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the survivor of equestria - wolfman93

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

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the cold prison

Survivor of equestria

Chapter 8, the cold prison

Have you ever felt so damned cold that makes you shiver all over till all of your body heat is gone? Then either you were sitting in cold water for too long or the fact you’re trapped inside a giant ice cube. I may not know how it feels…
But I wouldn't say for rainbow and twilight who had to watch us as we dodge for our lives as millions of sharp icicles came raining down towards us like hail. At least they got a show and protrokalos got his workout for being unconscious for a whole week.

We both continued dodging as more icicles came raining down hard; some were so sharp that they pierce through private property while others pierce through other icicles. Me and protrokalos managed to dodged a first few ice projectiles but sadly my weapon didn't. After dodging a few icicles my weapon strap I had around my body been caught through the bottom half of an icicle and I had to leave it behind. I quickly pull my strap off around my body and left my gun hanging on the icicle as more rain down at me. I quickly dodge as more pierce through the ground. I managed to get away and sat on my knee. I looked behind at my weapon. Praying that it wasn't damaged only to see my hopes of using it ever again was slashed and punctured.

I sighed and stood up on my feet. “Well that sucks” my only powerful fire arm I had on me throughout my years in the infected city of LA to coming here to equestria, having it broke in half and now became Swiss cheese.

Protrokalos took his time dodging and tearing through the icicles before reaching up to angel. His back hit the icicle and stopped there. He looked at angel and raised an eyebrow.

I sighed and hold the broken rifle in one hand before tossing it away. As I toss it a faint chuckled heard next to me and I looked to where it came from.

“You should definitely take good care you toys American. They break easily.” He deviously smiled.

I scold at him since he does recall on breaking it the first time. My rifle had suffered many battles during the outbreak and only it has jammed on me once. Now after coming to equestria it seems that this planet doesn’t enjoy my firearms because in just a few weeks after repairing it the first time it breaks even more than before. At least I had my glock on me and my knife which I should be greatful that they survive better than my other weapons.

Protrokalos patted my shoulder and smiled. “Listen Angel right now your weapon is the least of your importance. Right now we need focus on destroying this oversize freezer.”

Both me and protrokalos looked up at the enormous machine, its large arms waved all around as it locked on target. It large metallic legs caused the earth to shake from every step it took.

Knowing that protrokalos was right I upholstered my gun out and pointed at it. protrokalos chuckled since he knows that it won’t even leave a dent on it. I sighed since I didn’t need any sarcastism from him but I need to stop it whatever means possible. My powers were still developing and the time I used them without the alicorn form it took a lot out of me. I don’t know if it would work like last time since I hadn’t perfected it since that day.

Protrokalos held his weapon tight and sighed knowing that the American wouldn’t turn down a fight especially for his friends and for his love ones. He turned his head at the two frozen ponies and smiled. Even he couldn’t leave a pony in distress especially if she’s somepony he grew a crush on.

His drew his blade out and pointed the blade towards the mechanic menace. “Well American I see that you’re quick against enemies’ projectiles. But let’s see how you fighting”

“Well then let’s tango”

The large machine raised its large hand straight into the air; aiming at us he rushed down towards us his hand full extension and slamming down on us. I managed to dodge the slam and quickly fire several rounds at it, my bullets couldn’t penetrate it. Protrokalos managed to dodge half way from it race towards its legs.

Protrokalos swiftly dodged the last icicle before stopping in front of the machines legs. Without warning protrokalos sword clicked once and then again. Wind blew in front of protrokalos as he stood his back turned that he was twilight’s hut. The screeching sound of metal on metal echoed in his ears in delight followed by a large crashing sound.

“hm that was fast. Not much of a fighter” he turned his head but didn’t have time to react. A large metal hand slammed onto him, pushing him across the street. His body travel a good distance till his head hit against something cold and hard. Quickly he got back up and rubbed the back of his head, small droplets of water slide down his neck cooling off parts of his back and traveled down his spine. He looked behind him seeing a large crack that spread up and over the large ice prison that twilight and rainbow were being held in.

The crack then stopped near the top but then again continued as my back caused it to further the crack after being thrown by the large metal monstrosity. Both twilight and rainbow couldn’t move nor cast any magic to being so deeply encased in the ice. But seeing this window of opportunity twilight horn glowed and rainbow dash began to shift around. The ice began to crack and finally they broke free.

