony was in poniville. So I went to find the pony and this is who I found instead. Isn’t she so cute” pinkie pie giggled.

Twilight look down at inspect the small creature and smiled. “Yeah pinkie she’s is cute.” She then look over at who was hear next. “But why is Octavia, vinyl, lyra and Colgate here with you.” she asked curiously.

Vinyl and lyra and Colgate had just finished helping spike put all the books away before walking up beside pinkie pie. Vinyl was the first to speak from the group.

“Well me and tavi were just walking down the street till we saw pinkie pie and hope just there. And we wer-“Octavia covered vinyl’s mouth and began to speak.

“what vinyl is about to say is that we saw pinkie pie with her at the fountain which soon lyra tells us it’s a human and Colgate came along as well.” she then uncovers vinyl’s mouth which she giggles in embarrassment.

“Oh right yeah like that.” She chuckled a bit.

Twilight looked at them and raised an eyebrow. “Human, hope?” she asked curiously.

It was lyra’s turn to speak. “Yes twilight it’s a human foal no more than 2 months old and her name is hope.” She said
Twilight didn’t let out that face since it still hasn’t fit the pieces together yet. “Ok but where did you get the name hope from.”

“Well that’s her name. Hope” Colgate said happily.

“Yes but how did you know” twilight asked.

Pinkie pie held the letter out and gave it to twilight. “It’s on this letter from her father. Some meanie mean ponies hurt him and he save his little foal from bad ponies.” Pinkie said as twilight read the letter.

As twilight read through the letter she felt tears slowly form in her eyes as she read through each line. The one that hit her the most was when his own species would kill his mother and father and take their child in for war. She then turns to the small foal and wonders, ‘will it grow to become like that’ she knew she need to write princess celestia about this at once. She finally closes the letter and looks at them a few tears steam her cheeks as she looked at them.

“Wow I…. I can’t believe any pony…. Would be that cruel to a family.” She said as all the mares all frown at her. “But still why are you all here then”

Octavia finally speaks up from the group. “well we all have been thinking and we want to give her father his last wishes which we all decide pinkie pie should be the one to take care of the small foal.” She stated and smiled.

The sound of pinkie pie taking care of a foal made twilight jump from her spot. “WHAT!” she screamed in surprise. Pinkie pie luckily covered the small foal’s ears before twilight scream in surprise. “but but pinkie pie you don’t know how to take care of a foal. And last time it was day which you said you were struggling with the cake twins.” She stated.

Pinkie pie held the foal and nodded. “I know twilight but I promise you mommy pinkie pie will take care of this foal just fine.” She smiled down at hope.

Twilight continued to spaz out at hearing pinkie pie taking care of a unknown creature. “But pinkie pie this isn’t a one day thing you’ll be taking care of her for a long time. You don’t even know what she eats.”

“She eats a variety of food. She’s an omnivore which she can eat both vegetables and fruit but also meat as well. But for now she needs a steady diet of milk till she can eat solid food” lyra stated feeling proud of her vast knowledge of humans.

Twilight turned white at the response of her eating meat which now she felt worried on these species. She start to cool down a bit after hearing it eats vegetables and fruit. She finally sighs and looks at pinkie pie.” Pinkie pie are you sure about this? Taking care of a foal is a lot of work and I want to hear you say you are absolutely sure you can take care of her.” she asked worried on what pinkie pie will say.

That didn’t stop the bubbly party pony of equestria from smiling. She knew the hardships of raising a foal but she didn’t care because she knew she had great friends that will help her no matter what trouble she gets into. She then looks at the small foal again and smiles before looking at twilight. “Yes twilight I am sure about this. In fact I want this. I want to give this foal a new home and give her all the love and happiness that her parents wanted to give her. I want to make her feel safe and sound and not worry about the dangers outside. That is me and her parents wish.” She said proudly as a few tears slide down her cheek.

“Yeah we will help along too” Colgate said proudly.

Twilight was amazed at how pinkie pie said but only smiled. “Alright pinkie pie. Since you want to then I won’t stop you but help support you as well.” she said happily.

Pinkie pie then handed Octavia the foal and walked over to her best friend and both shared an embrace before looking at each other. “I’ll go get the girls and we’ll meet back here ok.” twilight said.

Pinkie pie nodded and looks at the other girls. They agree to help gather pinkie’s friends and bring them back to twilight’s house while pinkie pie stays and cares for the foal.

