• Published 5th Aug 2012
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the survivor of equestria - wolfman93

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

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knowing more about me then me

I floated in sheer darkness my mind completely froze and I hovered around the darkness. I began to wonder did I really die this time and I’m waiting to be judge for my sins. I felt a tear weld up in my eye and began to slowly slide down my cheek. After several more minutes I managed to see a light.

“So this is it “I wondered. “Here I come Amy” I started to float up towards the light and was blindsided by its bright glow. I shut my eyes tight and slowly open them. I looked up and saw nothing but a ceiling fan above me. I was still dazed and my vision was slowly regaining. But I managed to hear several voices again all around me. I shooked my head and looked towards me. I smiled to see twilight and lyra at the end of the bed along with twilight’s friends and the princess all around me. I tried to lift myself off from the bed. A shear pain carcinated on my right shoulder as I move myself up from the bed. I looked at my shoulder and along my waist which was wrapped with bandages and had a red gush stain from where the wound was inflicted.

“Oh angel please don’t move darling” rarity said concerning

“Yes angel please save your strength” the white horse said in a light calm tone.

“gah” I huffed as I hit my head on the pillow. I was in a lot of pain and it only made it worse when I moved. “How did I get here” I said trying to regain my breathing.

Rainbow dash hovered over me. “Well after that fight with that freak you sort of fainted on us.” She said crossing her hooves.

“Oh yes and what’s worse you were losing a lot of blood from that wound of yours. Doctor said you wouldn’t survive if it were not twilight and the princess magic in healing some parts of your wounds and carrying you to the hospital soon” fluttershy said

“Saved by twilight again huh.” I chuckled. I looked over at both twilight and the princess and smiled.” thank you both for saving me.” I said thankfully.

Twilight blushed and looked away but had that smile on her face. “You’re welcome angel” she said.

“You’re welcome. But actually it’s I who should be thanking you” the white unicorn smiled at me.

“hm what for” I said questionably.

The white unicorn smiled back. “I too heard what the man was going to do to me after the fight. Although I don’t like to hear or see murder.” The princess looked at me concerned. She then looked at both twilight and lyra who both smiled back at the princess. “But after recently looking at his clothes and hearing both twilight and lyra’s story I turned the tables on this situation.” She looked at me smiling.

“Thank you and you must be the princess I presumed right.” I said.

“Oh yes pardon my manners for not telling you in the first place.” She bowed her head towards me. “I am princess celestia. The ruler of all equestria.” The princess expands her mighty wings across from her knocking the small drawer and the curtain aside.

I was amazed on how beautiful she was and how majestic her wings were (this is one pony I don’t want to make her mad).

“Wow” I said in amazement.

She retracted her wings and looked at me. “Thank you angelito”

I was bewildered that she knew my spanished named that my mother always called me when she was angry. Then I remembered previous night after coming here that twilight said that the princess asked her to summon me and she knew me.

“Wait” I raised my hand to her. “twi said that you’re the one who want me to be summon. You’re the reason I’m here” I said trying to be calm.

The princess lowers her head and nodded. “Yes I am” she looked at everyone who was staring at the princess waiting for her explanation or something. “Twilight” she said

“Uh yes princess” twilight said frantically.

“May you please leave me and angel alone. I wish to speak with him… private” she smiled at her student.

“Um sure princess.” Twilight said concerned. “Come on guys.” She looked up at me and smile.

Lyra looked at twilight and then at me and smiled. “Thank you for saving me” she said as she was leaving. She then turn to the princess who looked at lyra and smiled.

“Don’t worry lyra I just want to talk to him about something personal. I promise you will get your turn on the questions… ok” lyra looked up and nodded.

Soon after a few seconds the princess waited till the door shut behind them. The princess looked over and saw all twilight’s friend looking through the small window. Her horn soon started to glow a white glow.

I began to hear a click sound as if she locked the door or something and the curtains soon looked to have the mind of their own. The curtains soon glow the same white aura color as the princess horn and close all around us.

