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the survivor of equestria - wolfman93

this is my very first story. i worked on it for 3 months and still are.

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the metal wolf of fear

side note: first not also anyways sorry for delay on this chapter. been really busy especially at both school and work. not only that i just had eye surgery so i had my roommate help me type up this story which i'm not sure if he added some other stuff to it though but it's nice he helped me. i can't be on a computer to much for a couple of weeks 4 tops mostly. anyways just a warning on this chapter k


Twilight and the others who were still at twi’s house all listen to the three fillies story and what was happening after they heard the banging. They soon told them they went to investigate and that’s when they ran into him. They explain that he tried to tell them to get out of there but they were stubborn till another human came out of nowhere and opened the huge container more and released something from inside the cage and it almost hit angel but cracked the earth with just one punch. After ending with them rushing to twilight’s house the girls all looked at them feeling sorry for not listening to him in the first place. Applejack shook head and looked at her sister with anger in her eyes.


Rarity looked at her little sister with anger as well. “All three of you could have gotten hurt or worse if you didn’t listen to angel”

The three fillies all began to tear up in shame for not listening and going somewhere it was dangerous without any thought of it. Applebloom looked up at her sister with teary eyes.

“I’m sorry sis. We were just-“she paused

“We thought. We thought we could get our cutie marks if we helped.” Sweetie bell wiped some of her tears.

Applejack looked at her lil sister and went over. She knew she couldn’t stay mad at her and decide to hug her in embrace. Applebloom was caught by surprise but return her sisters hug.

“You may be crazier than a sack of weasels sometimes but you’re still my little sister.”

Rarity also came over and hugged her sister. Sweetie bell returned her sisters hug. “You may sometimes drive me crazy sis but still I love you no matter what happens” she smiled down at sweetie bell. Sweetie bell smiled back up at her sister and wiped some of tears away.

Rainbow dash went over to her number one fan and patted her head. “Don’t worry squirt I’m not mad ok. Don’t let it beat on you”

Scootaloo wiped away her tears and looked up at her favorite Pegasus and smiled. “Alright dash I’ll try my best next time”

After wiping the last of their tears they looked at twilight who looked like she about to have a panic attack.

“Uh what’s wrong with her” applebloom raised an eyebrow at twilight who began shake over next to fluttershy.

Everyone else all looked at twi with worried expressions. Their friend is acting more scared and worried for angel than anything that ever happens and after hearing of another monster that almost killed him only made matters worse as they were. Fluttershy who was right next to her friend twilight turned her body towards her and hug her. She held her in embrace trying to stop her from shaking any more than she has. Twilight felt fluttershys warmness and slowly stopped shaking all around till finally she hugged her friend back.

“It’s going to be ok twilight” fluttershy said in a sweet tone. “Um maybe. Um we should go back to see if he’s ok now”

Twilight let go of fluttershy and looked up at her still with worried eyes. Applejack came over to the two and patted twilights back.

“She’s right sugar cube. If angel’s facing something that strong he will most likely get hurt badly or worse.”

Twilight looked at all her friends who each looked that it’s the right thing to do. After shaking her head she raised her hoof and stood tall. “Alright girls listen up. Angel is in trouble and it’s our duty to help the ponies her in poniville. And that includes angel”

Rainbow dash hovered over the desk and wrapped her front hooves. “Yeah angel saved us from that monster last week. We should help him defeating this freak”

All the girls cheered and each began to storm out of the building one by one. Since fluttershy and applejack left the immediately stopped at the front door and turned towards the fillies and angel bunny.

“Angel bunny please watched over them till we get back ok” fluttershy said in sweet tone. Angel salutes and looked behind her at the three fillies.

“Listen to angel and stay her ok you three” applejack said.

The three fillies all nodded and sat on the ground. After looking at fluttershy both applejack and fluttershy all shut the door and race to catched up with their friends. as the all ran to help angel applejack who pretended to feel less worried began to feel anxious to get to angel as fast as they could.

“oh celestia. Please let angel be ok when we get there.” She whispered in her head.

