• Published 5th Aug 2012
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the survivor of equestria - wolfman93

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

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greetings from the beast of the everfree forest

After leaving the hospital and entering ponyville again somehow became completely strange that day. As me and my new friends walked through the once more peaceful town we was stopped by some rather strange ponies that all gathered in our path. The ponies all ganged up at me from in front and in the air some Pegasus began to fly above our heads. As they walked in front of us I began to think of why they are doing this are they mad at me from last week incident. I looked at their faces they didn’t look angry at me at all. I prepared myself for anything with some new learned spells I was ready to take even an horde of zombies if I had to but these weren’t zombies they were ponies and I don’t want to do any harm to them but I will stand up for myself if things tend to get ugly. From just inches from me a brownish colored pony came up and presented in front of me. His eyes stared deep at me and didn’t blink at all as he made his way to me.

Without warning he raised both hoofs up and turned away from me. “HERE HE IS” he shouts to the ponies in front of him.

“Here’s the man who saved us from that monster last week”

I stood there puzzled alongside my friends. I continued to watch him as a faint sound occurred in front of him. The faint sound began to get louder and soon enough I watched as every pony including the one who made the announcement and my friends were somehow tapping both hooves together and were clapping for me. They continued to clap for me and the sound of whistling and whooing made me felt good about myself. For that small moment it felt like I was being treated… like a hero of some sort. They kept clapping for me as they left and made a path for me and my friends to continue on. They continued for a few minutes before finishing up and returning to jobs or whatever they were doing afterwards.

“Well that was a surprise after coming out of the hospital. I never got a welcome back like this ever” I smiled and rubbed the back of my head.

Rainbow dash hovered beside me and patted my shoulder.

“Well you did save us from that monster before right. I mean he did look human but he acted more monstrous then human”

My smile turned to a frown at rainbow dashs remark. I knew that he must have been a survivor of the outbreak and I know how badly it can do to the psyche when your best friends, family or even love ones are trying to kill you and no explanations on how or why this is happening. I remember there were times where I almost lost it when….. Remember that faithful day. Fluttershy looked at my frowned face. My eyes began to shed tears as every detail from my tragic past during that day began to flow like a river without stopping. She flew above while meeting with my shoulders and wrapped her hooves around my neck from the back. I was caught by surprise and looked behind my head.

“I know what you’re thinking angel. Please don’t be sad anymore angel.” She continued to hug me.

Applejack came up and patted my right leg. I looked at her with teary eyes at her warm smile. “fluttershy is right sugarcube. You’re safe from all monsters back home.”

I unhooked fluttershy’s and walked forward just a few inches away from my friends. “That’s not it.” I stared at my hands and felt the weight of guilt pushing down and collapsing on both knees still staring at my hands. “Ever since I lost her I have been condemned to kill what use to be people not only that but others who tried to hurt me. pyscho’s, animals, even government officials all tried to kill me.” I clutched both hands tightly. “These hands have shed blood for so long that I- i-“I wrapped both arms around me and began to cry. “That sometimes I almost lost my sanity” I continued to cry.

“I just want the memories to stop”

Twilight and her friends all stare and frown at their friend and all the hurt he had endured. The remaining ponies who stayed around a little while longer all watched their hero fall to his knees crying. Some of which began to approach to twilight and her friends asking what’s wrong with him. Twilight and her friends each explain briefly on why and the pain he has felt over the last 5 years of life of being in constant fear of the monsters in his once was peaceful town. As they heard the stories the town’s ponies all began to cry some which kick dirt thinking of all the suffering that the hero has suffered for no reason at all. The dreams became nightmares, the courage became fear but some of which was surprise as rainbow dash told that after everything he went through he still had hope in him. Pinkie pie continued to watch me still sitting on my knees crying about the memories and tried to think of a way to help relieve it somehow. She began to think real hard and in just a split second an idea popped up.

“I GOT IT” she rushed at top speed towards god knows where. All of twilight’s friends and some of the town folk watched as she rushed at top speed towards what seems to be her work place.

“Uh pinkie pie. There’s no time for a snack angel is hurting here” rainbow dash sighed deeply.

Finally after several seconds’ pinkie pie came back both me and twilight watched her as she present herself in front of me with her hooves behind her back and smiling.

“Uh p-pinkie pie” I said quivering of lip.

Both me and twilight and her friends all looked at her with her hoofs behind her back. To our knowledge we all think she may have some sort of cupcake or a large cake from behind her but it wasn’t. She pulled with both hooves a brown sack with symbol that represents wheat on the middle and suspected it to be grain or flour of sorts. I sat there questionable at what she’s going to do with that sack. She continued to smile at me and raised it above her head. With just a few shakes the sack from the bottom ripped open. There stand in front of me now was a smiling flour covered pinkie pie. I looked at her silliness from looking at what she did my sadness so beginning to turn to laughter. I chuckled at her and wiped the last of my tears off my eyes.

I continued laughing. “Pinkie pie why did you do that?”

Pinkie pie laid the empty sack and smiled. “Because I want to see you happy. I don’t like to see you so sad”

I sat there and smiled at her. Pinkie pie let out a small giggle and snorts before… before she came up and gave me a big tight hug. I was caught from surprise but I return her embrace and nuzzle my chin on her shoulder. Pinkie pie began to nuzzle my shoulder as she increased her grip around my neck. The strength soon got stronger and I began to have trouble breathing. Already in just a few seconds I was turning blue and trying to pry her off my neck. My oxygen was depleting at a rapid pace and I don’t know how much I have left before I run out of air.

