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mommy is a pony - wolfman93

a baby girl is sent to equestria after her family passing. years later as she grew up she wants to know who her real parents are and what happened to them. how will the mane 6 explain to her the truth and how would she take it?

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welcome my little hope

Today was a beautiful morning in the small town of Poniville. Celestia’s bright warmth shined down and over throughout the land. Its bright glow made the water sparkle like diamonds’ and the grass shined like emeralds. The vast beautiful fields of flowers moved swiftly as the winds calm breezes blew through the land. Near the vast flower fields laid a small town called Poniville, one of Equestria’s most peaceful towns.

It’s quiet atmosphere and beautiful scenery gives this small town its peaceful nature and harmony even though it has had some crazy days it still was a peaceful town. The towns folk were a nice friendly bunch and always happy and care going when the start of the day. But not all are as happy and caring as their very own poniville party extravenganza. She from all the residents was the happiest, most caring, and above all most craziest pony that ever lived in equestria and was proud of who she was.

She was always happy every day and always loves bringing smiles to everyone’s face both, big and small, young and old, pony and other species. Her love for party’s and smiles have always made every ponies day no matter how bad it may be she always there to help bring their spirit up and warmth in their heart. Her name is called pinkamena Diana pie or for better terms pinkie pie.

But as the days pass she felt as though something is missing but she never could put her hoof on it. Oh well’ she always says before running off to who knows where. She knows it will come eventually but she doesn’t know when and where. That’s when it she figures it out today.

While being the one actually fully awake besides the mail ponies she was already out and about. Wondering what she’s going to do today. Her mind wonders what she can do, should she visit her friends and have fun or go back to the cakes and help them bake, or maybe she would just go act silly and play at the park or something. She thought about this as she bounces towards nowhere. Her pink and yellow frilled skirt bounces along almost above her thighs as she continued to bounce.

She kept pondering on the moment before feeling her body acting up. She stopped to feel it again. “My pinkie sense is tingly” she said and looked around. “THERE IS A NEW PONY AROUND!” she shouted and race towards where her senses tells her to go. She quickly bounces towards town square and stops dead center from where the fountain layed in the middle.

The fountain was a huge stone carved statue of their great ruler princess celestia in all her might and stood proudly on a stand in the middle of the fountain. Pinkie’s sense tingled more as she knew she was almost there to her objective. As her search for the new pony she stopped to feel another tingling feel inside her. She felt it for a good few seconds before realizing it. The new pony was crying.

She looks around again all around town square for any pony. Most were still asleep since it was still early almost 7 in the morning. Only a few ponies managed to wake up and walked through the streets of poniville but still no sign of the new pony crying. She continued to search before hearing a faint sound echoing from around the fountain. She couldn’t make out of it but can surely tell it was behind the large fountain. After a quick gallop around the fountain she stopped and stares. She stares carefully but not surprisingly at a large backpack covered in red stuff along with a large blanket. The blanket caught her off by surprise as the bundle blanket slowly moved and small faint sounds of crying came from it.

Pinkie could hear the crying a little better and walked towards it. Reaching out her hands she unbundle the blanket. She finished unbundling the blanket and stood their wide eyed. She stood there staring at what seems to be a strange type of species.

The strange being was of like a pony but had no fur its face but only a few specs of mane on its head. It didn’t have hoofs like hers but instead strange digits instead. It didn’t have a muzzle but had the cutest nose she ever did saw. She look to see it didn’t have any teeth and almost resembles her pet alligator’s gummy’s mouth. She continued to stare as the small being wailed out and began shaking around.

Like futtershy and how she act’s towards her animals pinkie pie’s motherly instincts kick in and she grabbed and held the small being in her arms and began rocking him side to side. The small being still continued to cry as pinkie pie rocked him up and down. Knowing rocking won’t work all the way pinkie then starts to sing a small song.

She started to sing her favorite song, ‘smile’ to the little being as she sway side to side as she sang. The being crying slowly stopped and slowly it began to fall asleep. Pinkie pie finally ends her song and held the small being in her hands. Her heart fluttered as it grabbed a piece of her shirt and sucked on one of its digits.

