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the survivor of equestria - wolfman93

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

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the old man and the forbidden books

After finishing the whole story about elements of harmony and what had happen to me during the fight with the pyscho and finally ending it with that I’m some sort of alicorn of harmony and that its power was passed down for generation and now I have it. Twilight sat there bewildered at what I told her and that she’s now my teacher in magic. All of twilight friends including lyra and her friends all stared at me after finishing up the story and the message for twilight. Silence swept the room nobody made a sound for several minutes. It felt as if time stood still and everyone sat there frozen in time. That time soon ended as Pinkie pie was the first to break the silence.

“OMG OMG OMG MY NEW FRIEND IS AN ALICORN. I MUST MAKE A SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL PARTY FOR YOU OOOOOHHHHHH I MUST HURRY” pinkie pie started jumping all around the room before finally running out the door at top speed.

I raised an eyebrow. Rainbow dash hover over me and patted my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about her she’s like that all the time”

“Well I kinda guess she’ll be the first to break this silence. I just need a little more warning on how she was gonna do so”

Applejack shooked her head. “So what are you going to do sugarcube? Now that you’re some sort of magical being and all”

I drifted my sight away from everyone and frowned. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. After hearing and witnessing on what I am and my duties of having unimaginable power I just didn’t know what to think now. A huge magical alicorn of harmony with powers as strong or maybe stronger then the princess herself can make a man think of millions of ways to use the power. half of which can be used for good but the other half can be used for evil. I was actually surprise that my ancestors were able to use the power and not know what it was and I was still surprise my father never told me about it. Guess since being an old man you forget things from time to time.

“I’m... I’m not sure.” I ponder the question

“I know I will use it for good but i-… I just didn’t know I was that special”

Rarity went over to the bed and patted my hand with her forehoof “Oh darling please don’t frown” rarity smiled

I looked up at everyone and smiled. I tried to get up from the bed again. The shear pain in arm made it worse when I move around even just a simple nudge caused some serious pain. At last I gave up and let my head hit the pillow just near inches from the guard rail.

Fluttershy came up and placed her hoofs on the side of the bed.

“Uh angel you haven’t healed all the way. The nurse says you have stayed her till its better”

I groaned not just from the pain but I had to stay there till I’m fully healed. I rubbed my forehead with my other arm and bit my lip from the next question I about to ask.

“h-how long will I stay here?” I sighed

“About a week” twilight said

I let out a loud groan after hearing how long. I wanted to pull my own hair after the thought of being stuck in a hospital bed and forbidden to get up till the wound was healed.

“Oh don’t worry you big baby. The doctor has a special area for all the patients to get some fresh air.”

Twilight came up to the window. The window glowed the same aura as twi’s horn. With her magic twilight open the window all the way and pushed the curtains away till we were able to see all of ponyville. I was amazed on how beautiful and how peaceful it was in this small town.

“See. You have a lovely view of the town and a nice beautiful, relaxing breeze to help relax your stiff muscles” rarity smiled again.

“Yeah it’s nice. It’s as nice as the time twi told us that story at what happen jus-“dash froze and covered her mouth.

I didn’t need to ask what she was saying… I knew before. I crossed my arms and gave twilight an angry look. My arm didn’t felt good when I had my arms crossed to each other but right now I didn’t care I felt more embarrassed then in pain. Twi felt fear as I gave her the look and began to sink down underneath my bed. I groaned and slapped my head. I looked at everyone in which all were blushing and had turned their heads away trying to not look at me.

“I know what you were about to say rainbow dash. In which I’m disappointed in you twi” I looked over to see twilight her head was laying on the floor.

Twilight slowly got up from the floor and looked up. Tears were weld up in her eyes as she looked up at mine.

“i-I’m so sorry angel. I- I didn’t mean to tell everyone. I just-“

Applejack came up next to her friend and wrapped her hoof around. “Aw don’t be mad at twilight sugarcube”

“She just told us what happen this morning and uh… she told us how it felt” fluttershy turned her head away from me. Her face turned brightly scarlet red.

I took a deep breath and sighed. I looked down at twilight her eyes teared up and some drip down onto the floor. Even in the real world I couldn’t take seeing or hearing a girl cry no matter what world I am it sorta breaks my heart to see them shed tears.
“look twi I’m ok that you told everyone including the princess about what happen but please tell me before you tell them ok twi.” I smiled “I’m not mad anymore”

Twilight looked up and smiled “yes angel I promise”

Me and twilight look at each other and stare to each other’s eyes again. We stared for several minutes till rarity nudged twilight’s shoulder and rainbow dash began to shake my violently.

“HEY YOU TO LOVE BIRDS WAKE UP AND STOP ACTING SO LOVLY DOVY!” rainbow dash shouted as she shooked me violently.