“p-p-p-pinkie p- pie i- I can’t br-breathe” I struggle to speak.

Twilight and her friends all looked at my face and how badly I’m struggling to breathe through the tight hug that pinkie pie was giving me. Twilight let out a worried face and rushes to aid in releasing her off my neck. It didn’t take long before applejack and the rest all rushed over to help release pinkie pie’s grip. Because from being the strongest in the group both applejack and rainbow dash both were the first to hook on me and pinkie pie sides. Applejack along with fluttershy hooked onto my side while rarity, rainbow dash and twilight all grabbed hold onto their friend pinkie pie.

“PINKIE PIE. LET GO OF ANGEL” twilight struggle to pull pinkie pie away from my neck.

“Sugar cube let go. Angel’s noggin is getting bigger and bluer than a light blue balloon filling up with too much air.” Applejack said as she pulls back.

Pinkie pie felt her sides being pulled as she held in place. At first she thought her pinkie senses were tingling again but she looked down to see her friend rainbow dash’s arms around her stomach. She then diverted her sight towards me. My face was already now turning a darker purple and getting bigger due to lack of oxygen. Without a warning pinkie pie smiled one more time and finally let go right in the middle of both applejacks and rainbow dash’s pulling back. As pinkie pie had finally let go of her grip both me and pinkie pie fell back along with our friends in back. As I fell back I tried to turn my body so I didn’t smash them as I fell back. Pinkie pie however didn’t turn and just fell back on all her friends. My eyes were closed as I fell. After few seconds I felt relieved that it was over and decided to open my eyes. My vision became blurry due to lack of oxygen and blood flow to my brain. I shook my head and took some deep breathes to help my vision regain blood and oxygen flow to them and the rest of my head. I wished I didn’t fell like I did now.

My arms were facing in front and providing leverage next to her head. Her blushing face was several inches from mine as I stared into her beautiful green eyes. they sparkled like emeralds on a beautiful gold ring or on a royal crown. She began to breathe heavily and her breath was brushing against my lips as we both lay face to face together.

“Uh” was all I could say. My mind tried to figure out a solution to this problem I just gotten myself into.

She raised her head above just missing pass my lips and next to my head. As she made her way to my ear she began to whisper into it.

“sugar cube you know it’s not right to be laying on me like this… unless you’re going to give me something in return” she lowered her head and looked into my eyes again. Within seconds she slowly came up towards my lips…. With her’s.

Twilight who came out of the pile of friends and dust herself off looked at me and applejack who both layed together on the ground several inches from her. She watches surprisingly as applejack began to come forward towards angel’s lips with her’s and I wasn’t moving at all. As shockingly she was she began to feel angry and rush her way towards both me and applejack. Applejack who was just about an inch away from my lips was caught off short as twilight rammed into my side with her horn and pushing me off her.

“OW” I screamed in pain from twilight’s horn that pressed into my side and just below where my liver was. The impact felt as if I was being jabbed by a dulled spear or something with a non letal pole and barely impaling me.

Applejack watches as I twist in pain on my side just several inches from her. She then looked up at twilight who was just a near her looked at me in anger.

“Why did you do that twilight?” she said as she gotten herself up and place her hat back on.

Twilight looked at her friend then back at me with anger in her eyes. “You know why” she said angrily. She then walked towards me. As she came up to me I was barely able to stand up so I sat up gripping on my side. I lifted my shirt at my side. A dark purple bruise began to form from where she pushed me with her horn. My breaths began to become harsh rasp as I sat up from the pain. I took another shot of pain rushing through and I lowered my head in agony. As I lowered my head I felt something coiling around my head and pressing me against something soft and purple. I couldn’t move my head but I managed to look up. Twilight who was wrapping my head and bringing it against her chest still looked at applejack in anger.

“Angel’s my coltfriend” she screamed to applejack who starred in disbelief. I couldn’t understand what she meant due to the fact that I was in more pain then shock. That only shot on the side felt worst then from the actual injury I suffered or maybe it was because of that. I remember some of my restoration spells my mentor taught me and I began to heal my bruised side. Twilight who had kept my head close to her chest didn’t know I was performing magic without her knowledge. She was more furious at applejack who she distinct fully tried to take her supposedly coltfriend.

“COLTFRIEND?” Applejack screamed at twilight in anger. “Now you listen here you book eating varmint. Angel here is not yours he didn’t said he was yours when we first met or even during the week.” She pointed at me in anger.

Twilight finally let go and walked towards her friend applejack and looked at her in the eye. Applejack who stood her ground gave the same angry gaze at twilight. “Yes he is. We both kissed together at MY library.” She yells at applejack.

As I healed my bruised wound I watched as these two ponies who are my friends began to fight over me. “Uh girls wait let’s not-“I tried to speak but I was interrupted again by applejack.

Applejack raised her hoof and pointed at twilight. “The only reason he kissed you was because he had a nightmare that jolted him up from his sleep and hit smacked dabbed on your lips remembered. That seems more like an accidental kiss then then a loving kiss to me” she said angrily.

Rainbow dash and the others all gotten up from the ground and heard all the commotion and rushed in to stop the fight. Rarity came up and began to push twilight away from applejack’s face as did rainbow dash pushed applejack away as well. fluttershy who kept her distant from the fight went over to me and hook her hooves around my neck.

“Are you ok angel?” she said in a light worried tone.