Both rainbow and twilight began to shiver after breaking free form the ice prison. They both stood shivering behind protrokalos; their bodies were shaking too much to even move. Twi tried to conjugate some magic to get somewhere safer but sadly she couldn’t, her brain began to suffer the worst of all feelings. Brain freeze.

Rainbow feathers were badly soaked making her wings unavailable to fly right now. She tried to fan her wings dry but it would take a while for wings to regain flight again. Even though both ponies were unavailable in both combat and magic they still managed to help protrokalos up to his feet. As rainbow help protrokalos up to his feet he felt his a hundred pounds nearly crushing him as he fell back to the ground.

Somehow as both ponies were released from their ice prison I was busy trying to keep the monstrosity from destroying the city. I tried shooting out several vital parts but my bullets didn’t even do a bit of damage against it hulking frame. Knowing that my gun wasn’t able to penetrate the metal I know one thing might do. I dodged another icicle before trying to make it towards twilight’s house for my equipment.

I tried moving through as more icicles attack towards me, my body quickly dodge more and more spikes as I run up the walk way. As I tried to run further I felt my body lifted up into the air. The mechanical menace got an iron grip on me as I tried to break free from it. It raised me up to its large crystal like mirror. I peered into it only seeing my reflection but I saw more than just that. Through the freezing coldness of the machine I could sworn I see a living being inside the machine.

He or she twitched as in pain. Several cables like wires wired on the back and a glowing blue fluid flowed out of it. The hulking frame took the fluids as a way of using its ice powers. The figure inside turned its head towards me. I couldn’t hear it but i could read it’s lips. Whoever was in there was saying help me. My body travel a good few yards before landing on a soft surface my chest was almost frost bite from it shooting you like a bullet but after some good deep rubs you could feel your chest again. I continued to rub your chest but that wasn’t what was on my mind. Two things formed in your mind as I warmed up my body.

One was what or exactly who was in the machinery and why was whoever inside. Was it a prison or sometype of energy depleter that was sucking every bit of energy or whatever from inside its prisoner? And second what was I sitting on?

I looked down at your new friend and gasped as he tried to breath from my crushing weight.

“Oh geez I’m so sorry” I said as I quickly got off him.

Protrokalos was having trouble breathing as you sat on him for a few seconds before finally getting off. You gasped for a few seconds before getting up. Rainbow helped protrokalos up to his feet again as twilight helped me up to mine.

Protrokalos took a few seconds of dusting before looking at each other.

“Not to sound mean but I will. Lay off the cake dude.” He said as he took another deep breath.

I take it offensive since I didn’t gain weight over the last few weeks. In fact I was still the same weight since I first came here. Although says goes to protrokalos since he hadn’t eat in an entire week. Again I was surprise he still managed to fight even though he hadn’t got anything in his stomach.

“I’ll worry about you later. Right now we need to stop it that thing?” I said pointing at the large machine.

Its legs were gone but were replacing with pure ice and it still walked towards us.

Protrokalos only smiled as he held his blade tight. “No problem all I need is one more slice and it’s finish” he said walking towards it.

I stopped him, my hand grasp his shoulder as he looked behind me. “What?”

I took a short breath before saying what I saw inside. “There’s someone inside that thing. I think it’s using whoever as some sort of power source. Protrokalos couldn’t believe it. It just like with him, him being in a cage of sorts before the main attraction is starting. His rage boiled as he stares at the machine. Even though it’s a brief moment he still gave angel his word on keeping him safe along with the other residents of ponville. He knows that one life wasn’t worth a thousand and he would make sure that wouldn’t happen. Not again.

I kept a good grip on his since I know what he was thinking. Even though I told him about the other human inside he still was going to destroy the machine with or without whether he or she is still inside.

“Wait protrokalos please give me a sec to think of a plan.” I said.

Protrokalos shrug my hand away and looked at me. “We don’t have time to wait. That thing is coming closer if we don’t stop it. One life isn’t worth a million lives” he said squinting at the last sentence.

I sighed and looked up at it. He was right about one thing, one life isn’t worth a million lives but I remember one more thing that he’s wrong. ‘If you can’t save a life then you can’t save others.’

I looked around the machine, scanning anything thing that could help take it down with harming the individual inside. By the looks in the front there wasn’t anything to damage but the back said another story. I could see in the back a large white like backpack like machine on its back. As I looked at the large metal container on its back something clicked in the back of my head.