They all then left pinkie alone to gather their friends. Pinkie pie took the time to holding the foal before giving her a sweet kiss on her forehead. “Don’t worry little hope my bestest best friends will all love to see you."

Several minutes went by and all of pinkie’s friends were there to see the new foal that was brought here to equestria. At first rainbow was worried about the idea of a new creature coming to equestria but after seeing how young the foal was she stopped being worried and admired at the foal. Rarity and applejack all awed at how cute she is. Fluttershy was a bit timid about the idea but when she saw the foal she somehow melted and hugs it because of how cute it was. After a debriefing on the situation all her friends all had surprised worried looks on their faces after hearing pinkie pie being her mother.

“Are you sure about this pinkie I usually think fluttershy would be a great mother. Not that I don’t think you are a bad mother. It just-“RD was cut off as applejack grabbed her snout and forces her to stop.

“What rainbow is trying to say is are you sure about this pinkie pie taking care of a foal is a lot of work” applejack stated before letting go of rainbow’s snout.

Pinkie pie smiled and nodded. “Yes applejack I’m sure about it”

Rarity then looks at the small foal again. “Well darling if you are sure about this then I support you in your decision.” She then smiles at the foal. “oooohhh I can’t wait to get home and start designing new dresses for her to wear” she smiled as many thoughts of new dresses for the human foal to wear.

“Oh pinkie pie I’m so glad you are going to take care of the foal. I can help you too if need it. I mean if you need my help” fluttershy said in a timid voice.

Pinkie pie giggled and snorted since it’s an obvious reaction for her shy friend. “Of course fluttershy. And that’s why I’m making all of you hopes official aunts.” She said happily.

Rainbow crossed her arms and smile. “Well pinkie pie since you say you’re serious about taking care of this foal then I’m with you all the way. I never leave a friend hanging.” Rainbow puff up her chest showing that she isn’t leaving her friend and her new foal behind for anything.

“Well sugarcube if you truly want to do this then I’ll support you all the way sugarcube. Heck might be fun being an aunt to a new species” applejack tips her hat.

“We’ll help too in taking care of pinkie’s new foal. And when she’s older we can show her the beauty’s in music alone” Octavia said

“Heck yeah I can show her my bass cannon” vinyl nodded which led a groan from Octavia.

“I’ll help give you information on humans whenever you need me so don’t hesitate to come for me on anything.” Lyra squee and smiled.

“I can also be her dentist when she is older and grows her teeth” Colgate giggled.

Pinkie pie couldn’t help but tear up at what she just heard. All her amazing friend including Octavia, vinyl, lyra and Colgate all approve and were going to help her take care of her new foal. She smiles down as the foal grabbed her finger and gave a gentle squeeze at it slept peacefully.

“Well girls I think this is causes for something special. Don’t you think pinkie pie.” Twilight said smiling.

Pinkie pie whipped her tears and smiled back. “Yup twilight I think I know what you mean.” She then pulls out her signature tool.

Her party cannon. “A PARTY!” she screamed as she let blasted a large blast of confetti in twilight’s house. She then gives Octavia the foal as she rushes around and starts decorating the whole house in party streamers and games and such. As pinkie pie decorated her house into hopes party she went upstairs and pulled out a scroll and feather. After a single dip in ink she begins to write to the princess.

Dear princess celestia.

Today I learned that friends are always there whenever they are needed. No matter how small or how large they are friends take the time to help those in need and give as much love as possible when they help a friend. Even when their best friend finds a new creature and agrees to help raise the new foal. I still can’t say where she came from but I can assure she is friendly and is possibly the cutest foal I ever seen. Pinkie pie still agrees on taking care of her which me and my friends including the musicians of poniville and even Colgate have all agree to help as well whatever she needs. I’m still learning on the meanings of friendship but I can see a bright future ahead for not just myself and equestria but also pinkie pie’s little hope.

Signed your faithful student twilight sparkle.

After finishing up the letter she asks spike to send it to princess celestia. With one gust of green fire spike sends the letter straight to princess celestia.


Both princess celestia and Princess Luna all looked at through the horizon of their peaceful home town. The continued to watch before a letter appeared in front of them. Princess celestia unwrap it and begins reading the letter. She smiles before closing the letter; her eyes shed a few tears but still held a smile on their faces.

Her youngest looks at her and wonders why her sisters crying but also smiling. She levitates the letter and begins reading it. She too cry’s in joy.

Both of them then looked at Luna’s beautiful moon with twinkling tears in their eyes.

“Welcome to equestria. Pinkie’s little hope” they said