Back over at the everfree forest entrance I was busy dodging for my life. After recently impaling my knife through his shin he tactics became much slower and I managed to see him come up with the blood dripping down on the ground. My avoiding made him more furious on taking me out for breaking his leg and he came up at me with a broken leg. He continued to attack me over and over swinging at me with every bit of energy he had. I grew more tired as he came up swinging and punching trying to hit something to throw me off balance. With every step he came at me I could feel the extreme pain I inflicted on to his leg as I stared at his furious face. I couldn’t dodge anymore and I was getting exhausted from taking the beating before and now. The collared man finally lunged at me with a straight fist and I ducked down. With all my strength I came up pressing my fist hard on his chin and knocking him up in the air. With this moment I leaped in the air and grabbed his waist and finally with my last bit of strength I slammed his body hard down where his neck and shoulders meet. The collared man flopped on the ground before laying there still on the ground gasping for air. I sat on my knees taking several deep breaths before getting up and look at the servant.

“It’s over. Let this man go and leave. Or else” I said threatening.

The servant who was happily watching the fight got up from his spot again and looked at me with a devilish smile. “Or else what?” he said mockingly.

I pulled out my glock that I had on me and pointed at him with one hand. “Or else I put a bullet right between your eyes.”

The servant laughed manically as I held my gun up and pointed straight at him aiming towards his. My heart sanked as I heard his awful laugh began to ring inside my head. I clutched my teeth and proceeded to pull the trigger. The bullet travel towards him and he just stares at it as it came towards. Finally the bullet was getting close but stop in front of his face. It didn’t make it through. instead he held it in his thumb and his index finger as it sizzled between both of them. He caught the bullet with his bare hand. I couldn’t believe it. My body trembles as he held the bullet close to his face before laughing and dropping it on the floor in front of him.

“y- You think” he continued laughing. “You think your puny weapons will ever hurt me.” He proceeds to point at me with a sickly grin across his face. “You have some balls to try hurting Me.” he pulled out the remote that activated the man’s shock collar and smile. “YOU THINK YOU WON. THIS GUY HAS MORE IN STORE FOR YOU” he laughed again manically as he pulled the button. The electricity began to surge through the man’s body and he immediately got up from his spot. He shrieked in pain as got up from the ground. His broken leg laid their wobbly and bending the other way as he stood up. With one final shriek of pain he bend down on his good knee and with this unknown strength he jumped straight into the air making me lose sight of him. I wiped bit of blood and sweat from my forehead and looked at the servant.

“You see he has more forms then we ever anticipated.” He then proceeds to pull out a long black clock with a string tied at the middle. “You’re about to see one form that took out 15 of our best guys all at once before we managed to beat him to unconscious.” He untied the string and pulled out something long and black from the end. As he pulled out the object or weapon from inside the sheath I closely looked at it and it appeared to be a staff or some sort of sword from then end. After removing the end of the sheet he discarded it and held it for me to get a better look at it. It was katana but something was odd about it the hand. The end had a dragon on it and somehow glowed brighter even though the sheath was pure black like darkness.

“He can’t kill you without this. Trust me I know he didn’t even like me holding this thing either.” He tapped the end of the katana on his leg. “Now without any more problems let’s get to more fun part” he laughed again.

I looked at angrily as he laughed but I took my attention again towards the sky. Something twinkles from where he jumped and came down hard. It finally landed hard on the earth causing a small crater around him and knocking me back. I dusted myself and looked towards the small crater. From within the dust a dark figured layed in the middle of it and rose up. It was the collared man but something was completely different about him this time. He wasn’t wearing the cloak anymore but instead golden armor plated all over him. His chest down to his feet was covered in golden armor and his helmet incrusted with gold also had what seems to be a white feather on the top. His tail was gone from the back but instead was replaced by two beautiful see through blue wings. They stretched out across from both ends each revealing some sort of ghastly glow around the end of each wing. This collared man still has the collar around his neck but ne definitely change this time and what looks to me has just gotten from bad to worse in just a few seconds.

The servant walked behind him with the sword and smiled. The collared took his attention away from me and turned around. His armor clank as he turned his head towards the servant that held his weapon.

