• Published 5th Aug 2012
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the survivor of equestria - wolfman93

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

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Welcome to pony world human

As i lay unconscious I saw only myself floating in a white room with no way out. I squirm trying to move my arms and legs but couldn’t as though the felt like they were chain up by an invisible force or something. I looked up and stared at the endless white room and wondered. Is this heaven and that god is determining my fate as we speak. I began to felt a tear form in my eye but tried to hold it back but couldn’t. My heart beat harder with each passing minute that passed by.

“Am i… dead” I said wondering. “Did those things got me and now my body is being torned apart and dined as we speak.” I tried again to move but my body didn’t move even an inch as I continued floating. I floated for several more minutes it almost felt like an hour or two has gone by till finally in a distant I heard several whispers.

“Huh who’s there” I said questionably. I looked around and saw some sort of a light coming towards me. Within the light I saw a blurred figure standing inside the light. “Amy is that you” I said as I tried to reach towards the light. Again the figure grew bigger as I floated towards the light and the figure grew even clearer as I made my way up. As the figure grew clearer I soon began to realize who was waiting for me up in the light….. My love.

“AMY!! IT IS YOU” I yelled tears weld up in my eyes at the sight of my love again once more. I reached even more trying to hold her hand once more again. As I entered the light I soon lost sight of her again “AMY WAIT PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME AGAIN” I screamed trying to look for her again.

“Amy? Who’s that?” a strange voice was heard as I managed to regain my vision.

“Maybe it’s someone special to… uh whatever it is.” Another voice said in the background. “I’ve heardof these species before in one of my studies. There are called humans of some sort” a third voice was overheard. More voices we heard as I tried to regain my sight. I counted them and figured out there were at least seven voices I heard. Six of them were girls and one was a small boy I suggested. As I managed to regain my sight.

“Oh man what happen?” I shooked my hand side to side. “Where am i?” I looked up to see I was in a library of sort. Rows of books where everywhere but I couldn’t tell what the sides of the books said. I looked at myself to see that I managed to escape the horrible moment back at the alley.

“You ok there pardner” a female voice I heard in front of me.

“Oh thank god. Thank you for saving back there” I said thankfully while scratching my aching head from that moment. “Uh No prob but what we do?” the same voice came from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see the person who saved me and shake his hand but I was completely surprise at the results. An orange horse-like pony was standing behind me. It had hair like a light blondish mane and tail, a cowboy hat and an apple on its side.

“Wow I haven’t seen a horse in a while” I said while staring at it.’

“Horse? I’m no horse there pardner I’m a pony” the little orange pony said in a western style tone.

“uuhhhhhhhh” I said in disbelief. I laughed “Oh god I thought”. I continued laughing “for a second there it sounded that you talked” I said while pointing at her.

“Talking ponies. That’s so unbelievable” I said still laughing my sides started to ache with all this laughing. It has been a while since I laugh this hard.

“What are you babbling about? I AM a talking pony are you making fun of me because if you are I’ll bop you upside the head” she said raising her hoof in front of me. I looked at her surprisingly and couldn’t believe my eyes. I laugh a little and began to wobble back and forth and side to side till finally fainting on the hard floor again.
“Oh celestia. Boy’s softer than the inside of an apple pie.” The orange pony said.

For a few more hours of being unconscious I managed to wake up again after that shocking experience last time I woke up. “Man... I feel as though I was hit by a truck or something” I said while rubbing my head again. I looked around again and sure enough I was still in some sort of library last time woken up.

“Nope you fell asleep again Mr. Monkey man” a voice heard next to me. I looked down on my lap. A light pink pony with mane and tail that resembles cotton candy and some balloons on her side was laying on my lap and with my hand against her soft belly. “Uh” I said while looking at her.

“Did you just- “I tried to speak but I was interrupted by the pink pony.

“talking yes I was and were so worried that you wouldn’t wake up but when we saw that you woke up I was like so happy but when you fell asleep again I was like awwww but now you’re awake again and wanted to surprise you with a surprise party just for you” she said frantically. She then pulled out a cake back from next to her. “Let’s start with cake. You get first piece” she said holding the cake next to my face. The cake smelled delicious but the sweet aroma couldn’t win the amount of surprise I was in.
I couldn’t believe the sight I was seeing. A pink talking pony that is sitting on my lap and holding a cake in front of my face and she’s smiling too.
“This has to be a dream of some sort. I said frantically.
Yeah it’s a dream and I’m just tired I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep the past several months. I knock my head trying to wake up from this dream.