“So now let’s get down to business shall we.” the princess said smiling. “So where to start?”

I looked at her bewildered. She knew more than every pony in the world probably more. I soon remembered twilight she’s like a thousand years old and she raises the sun along with her sister who is the princess of the night and she raises the moon. Somehow it felt as if I was talking to a god or something even more powerful.

“Um well…. How about telling me why I’m here a-a-and how you know so much about me if we only just met” I tried not to be frightened by this majestic pony. I felt my heart sinking with all the thoughts she could do to me if I say something that will upset her or worse. My heart grew tenser of the thoughts of being banished or disappearing from this world in a blink of smoke or being executed in any sort of horrible manner.

“Ah yes let’s start there” the princess the cleared her throat and looked at me. Her horn glowed and she slowly came down a few inches till touching her horn on my forehead. Everything felt cloudy all of the sudden. I closed my eyes and open them again. I looked around and couldn’t believe where I was again. I was floating in space. Stars shine brightly everywhere; planets looked as if I could reach over them and catch them. i starred at how beautiful space is and so many wonders and secrets it has had on my planet. I felt taking in a breath but I remembered something very important.

THERE WAS NO AIR IN SPACE! and I didn’t have proper gear for it. I held my throat as if was choking and held my breath while looking for something to help me breathe

“Don’t worry angel its ok you don’t have to hold your breath” the princess came and place her hoof on my shoulder and smiled at me. She giggled as she looked at my ridiculous face as if I had a lot of food stuffed in my face and each cheek was filled with food.

I slowly release my grip on my neck and slowly took some small breaths. I felt a huge sigh of relief that I could breathe without gagging for air.

“Oh thank god” I sigh. “So where are we” I looked at the princess.

“Well this where it all began.” She raised her hoof and swift it around us. “This is where it began for both our species.

“Uh ok” I said. I tried to understand why she’s showing me this. Was our species somehow met them millions of years ago or something.

“hm it seems like you’re not understanding aren’t you” she chuckled

“Uh” I was scared after she said that. Was she reading my mind or something?

“It’s ok let me explain.” She said “have you heard of the elements of harmony” she looked into my eyes.

I remembered twilight said something about the elements of harmony but she didn’t have time to explain because of that incident with the psycho.

“Well no but I was going to ask twilight about it before that incident happen. She and I were more worried about what was happening that we forgot about it.” My face turned red as the princess giggled at my explanation and patted my shoulder with her hoof.

“It’s ok angel please let me explain then” the princess horn glow and somehow it felt as if time was rewinding itself.

“Angel please tell me how was the universe create? Or what did you people believed that it was created from? She smiled at me.

I was sort of a science wizzed back home and I remember that our world was originally created by a huge explosion in which we called it the big bang. I remembered that when the big bang started our universe was created and all the stars, planet, black holes and other sorts were made while the big bang had ended.

“Uh well.” I said trying to say something but was too afraid to say. “w-we believed. Well back home we believed that our universe was created by an explosion in which we called it the big bang.” I looked at the princess. She smiled at me.

“Well angel there’s still more to know.” She said and her horn began to glow again. “You see over a millennium ago my father and my mother both created the universe and everything in it.” She said.

Several minutes of waiting I was amazed to see two beautiful creatures flying through space. One creature looked like celestia but was white with red hair and was engulf in flames while the other one looked to be a male but was pitched black and dark blue fur.

“These two beautiful alicorns you see are both my mother and my father millions years ago.” She smiled at me.

I was bewildered by these two amazing alicorns. I looked down at my feet and then back at the princess.

“So wait. Are you saying your mother and your father created the universe and not the big bang.” I raised an eyebrow at her. The princess giggled and places her hoof to hide it.

“Something like that. “She said. “You see your people are right about one thing. A huge explosion did happen.” She looked towards space then back at me. “But your people didn’t know how it was created.” She let out another cute giggle.