I patted her hooves with my hand and looked up at her with a smile that I’m ok. She held me tight like cuddling a teddy bear except I was a huge teddy bear compare to her size. Applejack and twilight continued to bicker on about me being twilight’s coltfriend. Before asking I already know what twilight meant about coltfriend. Since coming to this world I somehow began to understand on how to better understand on different gender call names and figures. For women they are called mares with a roundish figure and a more detail hair features while men who are called stallions or colts have a narrow shape snout and more of a Mohawk type hairdo sometimes. I couldn’t believe what is now happening. The mare that I just kissed last week is fighting with her friend who sounds like Amy and now I’m caught right in the middle of everything.

“Girls please” I said getting up from the ground. “I like all of you ok a- and I’m happy to be with you all if you want me.” I smiled at everyone.

“But please let’s not fight over this. You guys are friends and friends don’t fight over who likes who. It never ends well”

Applejack watched and heard and lowered her head. Twilight who also heard came up to me and I dropped to one knee to give both a big hug. Twilight who took this moment to show how much she cared to me came up and wrapped her hooves around my neck. At first it was a straight normal hug but she then looked at my face and pressed her lips on mine again. Applejack and the others looked at both me and twilight with surprised looks. Applejack who was just a few centimeters from both me and twi came up pushed us away from our moment. Twilight looked angry at applejack for ruining supposedly our moment but to me I was glad she did my face felt like a volcano and I was sweating up intensely.

“See applejack me and angel are together” twi said In triumph and stick out her tongue at applejack.

Applejack looked angry at her friend and pushed her a few inches away from me and her. “That’s because you kissed him in a surprise attack” applejack and twilight all began to bicker and fight on about me and I just watched some more.

“uh this will never end I suppose” I said to myself.

*two hours later. At twi’s library*

After the fight back in poniville both applejack and twilight settle their difference and shook han- I mean hoofs in agreement. Supposedly as they were fighting about me being twilight’s coltfriend they were also fighting about who I should stay for now. Knowingly all of twilight’s friend agree that I will stay during Monday through Wednesday at Applejacks farm due to the fact it’s huge and they have an extra bedroom I could stay and I could work for a few extra cash so I can provide for myself and maybe get a house for myself in the near future. Thursday and Friday I will stay twilights which would give the advantage of learning newer magic spells and train longer than most days. And finally Saturday and Sunday I will stay at either rarity’s, fluttershy’s, pinkie pie’s or rainbow dash’s place if they were ok of keeping me there. Maybe I’ll get a better understanding on how they run there life and how they do their jobs here in town.

After agreeing with the agreement me and twilight went to her library to train on my magic for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to tell twilight that I already learned basics about magic so I decided to pretend I don’t anything about magic and I struggle with it. Twilight began to levitate a few spell casting books and we both began to read a few. I begin to read the first book I got hold and opened it. Twilight however was already done with her first book in just a few seconds. For an hour in a half we continued to read several more books about magic and already I learned most of this stuff during my time at the hospital. I continued to speed read each book twi levitated me and through some books I began to learn shield breaker, time freeze and somehow atlas’s strength which I know will come in handy if I need to do some heavy lifting or some heavy smashing. Finally after almost 4 hours of reading twilight set the book down and ready herself in front of me. I was still reading one of the magic books till what she was doing that caught my eye. I set the book down and looked at twilight who looked ready to perform magic in front of me.

“Alright angel let’s see how much you learn in during the two hours. I hope you’ve been studying hard like I was.” She said as she took stance in front of me.

I smiled at her and set the books aside from me. “Alright then let’s get started… mentor” I bowed my head to my new mentor.
Twilight started to act giddy almost like lyra did a week ago at what I called her. She had always wanted to train someone in magic and has always waited for someone to call her mentor. Now her dreams of teaching magic to a student can be fulfilled for the first time.

“Alright let’s get started” then twilight said cheerfully

*6 pm still at twilight’s library*

Well during the past few hours as not out of the ordinary. Me and twilight began to start with a few levitation spells and a few teleportation spells to help me get to place from another without taking the long way to travel. Twilight was very surprise that as we continued on with our magic sessions I was getting them flawlessly right and having no problem harnessing my magic from inside. Although there were times well I accidently use too much and uh well broke some things in twilights house. I apologize for breaking her stuff and she forgive me for it. We continued to practice several types of magic for a few more hours till both me and twilight were finally out of energy. We sat there together exhausted due to amount of magic energy we used to help me learn magic.

I huffed. “Are you ok twilight”

Twilight looked up at me and smiled. Sweat dripped from her head and down to her chin. “Yeah just a little tired that’s all”

I chuckled. “Yeah we’re both tired I mean we worked on magic for hours nonstop.”

Twilight giggled and looked up. “Yeah but I’m surprise. You’re learning magic so quickly you’re mastering it in just a day like me. “

I blushed and scratched my head. “Well I have a good memory and when it comes to learning what I like to do I just well learn quickly than most of my other subjects back home.”

Twilight smiled and made her way to my lap and layed on me like how a cat or dog would sit on his owner. But I wasn’t her owner and she wasn’t a dog nor a cat. She was a pony and my friend or maybe more since she just told applejack and her friends I was her coltfriend just a few hours. I begin to rub my hand down from her horn, down her back and ending at her tail. Twilight laid her chin on leg and hum in comfort as I continued to pet her forehead and down to her tail. After a few minutes of break time twilight got up from her spot but didn’t left. At first I thought she was going to get off me so that our next training session will commence but it was not what I had expected. She turned her head and looked at me with a seductive smile. I sat there a little nervous thinking of what is this girl planning. She finally came up and placed her hooves on my shoulders and pressed her lips against mine. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her back and placed my hand on the back of her head and pressed it so she wouldn’t have trouble if she wants to go a little more deeper than before.