“Uh I don’t think so let’s see” the little pink pony said with a questionable look on her face.

“Here I’ll show you”

The pink pony placed the cake she had on her on the side and lifted my hand with both of her hooves. She brought my hand close to her muzzle and bit the top of my palm and pinched hard till finally letting go.

AH! THAT HURT! I said holding my hand. I looked at my hand a small red mark began to form on my hand.
“Wait a minute. It….actually hurt”. I wasn’t dreaming at all and it was real.
I couldn’t believe it. I was on some sort planet rule by talking ponies or maybe a different dimension of sorts.

“See I told you you’re not dreaming” the pink pony said smiling. “So are you ready for cake. Because I didn’t know what you like and so I just made a chocolate cake instead but I also add some vanilla to the first half of the cake for you if you didn’t like chocolate.” She said holding the cake.

I was sort of scared at the situation. But I knew that since I was here also means If safe from my zombie infested city and by looking at her she looks like she wouldn’t hurt even a fly even if she tried. I looked at the cake she held in front of me. The sweet moist chocolate icing all around it made my mouth water all over. I haven’t taste cake for a while and just gave a nod.

“s-s-sure I’ll have some cake uh” I said. I was astonished by how she picked up a knife with her mouth and sliced a big piece of cake for me. She then placed the cake on a separate plate and handed it to me with a huge smile on her face.

“Here you go I hope you like it I made it myself” she said handing the piece of cake to me. “Uh thank you miss uh…” I said while taking the cake from her.”

My name is pinkie pie and what’s your name mister” she said gleefully.

“My name is Joseph Angel Delamarte but my friends call me by my middle name. A-and thank you pinkie for the cake.” I said smiling at her.

“oooohhhh that’s a long name” she said and began to stare at me waiting for what I think of her cake. I chuckled and took a small piece of the cake and placed it into my mouth. My taste buds felt like there were in wonder land for the first time in years. The deliciousness made me want to savor every bite I ate. Pinkie pie sat there smiling as I ate the cake she made for me. After finishing the cake a burst of words came spewing out of her at a fast pace. “OMG how did you like it was it delicious. Was it was it. Huh huh huh.Because I’m trying some flavors for new cake recipes’ and I wanted to know how you like the chocolate and vanilla swirl I just made today. Tell me tell me huh huh. I see that you liked it very much and that makes me happy thank you for liking it” pinkie pie said at a fast pace.

I smiled at her and tried to say something through her pace. “Yes it was thank you I loved it very much” I said while looking around the room. Pinkie pie then let out a cheerful yay and started bouncing around to room. She then front flipped and landed on my lap. I blushed at the sight of her on my lap as she cuddled herself comfortably.

“Uh miss pie what are doing?” I said trying to contain my blushing. “I like it when you were rubbing my tummy” she said while moving on her back.

I couldn’t help myself at this situation and I really want to show her I wasn’t dangerous of sorts so I condulge and gave her what she like. I slowly lay my hand on her soft stomach and began to rub it up and down and around in circles. She let out a happy giggle and snort as I rubbed her.my face although felt like it was on fire or something. “Why am I feeling like this all of the sudden” I thought.

“Uh pinkie pie what are you doing” another female voice heard from above. I looked up and saw a Pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and tail on her.

“You barely met him and already you’re cuddling all over him”

I stutter. W-w- “WHAT! WAIT IT’S NOT LIKE THAT MISS uh” I paused

“Rainbow dash is the name. Speed is my game. by the way you look you’re not from around here and you mustn’t heard of me. I’m the fastest pony around these here parts. Here watched” the rainbow colored pony began to praised herself and fly around the room at a very high speed. So fast I couldn’t keep up with speed. She then stop in front and me and bowed. Being the gentlemen I was I gave a nice applause and clapped at her performance.

“Thank you thank you so may I ask who are you or what are you” rainbow dash said while looking into my eyes. Her beautiful magenta eyes glistening as I stared into them.

“Oh uh my names joseph angel delamarte and uh. Well” I paused then looked down at pinkie pie. “I’m a-“

“You’re a human aren’t you” another voice came from behind me. As I looked over a lavender- colored pony came up behind me with all my weapon and backpack with a purplish color all around them levitating beside her.