In order for a machine to maintain its cooling temperature so that the whole machine doesn’t turn into one big ice cube it would need to most of the ice into a special air pressure tank to house the cold. Knowing that liquid nitrogen is a key chemical in freezing of which anything or anyone comes to contact would instantly freeze due to its dangerous low temperatures. It can also become hazardous if the tanks are not properly adjusted or if tampered with. If any of the tanks were to violently erupt the chemicals inside would instantly freeze anyone or anything depending on the blast radius.

Smiling at my knowledge in chemistry has paid off I knew that it has to be the source of the machines power.

“protrokalos I got an idea to help us both” I said patting his shoulder.

He looked behind me. “What”

I pointed to the large metal tank on its back. “If you can slice that thing on his back I can come up with a way to destroy this thing and help save the hostage.”

Protrokalos looked at the latch on the machines back then back at angel. He could see the determination in my eyes to knowing what he must do but he didn’t know what was right.

He sighed before looking up at angel. “You better be sure you know what you’re doing angel. Because if it doesn’t” he pulls the blade and slightly presses it against my neck. “You’ll be the next one I kill alright”

I didn’t flinch since I know what he meant but I knew he had to trust me on this. As he kept the blade against my neck all I could do is nod. Protrokalos slowly moved his blade from my neck, a few drops of blood layed on the side from where he presses it against my neck.

I could feel blood flowing down my neck as the cut bled more every time I turned my head. But that wasn’t important right now. The major one is walking towards us right now. ‘I hope it’s what I think it was’ I said in my head.

Protrokalos stood readying his blade as the large monstrosity continued to stomp towards us. Both protrokalos and I ready our weapons knowing that this plan had to work. As we stood our ground I turned to twilight and whisper into her ear. After a nod she quickly muscle as much magic she can and teleport both her and rainbow away from battlefield.

I looked behind and smiled knowing that both are safe from the monster machines sights. I sighed one last time before turning towards it. It stood in front of us just one more step towards squashing us like bugs but we still held our ground.

Protrokalos held his blade pointing towards it not even flinching as it stood in front of us. After a few seconds of staring down in draw protrokalos finally broke the silence.

“heh heh. So angel do you want to have fun with this tin can?” he chuckled

I smiled before speaking. “Yeah Protrokalos and I got a good game to play. It’s call.” I pointed my glock straight at it. “HEAVEN OR HELL” I shouted before firing several rounds at it.

Twilight POV

Back at twilights she was trying her best to hold her speed demon friend down so she wouldn’t get herself killed from the crossfire. Rainbow squirm and toss and turn trying to break from twilights magic, unfortunately her magic was way too strong for her to break free but she still kept struggling from her grip.

“TWILIGHT LET ME GO! I NEED TO HELP THEM!” she screamed as she struggle, a lone tear slide down her cheek as she tried her best to break free from her magic grip. Twilight felt a tear too slide down knowing that she left her coltfriend out there to fight something monstrous with protokalos all by themselves.

“I know rainbow I know. But if are any chance of beating that thing we need to do whatever we can.” Twilight wiped her eyes and looked at the stuff on the desk. It’s all angel’s stuff and she quickly scan through all of it. Rainbow tilted her head as twilight looked through all of angel’s stuff looking for something.

“Uh twilight what are you looking for?” rainbow asked twilight.

Twilight look behind to see rainbow for a quick second before she continue looking through the stuff. “Angel asks me to find two small black cylinders and bring them to him.” she continued to scan till she saw them behind the can’s label greens on them. She quickly levitates them out of the pile and walked over to rainbow. She looks at both closely and handed the one with the red marker on it to rainbow.

“Rainbow asks me to give you this and to fly up as high as you can. He also told me to signal you to through it down at the machine, so I’ll shoot a beam from my horn and you throw down hard as you can at the monster alright. Rainbow then looked at the other metal cylinder then look at hers, twilight’s had a small red line around it while rainbow’s had a green ring around it. Rainbow didn’t question it because they need to get back at soon as possible.

Rainbow didn’t need to be told twice and nodded before taking off towards the window. Twilight looked at the small cylinder and at the small metal pin on the top. Angel remembers telling her a while back to never and he means never pull the small metal pin from the top. She always wonders what these things were but angel never told them. All he said was they were dangerous.

She sighed knowing angel needed them. She could only wish that it will stop that menace from destroying the town. With a quick lite from her horn she teleported back to fight.