We continued to kiss for about a few minutes till a faint sound of the door opening but we ignored it and continued.

“Oh you bucking colt stealer” someone said in front of the doorway. Both me and twilight stopped and looked at each other wide eyed. We then looked at the door to see who said that. There standing in to front of the door way was none other than applejack. Applejack was sprinting towards to twilight house to tell about the news that just came up. But as she opened the door instead of me and twilight studying and learning magic she caught me and twi kissing on the floor together. She grew furious not only that she took the only human friend of equestria but also one of the nicest humans she ever had as a friend for all to herself.

“I knew it was a bad idea to let you stay here with twilight alone.” Applejack slapped the middle of face with hoof.

Twilight got off and scooted away from me still blushing bright red from embarrassment. I sat there embarrassed as well. applejack walked towards us still giving both of us the evil eye mostly at twilight.

“now are you both going to keeping kissing like a bunch of namie pammies or are you going to hear what I have to say?” applejack looked up at me with anger in her eyes.

Why was she acting like this in the first place I wondered? I mean she was mad at me for mistaking her as amy and then making fun of her before. Now she’s acting like she’s… jealous or something and she did try to kiss me a couple hours before at the middle of town. I looked down at applejack she was still giving me the angry looked and I couldn’t speak even if I could. My heartbeats grew intense as I tried to come up with something that may help with this situation.

“Uh um what’s w- wrong applejack?” I said nervously keeping my gaze away from her.

Applejack looked at twilight then back at me and sighed. “well it’s actually bad news”

My nervousness disappeared and I looked at applejack. “what you mean bad news?” I said

Applejack pointed outside towards the everfree forest where fluttershy is. “Well fluttershy came over to my barn just a while ago and some sort of huge iron box was sitting the middle of forest entrance. We’re not sure what’s inside but she said she heard growling and moaning inside and we think somepony is hurt inside.” She said worried.

I gotten myself up and dusted off before going to my m16 and grabbing a few clips and shoving them into my pocket. After grabbing my glock, my ammo and my knife I sheath all of them on me and wrapping the strap from my m16 around I looked at twi and applejack. “let’s get going then”

Both applejack and twilight nodded and we all took off towards the entrance of the everfree forest.

*everfree forest entrance*

I raced myself towards the entrance hoping that whatever is inside hasn’t been let out for either a nice stroll or even a quick bite. Applejack and twilight who were behind me were having trouble keeping up with me as we run towards our destination. Applejack who seemed more of the athletic type was amazed on how fast I was getting to places.

“Dang boy’s faster than even rainbow dash. Boy may actually beat her in a race if he tried” applejack huffed out of breath as the continued to run towards the everfree forest. Twilight heard and being rainbow dashes best friend she had to agree with that. Angel spent 5 years running so he must be a good runner since all the time he was being chased. Twi also remembered last week angel was fast at dodging the monsters attacks so quickly was beyond amazing.

After few more minutes of running towards the ever free forest entrance we finally found the huge container that applejack said was sitting in the middle of the path way. The huge iron container layed there in the middle of the path way like someone left it there. I began to approached it to see if anythings dangerous about it. As I moved closer towards it I began to hear the sounds applejack said she had heard. Some of them made my stomach turned as I began to recognize a few noises inside. I only wished it wasn’t what I think it was.

I drew closer to the huge container and what’s inside of its mighty door. I looked at its side and it seemed to be that It didn’t stretch far. Seems mostly like a big metal box that stretches only about 2- 4 feet away from the path. I looked closely at the side at what seems to be a logo of a hand with an eye in the middle of sorts. I carefully examined it and sure enough it looked like the same symbol like the one back in my planet that mostly carried experimented creatures that supposedly try to combat the undead but failed to control. My heart sanked to know what sort of creature or creatures is inside this huge box. I took a few steps back and ready my M16 for anything. Applejack and twilight watched as I ready my weapon and began to shake as I stand towards the huge container

Twilight tried to speak up to see what’s wrong but was caught off as the sound of metal turning began to commence from inside the container. The sound grew louder and soon after more sounds of unlocking began to be heard from inside the container. The sound of the unlocking began to attract attention and sure enough several ponies including the rest of twilight’s friends all came to see this huge container beginning to open. I held my weapon in place and pointed it straight as it opened. Again my heart sanked deeper as it fully opened. At first it was pitched black inside but the horrible groaning sounds still could be heard but louder this time. I gaze fully on the container inside. Some ponies began to run home and locked their doors knowing something bad is in there. Only me and my friends stood our ground against whatever is inside.

“Twilight” I said in a calm tone.

Twilight immediately looked up at me. “Yes angel” she said nervously.

I continued to hold the gun at place but I kept my eyes still on the inside of the container. “I want you and your friends to go home. Now” I said keeping my eyes at it

Twilight shooked her head and looked up. “No angel we’re not leaving you here with” she looked at the container. “Whatever is inside there” she felt nervous the groaning grew louder and the sound of something walking against metal began to occur from within it.

I gripped my gun tighter as whatever was inside began to come forward out into the open. i… I couldn’t breathe after that moment when I saw it’s face. there coming out of the container… was an infected.