“Uh uh uh u o-o-ok I- I get it “rainbow dash stopped shaking me and remove her hoofs off of my head. I slammed my head back against the pillow dazed after the violent shaking. Pain carcinated from my shoulder soon flowed all around my body and then towards my head and I soon began to feel a headache in a few seconds.

“Oh my are you alright angel” fluttershy said in a quiet tone.

“Oh relax fluttershy. Angel can take a simple shake right angel” rainbow dash said nudging the center of my shoulder.

I shook my head and look at rainbow dash “A little. You tried to snap my neck out of place after that shake.” I said

“Yeah well it didn’t so that’s good” rainbow dash raised her shoulders up signaling she’s playing around.

Both me and rainbow dash began to argued over and over about what she could have done if she didn’t stop. I explain to her that my neck is not some sort of bobbled head that can bobble all around and back into place. My head can easly snap out of place and I’m glad that I’m in a hospital that can save me if that ever happens. Dash listen but showed signs of not interested in my explanation. After 5 minutes of yelling each other lyra finally spoke up and ended argument.

“Uh if it’s not any trouble but uh” lyra lowered her head.

I look down at the green and white pony. I remembered just a few minutes ago she was being held captive by the psycho that almost made mints meat out of her if we hadn’t came along. I gave a small smile to see that she wasn’t harm in the process.

“Yes lyra is it” I pointed to the green and white pony.

“Oh yes t- that’s my name uh angel is it” lyra said

“Yeah that’s my middle name. My full name is joseph angel delemarte. But everyone calls me by my middle but it’s ok if you want” I smiled.

Lyra stood there shaking her feet clutching together and gripping tight to one another. A small squeal came out for a moment and she looked like she was ready to explode in seconds. As I tried to say something she instantly began bouncing up and down while keeping her mouth close as if she was holding her breath.

“Oh great you made her all gittery and what not” said the cream like pony.

I looked next to lyra what I believe to be her friend. She was a cream pony but with a purple and pink mane and tail and several candies on her flank. Her hair was dividing half along with her tail in a more curly style. She continued to looked at me angrily as lyra continued to bounce next her. Finally the cream pony finally stopped her bouncing my placing her hoof on her tail and holding it in place.

“You see what happens when she sees something that was supposed to be a fairy tale.” The cream pony sighed and let go of lyra’s tail.

“See bonbon I told you humans were real. And you said they weren’t” lyra said while nudging on the cream pony.

“Bonbon?” I said questionably

“Yes that’s my name. I’m bonbon. lyra’s best friend and lover to be exact.” She said placing her hoof on her chest.

I look at both lyra and bonbon and wasn’t surprise to see ponies even ponies that can love the same gender. I began to imagine that this world was like mine even gays and lesbians can fall in love here but it looks like nobody will discriminate them for their love interest.

Bonbon looked at me questionably and tilts her head sideways.

“Uh you don’t have a problem with me in love with lyra right” bonbon places her hoof on her love.

“What no I’ll never have a problem with you and lyra” I said frantically

Bonbon raised an eyebrow in suspicion at my reply. She looked at lyra then back at me giving the same expression as though it was stuck to that same expression.

“Oh bonbon please don’t be like that. After all he did save me from that other human.” Lyra said

“Well alright I give him a chance because he did save you. But if he does anything stupid to you I’m getting the bat on him” bonbon said while pointing her hoof at me.

I gave a weak smile and held my hands up away from face. I know thought these ponies were going to be mostly kind. Who knew that they can be hardcore when then get mad? I need to be careful on what I do in this world. After giving lyra a kiss on the cheek she finally said goodbye and left the hospital leaving me with lyra and twilight and her friends. Another awkward silence left the room. The silence was then broken by another pony who came into the room she was a pure white pony much like rarity except she had pink hair tied behind her head and a medical plus on her side.

“Good afternoon mister delemarte. My name is nurse redheart and I will be your nurse for the next week” nurse redheart grabbed the clipboard and began reading it and checking off with a pen on the clipboard.

“It looks like Mr. delemarte needs his rest right now. May everyone please leave the room for Mr. delemarte to rest.” Nurse redheart said.

Lyra groans. “awww I don’t want to leave. I want to ask angel some very important questions.”

I sigh. “Nurse redheart I don’t mind answering a few questions for Ms. Lyra here.”

Nurse redheart rolled her head and sighed.” Alright but please don’t overdo it lyra. Mr. delemarte needs his rest. The rest of you please leave.”

Twilight and her friends all looked at me then at lyra and finally at nurse redheart. Twi didn’t felt comfortable about leaving me with lyra especially since she’s is a crazy human fanatic. The others knew how lyra is and can get especially since she has been searching for these beings that were once said to be only fictional characters in books and scrolls.