“I know it’s yours and I’m sorry for taking it and looking inside” she said and began to levitate both back to my hands
As I reached to grabbed my stuff 3 more pony-like creatures came from behind her. “s-sorry for yelling at you” I said

“It’s ok. Actually I should be the one sorry since I looked through your bag without permission” she said in embarrassment
“No no I should be sorry since I jumped at you like that. Please forgive my rudeness” I bowed my head at the little lavender pony to show how sorry I am.

“Uh what is he doing” the little butter-like pony said in a quiet tone.

“He’s showing his gratitude by bowing to us. Like a master and his apprentice. Hmmmm althought he’s from another world he sure does got some good taste in clothing despite it being dirty in all” the white marshmallow pony while putting her hoof on her chin and smiling.

“Well whatever he’s doing he owes me an apology for laughing at me” the orange pony said as she came from behind the lavender pony.

I looked up and saw all 6 of the ponies all standing and staring at me. Well since being on a weird planet and looking like a total slob without any other human company why wouldn’t they stare at me? I didn’t felt weird being stared at but I had the strangest feeling. I’m in a distant planet far away from my zombie infested world where survive or be eaten. Once the eaten part came up in my head I suddenly stood up in shocked.

“OH GOD” I screamed as I pat everywhere and looked at each limb, my stomach and felt whole head trying to see if I wasn’t bit at all while being transported.

“ohhhhhh are we playing simens says. Oh oh I love that game so much” pinkie pie said as she copied everything I did.

I then sighed at relief to notice that I wasn’t bit while coming to this world. I knew if I was I could have spreading the disease onto this world and this world would suffer the same fate mine did. I then looked at pinkie pie in which she still was copying everything I did.

“Wow you’re quite the happy one you are” I said smiling at her.
“Awww thank you angel” pinkie pie said smiling

“Uh why were you doing that just now. Did you lose something” rainbow dash said while hovering over my head.

“No I didn’t I was just. I paused trying to think of a different story instead of the real one.” I- I was”

“Yes” the lavender colored pony said raising one eyebrow. Her eye was a beautiful shade of purple with a touch of sparkling in it. My heart began to beat faster and I tried to not blush. Why was I feeling like this especially to an unknown species that I recently encounter just now.

“You have to tell eventually”

“Why not start with the part when you called me Amy when you first woke up” the orange colored pony suggested.

I knew that I was in too deep already and faking a story will just make things worse for me. And in part of my head I somehow want them to know (for a reason… somehow) “Alright” I said while rubbing my head and sitting down. “But first what are your names”

“My name is twilight sparkle” the lavender pony said. She began pointing to her friends one by one.

“This is fluttershy”

“Um hi” fluttershy said in a quiet yet cute tone. (Damned she’s cute)

“That’s rarity”

“Charming to meet you Mr. Joseph” she said (wow what a lady- like attitude)

“Please called me angel all my friends did” I said waving to them

“And that’s applejack you mistaken for whoever thought it was”

“Howdy” applejack said while raising her hat. (She sounds so much like…. Amy)

“Nice to meet you all” I said and began to sighed. I eventually told them the whole story on why I looked like this and what happen to my world. I told them about who was Amy and why I mistaken applejack for her. Tears fell from each of the ponies faces as I told them what had happen to her and how much she meant to me. I began notice and tried to throw in some jokes in which actually helped. I then told them on my last 5 years I have been surviving in a wrecked city surrounded by monsters and having to survive daily in order to live the next day. I tried to contain my tears in which I told more jokes that again helped relieve my sadness. I eventually ended after my finally event that happen before I was brought here and how freighting it was for me.

“Wow. I never knew somebody that could be so cheerful after going through that” twilight said with an 0 of amazement on her face.

“Well I got by ok and I really should be thanking all of you for saving me. I owe all you guys my life for it” I said giving another smile.

“Really” fluttershy said and began to blush.

“Well you don’t have to thank us” applejack said and patted twilight on the back.” It was here twilight that save yah. Yup her magic is quite special”

“Really? Well then thank you Ms. Twilight sparkle”

Twilight blushed and tried to hide it.” Um it’s was nothing. Just glad to help”

“Nothing” I said in surprise. Ms. Twilight I was about to be eaten by a huge horde of monsters and you save me just in time I believe that’s I owe you something In return.

“Oh that’s not necessary” twilight blushed and tried to cover it with her forehan- I mean hoof.