As of right now I already was having trouble from my end of the bargain. Because of only wielding my glock most of my attacks were useless against the mechanical menace armor and ice. Protrokalos sword cut through the ice like butter but sadly the armor rejuvenates back sometimes the ice becomes thicker after every new ice form. The large menace continued chucking large iceicals at us, we both managed to dodge every single one of them but sadly we couldn’t dodge them all.

My body felt a little tired from all the dodging and already I started collapse after the many times I was thrown today.

Protrokalos was breathing heavily a bit but not as much as I was. He kept his stance and readies his blade.

I coughed a bit and looked up at the large towering menace again before a blinding light shined right beside me. The light died off and there stood twilight clutching my high powered grenade in her hoof. “Right on time twilight.” I said chuckling.

Twilight smiled and turned her gaze at me. “Like I said before. I want to help save equestria?” she said in a triumph tone “and i like my coltfriend in one piece not in pieces” she giggled.

I couldn’t help but chuckled at the last remark. Protrokalos looked behind and shouted. “HEY CAN WE FOCUS HERE AMERICAN!” he shouted annoyed.

My smiled turned into an annoyed frown since already I’m starting to hate being called just my state. I sighed and pointed my glock at the middle of the where I saw the captive. “ALRIGHT READY GUYS!” I shouted.

Twilight levitated the small grenade in her magic and held her place. “READY!” she shouted.

Protrokalos didn’t speak but nodded and quickly change his stance. He places the blade beside his head and pointed it straight at the monster.

Sighing one last time I pray that everything goes to plan. ‘Dear god please be with us right now’ I said in my head as I look up in the sky. I couldn’t see rainbow but I decided to go with the plan now. Too many lives were at stack here. We waited for a few seconds, neither us nor even the monster moved for a few seconds. Finally after a few more seconds pass and a small gust of wind blew beside us the metal monster ended it, its arms extended out shooting more icicles at us. protrokalos like a raging river sprinted towards the monster dodging every projectile before diving underneath it’s legs and standing behind it.

protrokalos look at the large backpack and ready his blade.

‘Better be right about this American’ he said in his head as race towards it. With a quick motion protrokalos blade slash deep through the metal backpack. His blade slashes through cutting electrical circuits, wires, and including the nitrogen tanks like paper against metal scissors. To make sure his blade did some real damage he slashed again diagonally onto it. The gas from the tanks expelled from within as the blades cuts were deep enough to cut through the tank fully. Protrokalos managed to jump away far enough for the nitrogen gas to take its effect.

Protrokalos was amazed as the nitrogen’s gas quickly engulfs the mechanical menace in a thick cloak of ice. The metal menace limbs were slowly stopping before being covered in ice. I watched closely as the nitrogen’s gas quickly covered the limbs and parts of its body in ice. I looked at knowing I only got a few seconds left till its complete covered in ice. In a split second I turned towards twilight who watched the machine turned into an ice sculpture. “NOW TWILIGHT!” I shouted at twi.

Twilight snapped out of trance and shot a small beam of light into the air. I looked up hoping rainbow will see the light in time.

High above poniville rainbow dash held the small cylinder can in between both hooves, waiting for the signal to toss it down.

She was high enough above from where the clouds were but she still managed to see down below at where the battle was taking place. she gritted her teeth knowing that she needed to be down there doing whatever it took to save her town…. And the one that stir deep inside her.

Since that day after he save her all she could think about was him. That amazing figure, those radiant red eyes, the way he moved so fast was like anything she ever seen before. She had always knew that she never express her feelings like that since she didn’t want ponies to think she’s become soft but she knew she couldn’t deny it either. She sighed in hopes the signal will come quickly. She hated waiting.

Finally after a few seconds she spotted the light from twilight’s horn. Looking down at the monster she gripped both sides of the cylinder can and with a quick swift motion she hurled it down at the monster. As she watched it fall down towards it she wondered. ‘What does it do?’ she said in her head as she continued to watch it fall.

I watched as the large machine quickly turned to ice till the screen on the top was slowly turning crystal clear. After a few seconds the whole screen was ice and right in the middle a small shadow cast on top of it as the ice was readying to harden.

I smiled as the shadow grew bigger and ready my weapon. At the right moment I saw my target and as quickly and precisely as I can I fired.

The bullet traveled a great distant towards its destination. It seemed as time has stopped by itself and slowly flew through the speed of sound. The bullet continued on till it stopped... Right in front of its target. It successfully penetrated the outer shell and traveled inside.