The servant began to tap the hand with his left palm. “My my. This is a nice weapon you got here.” He unsheathes the weapon by just a few inches and looked at the blade. The blade wasn’t like other katana’s I seen back home. This one was glowing bright white and still glowed even after he sheaths it back. “I wonder how much it will cost.” He smiled as he raises the weapon high towards the sun. “Maybe priceless if it’s in the right hands or hooves for better terms. “He finally threw the sword towards the collar man. He man caught it with one hand and hooked it to his left side.

“well now since it’s back to its original owner it seems that the only way to take it away from him is to kill him instead” he pretend to act faint as the collared man grabbed the handle and bend both knees into a fighting stance.

My heart beats grew faster as he held in stance pointing his katana at me with anger in his eyes. I stood there with fear in my eyes fearing on how fast and how strong he is in this form. If he was fast in the last two ones then he must faster than anything else around here or maybe back home. I held my arms in place waiting on for what he may swing that sword at me. Without even blinking and not getting out of his stance he disappears from my sight. I quickly looked around me surroundings.

“Where he go again? I swear he’s disappears every time since we just started.“

Back over to twilight and her friends. They were racing towards where the container was their hearts beated faster as with every step they took. Thoughts me laying on the ground dead while something is slowly devour right on me rattle twilights mind and she cried with every moment think of it. Since being the fastest rainbow dash was the first to leave and the first to get there before everyone one. Twilight and the others all managed to make it there but not before seeing the collared man disappear. Twilight looked over at me. Blood and dirty stained all clothes and my face and some on my arms and hands. Cuts on both of my clothes and on my face made her feel uncomfortable but the huge gash on my head made it worst. The fillies back home were right. Angel looked horrible like he gotten in a fight against an ursales major or something. She then took her attention to my face. I was busier on looking for my opponent that I didn’t see them behind me. The girls watched as I twisted and turned my head but not my body as I continued to scan all around me.

Rainbow dash who was still in the sky but still close to the ground looked around too. She then looked up in the sky something twinkle above but she couldn’t make out of it. The object or figured soon gotten closer at lightning speed and she recognized it that it was heading towards above me. She didn’t have time to tell what it was and just screamed towards angel. She placed both hooves over mouth and screamed.


I quickly looked behind me the girls all stared at me. “Girls what are you-“I quickly looked up above me where rainbow dash told me. The end of the katana was almost staring straight down almost touching my nose. The collared man came down at break neck speed down on me his blade lunging towards and aiming down on my head as I looked down. Twilight and the others all covered their eyes as I looked up to see the katana just an inch from my face. Twilight began to sob a little as she heard the sword clunking the ground. The others were too scared to open their eyes and seeing if their new friend is dead. Winning back some courage twilight slowly open her eyes at the collared man. He sat on one knee his blade giving some leverage as he slowly got up. The end of the blade have a few droplets of blood sliding down but lucky I wasn’t there impaled at the end. She quickly looked both ways before seeing me on one knee just a few steps from where the blade hit.

“Girls look” twi said astonished that I managed to dodge something like that so fast.

Fluttershy shooked her head. “No I don’t want to see. I’m scared at what I will see.” She said quivering.

Twilight nudged her friend fluttershys shoulder and placed her right hoof on fluttershy’s hooves. “Don’t worry. He’s…. ok actually” fluttershy slowly let twilight uncovered her eyes. She looked across from where I sat just a few inches from where I was before.

“He- he” fluttershy was amazed as much as twilight was. The other girls all uncovered their eyes and stood with their jaws drop.

“How. What. How di- how did he” rainbow dash stuttered.

Applejack removed her hat but was still amazed. “oh celestia that magic boy actually did it” she said in amazement.

Pinkie pie began to bounce around in joy that I wasn’t at the end of the blade. “YEAH ANGEL GO GET HIM” she screamed in encouragement.

I sat their looking at the collared man and slowly got up from my spot. I felt something stinging across my left cheek as I got up. I pressed my index on where it sting and wiped it. I looked at my finger which had a red smear from where he cut me. I had barely dodged his attack and I was glad I survive even for such a small cut on the cheek. The collared man turned his head to look at me with his left. After a few glimpse he slowly got up and removed the blade from the earth.