I was still pondered by the question and what else she wasn’t telling me. “Wait a minute” I raised both hands at the princess. “I lost yah” I said.

Celestia giggled and her horn glow again. I watched and all the planets all began to spin at a rapid speed and finally stopped and regain its natural speed.

“You see a big bang did happen but not just planets and solar systems were created. You see both my mother and father had created everything and both became guardians of the universe.”

I watched as both her mother and father flew through the universe swirling both in a fiery, dark cloud and then breaking apart.

“Uh ok soooooooo. What does this have to do with the elements of harmony? I said

Princess celestia raised her hoof at me and nodded. “Let me get to that.” Her horn began to glow again and with the tip of it she touches my head again. I felt dizzy again and shut my eyes tight from all the dizziness. For a few minutes I shut my eyes my head soon began to feel less throbbing.

“You can open your eyes now angel” the princess slowly rubbed the back of my head as I open them. I looked to see a bright rainbow colored star flying across the universe along with the both celestia’s mother and father.

“What’s that?” I looked up at the princess

The princess smiled at me and place her hoof on my shoulder.” That… that angel is where your legacy began”

I was caught off guard to hear that. “wh- WAIT WHAT!” I screamed

“Calm yourself angel. Let me explain.” She said “you see after my mother and father were traveling the universe they saw all the chaos that was brought over the universe. So many creatures were killing each other in order to survive and others were killing for power or all. The massive murder spree soon gotten worse and more and more species began to die off. “

“So to end the chaos both my mother and my father created a being in which of pure peace and harmony. This alicorn you see before you was called the alicorn of harmony. This star you see was once of the most powerful being the universe has too offered.”

I watched as the star soon became a huge alicorn much like her parents and herself but with white coat, and white with gold tip mane and tail and several gems on his chest along with golden armor all over.

“You see angel there was so much that he could do but he couldn’t bring peace to the entire universe. So millions of years ago.” The princess raised her hoof at the alicorn of harmony in which the alicorn started to glow brightly till finally a huge explosion happen. I covered my eyes as it blinded me for a few seconds till I could finally open my eyes. I looked around only to see the head gems floating in the middle of space of where the alicorn was floating before and both the mother and father began to tear up as they collected the gems and flew to a distant planet just close to where the alicorn of harmony exploded.

“wh- what happen to him” I felt something cold and wet hit the side of my cheek. I looked up at the princess. Tears were weld up in her eyes as well. “Princess” I said

Princess celestia wiped her eyes and looked at me. “In order to bring peace to the universe he- he used all of his magic and with a huge blast of his mighty power. He spread his power across the universe but doing so he sacrifice himself in order to bring peace and harmony to the universe.” She wiped another tear from her eye.

I couldn’t believe that he sacrifice himself in order to bring the harmony to the whole universe. But I understand why in the process. I frown to see the princess as she tried to wipe her tears away. I came up to the princess and wrap my arms around her and gave her a hug to help relieve some of the pain she had witness to me. She was caught by surprise but she return to my embrace.

“Thank you… I needed that” I let go of her and looked up at her.

“You’re welcome princess” I smiled.

“Sorry where I left off. Oh yes” I watch as we fast forward again but we were right next to a familiar planet I knew. “Recognize this planet angel”

I was smiling in amazement on how my planet looked like over millions of years ago. “Why… wait you still didn’t tell me how I fit into this.” I said

“Just watch and listen angel. You see those gems you saw my mother and father collected back there are known as the elements of harmony in which the alicorn of harmony transferred most his energy he had into the gems. Those are our harmony. This is where your harmony began”

I watch as some sort of fiery but rainbow ball of fire came crashing down on earth. The fire ball soon erupts into a huge explosion that of which must have wiped all the dinosaurs from extinction.

“Now let’s get a closer looked. Shall we” she place her hoof on my shoulder and we soon descended down towards earth. As we descend over the horizon I witness several creatures all layed on the ground in which I recognized them to be dinosaurs all beginning to die off from due to the explosion.