Twilight jumped back as the blast from within the canister shot out all around the machine, covering it in a thick cloud of grey smoke. The sound was almost ear shattering as twilight tried to cover them with her hooves. The citizens of poniville all saw the large monstrosity roaming through the streets and did what was best. That was to hide in hopes it will leave them alone or the elements and their new found hero will stop them. Most were covering their ears as the battle rage on but none could comprehend the next sound they heard. It sounds like a large explosion of which they all took cover where they can find.

Most unicorns projected a shield spell while the rest hid underneath something that was hard and able to handle so much weight. They kept their eyes and ears shut hoping whatever is happening outside will be over and the monster was stopped.

The smoke still covered the area the bullet struck the grenade and I knew I only have a limited time before the ice closes. I continued to scan through it till finally I managed to see a golden door. The exterior wall of the window was heavily cracked.

“There” I said before sprinting towards it.

Twilight watched as I raced towards it, she extend her hoof but stopped and watch and waited as angel ran up towards the smoke. She slowly squinted her eyes to get a better look from where the blast had occur and can see a large crack on top of large mechanical menace.

I continued to race towards hoping that the plan will keep going even at this pace. The thought of my plan failing would mean the end to poniville and possibly equestria will be next. With shear bit of strength I used I climb my way straight up. With the last bit of adrenaline I had left I use it to lift myself high into the air. With my all my strength I gave the crack a hard kick. The force and pressure I put against the crack was too much for it to handle anymore. It finally gave in and the whole screen became nothing more than broken snowflakes made of glass.

As fallen glass flew all over missing your skin only by an inch wasn’t what caught you by surprise. It was what inside you stood wide eye in shock. Your body felt as though it froze in not from the ice but from pure fear and shock. Inside you stare at the captive of the large machine.

The captive was a young girl.

You stare at her as wires were connected to her neck, arms, legs and back. both hands were covered by some weird metallic gloves that were also attached to some wires. Her feet were included. She wore nothing but straps that covered her chest and pelvis but that weren’t what you couldn’t believe. It was her hair and face that you never could have imagines anyone to have.

Here hair not black, nor blonde, not even brown or any of that color but only instead white. It shined like ice and slide straight down like needles. Her lips were ice gloss and sparkled from the moonlight outside. She looked unconscious or was already before being put on the machine which she didn’t make a sound. I looked around to see the ice was already freezing up again and only a matter of seconds I had to save her. Quickly and carefully as possible I removed all the wires and unlock the locks from her hands and feet and held her in my arms. I quickly manage to jump out just in time as the ice was already forming around the hole just in the nick of time. I looked up to see twilight facing me as I leaped out, smiling I began to shout.


Twilight heard my shout and does what she was told. She quickly uses her magic to pull the pin out of the grenade and aim at the hole. She held it for a second trying to make sure it will get in before the ice will cover the hole again. Praying for celestia’s guidance twilight hurled the small object into the hole of the screen. A single sweat drop slide down her head as it flew as precisely as she wanted it to. After so many years of learning aero dynamic and precision she never had time to actually perfect it. More sweat fell down her chin as the grenade was just an inch away from its target. She continued to watch it for a few seconds before…… smiling.

The grenade, Landed inside the machine before the ice finally closed up. “YES I DID IT I-“she was cut off as I scooped her up and ran as fast as I could before it goes off. Twilight was surprise at the sudden grab and looked up at angel. “What. What are you doing?” she said surprise.

I panted and looked down at her. “Getting us out of here” I said.

Protorkalos from behind saw the small grenade before it landed inside. It had been a while since he seen one but after hearing angel shouting to pull the pin it all makes sense now. From the first blast wasn’t strong enough to destroy it but it managed to crack the window of the machine that held the captive. Once then angel attack and broke through grabbing the captive and fleeing in time before the nitrogen will consume them inside. After that twilight will throw the other grenade which must be a higher blast radius into the hole and run as fast as he can.

“I’m impress.” He said sheathing his weapon away. He then looked up to see rainbow was already in front of him smiling. She had seen the blast from down below and saw that angel taking a captive out of there but didn’t see twilight throw the second one inside. Seeing as though he got only a few seconds he quickly grabbed rainbow and race as far as he could away from the machine.