“Uh I think it’s better if we all stay” twi said while rubbing her head with the her hoof.

“Oh no one is enough. Besides Mr. delemarte is having a roommate in a while probably soon today and he does need some rest.” Nurse redheart began to push both twilight and her friends out the door.

“Don’t worry I will make sure lyra doesn’t do anything that will hurt, traumatize or mentally scar him for the rest of his life” nurse redheart smiled to twilight and her friends.

“HEY I’M RIGHT HERE YOU KNOW” lyra shouted out.

Everyone all look at me then back to nurse redheart as they left room. Finally with one final nod twilight left the room leaving me with nurse redheat and Lyra.

Over the last hour wasn’t so bad. After everyone left lyra requested some paper and a pencil of which nurse redheart went to get for lyra. She finally grabbed a chair sat next to me sort of in a human style why. I was a little curious on how she sits especially since she’s a pony It doesn’t look confortable to sit like that. She explains that she’s ok sitting like this, it somehow feels like she’s really like a human and she enjoys sitting that way plus she says it saves room for bonbon to sit as well. i was surprise on not hearing that she’s ok on sitting that way but that she’s knows some parts about humans already.
“lyra. H- How did you know about humans even though you haven’t seen one in your life until now?” I said questionably.

Lyra smiled and lower head but I was still able to see her eyes that were looking up at me. “well angel… be- before I met you today I always have been fascinated about humans. Even as filly I was amazed about them after I read a book about mythical beasts.” Lyra lowered her notes and pencil and scoot herself till she was at edge of chair.

“After reading so much about your kind i- I... Wished that I could become... a human being like you” lyra smile turned into a frown. I looked at her questionably. She actually wanted to be human a creature that was supposed to be a myth and legends until I made it reality.

“i- I wanted to know what it feels like t- to have these” lyra began to rubbed my left hand with her hoof. I look at my hand that she was rubbing then up to her face. Her eyes began to water as she continued to rub my hand. I eventually lifted my hand she was rubbing and slowly placed it on her cheek. Lyra flinched but she didn’t move away as I rubbed her cheek with my fingers. Her soft fur felt as if I was rubbing against a soft pillow. Lyra felt the warmth of my fingers and placed both hoofs on my arm and grip it tight signaling to not stop this moment. She closed her eyes and smiled as she held my arm while rubbed her soft cheek. Tears began to form and slide down against her cheek but she was still smiling. I felt the cold impact and smiled. I slowly tried to move my arm due to sharp pain from shoulder was beginning to flow down my side. Lyra still holding my arm moved along as I lifted my arm in the air. Seeming that she wouldn’t let go I scooted a little to the left and gently lowered lyra on the spot of my bed. Lyra still holding my arm had no clue till she finally opened her eyes and looked at me. Our faces were closed but not to close but still close enough to see each other eyes.

“Uh” lyra blushed “I’m sorry I- I didn’t mean to-” I cut her off there as I run my fingered down from her neck and ended in the middle of her stomach. Lyra squeals and placed her hoofs on her mouth. She had waited for this moment and now it was now or never. She turned around and laid her back on my lap. I smiled and held her head with my right and began to rub her stomach with my left. I began to chuckle as I watched lyra who covered her blushing face from mine.

“I glad you’re enjoying this” I chuckled

Lyra began to squirm but not in discomfort but in pleasure. I continued to rubbed her stomach small sounds of squeal were coming out as lyra tried to hold it in. after 15 minutes of rubbing her lyra couldn’t hold it anymore and finally let out what she wanted to say.

“OH GOD ANGEL PLEASE RUT ME!!” she screamed. She placed her hoofs on her mouth and looked up at me with her blushing face. Since I barely know that much about these ponies I didn’t know what she meant. But I dawn me after the way she said it just know. My face slowly began to heat up with the thoughts of what she said. D- Did she ask me to… have sex with her? Face became brightly red like a rose and I took my gaze away from her. lyra finally sat up and looked away from. Her face still a crimson red from embarrassment at what she told angel what to do to her. I slowly turned my head towards her but she still kept her gaze away from mine.

“uh l- lyra a- are you… ok?” I placed my hand on her shoulder. She didn’t move placed her right hoof on my fingers.

“y- yeah. I- I’m sorry… f- for asking that.” She said

With all my energy I lifted myself up from the bed. I ignored the pain from my arm and layed my head next to lyra’s. “i- it’s ok lyra. I just… well. I think it’s best that we take it slow ok”

Lyra smiled and layed her head on the side of mine. “yeah… it’s best. It felt so good I- I just lost it.”

I smiled. “I understand that you want to know what it feels like to be a human.” I placed two fingers on her chin and turned her face towards mine. She didn’t fight it and let me turned her head for her.