“Wow sucks to be them” I rubbed my head.

The princess then levitated us both to a huge meteor crater that the explosion created. I looked down to see a bright star or some type of glowing stone glowing down in the middle of the impact.

“Wow what’s that”

Princess celestia smiled and pointed with her hoof at the object.” You see not all of the alicorn of harmony was sacrifice. You see after giving himself to the universe and placing most of his energy into the elements of harmony there was still a little bit more that he had on him.”

I looked at the glowing object and finally back at the princess. “So…. That’s the rest of his power?

“Yes it is. Now watch what happens next. You’ll understand what I’m talking about”

I starred at the glowing object till a creature soon caught my eye away from it. I looked down and founded to be a full grown chimpanzee heading towards the crater and falling in. I laugh but I stopped after the princess looked over at me. I continued to watch as the chimpanzee came closer to the star and lifted it up and began pounding it into a rock.

The princess giggled at the monkey’s actions. “my my your kind didn’t know were always funny back then” the princess giggle some more.

“I wouldn’t be surprise. Back then we didn’t even know what’s food and what’s not and were also busy scratching our butts all day.” The princess giggles at my remark
I continued watching the chimpanzee that was still pounding it onto a rock. After several minutes of hitting it against the rock it finally place the rainbow rock into his mouth and swallowing it whole like candy of some sort. Figures it will do that . After swallowing it the monkey then began to grip his stomach and screech in pain as if he was about to explode inside. I soon felt my heart began to tremble at the chimpanzee who began to twist and turn till finally a blast of bright energy erupted into him and he float high about the creator and back onto solid ground a few inches away from the crater. The chimpanzee glowing figure soon fade back but revealing another being instead. After the glowing finally stopped the chimpanzee wasn’t a chimpanzee anymore instead it was an earlier stage…. For human development.

“What the hel- heck just happen there?” I was bewildered to see the creature running towards the jungle again.

“You see angel at first hand.” The princess descends us to the ground and began walking towards the sun. I follow and looked all around me as time somehow began to fast forward itself.

“That chimpanzee you witness had just unleashed the element of harmony onto this planet which in the process has also created your species. Ever since then the elements of harmony has been passed down over and over. Through man and woman. Each displaying the elements power by true harmony to the world.”

We both continued walking and time still began to fast forward with every step we took. I looked over at each previous holder in which I was surprise. Most of the holders were doctors, police force, firefighters, soldiers even one of our presidents was a keeper. With every step I watch every keeper’s eyes glow bright white and displayed its mighty power some of which used it to save lives, bring people back after dying, fighting for what’s right and above all bring peace to the world. After finishing up each of the individual that used the power finally returning back to normal and pretended like nothing happen. I watch over and over till the princess lifted her wing signaling me to stop. I ducked under her wing and present by the princesses’ side.

“You must remember who he is”

The princess pointed her hoof at the man in modern soldiers’ uniform. I looked around to see we were both in a stone building on a battle field somewhere in the Middle Eastern. I watch as the soldier the princess wanted me to look at took off his helmet and layed it on his side. Sweat began to fell all around his face, dirty was covering all over his face some of which was hard to make out who he was. I looked closely at his dirty face trying to picture who the man is. A huge smile erupted on top of my face. My smile felt as it was reaching all across my face.

“d- DAD!” I screamed in joy. My father layed there with his M16 next to him and pulled out a brown leather wallet out of his pocket. He began to stare into his wallet at the photo he had in it.

“i- I can’t wait to get home and see my little boy being born.” He said. Tears began to form into his eyes. He placed his wallet back into his pocket and brought out a tin flask out and drank out of it. I watched as he took a long drink out of it but only to be stop by a bullet swooped in knocking the flask out of his hand leaving a bullet hole through it.

“So much for drinking” my father chuckled. He looks over at where the bullet was shot and sighs. Several enemies began to form around.