Rainbow blushed at the sudden grabbed since he held her tight in his arms as he race away from it and took cover behind a building. The same feeling she felt since he first save her course through her body and her heart sped up like crazy. After blushing red she started too fidgeted around from her grip. Protrokalos didn’t bother on her squirming since he was actually a lot stronger than her and trying to break his grip wasn’t happening. After a while protrokalos look down at the squirming Pegasus before letting go. Rainbow dash finally saw the open gate to freedom and flew up a bit so he was out of reach from him. She then scowled and flew down till he was eye level. The same redness was on her face as she looked at him.

“Hey I’m ok that you can touch me but the way you were holding me was way too much for my taste.” Rainbow cross her arms and huff. Protrokalos continue to watch as rainbow dash began to complain. He watched as she frailed around saying that other ways of trying to not admit her feelings but protrokalos could see in her eyes and in the blush she really like him.

She continued on for a few seconds before finally pointing at him before speaking. “AND ONE MORE THING BUB I-“she was cut off as a large explosion was set off behind her.

The blast from the grenade was so powerful that rainbow’s mane was blowing straight in her face along with her tail blowing hard towards her body. They were still far off so the blast didn’t harm them but rainbow could still hear it being so loud it was almost ear shattering. Protrokalos smirk as the blast went off and now he was staring at rainbow’s shock expression. It has been a while since he smiles even if it’s just for a second and he felt….. Good.

The blasts wind blew over his face, messing with his hair for a few seconds before finally dying off. Rainbow expression was priceless as her mane covered most of her face except her drooping muzzle. She slowly turns to towards what’s left of the metal menace. The only thing left of it was a pile of ice and a few puffs of black smoke coming out from the ice. She stares at it for a few seconds before hearing protrokalos voice.

“So you were saying” he smirk.

*back at twilight’s place*

It has been an hour since the incident back in the middle of the town. All of twilight friends including me and protrokalos sat around the library as we all stare at the new human laying peacefully on top of the couch. Protrokalos held his blade tight ready it in case she tried to do anything stupid when she wakes up. Twilight and the others also had their elements of harmony out and ready too and I slowly fidget on my glock. Messing with the slide I inspect my gun and then at the new human over and over.

I can’t believe it nor what just happen back at town square. I couldn’t believe that someone would place a young girl into some machine. Someone that wired her down and make her do the things she done to his bidding. I could tell on who sent the robot since it may have not bear the mark but it’s clear that if it had a symbol it would have an eye in the middle of the hand.

Rainbow and the others spent their time reading some books. I look to see twilight reading one of the spell books golden shard gave, she look fascinated on the large amount of spells she hasn’t even heard off. I look to see rainbow reading her favorite series daring do, applejack was reading a book about farming while rarity was reading a book called ‘the mare and the tramp’. Fluttershy was reading a book about medicine while pinkie was reading a cook book. The only ones that weren’t reading were me and protrokalos since we were still watching to see our new guest will be waking up soon. Finally after almost an hour in an half she finally stirs. Protrokalos got to one knee and ready his blade as she slowly got up from her seat. I grabbed his hand to keep him from doing anything rash and walked up to her.

She slowly shake her head a bit to relieve the aching headache from her head. The ringing in her ear was gone but her vision was still blurry as she looked up for the first time in her life. As long as she can remember she was always blinded by either something hard of something soft. She could hear well and understand somewhat but she couldn’t read nor speak. In fact the first thing she sees is something she did not know what it was. The first thing she sees is me.

I smiled hoping to bring out a good first impression for her. She only tilts her head and look at me. Her eyes were baby blue as she stares at me for a few seconds. “Uh hi” I said.

She tilts her head again as she tried to understand this hi but couldn’t. “Um it’s nice that you’re awake. My names joseph angel delemarte” I said nicely. She doesn’t respond.

“What’s your name?” I said gesturing her to speak. She doesn’t respond.

I waited for a few seconds, still no answers. Either she’s deaf or she didn’t know my language or something like that. Since I use a special healing spell twilight had made sure if anything wasn’t damage while I remove the wires from her. I then remember that she couldn’t be deaf since twilight used a special spell that allowed her to know if she was either blind, deaf or was speak preference. Twilight told me that she was healthy girl and had no internal damage to her organs or her nervous system.

Knowing she wasn’t deaf I decided to try another language. Since English wasn’t my only language I decided to try a bit of Spanish. I started translating in Spanish at what I said and ask her again her name. No dice. I then used French. Amy taught me a bit about French after she pass on. I tried again in French. Nothing. Since Spanish, English and French were the only languages I could speak I called protrokalos over to help maybe translate some of his language to her.