Pinkie had never seen such a cute creature before and she felt something in her heart that she couldn’t tell whether it was her pinkie sense or it was something else. He continued to hold the small creature tightly in her arms.

“HEY PINKIE” shouted a familiar voice.

Pinkie pie heard the small shout and look at the baby. The little on started to stir from its sleep before falling back to sleep.

Pinkie pie sighed in relief it didn’t wake up and turn towards the voice. She smiled as ponvillies very own dj and club owner of record beat’s walked towards them. She also notices her lover and canterlot orchestra’s professional celloist walked beside her as they walked.

“Oh hi vinyl, hi Octavia” pinkie said in a giggling tone.

“Hey pink’s whatcha doing there” vinyl said in her regular tom boyish tone.

Octavia next to vinyl notice the small bundle before looking up at pinkie. “Ms. Pie what’s that you’re holding.” Octavia said curiously

Pinkie pie looks at the small creature and shrug. “I don’t know what it is but it’s sooooooooooo cute” she looked at them with a big smile on her face. “Want to see it?”

Both vinyl and Octavia look at each other and shrug. “Sure why not pinks I’m open to see new things” vinyl chuckled. Octavia sighed at vinyl’s ways but smiled knowing that’s what made her special before responding. “Yes Ms. Pie I would like to see it”

Pinkie pie giggled and held her arms out for them to see inside. Both Octavia and vinyl peered in before being astound on the odd looking creature inside. “Oh my pinkie it looks so young and looks like it’s sleeping peacefully” Octavia said surprise due to how small it looked inside. “But what in celestia’s name is it?”

Soon later vinyl began bouncing up and down remembering something. “OH WAIT I THINK I KNOW WHAT IT IS!” vinyl shouted. Pinkie pie managed to cover its ears as vinyl shouted.

Octavia smacked the back of vinyl’s head, vinyl gave a faint chuckled before clearing her throat. “I can’t remember the name of it but I do remember Lyra blabbing on about some creature that may fit to description.” Vinyl chuckled.

Pinkie pie looked at the small creature and smiled. “So we need to find Lyra and ask her then”

“Don’t have to find her she’s right behind you.” Lyra said as she walked behind vinyl. Because of how close she was behind vinyl jumped up onto the fountain before slipping in pinkie pie jumped out of the way so not to get the small creature wet but sadly not for the rest. Everyone else grumble as they were soaking wet and a lamely chuckled came from the DJ in the fountain. Vinyl got of the fountain and rinses her cloths out.

Thankfully both lyra and vinyl being unicorns they both used a bit of magic to dry up their clothes. After fully drying themselves lyra walked up to pinkie. “So what’s up guys?”

Pinkie pie smiled and extend the small bundle for lyra to see inside. “We were wondering if you know what creature this is?” pinkie pie giggled.

Lyra looked smiled and looks down into the bundle. Once she saw the creature’s cute face she gasped and looked at it closely. “OH MY CELESITA! A HUMAN FOAL!” she screamed excited to see the small human. The screams were so loud that baby began to stir. Pinkie pie pulled the small child close to her and began rocking her. The small child sniffled softly but pinkie’s gentle rocking slowly made him quiet down and it went back to slumber.

Lyra at the time covered her mouth since she had no control over herself when it comes to humans. Once pinkie calmed it down lyra calm herself down and chuckled. “Eh heh sorry about that.”

Pinkie pie giggled. “It’s ok lyra”

Octavia looked at pinkie pie then at lyra and facehoof the situation. After a few seconds she finally interrupts them. “Alright let’s focus here.” She looked at lyra first. “lyra you said this creature is a human right. How old are you talking about?”

Lyra looked inside again and estimate. She had study humans ever since she was a little filly and has continued her research for the existence of humans since then by along the way she has perform to many concerts playing beautiful lyre music throughout equestria. She tips her finger on her chin before looking up at everypony.

“To my best guess and estimate on the age I say the child is maybe no more than….. A month or 2 months old maybe” lyra said.

Both Octavia, vinyl and even pinkie pie gasp at how old the small foal could be. Pinkie pie looked at the small infant and slowly began to wonder. ‘Who would leave a small foal all by itself?’