I looked at where he was staring at. I could hear several people talking in a language I could not understand. There was open window in which I looked out. Several people with ak-47’s began to walked towards the building that my father was hiding in. I watch as they grew closer till I felt something weird. I looked at my body in which was wiggling like some sort of jelly till it finally return to normal.

“d-dad?” I looked behind me. He was readying his weapon and prepared himself for the attack.

“I came this far” he clutched his teeth. “And I promise my wife I come home for our son’s birth” he cocked his gun and raised it up to his forehead. “And nothing is going to stop me. Not weapons, not explosives, and not even a goddamned army will stop me” I watched as my dad stand there against the wall. More and more enemy soldiers began to surround the building all speaking in the same language I still couldn’t understand. With a few seconds past I started to hear footsteps coming from the doorway. Within a blink of an eye he raised his gun, pointed it at the door way and began to fire.

Celestia and I watched as my father began to battle against the enemies in order to protect himself. I was amazed even more. He always told me of his time in the battlefield but to witness him fighting in battle filled my head with so much amazement that I began to tear up for all his courage he had. Celestia turned head towards me and hugged me as we watch my father continued fighting.

“Your father was a true warrior. And a true father too you” celestia smiled down at me. I looked up at her. Tears were beginning to form and fall on the side of my cheeks.

“Yes he was”

My father continued firing at the mob of enemies. More and more enemies came pouring in all directions. Some of which began to fire back in all directions. He dove down on the ground and continued to fire at them. More bullets were shot and more enemies fell to the ground dead.

“GO DAD” I yelled cheering at my dad. Finally after several minutes of shooting the bullet rain finally stop. Silence swept around the room. Nobody and nothing was making a sound. My father kept his ground and reloads his weapon. More silence swept around the room.

“Is that It” my father raised an eyebrow. “They actually gave up” he stand against the wall for cover and slowly poked his head around the edge. Dust and smoked flew high around the shooting area.

“Wow it’s over he did it” I stand there smilling at my father. I felt a hoof on my shoulder and looked up at the princess.
“Let’s go” the princess looked at me with worried eyes. Without saying a word I looked at my hands in which began to fade. After several seconds we were outside of the building were my father was having his last stand.

I looked around me several enemy corpses laid on the ground around us.

“Why are we here?” I asked the princess.

The princess didn’t say but just stared at upward at an unknown building. “Because” she pointed at the building with her hoof. “We don’t want to get in the cross fire”

I looked over at the building she was pointing at. I stared at the window in which I revealed a figure with some sort laser object pointing at my father’s location. I squinted for a better view of the object he had on. The man had what seems to be an RPG with a laser of sorts attachment on it.

“FATHER!” I screamed as the man fired the rocket my father’s location. I tried to run over and warn him but I was stopped by a white glow that was enveloped all around me. I tried to move but the powerful aura was too strong for me to move.

I floated there as the rocket came faster towards the building and finally erupting it in a huge blast of fire and dust. I felt my eyes teared up at the sight of my father not knowing about it but was too late to think before.

Celestia finally lowered me down and came up next to me. I sat on my knees tears still weld up in my eyes at the sight of the wreckage.

“Angel please look” celestia patted my shoulder. I looked up at the rubble. Smoked and dust filled the air all around. I stared at the smoked till finally a bright white glow began to show over the dust. The dust slowly began to clear up and the white glow became more visible. The white glow was a half of a sphere of glowing energy. Inside the sphere a figure laid there his hand touching the sphere intense energy. After several minutes the sphere began to disappear into the air. The figure slowly stood up and looked towards us. His eyes glowed bright white, his hair was streaked with white and gold tips all around.

“d-d- dad” I was dumbstrucked to see him like this.

My father looked at us then at building where the rocket where was shot. The man was reloading another rocket into the RPG. With moving from his spot he raised his hand at the window where the man was hiding. With a strange energy source a ball of pure energy began to form in his hand. As he charged up his power the ball of energy began to get bigger at the size of his hand. With a hard push he shot the ball of energy at the building. Me and celestia watched as it travel faster than the rocket ever did. After 3 seconds the ball of energy finally made it in through the window.