I stood there wide eyed at it as it began to limped out towards the open land. I looked closely at the infected individual. He was about maybe 50 years old before he became infected. It worn a dirty, bloody worn out business suit and worned out business shoes and was carrying a blood stained suitcase with his left. His hair was messy worn out black and his skin Christ his skin… was as grey as worn out metal. His eyes what scared me the most all the time they were the same pure white with little black dots in the middle. The same my love Amy had when she… I sighed but I kept my gaze at the infected. My mind began to rattle on as it drew closer. What is this thing doing here? Why is it here? Who brought this monster to these lands, and most of all how the hell did it got here in the first place?

I shooked my head trying snap back to reality. Twilight and her friends watched as what seems to be another human came out of the container but something was wrong with him. Twilight began to wonder what’s wrong with him. Is he sick? Does he need medical attention or what? She began to wonder more about him but her train of thought seized at the sound of my gun cocking. She looked up at me in which I was pointing at the so call man with furious and hatred. As twilight tried to say I had already pulled the trigger. The guns shockwave ranged in violently and both twilight and her friends all ducked down, covering their ringing ears from the blast of the gun. The ringing only lasted for a few seconds and twilight was first to get up from the ground.

She looked at me with worried eyes. She took her attention to my gun of which in the end of the barrel blew smoked from where I took my shot. She finally looked towards the other human that came out of the box. There he layed on the ground, blood oozed out from behind him and down the side from where his head layed. Twilight already knew why he was on the ground like that. I killed him.

“w- why did you” twilight was speechless at my actions.

I sighed and lowered my gun and looked at her with worried eyes. “Because…” I paused.

“Because he wasn’t human. Not anymore at least. His appearance says human but inside he was flesh eating infected.” I began to wipe the sweat from my eyebrow and patted my gun.

Twilight remembered the story I told her a week ago and what the infected were and their only purpose was to feed on the living. She also remembered that the only way to kill them was to destroy the brain at any means necessary. Twilight knew these things was dangerous and decided to step back. She signal her friends who have gotten up from the horrible deaf trauma move back away from me and the container and head home to where it’s safe.

I nodded and begin to looked at my guns recoil slot to make sure it wasn’t jammed after making that shot. I check my whole gun to make everything was in proper order and hope there will be no trouble when I shoot it. There as I checked my gun they finally came. I counted one by one as more came out of the container. One, two, three at least 6 more just began to walked faster towards there meal. My heart began to beat increasing with every step they took. I tensed up as more begin to walked towards me hungrily for a taste of rotten meat against their yellow, black teeth. After checking my gun one more time I aimed it at the horde coming out and began to fire.

I felt the shot’s force against my shoulder as I made every shot count against the horde. The sound of my gun’s blast and bodies hitting the ground ranged my ears over and over with ever bullet I let out against them. One by one I watched as what used to be humans took the plunged to hell and all layed there each with one hole in the middle of the forehead. I continued making shots and more bodies began taking to their deaths. As I shot one down another came out to takes it place but later dies and another comes out again.

Finally after a few minutes of shooting it… it was over. I looked at the bodies that layed there on the hard ground and stain it with their blood. I finally lowered my gun and sighed in relief that I managed to kill them off. I removed my gun’s strap from around shoulder and went to pick up the shells from the ground. As I picked them up I began to count them and found out I wasted 20 bullets. One bullet for one infected. As I picked the sound of galloping was heard coming from the far end. It soon gotten louder and I took attention to where it was coming. I looked at my left to see three small ponies racing towards me and the middle of the container.

“I heard it from here” the little orange purple Pegasus said as he drove her scooter down the path.

I looked at the end of her scooter and see that it was attached what seems to be a red wagon with a pure white and light pink and purple unicorn and light yellow and red pony with a red bow on the wagon. They raced towards the sound and already were halfway towards the container and infected. I knew that they shouldn’t see this and rush to stop them. I left my main gun and rushed to the middle raising both hands signaling them to stop.

“STOP WAIT” I shouted in hopes they heard.

The orange Pegasus saw me blocking the middle of the path and began to steer sideways. She finally stopped but wagon in the back didn’t and flew up along with the two ponies in the air. I watched the two ponies flying in the air and heading towards me. I got ready and held out my hands to catch the children flying in the air. The wagon they were one was the heaviest and was coming down faster towards me. I managed to dodge it and catched them both in my open arms. I looked down and sighed in relief that they weren’t hurt as they took first flight in air by accident.

“Are you two ok” I said in calmly to the young ponies.

The unicorn rests her head on my arm and looked up at the strange creature holding her and her friend. She felt nervous at the creature but the pleasant smile made her feel less scared. The other one looked more excited the fear as he held her.

“Wow you’ve must be the human my sister talked about” the regular pony clapped her hooves in excitement.

“Yeah my sister told me about you too. She said you’re a good guy or something” the unicorn said

The orange Pegasus removed her helmet and walked towards me and her friends in my arms.

“Um sorry about that” the orange Pegasus said as she rubbed the back of her hair.

I set the other two next to her both at each side of the Pegasus. “It’s ok I’m just glad you two weren’t hurt.” I kneeled down and present to the small children. “Who are you three and how do you two know me” I said

The three all present themselves in an orderly fashion as though I had given them and order or something.

“I’m applebloom. Applejacks younger sister” the yellow pony said in a western tone.

“I’m sweety bell. Rarity’s little sister” the small unicorn said in a sweet tone.