“Tell you what. If I can I will try to find a spell that magically transforms you into a human when I get the chance ok”

Lyra smile grew larger and without knowing she jumped on me and wrapped her hoofs around my neck and hugged me tight.


I returned her embrace and held her tight against my chest. I knew that I made a promise and no matter what I will keep that promise and will find a way to make her happy. I open my eyes and looked up at the door. Nurse redheart who was just coming in to see me had saw and heard everything before and after the promise. Her face was a deep scarlet red and the clipboard in her hoof fell to the floor in front of her. lyra finally let go and looked behind her seeing nurse redheart who was standing there and listening to everything that had happen.

“Oh celestia I knew it was bad to leave her here with him” she whisper said to herself.

“Uh t- this isn’t what it looks like” i said to nurse redheart. Sweat began to flow down my cheek as I told her.

“Y-y yeah it’s nothing. Uh you- please tell me… you didn’t hear that did you?” she quivered at the question.

Nurse redheart nodded as she slowly grabbed the clip board and lifted it up to her face and covered her blushing with it.

“i- it seems… that visiting hours are up and you need to leave now ms. Lyra. Please take your notes and leave. You can visit tomorrow!” She said in a fast tone.

After several seconds lyra looked at me then at nurse redheart and smile.

“yeah ok” she began to levitate her notes but before leaving she came up to my face and kissed my cheek.

“Please keep your promise ok angel” she giggled as I blushed bright red. She finally got herself off the bed and left the room. Nurse redheart who was standing a couple of inches away from the door came up and placed the clipboard at edge of the bed that was a couple inches away from mine.

“your roommate will be here shortly. Don’t worry he’s a regular here but he’s absolutely friendly towards others.”

I looked at nurse redheart and smiled. My gaze was interrupted by the sound of wheels rolling and clank sound from the door. I looked up to see a grizzly old pony in a gown and on a wheelchair while another nurse was pushing his bed. The old pony or stallion that they like to call the males was a very old one. To my best guess in human life by the way his face looks to be about 90 almost a hundred maybe. Nurse redheart came up to the patient and helped him up to his bed. After covering him up and placing the iv on his hoof the nurse finally took the clip board and pen and did a side note on it.

“alright mr. shard you’re all set. So how are you doing today?”

The old stallion smiled and then looked at me. “I’m old but I’m still good” the old man chuckled at his comment.

I began to chuckled as well at his comment. I was glad someone wasn’t too uptent about there age. Nurse redheart began to ask a serious of questions to him before checking them off and setting the clipboard back onto the edge of the bed.

“well mr. shard. As well you already know I will be your nurse and as well as green leaf. If you need anything please don’t be afraid to press the button for service but you already know.”

He didn’t listen but kept his gaze at me. His eyes were showing faint color but I still could make it out to be blue. His coat was a light bluish color and his mane was a faint redish color and his forehead had a sort of worn out horn on it.

“So who is this young man” the old man said.

Nurse redheart looked at me and smiled. “oh this is joseph angel delemarte. He’s the human that save ponyville from that monster a couple of hours today.” She then pointed her hoof towards the old man.

“Angel this is golden shard. One of ponyvilles oldest unicorns in all of equestria.”

I waved my hand to golden shard. He return by waving his hoof and slowly laying his head on the pillow. Nurse redheart then went to the door but not before turning around and look at us.

“Well it’s time for everyone to get there rest. Good night to you all”

After several seconds the lights went off and I laid my head on my pillow and began to drift off to sleep.

The next day wasn’t any different like all the previous I had. Having trouble sleeping, dreaming of my years in the wrecked city and all the bull I had to overcome to survive even for a mear few minutes still hasn’t change for me at all. At least I wake up on a confortable bed and not in someone’s bathtub or on a building with a weapon next to me and waking up every 30 minutes for cost clear. Even here it’s the same way of waking up. Waking up startled from fear, sweat dripping from my head slide down against my chest some of which seeped into my wound causing a tremendous sting that spread all around my whole body.

“GAH” I began to pant against the pain on my shoulder and place my hand on the wound to try to relieve some of it. I continued to breathe heavily from my recent nightmare. Like all of my nightmares that I dreamt this one was completely different from all the others. I close my eyes and picture pieces of it. I dreamt that ponyville was too attacked by the infection and every pony was either running away, fighting or being eaten. The thoughts shuddered me as I remembered seeing all of my new friends being turned into the infected and were coming for me.

“Bad nightmare?” golden shard said from across the room. I looked across to my roommate on his bed. His face showed a sense or worriness and fear as I looked towards his eyes.

“uh… yeah I’m fine. Just a bad dream that’s all” I said. I slowly laid my head on the pillow and stared outside. The sun rising over the valley was there to greet me while I lay awake.