At first nothing was happening. I looked at my father who lowered his hand and walked towards us. I raised my eyebrow at him who was still in his form. Without warning a blinding flash of light erupted in the building. The sound of its mighty blast shooked the earth as the top layer layed waste to the earth along with the rest of the building came crumbling down.

I stood there terrified at the massive mushroom smoke that rise up towards the sky with dust spread across from where the blast took place. My father kept walking towards us. His eyes slowly return to normal his hair returns back to its dark brownish color. He slowly returned back to normal but soon dropped to one knee after regaining his normal form. Celestia and I watched as he tooked several long breaths before getting himself up from his spot.

“Man 40 years of having this… this power and I still can’t handle it without getting tired” he chuckled. My father then looked behind him at what he done and smiled.

“i- I wonder if…. My son.. Will have this power as well as I” he clutched his hand and raised it above his head towards the sun.

“If he does I only wish… he won’t use it for evil” he began to tap his head, chest and both shoulders before kissing his hand and finally leaving towards his base.

“What did your father do just now before he left” celestia said questionably

I looked up at her. “Well… in your world your people praise you because the ruler and the god of the sun” I reached down in my pants pocket and brought out my rosary that I kept since birth and showed it to her.

“In our world we praise to our god. Jesus is our god that most people pray to all the time in my world. B-but not everyone prays for him.” I shove my rosary in my pocket.

“Really is he around or is he in a castle such as I and my sister?” celestia raised an eyebrow to me.

I stuttered “f-fr-frankly…. N-no he died millions of years ago. But after his death we still pray for his guidance every day.” I clutched my fist as memories before, during and after the outbreak. people blaming him for not protecting us when the outbreak occurred. Sometimes I wanted to smack every non-believer and every person who curse to god for the ordeal.

Celestia looked at me with worried eyes. she looked down at my right hand in which was beginning to bleed due to the strength I was putting it in. celestia put her hoof on my shoulder.

“You said others worship others… other what exactly?”

I loosen my grip and looked up at her. “Well we worship lot of things. Some of which we call them by their religion. Some were Catholics, Christian’s, Buddhism’s even Muslim’s. I only know those but I’ve heard that there were million more than what I know of back then.”

Celestia was amazed to hear that my world had many gods that our people worship and pray.

“Wow amazing to hear that your world had so many religions”

I smiled at celestia but the question I wanted to ask pop into my head. “Wait you didn’t answer my question. How did you know about me?

Celestia looked away then back at my face. “Well angel I have been keeping an eye one each of their holders for millions of years. Since the first to finally you.” Celestia horn glowed again and all around us began fast forward all around us. Finally it stopped.

“Do you remember this place angel?”

I looked around us. We were standing next to a school but not just any school. We were standing in front of the elementary school that I first met Amy. I looked over in the kindergarten playground. Several small kids where all ganged up around one small defenseless child who was quivering on the ground in front of them. I looked over at the small kid and I remembered who he was.

“t-that’s me…. I- I remember this moment. This is when Amy comes an-“I was interrupted as a small little girl stands in front of the bullies and began to beat them all up. I smiled as the bullies all ran away and the little girl help the little boy up. Tears flowed down my cheek at the most memorable moment I remember came back to me.

The princess came up beside me. Her horn glowed again but this time we were somewhere else. We were standing in a field filled with greenish grass, tall oak trees around and several playground equipment with some kids playing on them for fun. I looked around to and remembered where we were. This is the same place where we both made that promise after so many years ago.

Celestia pointed at the couple that I recognize to be me and Amy sitting down. I looked over at Amy who was beginning to cry and myself holding her hands together. The promise I remember came back to me. I never knew why she told me that till it was already too late to full understand why.

But I finally knew why. I finally knew what I must do.