“You are quick on your feet if you managed to dodge that American” he said in annoyed tone.

I smiled and got into my stance. “Thanks” I said. “Seeming that of your tone and all your abilities I see that you’re not from my country I lived in huh.” He walked sideways. He kept his gaze as I moved to the side but not turning my body towards him.

“Yes but sadly” he raised his blade over his head the end of it pointing towards me. “You won’t live to know about it”

The servant grew annoyed as both me and his new pet begin to talk instead of fight for his entertainment. “WILL YOU KILL HIM ALREADY!” he screamed

The collared man made no hesitate in doing so. He quickly lunged towards me bring the sword across the left side down. I saw him as he lunged forward and barely managed to dodge his sword strike. The collared man finally came up again bring the sword up towards me head. I again barely duck only letting a few pieces of hair being cut by the mighty blade and jumping back away from him. He grew annoyed yet again as he came forward swiping me over and over with his blade.

During this with some well-timed counter i managed to dodge each of his swipes. Only funny thing about me dodging his attacks was I was never this fast at all before everything that has happens to me. Back home before the outbreak I was never that fast hell I wasn’t even fast enough to catch a fast ball back before everything started. But when the outbreak occurred I had to change that up especially my physical appearance too. Back home as I stayed in the city I practiced everything; my dodging, my counter acting, my speed, force, strength all of it. At first I thought I wouldn’t need my dodging that much since most of them were slow but now I know it was worth it especially against someone this quick on their feet. I was light on my feet against the collared man and with one more swing I dodge roll away from him. I felt even more tired before and got up from the ground. I looked at the man’s face across from me. He began to cough as he took some deep breaths. Sweat began to drip down from his face some of which were seeping out from his helmet and landing on the earth. I knew that he was getting tired to and somehow someone is going to end this. I had to end it before he does or else he will kill me and everyone else if I don’t stop him and the servant but I didn’t want to kill him. Somehow I can’t understand why but it feels like not such a bad guy. It’s the other one that I need to stop. He’s got that remote and if he loses or hell disobeys him he will die because of the collar around his neck.

“I need to get that thing off him. But how?” I wondered. The collared man grew annoyed and held his weapon towards me. “This will end now. For my freedom YOU WILL DIE AMERICAN” he screamed

I lowered my head shooked it. I looked at my side towards twilight and her friends then back at the man. “I’m sorry but I will stop you.” I place my right hand on my chest. “I don’t care what happens to me if I die or not” I looked up at him with anger in my eyes.

“BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT MY FRIENDS” I screamed at him. Both end of my hands began to glow white the same color as the princess celestia’s magic aura. Two forms began to glow as held them away from each other. The glow blinded twilight and her friends and they all covered their eyes. The collared man watched as the glowing orbs or light began to seep out from both end and grow bigger. My left arm the orb grew larger and began to shape narrower on the sides of the orb. The other hand was different however. The other grew and began to form around the arm and grew bigger. As it did it began to take shape as it glowed and grew. The orbs finally took shaped and ended. The glowing finally dimed down and twilight and her friends all uncovered their eyes and looked at me. Their jaws drop again as they looked at both of my hands. The servant and the collared man looked at me stunned at both my hands which held two familiar objects.

I smiled and looked down at my hands. In my left hand I held a ghostly glowing sword that looks almost similar to the katana’s except mine had a large hook pointing forward at both then end blade and the end of the handle. The other hand layed something different but still had a ghostly structure as well as the blade. In my right layed a handle which in the back that it connect was a large shield with a wide but narrow body and stretched down almost touching the ground from the tip. I looked behind me at my friends’ dumbstruck faces and chuckled at their expressions before looking back at my opponent and the servant. They both gave the same jaw dropping faces and I began to laugh a little to see their faces like that.

“What like the magic trick I can do?” I chuckled

The collared man stood there still shocked of what I can do. “That American is not human at all if he’s able to do that” he said to himself. The servant looked over at me stunned at my abilities. He then looked over at his pet who just stood there like a common statue. He knew just the thing to wake up a statue our better yet break a statue. He pulled out the remote he had on his sleeve and began to press the button again. The electrical surge began to course through the man’s body even if he was wearing so much armor on him.