“Please let me repay you in return for your hospitalities and for the saving.” I then looked at everyone to see which would respond before looking outside. The bright moon glisten the whole room with’s it magnificent glow. “Wow it’s a beautiful night”

Twilight looks outside and sees that it’s night already. “Oh wow I didn’t know it took so long to summon you from your world.”

I looked at the night sky till the word summon me came from her mouth and surprised me. “Wait” I raise my hand towards her.” You were trying to summon me Ms. Twilight. Why?” I realized that she knew more then she is telling me.” I know we just met but you know more don’t you Ms. Twilight.”

Twilight frowned and nodded. “Yes actually. You see” she looked away from me before looking at my face again.” Princess celestia has asked me to summon you from your world. I asked why and she said you were in danger and you were a kind and friendly person. I’m not sure about the details but I know I shouldn’t question my teacher’s wishes”

I raised an eyebrow at her trying to understand the situation. I began to think to myself while rubbing my chin. How did the princess knew about me and how did she knew I was in trouble in first place. My head was clouded with so many questions I had to ask to her princess but I was soon losing track with several of them. “Please take me to your princess Ms. Twilight” I said in a calmed tone.

“Well… she’s sort of working at the moment and right now it’s late so” she said trying to smile.

“Your right Ms. Twilight I believe we all should get some sleep” I said while rubbing my head.

“NOT SO FAST MISTER” rarity shouted as though I said something wrong.

“w-w-what Ms. Rarity” I said. My heart filled with anxiety at the tone that rarity spoken to me in. she came up to me and looked straight in my eyes. I leaned back away from her and began to prepare for anything that was about to happen.

She then pointed to my clothes.” May I have your clothes” she said in a kind tone.

“…. What” I starred at her in disbelief.

“Well if you’re going to see the princess you should at least have some proper wear.” She began tugging my tattered jacket. “Oh my this will not do. This will not do at all. Certainly not please give them here”

I raised my eyebrow at her a bluish glow all around my clothes and I felt my hands being lift up in front of me by a unknown force. I looked at my sleeves and in which they began to tug all around.” WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON” I began to fight it and then looked at rarity whose horn was glowing the same color as well.

“Hold still I’m not trying to hurt you” rarity said while trying to concentrate on removing my clothes

After several minutes the other girls began to blush after rarity got both my jacket and my shirt off. Fluttershy blushed and turned her head away trying not to look. Pinkie pie began to blushed had a smile so big that they reached to her ears.

“Oh my sweet apples” applejack said while covering her blushing with her hat.

“Uh rarity. He doesn’t need you to uh” twilight said while trying to contain her blush.

“No keep going I like it “rainbow dash said as she blushed and covered her mouth.

“MIS RARITY PLEASE STOP!” I yelled but already she got my pants zipper and buckles down. I tried holding them up but rarity manage to remove my pants down exposing my….eh Manhood. Rarity saw my manhood and blushed.
WAH HAHAHAHAH!!!! She said and began wobbled side to side and then fell flat on her back. I immediately pull my pants up my face was completely red with embarrassment. I remembered I was doing commando because my boxers need to be washed since yesterday. I mean let’s be honest when you’re living in a zombie infested city with only the clothes on your back and in your backpack you honestly think you have enough clothes to completely cover you. I remembered One time I ran around the city with no shirt because all of them had huge gaping holes the sizes of cooking pots in them while a huge horde was chasing me from behind. Yeah it was bad but let’s gets back to story.

After several minutes later I was in the bathroom. After taking a quick shower I changed into my extra set of clothes. After leaving the bathroom I stopped before closing the door. I looked down at twilight who was still blushing at last incident.

“Uh I’m sorry for rarity’s actions back there.” Twilight said with a cute giggle. “She can be a little…. Uh tidy up.

“Tidy up?” I said raising an eyebrow at her.” She was trying to rip my clothes of me.” I turned my head trying to contain again my blush. Twilight although saw my face turning red and gave a small giggle before going back to the main hall. Before she left open the hallway door she turn around and looked at me. Her face still blushing bright red.
“I made a bed for you so you can spend the night. I will contact princess tomorrow about your arrival” twilight said. Twilight then gave one cute giggle and wink before leaving.

“What was all that about? Was she…. Coming on to me” I slapped at myself. “No no she’s a pony and I’m a human” i rubbed my cheek i slapped and then pick up my messed up tattered clothes and jacket. “Well I need to give these to rarity if she’s gonna fix them for me.” I grabbed my tattered backpack and wrapped one of the straps around my shoulder and then I departed to the room where I eventually slept.
To be continued.