Celestia sigh and finally looked up at the sun. “I think it’s time to go back. Wouldn’t you agree angel”

I looked up and smiled. I know finally knew what she meant now. “Yes it’s time to go”

With one more smile she lower her horn and touch my forehead with the tip. Everything soon got cloudy and I blacked out.

Celestia voice was faint but I managed to hear her message while returning.

“Angel we need you. We need you to help bring peace and protection to all of equestria”
*back to reality*

I slowly open my eyes. There were still blurry but where slowly regaining my sight. I felt something warm and soft against my lips. I lightly shooked my head and fully open my eyes. The blurriness was still there but the warm softness was still there. I tried to speak but I couldn’t. The warm softness was preventing me from speaking.

“mmf” was I could say.

I blink several times. The figure grew more clear and that moment I finally regain my sight. I looked down at the figure my face felt flushed and my heart began to beat like a speeding drum. Her warm softness still press against my lips as she held it in place. Her eyes were closed her cheeks flushed bright red. She finally let go and looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. Her cheeks brushed bright red as she looked up towards mine.

“My my Amy was lucky to have you. You’re a really good kisser” the princess giggles at the remark.

“Uh” I lost my train of thinking.

“You’re wondering why I kissed you huh?”

I nodded
“Well twilight told me. She’s more than a student of mine. She’s like a friend and we both shared some secrets together.”

I was shocked at the answer. Twilight and I kissed this morning and she blabbed it out to the princess.

“d-did she told anyone else”

Princess celestia rubbed the back of her head and gave a cheese grin.

“I’m afraid yes. She told everyone including lyra and her friends as well. Everyone said she was going a little too fast but she sort of went into detail on how it felt.”

I slapped my forehead and hit my head on the pillow after hearing that twilight had just told all her friends plus lyra and her friends and even the princess this morning incident.

“uuuuhhhhh. Just my luck” I sigh

“Don’t worry angel. Things aren’t bad at all. Who knows with your charm and luck maybe you can make all these wonderful ladies fall in love with you” celestia said in a cheesy tone.

“Yeah but if that happens there will chaos over all of us” I raised and eye brow at her. celestia smiled and giggled.

“Well angel I must depart.” The curtains behind her flung around and back. Twilight and her friends were still outside looking through the window.

“Angel before I leave I need three favors from you.”celestia smiled at me before making her way to the door.

I looked up at celestia. “Sure princess. What is it?”

She raised her hoof. “One practice with my star pupil in learning to use your magic”

“Two don’t use your powers to gain or for evil.”

I nodded I knew that twilight was really smart with magic and her being the princess student she must be incredibly strong too and for me using my power for evil that will never happen. My grandfathers always told me never use your gifts for any personal gain.

“Ok but what’s the third thing”

Celestia gave a cute smile. “I would like for you to come and live in canterlote with me and to meet my sister and also become the prince of the sun with me.”

I… couldn’t believe at what I heard…… Did she ask me to live with her and to marry her and become prince of the sun.

“i-I don’t know what to say” I was still bewildered

“Well angel it’s up to you. I won’t force you.”

I took one breath of air and smiled “let me think about it. I still need training after all”

Princess celestia smile and bow. “As you wish angel”

With the sound of the click of the lock on the door the handle slowly opens. Twilight and her friends all came tumbling down onto the floor as the door flung open. I chuckled after that scene.

“Well twilight I have some royal business to attend too. Angel will tell you what to do until then ok.” Celestia turned her head and winked at me “goodbye everypony” she finally exited out the room and left the hospital.

Rainbowdash was the first to get up and rush towards my bed.

“SO WHAT DID THE PRINCESS SAID HUH!” she hoovers at the edge of my bed.

Rarity got herself up and dusts herself. “Yes darling oh this is most important. Please do tell us”

With all of twilight and lyra’s friends getting up from the floor they all surrounded my bed waiting for what I have to say. Especially twilight who was anxious for me to tell her what important task that the princess told me to give to her?

“All right then where should I begin?”

To be continued

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