“I DIDN’T SAY STOP! WHO CARES IF HE CAN DO THAT! KILL HIM ALREADY!” he continued to press the button.

The collared man screamed in pain and rushed forward towards me. The servant stopped and sat down and continued to watch as he rushed forward at me with his sword pointing at me. I stood there and waited till he was about an inch towards me. As he was just an arm’s length I quickly held my shield up blocking his sword’s slash. The sound of metal banging against metal rang all around us as I held my shield up against his katana. The collared man placed his hand at the edge where the blade and handle were and pressed down hoping into break the shield or push me down. I held my stance and began to swing my sword sideways. He caught of my hand’s coordination and with some warning he barely dodged my swords swipe. He jumped back away from where he struck me first just a few inches away. I smiled as I held my stance after the swiping. He looked at me puzzled on why I was smiling. He finally looked down at his armor…. A small slash mark just five centimeters deep sat in the middle of his armor from where I slashed. His hearted felt cold, his mind was felt a little fear of what my sword did to his armor in which nothing could have damaged it. Hell not even high graded explosives could have damaged or dent if even if they tried harder. He then looked at me with a little nervousness in his eyes.

I slowly twirled my sword and placed it against the top of my shoulder. I smiled again one more time and pointed my shield towards him. “I hate to be rude but do you feel scare now” I twirled my blade and bang it against my shield. “well” I continued to bang them together. “COME ON THEN COME GET ME! I shouted at him.

He grew annoyed of my taunting and readies himself for another strike. “Poor choice of words American” with one quick swipe he slashes his blade down the middle across from where I held my shield to help defend my front.

The sound of metal clanking against metal began to echo again as he continued to swipe against my shield. I brought my sword up and began to swing towards his helmet. He managed to lean back away from blade hook almost hitting where the nose guard and across both eyes. He jumped back an inch as I brought my sword across in a free hand style. He lunged up in the air back again at me his blade making a roundhouse swing. I lifted my shield up high above the air and with all my strength I pushed him high above knocking high. With this moment I decide to use this to my advantage again. I looked down at my sword at the hook end. I smiled looking at it. It was just enough to hook around his neck. The collared man began to spin in the air and was almost landing on his feet. I quickly rushed forward skidding my sword down against the hard surface making a long dirty trail line as I came towards him. He landed on his feet but couldn’t react fast as I was just a few steps in front of him. He didn’t have enough time to bring his sword up to defend him against mine that was coming up towards his helmet. The blade clunked his side and his head jerked to the left from where the blade landed. My sword didn’t went through the bracing that protected his neck but that’s wasn’t what I had in mind. With some force I yanked my blade back. The hook on the end wrapped in the back of his neck jerking him back towards me. The collared man became dazed and confused after the hit against from my sword against his helmet and then being pulled back. With some more force I pulled the end of my blade down and with my right knee I lifted it up striking him against his stomach.

“GAH” he said has he spewed blood from the extreme blow against his stomach. I smiled and swiftly twist my body till I was behind him. My sword still hooked in the back spun around slicing the neck brace around in a 180 degree spin. With some more force and strength I yanked the collared man onto my back. He reached against my hook, gagging as I pulled him onto my back. With every bit of strength I had I threw him straight in the air knocking him off balance. I looked up as he spun around in the air uncontrollable. As my sword unhook off his neck I dropped my shield which disappear without a trace. As I dropped my shield I reached up and grabbed my sword with both hands and held it like a baseball bat. I began to conduct some energy into it which now was glowing brighter as I concentrate my powers into the sword. The collared man had finally landed head first and rolled on the ground groaning in pain. With some ditched effort he slowly got up on one knee and looked at me. Blood oozed out of his mouth and some blood began to run down his face onto his left cheek. He slowly lifted his left hand trying regaining his balance as he stood up from the ground. My sword grew brighter as I charged it my hands clamped down hard on the handle and with just that last second it was done. I opened my eyes towards him and with a raging scream I swung my sword like a bat at the collared man. The blade impacted onto the middle of his chest armor. The intense force from my blade caused some of his chest armor to crack and the man lost his wind as the blade carried him up. I swung him up like a baseball coming towards me and with the force from within my sword shot him forward. The force shot him through like a bullet from a gun into the forest and finally he disappeared. The man skidded against the pavement and began knocking several trees down as he flew forward till we couldn’t see him anymore.