Golden shard who was just lying there still continued to stare at the human. He had never seen one and doesn’t know much about these species. He was mostly surprised that a once was fairy tale creature was now sitting in bed across from his and badly wounded.

“Do you want to talk about it uh dangle is it” he said

I turned my head and chuckled at the named. “No it’s angel and no it’s fine nothing special.” I continued chuckle

Golden shard continued to stare at the human but finally stopped and layed his head on the pillow and drifted to sleep.
I continued to look towards ponyville amazed by the beauty the sun that rise over ponyville. I begin to yawn from lack of sleep and finally layed my head down and drifted to sleep again.

Early this morning I finally woked up bright and ready but still badly injured. Seemingly that I’m supposed to stay here till my wounds have healed I decided to see if there was anything to help keep me entertained for the time being. I continued to look at the window till a faint sound of squeaking caught my eye. I looked at the door in front of us that whished wide open and two carts with lids covering in the middle of them are being pushed a one nurse each. Breakfast was served my mouth again began to water at the stack of pancakes, eggs and hashbrown as the open the lids from the tables. I continued watching and I turned my attention again to the door. nurse redheart and what seemed to be a pony in a chef’s outfit with a funny looking moustache and a spatula on his side came into the room and stand in the middle of the door way.

“Good morning mr. shard and mr. delemarte I hope that both of you slept well.” the chef pony said

“Oh yes” golden shard nodded

“Uh yeah it was a nice sleep” I tried to diverte my sight away from the food and towards the pony. Unfortunately I couldn’t the smell of the fresh flapjacks made my mouth water all over again.

“Well that’s good to hear that everyone had a good sleep. Well enough of that I’m chef spatula the manager of the cafeteria and today I have cook you both an amazing breakfast this fine morning.” He finally took a bow and both nurses came up to our beds with both carts of food and layed them on the table in front of use. As they placed the food on our tables I however was puzzled on why. I mean come on I’m an unknown creature with some sort of magical power in another dimension while being in badly injured and still was getting both medical and room service in a hospital that patients will or may be afraid of and may cause some sort of panic all around.

“Uh may I ask but uh” I stuttered

Chief spatula raised his hoof. “I know what you’re going to say Mr. delemarte. I know that you’re human from another world and you’re wondering about this room service we have provided for you. Well sir golden shard here has been a huge contributes on ponyville and we thank him as much as we can for everything. He gains this type of room service all the time for that. You on the other hand is more than we can ever thank for.” He then took a bow as well as the nurses have done.
“We have heard of what you done yesterday and how you risked your life to save the ponies in ponyville and how badly you gotten hurt while doing so. For our thanks from me and the princess who has told us to treat you with respect and she also has paid everything for you both medical and room service we our honored in serving you sir. Considered it a reward from me and the princess to you mr. delemarte” after setting up the rest of the food and rolling the carts out chief spatula took one finally bow before leaving with the nurses. Nurse redheart however stayed behind to make sure we were confortable or if we need anything.

“Well I’ll leave to the both of you to enjoy your breakfast but before I leave is there anything you both need till I’m gone.” Nurse redheart smiled.

Golden shard was too busy stuffing his face with hash brown and pancakes. I however was waiting for nurse redheart to say something like that. I knew that since I’m going to be here for a while I might as well learn a few bits about magic if they allow them.

“Actually yes nurse redheart. I was hoping that you may have some reading material for me. Specifically magic and spell casting books of sorts.” I said

Nurse redheart looked at and frown while she shooked her head. “I’m sorry we don’t allow any magic books at all. It’s against medical policy.” She said

I begin to ask why they won’t allow any magic books to be given to patients. She explained that several years ago the hospital banned any magic books inside the hospital after last incident. A former nurse had a few magic books a while back and decided to give one to a undergraduate magic student who came in for a broken snout. The student began to cast spells to speed up the process of healing but unfortunally cast a spell that almost burned the patient and half the room down. Questions on why he was doing so are still a mystery but since then magic and spell casting books were forbidden since then. I frown because they don’t allow any magic books and so I said I’ll go with others instead. I explained to her that I enjoyed reading others books specifically romance, horror, action of sorts. Nurse redheart nodded and wrote down the type of books that I’m interested. After saying one last goodbye she left the room for us to enjoy our meals.

I begin to eat my food but I eat normally since I had a roommate and I didn’t want to show any slobbiness. I began to cut my pancake and took some bits from it. The sweet syrup mixed with the warm, soft, and delicious pancaked began to drive me crazy. I continued eating for about a few minutes. Golden shard who had already finished his eggs was taking his time looking at me while I ate.

“So you want to learn magic huh son” he said

I looked over to his smiling face. His old wrinkled face was hard to understand if he was smiling or not.

“Uh y- yeah I do want to learn magic” I said nervously.