The moment he went up to her she was already crying in fear at the sight of protrokalos. He only scowls at as he walked but softens up as he walked towards her. I gently rub her back so she would calm down. She finally does and asks protrokalos to translate some of his languages he knows to her. Surprisingly protrokalos knows many languages ranging from Russian down to heck even azetec language. Heck he even tried sign language but above all nothing.

“I’m out of options American” he said shrugging it off.

“It seems like she doesn’t even know how to speak yet somehow she knows a bit of what we’re saying.” I said looking at her puzzle.

Fluttershy managed to walk up and brought her some food. She place the tray on her lap and just stare at it like she didn’t know what it was. We watch in confusion as she held a piece of bread and inspect it like it was something new to her.

Fluttershy looked at her puzzle before doing something shocking in front of us.

She began to feed her. Fluttershy pulled out a few bits and motion it like she’s eating it before giving it to her. She ate to bread slowly as bit by bit she fed her.

“It’s like she’s a new born foal. She doesn’t even know what food is” twilight said amazed as fluttershy continued to feed her.
“I have to agree on that twilight. But question is who would deny a girl an education to the point of being a baby.” I continued to watch as fluttershy began to show her how to drink from the cup. The girl learns quickly and drinks from the glass.

“WAIT DID I HEAR THIS CORRECTLY?!” rainbow dash screamed as she threw her book to the side. “Are you saying she doesn’t know how to speak or eat” rainbow dash looked at the girl confuse.

Protrokalos walked up beside both me and twilight. “Even I’m surprise to hear this.”

Rarity places her book down and walked up beside fluttershy. “Really darling are you sure this one isn’t just playing with us right?” she said hoping that the girl is just fooling us. But sadly she wasn’t.

Fluttershy looked at her friends and shook her head. “No girls I really think she doesn’t know anything” she continued to help feed her.

“Beg a parden their girls but isn’t this seem beyond evil. Ah mean who would be so cruel is to strap a poor girl into a rust bucket and not let her see the world or heck even educate her a bit.” Applejack rubbed the back of her neck before continuing. “I makes me feel smarter and I’m not the one to use any of those fancy shamcy words” she chuckled.

I chuckled since she was right about one thing. Applejack rarely uses any fancy words and only twilight likes to use words like zenith or phosphate of that matter. But the major question is who or what is she and more importantly why was she so cold. Since I pulled her out and after the hour we spent watching her she had not yet drop to room temperature. In fact she still feels cold as an ice cube and her hair still shines as she was being fed. I reached out and grabbed a piece of her hair and retract it quickly. Last time when I felt her hair felt like regular hair almost like silk, however now her hair feels hard and sharp and cold to the touch. Almost like needles or very thin icicles.

Protrokalos looks at me as I had a weird expression on my face after touching her hair. Um angel are you ok?” he said raising an eyebrow.

I looked at him and relax from my expression. “Yeah I’m ok.” I looked at the young girl as fluttershy finished feeding her. “Well getting information is out of the picture. But that does leave the question. Who will do this to her?”

Protrokalos sigh before speaking out. “Well it’s obvious on who sent it. Those damned bastards who took me and cage me like an animal did the same to her. Experimented, torture and above all forced her to harm others for their doings.” He said with a bit of venom as he said it.

As angry as he may be he was right. Clearly someone or somepony is sending out or capturing other humans and forcing them to destroy this world. The only question is ‘who’. I looked at the girl and can see she looks she’s ready for bed.

“Um if u don’t mind” fluttershy said almost timid as she look at us. “Um… if u don’t mind i- I can take her to my home and take care of her till then. She looks so innocent and I don’t want her to be afraid anymore” she said.

I looked at fluttershy and smiled. Knowing she does have a lot of experience as to being a mother. Even if she was a mother to animals the young girl look like she will get along well with fluttershy then the rest of us. While looking at the others each and every one all nod in agreement of fluttershy taking care of her. “Alright fluttershy we trust you to take care of her. But you need to bring her here every day so we can help educate her.” I said smiling. “But I think we should give her a name as well” me and the others were all brainstorming of a name to come up with. Some of the ponies started coming up with weird ponies’ names but I don’t think it would fit for a human like her.

Finally after a few reject names I finally think I came up with a name. “hm how about Madeline. Madeline frost” I said. Everyone all seemed to like the name and they nodded that it was perfect for her. Rainbow shrug it saying it could be at least 20% cooler but she agree that name. After counting the votes we all soon agree to call her Madeline for now on.