“And I’m scootaloo. Rainbow dash’s number one fan” the orange Pegasus said in a tom boyish tone.

“AND WE’RE THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS” they chorused out together.

I chuckled as the chorused out what they call themselves. “Uh ok but why are you two here. It’s dangerous to be here now.”

Scootaloo walked towards and present in front of me. “Well we heard a lot of banging sounds and we decide to investigate.”

Applebloom began to bounce forward. “And we were also hoping to get our cutie marks as well” she smiled at me.

I scratched my head in confusion about cutie marks and their desire for them. “Uh well you’re not going to get them here. It’s really dangerous to even be here by yourself. “

Sweet bell and applebloom all groan hearing me nagging them for to leave. Scootaloo rolled her eyes ignoring my warning. I tried to explain what is happening here but still it wasn’t getting to them. They seemed more focused on getting their cutie marks and were willingly to take the risk to get them. I tried to explain more but it suddenly came to a halt of a faint clapping sound. I gotten up from my knee and looked around to find who was clapping. The sound grew louder and I traced it to be coming from behind me from on the top of the container the infected were in. I looked above it and my sight caught an unusual figure. He stood like a human but had a long black trenched coat the stretched down to his ankles. He wore black gloves and deep black sunglasses to hid his eyes. He looked to be young about 20 years of age with dark redish hair and a huge scar reaching down from his right eye and all across his face and ending in the middle of his left cheek. I was more shocked to see another human then facing infected that came from my world to this peaceful town. He continued to clap slowly as he walked towards the edge of the container.

After making his way to the edge he finally stops clapping. “So you’re the one who killed butchy a week ago.” He said in an evil but calm tone. He slowly raised his hand and pressed two fingers against his eyebrows and scratched them both with his thumb and index finger.

“I must be seeing things. This... this human killed one pyscho and 20 infected all by himself with no help at all.” He began to chuckle at the idea of one man killing barely even point one percent of his masters army.

I grew annoyed at his tone and stepped forward. “WHO ARE YOU AND ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THESE INFECTED HERE” I stood my ground not knowing that I left my gun just inches from where I stand. He looked down at me with a maniacal smile and shooked his head.

“Sorry but I would love to be I’m not. I’m just his delivery apprentice.” He bowed before jumping off the container and walking over the dead bodies that layed on the ground beside him.

“So if you’re the servant then who’s your master” I said angrily.

He sighed at me but still kept his evil smile. “Don’t worry about that. You’ll meet him soon. But for now” he went through his right sleeved and pulled out a black object with a red button in the middle.

“He wants to know how strong you really are”

He pressed the button on the remote control. The sound of more metal unlocking began to occur and the large box began to open more widely than before. The three fillies who were still behind me also watched as the huge container opened its side revealing to what seems to be a medium sized cage from within the middle. I squinted to try to get a better look inside the cage. The creature inside began to growl like a lion and he bared his long fangs. His red devilish eyes glowed from within the cage and it makes several shrieking noises telling me that it wants out… now. The servant right next to me lowered his remote and smiled devilish at what he’s about to say.

“Are you scared human?” he chuckled

“I’m sure that if stay still it might kill quick and painless. Maybe” he laughed a monstrous laugh before raising the remote again and pressed the button a second time.

The cage that held the creature inside began unlock itself. Once the creature inside heard the unlocking sound he already made his move. He jumped out bursting the front door of cage out and slowly stands up on both feet. I watched as looked up at me with his dark red eyes. I couldn’t believe to see what was inside the cage. It was a man but something was off about him. He was medium built guy with tanish complex skin nothing out of the ordinary except for his fingers nails being longer and sharper than regulars. It’s just his facial features what caught surprise me. He bared long sharp canines and his eyes showed a dark redish color in the pupil area. His hair was green and spiked up that somehow resemblance an anime character I couldn’t quite put my finger on and a black bandana kept it from falling to his face and over his eyes. He wasn’t wearing a shirt but he was wearing a huge metal collar with the same hand logo on the side. He also wore dark green army cargo pants and black combat boots signaling that he was once in the military. He also had something attached in the back and it swayed side to side and recognized it to be a… green wolf’s tail.

The well I could say ‘man’ started to walked towards me with anger and rage in his eyes. The servant watched in delight as their so called toy began to walk towards me. He then raised the remote and held it pointing it at the green hair man.

“Good boy.” He said taunting. “Now listen my master made it clear for me and I’m sure he did the same for you.” he proceed to point towards me.

“Kill this man and destroy everything in this village. If you succeed I will grant you your freedom. But fail “he pressed the button on the remote. The green haired man shrieked in pain as bolts of electricity began to surge through his body shocking him with several bolts of electricity. I watched as the servant held the button longer and the other man shrieked in pain because of the collar wrapped around his neck. I couldn’t believe on how cruel the servant was to this man. I felt for him being tortured like this and for being forced to kill me for his freedom. After 5 agonizing minutes of holding the button the servant finally let go and smiled in evilish delight. The green hair man fell to his knees after the shocking ordeal his captive had put him through.

“That’s only a piece I’m giving you. Fail and I’ll make sure your heart stops beating” he smiled one more time before stepping back away from me and the collared man.

“Enjoy” he said in a singing tone.

I looked at the man who was still heavily breathing from the shock collar. I began to slowly move sideways trying to get my gun before anything.