Golden shard chuckled and coughs from his old age. He hit his pillow with his head stared into the ceiling.

“There’s nothing to be nervous about here son. I may not know much about your people but here it’s a lot different. You see Magic is more than just magic son. It’s our way of life. Without it we wouldn’t be who we are today” he closed his eyes for a while till finally opening again. I set aside my food and looked over him. His worn out colored eyes began to glisten as though he was beginning to cry. We both sat there in silent I watched as a tear fell down his cheek and landed on his shirt. I tried to speak but I couldn’t for some reason. Finally after adjusting himself from the bed and sat up to look at me.

“Listen son. If you want I’ll be happy to teach you some basics on magic while you’re here. I’ll still be here for a while not sure about you though but I still can help you for the time being. “he gestured

I sat there amazed. This one pony who is supposed to be one of ponyvilles oldest senior member in all of equestria was going to help me learn about magic. I still couldn’t believe it but I knew that I needed to take advantaged with it before he changed his mind.

“yes yes I want to learn magic please… teach me” I nodded.

Golden shard smiled at me and grabbed his unfinished plate of pancakes and eggs in front of him. “well mr. delemarte finish your breakfast. Because after our breakfast we will start magic 101” he began to shove a fork full of pancake in his mouth. I grabbed my breakfast and begin to eat the rest. I couldn’t wait to learn magic so I started to eat faster then before. After finishing up golden shard looked at me and smiled.

“Let the training begin” he clapped his hooves together my magic training had just began.

Have you ever heard that a patient is supposed to ’REST’ while in a hospital. Well in my case I grew more tired as if I ran a marathon and back three times. For the last 4 days I have been learning the art of magic from my mentor golden shard while healing from the hospital. It started out simple magic tricks such as levitation and small spark spells. I concentrated most of my energy into certain objects in which I supposed to have getting use to after the second day. Golden shard watches as I grew stronger with my powers and was amazed to see how I pick them up so quickly.

“My my son.” He rubbed his chin with his forhoof. “You’re quite the unique one for that. Most of my students couldn’t even lift a pencil on the first day of training and already you’re learning to even levitate your own self from your bed.”

I chuckled and nodded. Thank you mentor after all I learn from the best haven’t I. golden shard heard the word mentor and looked down from his bed. Tears began to weld up in one of his eyes as he tried to fight it. I looked over to see his struggle to not cry and wondered why. “Did I said something wrong? Is my performance not very good? Why is he crying? I questioned in my head.

I tried to speak up to him. The old pony stood up and wiped his face. he looked at me with an anger look in his eyes and a cracked smile.

“I think it’s time that you learn more than just common spells my boy” he said smiling at me.

I looked at his eyes that glared at me. To me I thought he was angry with me but his eyes show something else. They didn’t show anger but some determinations of sorts.

“Uh ok let’s do it then” I shouted to him

*3 more days pass later. 2 am at in morning*

I sat on my bed my hand griping hard as I focus my powers onto it. The shear pain carcinated inside of me grew more intense as I focused harder and harder. Golden shard who was sitting beside me began to scream at me to focus harder and harder and harder. For several minutes I focused my hand the intense pain ravaged into my hand and began to close my eyes for total focus. Golden shard watches more and more till finally my hand began to glow. The glowing soon seeped out of my hand and grew both ends of my hand. The glowing ore grew further apart from one side and began to shape itself. Golden shard smiled as the figured finally stopped and the patted my shoulder signaling to stop. I opened my eyes and looked at my hand that I was focusing on so much. There laid on top of my palm my fingers coil around the end and the long part pointed out the end where my thumb and index finger meet. There in my hand…… laid a bright white glowing ghost sword.

“Well done my boy. You have master conjuration” he shooked my shoulder and smiled at my success. I smiled at my success at this so call spell I have learning the past few days. Golden shard have told me this magic spell in which unicorns are able to summon all sorts of items, weapon’s even dangerous creatures if practice more. He once told me that these spells are completely dangerous and that most unicorns grew completely insane due to the much power they learned doing so. Along learning this powerful magic I also learned different types such as restorations, different illusions, even some dangerous destruction spells such as controlling fire, lightning even frost in which I literally gave myself the cold shoulder one time after mastering it. He smiled deeply at my success and hugged me for it. I returned his embrace and helped to his bed. Golden shard gave another bad cough as I set him in his bed and covered him up. I began to worry for him and his health as though I’m watching his life fade away in front of me. golden shard looked at my worried face and chuckled.

“now angel please don’t be sad for me.” he coughed harshly “I’m an old stallion and my time may be up.” He smiled

“no mentor please” I grabbed the edge of the bed and sobbed in front of him. “Please I have so much training I need to learn from the great wizard of equestria. Please don’t leave me” I sobbed against the bed.