Fluttershy squee at her new name and smiled at their response. She then looks at the girl; already she was sleeping which fluttershy begins to stroke her beautiful long hair. The girl’s hair acted like silk to her which to me it acted hard like needles when I touched.

Seeing her yawn and made everyone else in the room feel sleepy too. “Well it’s been a long night ah says we all should hit the hay” applejack said stretching.

Rainbow dash simply yawns and nodded. “Yeah I thinking I’m heading out for the night.

I chuckled and looked at everyone. “Yeah I think it’s best to call it a night. Fluttershy you can pick Madeline up tomorrow and take her to your house in the morning ok” I said smiling.

Fluttershy yawn and agreed.

After a while everypony had left back home to sleep. The only ones were still awake were me and protrokalos. Twilight let me sleep with her since mostly before I was sleeping on the couch since my arrival but after meeting protrokalos and madeline I started staying in twilight’s bedroom. But unlike everypony I wasn’t all that tired. So to pass the time I went up and stand at the railing of the balcony and gaze at the beautiful night sky. It has been a few months since I came to this magical world called equestria. Since I found out more about me and already fought and became friends with two strange humans with amazing powers could do a huge number on your sanity.

I sigh knowing that I have more things to worry about. Since my years of in the quarantine zone the same symbol has been showing off every time i face something. The ones behind this all of this the attack of poniville, the attack in Russia and possibly the attack back at my home must have been the work of the leader of the organization. The only question leaves out is. ‘Why are they attacking equestria? What are they hope to gain in return.’ I keep thinking on the two questions before hearing the door open. Since I remember I locked it I looked back to see protrokalos coming outside.

Surprising his blade wasn’t on him since the last few times he had it with him since he woke up. He walked slowly and leaned into the balcony with me. “Beautiful night eh American” he said softly.

I gritted my teeth again since already he’s getting on my nerves on my name but I cool down and watch over the town. After a few seconds of watching the peaceful city sleep protrokalos finally spoke.

“You didn’t finish telling me why you spare me?” he looks at me with a stern look. “So are you going to tell me why?”

I sighed hoping that he wouldn’t ask me since I don’t think he’ll like the answer. Sucking up whatever courage I had left I turn around and walked back. I stopped in the middle and answer his question. “Because I believe everyone deserves a second chance. I can’t explain but I could tell” I looked back at him and smiled. “You’re not a bad guy” I said before walking back inside.

Protrokalos watched as I walked back inside and continued to watch the night sky. He thought about what angel had said and somehow even it was the strangest one he heard before he smiled. Never has anyone ever given him a second chance to redeem himself. Maybe now he can. Instead of being a mercenary maybe…. He can be the hero for a change. He thought about the idea for a while before turning back inside and went to sleep.

*the dark caves of the everfree forest*

As word of their new toy has been destroyed their queen was growing angry at the news of two meer humans and two weak ponies defeating something so big was unheard of. She grew anxious that this human was growing stronger by the minute and they will foil their plans for world conquest. She started to grit her teeth and looked at her king to rule over. She stopped and raised an eyebrow. Her king was…. Smiling.

“What are you smiling about?” She growled in anger as her king looked at her. “Your little plan b was nothing more than a bucket of bolts” she growled after finishing.

Her king chuckled a bit before looking up at her. “Plan b? That wasn’t plan b. in fact I haven’t even start the planning yet.” He looked at towards him and sighs. “It seems that he is smarter then I anticipate. More or so he still won’t stop us in this world’s conquest. I still have more then he thinks in store against him and his precious elements.” He snapped his finger. As the snap echoed two black shadows along with a coffin appear in front of them.

“I want one of you to take this one at the end of the forest and release him from his slumber. Then I want you to help him kill off them off.” He chuckled “Don’t worry just show him this” he taps one of them hooded men’s head filling him with memories of what to show ‘him’ when they awake him.

“He’ll know what to do next. Now….. GO” he shouted. Both disappear with the coffin. The king smiled as another one of his experiments was sent. His queen raised an eyebrow wondering what is he planning to do. But more importantly:

What was in that coffin?

To be continued

Author's Note:

oh man i'm so sorry. i didn't know it's been so long since i made a new chapter and right i happy that this one is finish after so long.

so for long wait. school and life have been going crazy and right now i'm sort of starting to smoothing things down a bit but not fully. so till then wait and see for a new chapter of survivor of equestria.

thank you

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