Without warning the man looks at me again and finally he disappears from my sight. I looked around to see where he had gone and ready myself for anything. For a few seconds it was silent. I scanned around me to see where he had gone but nothing. Finally I knew one thing he could be. I looked up to see him coming in fast for a devastating punch. For just barely a second I managed to dodge his attack. His fist was just an inched from my face. I twisted my body away from him and he came dastardly hard cracking the earth with just one punch. I rolled away till I felt the butt of the gun before picking it up and pointing at the man who still held his place after the impact. I looked over at the three fillies who looked terrified at the collared man in front of them.

“GIRLS GET OUT OF HERE! GO GET HELP!” I shouted to them. The girls all watched in horror as I held my gun at the strange man. Scootaloo rushed over and picked up his scooter while applebloom recovered the wagon just inches from them and hooked it to scootaloo’s scooter. After hoping on the three fillies raced away to find some help leaving me with him. I held in place my gun aiming at him but he didn’t move but just stand on one knee with his fist still on the spot from where he cracked the earth. Finally after a few minutes and just a gust of wind he vanished again from his spot. I scanned around looking for where he was. I didn’t want to go full on scale shooting spree since I’m limited and I didn’t want to shoot a bullet then let it bounce off and hitting some pony by accident. I looked everywhere over and over, turning my whole body so I’m facing the back but he wasn’t there finally I turned back to my position but there I stopped. He was standing in front of me.

I looked at him paralyzed that he was now in front of me. Without warning he grabbed my head and tightened the grip. I felt and though he was going to crush my head but he leaned his head back. Finally he rushed forward and my head felt the tremendous force he had inflicted on me. I fell back landing straight on my back and holding my forehead in agony. My head throbbed intensely as though he had cracked my whole skull with just one headbutt. I managed to get myself up my right hand still on forehead. As I got up from I felt something sliding down my face and into my mouth. Whatever it was seeped into my mouth… I was tasting blood. I let of my hand and looked at it. A dark red puddle of blood layed on my hand and more seeped down my face. I staggered up facing the man who held my gun in one hand. He then held my gun in both hands and without any effort he snapped down the middle where the cartilage and the recoil where in half and threw it at both sides.

“Let’s make this a fair fight” he said in Russian accent.

He began to put up his fists and walked sideways but still kept his body facing me. I stood my ground as well and put got into a fighting stance and walked in a circle the opposite direction. After a few seconds of walking we both attack. He came up to me swinging his fists first towards my bleeding head. I managed to dodge his attacks and held my arms to block if I missed a dodge. He kept at me punching and swinging his arms around trying to hit my already bleeding face. With every miss he made he grew furious. He finally decides to let it out with one well place front kick. I crossed my arms and shield my chest against his attack. The force he was putting on his kick felt as though I was getting shot by a cannon or being hit by a car of sorts. My arms felt like snapping from all the power he was using on one kick. As he was kicking he made I to his advantage to counter act it. Instead of going even more forward he raised his leg knocking my balance off and leaving my body completely exposed for him to attack. At that right moment he quickly lowered his leg and lunged up with his knee aiming towards my head. I didn’t have time to block his attack but for a split second I quickly lifted my arms up and pushing his knee up. He missed my head just an inch off my forehead. I had managed to make him miss my head and I knew I had him there. With all my strength I lifted my arms up throwing his whole body off balance. He flipped in the air uncontrollably and tried to regain balance as he was falling. For just that brief moment I made it a window a opportunity. As he flipped just above my height I lunged my foot straight into him hitting his back just below the neck and in the middle of his shoulders. He let out a gasp as I put forced onto that one spot. Blood spewed out of his mouth as I pushed him away from me. He finally landed straight on the side of cheek and slide across just a foot from where we are and finally ending it onto his back.

I huffed from exhaustion the cracked wound on my forehead. “Stop this now.” I got myself up and looked towards him as he slowly gotten himself up. “I don’t want to hurt you”

The man sat on one knee and coughed up more blood from his mouth. He then looked at me with angered eyes as he slowly got up on his two feet."funny because i want to hurt you so much right now"

The servant who was watching the fight from the distance began to grow impatient for the death of human.

“What the hell are you doing” he raised the remote and pointed at the collared man. “Finish him you fool” he pressed the button again. A surge of electricity coursed through the man’s body and he twists and turned all around from the pain carcinated into his whole body. I watched some more till finally it ended. The man this time held himself in place but lowered his head. He clutches his fist tight as he stared at the ground before looking up at me. My heart beated faster as I stared again into his devilish red eyes of his. I got ready for anything that he will come at me and held my ground. The man finally moved slowly raising his right arm. A black aura began to form in his hands and across his shoulder as he stared across from me. The black aura began to take shape and just in a minute the aura shaped into what seems to be a black cloak wrapping around his whole arm. As the cloak blew against the wind he finally began to toss it around. After finish his stunt he ended by covering the cloak around him and finally disappearing in a gust of smoke.

“What the hell?” I quickly looked in all directions trying to find where he had gone. My heart beats grew faster as ever second pass. I raised my hands up high so if he comes up with a sneak attack on my face again. I continued to scan the area for anywhere he may strike. Suddenly in just a second I began to fall frontward. My back felt pain as though someone or something rammed into it and kept pushing it down as I fell. I finally managed to land on my hands and knees and quickly got up from my spot. I quickly looked everywhere for where he may be. As I continued to try to find him my body finally took another blow across the side of my hip. I stumble around again but managed to regain my stance got ready for anything he may throw at me again. I felt another blow but this time it was on my face lower down my right eye.