Golden shard lifted his worn out hoof and rubbed my head against it. I slowly looked up at his old but warm smile. Golden shard sighed as he continued to rub my head with his hoof.

“Angel this you need to know. For so long I have always dreamed of being a great teacher in magic. I learn from the best at my highest peak every day ever since I was a child. I worked hard to gain the respect these ponies have given me. You must know you aren’t the first I taught. For many years I taught students all about magic at the famous school for gifted unicorns. I watched as student’s progressed so much and worked so hard for their knowledge. But in the end I witnessed them become something else. I watch as they used there knew powers for evil and for their own person gain.” He began to shed some tears from his eyes.

“As I watched more at their cruelness the ponies of canterlote blamed me for it. Some called me a tyrant, a terrorist, an evil dictator that wanted to overthrow the princess and take the kingdom for my gain. I lost my job and I was never again granted to teach ever again. After that I packed most of my stuff and lived here as a helping hand. ” He began to sob as he told me his hard life story.

I continued listening to his story. Golden shard finally stopped weeping and looked at me with a smile

“I thought it was over for me but when you wanted to learn magic I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t use it for evil. Now that I know you more than any of my students will ever be I finally can relieve my burden I had for so long. You special angel. You learn so easily and so fast that you probably learn every magic In the world if you tried.” He said

I sat there surprised at his story. Once was a great magician at the world famous schools in canterlote and now reduced to living here in poniville. I couldn’t believe that his students use there powers for evil but I was most shocked that ponies will considered him a evil tyrant for teaching his students magic. I knew that one thing is that a teacher teaches the student but he can’t control how he will use his knowledge. I looked up at my mentors face and raised my hand and placed it on his hoof.

“Mentor” I said. “I promise no matter what happens. I will use this power for good and only good. I will never be like them. I promise you sir.” I lowered my head in respect for my mentor.

Golden shard looked at his student and patted his head. “Angel… you gave me another chance in teaching and hearing that you’ll use these powers for good has filled up my old aching heart again. Thank you angel” he smiled at me. he began to point at my bed.

“let’s get some sleep tomorrow you leave for you new home.” He said

I smiled and lifted myself from the bed but I turned towards him. “Will I see you when I wake up mentor?” I said

Golden shard smiled and sighed “I’m not sure student. My time is slim and I don’t know when I’m gone. But if I’m gone please keep this in your dreams and your heart for till your time ok. No matter what happens always raise up against everything. Keep your magic clean with honesty, loyalty, generosity, happiness, and kindness and you’ll know what to do when you most need it” he smiled.

I went to the lamp and shut it off before heading to bed and finally falling asleep.

Later that night golden shard layed on his bed awake staring at the ceiling fan waiting for something. He continued watching the fan a black smoke hovered in front of him and floated over at the edge of the bed. He got himself up and looked at the black smoked at the foot of his bed. The black soon grew bigger and bigger and revealed a creature with a black cloak and wielding a sythe behind him. It looked up at golden shard who was showing no signs of fear but only smiled at it.

“took you long enough huh” he chuckled

“your time is up golden shard. It’s time to go” it said

Golden shard looked at the human student who slept peacefully in his bed. He gotten himself off the bed while he pulled something out off the cupboard and walked his way to my bed. Golden shard placed the object on his counter along with a note on top.

“ guess it’s goodbye my student. Only wish I could say it without you being sad for me” he placed his hoof on my side and patted it with it. “well goodbye my student please take care of yourself.” He went back to his bed and finally layed on it and drifted to eternal sleep.

*** ***

The next morning I woke up fully energized and fully healed. I stretched both arms feeling complete relieve of my shoulder. I looked over to say good morning to my mentor. My day came to a halt as I looked over to my roommate. His bed was clean up but his walker was still there. I began to wondered if he went to the bathroom or went to get some air or something like that. I waited for him to returned and to greet him. 20 minutes passed and still no sign of him at all. I waited more trying to get the idea out of my head. I began to imagine that he…. I couldn’t stand if he did last night. Time passed and finally nurse redheart came in with my clothes on her back. I knew they were because there was some blood still on them from my wound. Nurse redheart smiled at me and came up to my bed.

“Good morning angel how was your sleep? I have your clothes and your breakfast is waiting down stairs for you so after a quick shower and change of clothes you can come and eat ok.” She said

I stared at her uneasy smile as if she was hiding something from me.

“Um… w- where is golden shard?” I said

Nurse redheart lowered her head and tied her left hoof with the other. She kept holding her hoof till finally looking up at me. Her beautiful eyes where tearing up as she looked at me.

“Golden shard…. Passed on last night” she quivered as she told me.

I sat there in disbelief I didn’t want to believe it. I shooked my head and covered my ears trying to push the horrible answer far away.