Pinkie pie looked at the small infant and smiled before looking up at lyra. “Is there anything else you can tell us about humans lyra”

Lyra smiled excited to hear somepony ask about her knowledge about humans but she didn’t want to bore them with the details and just went straight to the point. “Well pinkie these creatures are called humans or better known as Homo sapiens and originally the evolve form of monkeys since they don’t have a lot of fur or have tails for that matter. They are like us except they mostly rely on these things called machines to help them with everyday life instead of magic.”

Pinkie slowly ingested the information and lyra began explaining to her about humans. She talked that humans are a peaceful race but can become violent if they are threatened or a love one is being threatened. Lyra then explains that their diet is to their shocking consisting like of a griffon but at the same time a pony as well. she explains they are omnivores which they need a steady diet of both but since the small child is so young it’s teeth has been form yet and they need a steady diet of milk to sustain till they are ready to eat solid foods.

Once pinkie heard that the baby can eat meat she felt shock but after hearing lyra said meat is not the only food they need to eat but also vegetables and fruits she felt relieve about it. She fears that the small infant would be judge just because of her ways and in a way she didn’t want that to happen. Lyra continued saying that the baby is actually or possible a girl because of how her face looks but they couldn’t be sure.

“Let me see something pinkie.” She extends both arms towards the small bundle. “Don’t worry I won’t steal her I promise I just need to make sure it’s a she or a he ok.” lyra reassure pinkie.

Pinkie looked at the bundle and smiled. “Ok lyra I trust you” she said handing the small human to lyra. Lrya held the small human foal and giggled at it. It sleeps peacefully without a sound. Slowly lyra unwrap the small infant till it was completely unwrap. While checking the small infant’s gender Octavia saw something dangling onto the edge of the blanket. She carefully reached out and unhooked it off.

It was a small note with small specks of red on it. She opens it and began to read it. Soon later as Octavia read the letter vinyl heard something cling together. She looked down at the ground to see two small objects hitting the ground together. With her magic she lifted both of them up and examines them closely one was a beautiful gold locket with a well-crafted blue rose on it. The other was two small metal plates with something engrave on them. Both were separate as the locket had a gold chain while the other had a metal one.

As the mares were examining the stuff and the small infant, Colgate lyra’s sister sees the commotion and walks up towards. After confirming the small infant was indeed a filly lyra gave the small bundle back. She carefully wrapped the baby back into the blanket but stopped as her hand felt something wet against it. She lifted her hand away and saw it was covered in the same red stuff the backpack was covered in.

“What in celestia is this?” lyra said not knowing what it was. She tried to sniff it but stopped as another mare walked up towards.

“Hello everypony what’s going on?” she said before looking at lyra’s hand. She smelled then pungent smell and stood shock at to what it was. “lyra…. Are you…. bleeding?” Colgate said worried.

Lyra looked at Colgate and stood shocked to hear. She then looked at where her hand touched the blanket then at the backpack. The same red wet stains were everywhere on both of them. She looked at Colgate and gulped. “Wait… this is... blood.” She said nervously.

Colgate had worked for a dentist for quite some time and has seen blood before and knows what it smell sometimes. She couldn’t say anything but just nodded. Lyra began to freak out and went straight into the fountain to wash it off. The blood was still wet and it came off instantly after being submerge in water. Pinkie pie stood shocked after hearing the small infant was covered in blood and looked at her arms. There was none on her arms as she held it which she sigh in relief but look at the small foal.

“Why are you covered in blood?” she said to the small sleeping foal.

“I believe I know why?” Octavia brought the attention to every pony. Everypony looked at Octavia as she held the small letter in her hands, a few speck of blood was on the edge and some on the middle as she held the letter in front of everypony. “Listen to this.” She clears her throat and began to read the letter.

The letter said:

Hello by the time you read this then I’m already gone. They had got to me before I had the chance to bring my little girl to a safe haven. I can’t say much right now because my time is almost up and even as I write this it became very hard to even lift the pen as I write this.

The small infant you see before you is my daughter. Her name is hope valentine and she is my pride and joy. Her mother Jasmine valentine, my beautiful love of my life was murder after giving birth to her by a group of sick monsters. My people wanted to take her to train her to become a soldier just for her to die out there in a war we were never meant to jump in to. Now our world is dying and I’m on the run but sadly I wasn’t fast enough.