Applebloom, sweetie bell and scootaloo all raced towards to twilight’s house. Knowing that twilight was applejacks best friends she must be there along with the others in hopes of stopping whatever angel was facing. Scootaloo kept going faster and faster towards twilight’s house to tell them the news back at the entrance. Applebloom and sweetie bell who were both back on the wagon held on tight as their friend scoot drove faster than before.

“SCOOTALOO CAN YOU PLEASE SLOW DOWN” applejack screamed as she held on the side of wagon.

“YEAH SCOOT WE’RE BARELY HOLDING ON HERE” sweetie bell screamed.

Scootaloo looked behind her for a split second but kept her speed. “Sorry girls but we need to get to twilights fast or angel’s a goner” scootaloo continued to speed up faster towards twilight house in hopes of making there in time.

Back in twilights house after angel told all her friends to go home and stay there twilight was feeling a little more or actually A LOT MORE nervous of leaving him back there to fight them off. She knew he was strong but she didn’t know if he can handle whatever is inside other than infected. The one who left that huge container wouldn’t release infected into their town. Angel had already told her and her friends on how to stop and kill them so they could stop them by themselves. There was more and twilight grew more scared of whatever layed inside. Twilights friends all however felt nervous but not so much since there human friend will deal with them in no time. All of them began to do something that will help relieve the boredom. Pinkie pie began to bounce all around trying to keep positive at this situation. Rainbow dash began to pick up one of her favorite daring do series and read it and rarity pick up a fashion styling book to help pick up some ideas for future. Fluttershy kept occupied by having her little friend angel come with her before she was told to head towards twilights but she still felt worried about her other small furry friends back at her house and hoped they are ok. Applejack who was the last of her friends just sat there still waiting for anything that will signal that it’s ok to come back. She looked over at twilight who was beginning to pace back and forth with a worried expression on her face. she knew that everyone was worried for angel and whatever he was facing back there but twilight looked more scared than everyone about angel’s safety. After a few more minutes of seeing twi pace back and forth over and over again she finally got up from her spot and stopped her there.

“listen sugar cube. You’re making me feel scared too.” She placed her hoof over twilights shoulder.

“angel’s a strong guy now. He surely has taken care of whatever was in there by now but is just taking longer than expected.”

Twilight looked at her friend applejack and smiled. “getting all worked up on him isn’t going to help. Plus he is a powerful being remember right.” Twilight lowered her head and back up still smiling.

“your right applejack. Angel surly must have stop them by now” applejack smiled and patted her friend’s back before getting off and walking towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.

After a few more minutes of waiting everyone all stopped by the sound of banging of the door. Since being close to the door twilight smiled grew and she rushed at top speed at the door. She then quickly grabbed the door knob and flung the door wide open.

“ANGEL THANK CELESTIA YOUR O-“she looked down at the three fillies and her smile turned to a frown.

“oh girls it’s just you. Sorry about calling you ang-“She was interrupted as applebloom stopped her there and all three showed fear in their eyes.

“TWILIGHT COME QUICK” applebloom shouted

“IT’S REALLY BAD” sweetie bell almost shed tears as she screamed to twilight.


Twilight and the others heard the girls plead in help and stood shocked. Since Twilight was the first to open the door she turned her head towards at her friends. Her face showed fear as she looked at them and then back at the three fillies.

“Ok girls please calm down and get inside quickly” the three fillies quickly went inside and as they went to the middle of room they began to tell them what was happening back at the entrance and how bad it was getting.

Back over near the container I somehow was busy being beaten constantly by the collared man. My body ached with every punched and kick he threw at me. The blood from the wound on my head spew everywhere with every hit I took. I couldn’t keep up with this merciless beating. If I didn’t find a way to stop him he is going to kill me before I even hit the ground. The servant watched in delight with every beating I took in pleasure. He smiled manically with ever hit I stumble around like a rag doll. Finally after one more hit across the face I fell back dazed and in pain from all the beating. I began to breathe harder as I layed there on the ground. My breaths soon gotten raspy and I was barely able to breath. I felt pressure on my throat as he places his boot on my neck and held it in place as he press down. I struggle to remove his foot from neck but it was no use. It felt as though I was being crushed by something heavy and had no way of escaping. I gasped more and he pressed down harder with every minute passed by. The servant finally got up from his spot and clapped as he walked towards me and the collared man.

“good boy. Good boy indeed. Now” he smiled manically “finish him off and take care of this town and everyone in it” he said as he walked back to the container.

The collared man looked at his captive then back down at me. I felt his boot began to move and I know he’s about to snap my neck with his heel.

I had to come up with something fast before my neck is snapped into two. Then it dawn at me. My knife that I didn’t use was still on the side of my belt and I quickly unsheathe it. After flipping the blade so that it pointed up I drive it into the collar man’s leg. He screamed in pain as i drove the blade deep and out the other side of his leg. He clutched his teeth as the screaming pain loosens his leg and I managed to lift his boot up just a few inches from my neck. I quickly remove the blade from the side and drove the knife deeper through the front of his shin. The sound of bone snapping made me feel sick as I twisted the blade. Like a dog munching on a bone and just snapping it in every place. He screamed more in pain and I quickly pushed him off me with the knife still stuck in the front of his shin. I quickly got up, shook my head and ready myself for anything again. The collared man looked at with anger and breathed heavily from the intense pain on his leg. I smiled and wipe a bit of sweat off my forehead.

“I guess we’re even on bone breaking” I said giving a cheesy grin.

To be continued