“no no no no no he’s not please tell me he’s not please” I sobbed

Nurse redheart looked at my sobbing face. For the last week she knew that golden shard one of ponivilles oldest senior members had become friends with the human but it was hard for her to tell him that. She looked away from him for a few seconds till looking at his face.

“I’m afraid he is. He passed away in his sleep last night. I know that you two grew close together and I’m happy you did he hasn’t had a caring pon- I mean person ever since then. I’m sorry that he’s gone but it’s the truth.” She layed my clothes next to my bed and turned and walked towards the bed. Before leaving the room she turned her head towards the human who was clutching his head from the extreme sadness he has been given and on his last day. She closed her eyes and finally left the room.

I sat there sobbing. My hands clutching my forehead as all the time I had hanged out and learned from him now all gone along with him. I tried to wipe as many tears away from my face but couldn’t. I tried to reach out for something to help I felt around and felt a hard but soft cloth next to me. I stopped crying and looked at the desk next to me. There layed a brow old knapsack with a letter on top of it. I reached out and grabbed both the letter and knapsack. I opened the letter and began to read it.

Angel if you’re reading this then you must know I’m gone. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you but I didn’t want you to feel sad for me. I don’t want you to feel sadness in fact I want to see you smile again. Your smile has brightened me for so long and I wish to see it again even if I’m gone. Please angel take these books that I kept in the knapsack that I prepare for you and learn every spell inside them. I know you are a good student and I want to use to this power for good. Goodbye angel I promise we’ll meet again in another life have faith and always never give up.

Sincerely your friend and mentor

Golden shard

I finished reading the letter the sadness that my heart felt for my loss began to lift for everything he has done for me. I looked at the knapsack and looked at the button that resemblance his mark on his side. I unlocked knapsack and opened it. Inside it was 3 old worn out books. I pulled out the first and opened it the covered inside read ‘shine star’s gift of conjurations spells and magic’ in the front page. I flipped the pages of the book. The book was all about how to summon all sorts of creature and weapons that can help me in my journey. I sat the books and brought out the other books. The first read ‘restoration and destruction’ and resemblance a land and a fire in the front of the book while the other said ‘wizard incantation high graded spells and magic for advance students’. I looked at both books and held them tight against my chest. I began to tear up but not from sadness but from joy. I quickly placed the books in the knapsack and went to the shower. After showering and changing my clothes I went down to the mess hall for breakfast.

Nurse redheart who was sitting on the table was waiting for me as I sat down on the table next to her. I smiled at her and gave her a warm hug. Nurse redheart was caught by surprise but returned my embrace and ate along with me. After breakfast nurse redheart look carefully at my shoulder and rubbed it. After getting the clearance I finally left of the hospital. I step outside and took a deep breath but as I tried to exhale something pressed down on my chest and made me lose my breath and my balance and I came tumbling down onto the ground.

I rubbed my head and looked at my chest. a pink fluffy mane began to rubbed all around my chest. The pony lifted up her head and gave me a huge smile and giggled before jumping up and off me. I dusted myself and looked in front of me. 5 familiar faces were there to greet me from my release. I grabbed my knapsack and walked along beside… my new family and friends.

As I walked along side my new friends somewhere else deep within the everfree forest above the harsh rock mountains there lies a cave guarded by a heavily iron gate. Within the hollow walls layed a long hallway through a huge room with two huge chairs. Inside a strange dark figure sat in stone chair facing away from the entrance. Alongside a strange bug like creature sat next to it as another tall figure came up to the front of the room. He bared a long black cloak alongside an iron dagger and satchel on his right side.

“Sir and your highness. Butchy is dead” he kneeled in front of them.

The figured sat there and rubbed his chin. The other creature sighed and tapped his fellow beside her.

“It would seem that your kind aren’t strong as they would appear mortal” she hissed

The figured raised his hand in front of her. “don’t be foolish. He was weak and mindless compare to all my other applicants. Beside it was a test to see if they were strong. And looks like they were” he continued to rub his chin.

The other figure got up.” Not exactly sir.” He said

“hm what you mean” the dark figured said

The apprentice hand glowed a bright red as a huge red ore mirror began to form in front of him revealing the fight that happened a week ago.

“Our sources say this man here killed him. We’re not sure where he come from but he is definitely human sir.” He lowered his hand and the ore disappear.

The dark figured tapped his figures at the question. “I see. Well sending a minor was no problem for him.” He looked at the huge cage in front of him. Two red eyes showed and the sound of a growl sturred from inside the cage. The dark figured smiled at the creature and looked at his former partner. “Let’s see how strong he is against 'it' shall we my queen” he smile manically

The queen smiled back revealing her long sharp fangs. “Yes……. Lets”

To be continued

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