I got hit and now I write this note to anyone to save my daughter and give her a good home. Inside the backpack you see before you contain the necessary things to help raise her. Including small toy my wife was going to give but sadly couldn’t. The two small necklaces belong to both of us as well. The first a locket my wife wore since I first met her and second my set of dog tags from my years in the army that was once good. Please give those two objects to her and tell her the story of her late parents. I know in my dying heart she will ask about her real parents someday. I don’t know when but when she asks please give them to her when the times need.

Now I can’t say anymore as my life fades away from this awful war. Please for a dying father and a deceased mother please give her a loving home where she will live to the fullest happy and full of life. Please protect my little girl.
My little hope.

Thank you and goodbye hope. Daddy loves you.

Mark johnson valentine

Octavia finished the note and looked at everypony. By know everypony was shedding tears and looked at the small foal. Pinkie pie’s once bouncy mane now turned flat as she couldn’t believe anypony could be monstrous to separate a foal from its mother and father. She looked at the small infant again, tears rolled down her face and some landed onto the foals sweet loving hands. She held the small foal close like and gave her a sweet gentle kiss.

Vinyl wiped her eyes and looked at the locket. After closely examining it she found the small button to open it. It opens revealing to her a couple together. One was stallion in uniform with a mare with a bulge in her stomach. On the side of the pic, there was some writing on it. The writing said:

To our loving hope. We will always love you.

Love mom and dad

She close the locket and looked at the dog tags, they shine brightly as she looked at the engraving on it.
The engraving said

valentine, Mark j.

Captain of 2nd division

August 23, 1999


Octavia closed the letter and stood teary eyed knowing such a precious foal like hope who’s no more the a month or 2 months old losing both her mother father at birthing age was unimaginable for her to take.

Even though it was brief moment Colgate started to shed tears as she couldn’t believe the small foal was now an orphan. A small tear fell down her cheek as she went over to the bundle and look at the small infant. She smiled a bit knowing that even though it was an infant it was still a very cute foal.

Lyra finished washing her hands before Octavia read the note out loud. After she finished the letter lyra couldn’t believe what she heard. She knew some humans were just pure evil but to take children and train them to become something they don’t want to be is just wrong. She looked at the ground before looking at the backpack next to the fountain. She walked over and opens it up.

Inside she found was a small bag of diapers and a few bottles of baby food. There was a bottle and some baby formula next to the food along with a small teddy bear lay next to the formula. She opens the side pockets and found a few nipples for the bottle and a pacifier for her. After double checking the items lyra pulled them one by one so that the blood wouldn’t contaminate them. Even though she knew less magic she somehow managed to conjure up a small back pack for to put the stuff in but kept the small bear out for the little foal. After putting the rest of the stuff inside the backpack she walked over towards the small infant, bear in hand. She laid the bear next to the small infant in which it took it gracefully. Hugging it tightly as it sleep peacefully.

The mares all wiped their tears and dawwwed at the small foal. After a while they all began tin discuss on who should take care of the small foal. Knowing lyra and how she reacts to human the mares were all a little nervous on giving the foal to her and they knew that having a foal would be a lot of work for her and for her lover bonbon to handle.

Vinyl wanted to take the foal in but Octavia worried that she may become deaf over the years of living with her and Octavia around. Colgate couldn’t either since she didn’t have enough room in her house since she was actually living with her roommate berry punch and her daughter pinchy. After saying no the mares all look at pinkie pie. Since she was the one to find her they believe she should be the one to take care of her. Pinkie pie looked at the small foal wondering on that idea.

Ever since she took care of the cakes twins she had always wonder on this feeling inside her. After today she somehow realizes this feeling. She wanted to be a mother.

After looking at the foal pinkie didn’t say anything as she looked at everypony. Her once straight mane became bounce again. She didn’t say anything but nodded in approval.

The mares all clap for pinkie in becoming hopes mother. They all then agreed to help her raise the foal as well as pinkie pie’s friends would do the same. After a few more nods they all believe they should go see twilight about the news.

Pinkie pie held the small foal tight in her arms. As she walked she couldn’t help but kiss her head a second time. She then murmur something s soft that only she could hear it.

“Welcome to equestria. My little hope”

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