I huffed in exhaustion from all my magic I conducted into my sword and all the force in swinging the damned thing. My sword finally disappears in a brink of small twinkling stars and I held both my hands against my legs to help support my weight. The man still skidded down into the forest knocking ever tree in its path. Several birds flew away as their homes began to timber down and a massive dust explosion occurred from within the middle of the forest from where he finally landed. Twilight and the others all stood their shocked not just because I had created two weapons made of pure magic but more on that I shot the armored man straight into the forest causing several of the trees to fall and a huge blast of dust shooting high above the forest.

“Now that’s a homerun” I laughed. Twilight and her friends continued to stare as I twisted my body towards them and began walk forward.

“So girl’s i-“I was cut off as pinkie pie frantically jumped on top of me.

“OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH ANGEL YOU DID IT!” she screamed of joy at my accomplishment.

Rainbow dash raced towards me and grabbed my head and shooked it. “HOW ARE. NO HOW DID. NO HOW IN EQUESTRIA WERE YOU ABLE TO MOVE LIKE THAT AND THAT FAST.” she continued to shake me.

I grabbed both of her hooves to stop her from shaking my head anymore and began to explain. Twilight who was behind everyone came up to hear my explanation about how I was able to do forbidden magic that most ponies don’t even know at all before me. I briefly told them that during my stay at the hospital I had recently became roommates with one of ponivilles oldest unicorns named golden shard who died the night of my last day staying. I told them that over the last week he taught me magic and several forbidden spells and magic that most ponies should never learn since it will drive them insane or pure evil with so much knowledge. Twilight heard my story on how he became my friend and how much I care for him even in such a short time but still felt more left out that I learned magic from someone else then her. I went over and leaned on my right knee. I knew it was wrong for not telling her that I learned my magic from someone else and it made me feel heartbroken at twilight’s sad expression.

“twi I’m sorry for not telling you. I just didn’t want to hurt you that I learn magic from someone else.” I leaned down to give twilight a hug.

Twilight looked up seeing me offering a hug and accepted it. “I still rusty on magic and I still need my mentor to help guide and teach me all about magic and well-“I pause feeling the soft texture of twi’s mane against my left cheek from where the cut bled and accidently rub some blood onto her hair.

Twilight looked up at me with teary eyes but also with a smile. She seemed to take the hug a little better and I felt a sigh of relief.

“Alright but please tell me the truth ok. Apprentice” she smiled and giggle at what she called me.

I chuckled and smiled as well. “Yes… mentor” we both laughed as so did her other friends. We all laughed softly but another laughed was heard in a more in a disgusting maniacal way. I stood up and looked to where it was coming from. Not to my surprise but the servant who had watched his own pet flying across and into the forest at a break neck speed and disappeared just stood laughing.

He continued to laugh manically. “OH GOD DISGUSTING! You all make me sick just watching all of you together.” He chuckled and began to laugh.

Rainbow dash grew annoyed at the unknown individual and step forward in front of all of us. “HEY WHO YOU CALLING DISGUSTING CHUMP!” she screamed at the man angrily.

Her anger boiled as the servant continued to laugh and she took off towards him. I quickly stop her grabbing her tail and yanking it back while she flew forward but wasn’t going anywhere.

“What that?” she said confusingly seemingly that she was flying but not moving. She quickly looked around and then back at me holding her tail back

“Angel what are you doing?” she said questionably.

She stopped flying and landed on the ground. I let go of her tail as she descended onto the ground in front of me. I looked down at her and the back towards the servant who gave another maniacal smile.

“Let me handle him rainbow dash. This one needs to be taught a lesson” I smacked my fist against my palm and bend some of my fingers. Some of them in which gave a small crack sound as I pop each finger in my hand.

He smiled as I came forward towards him. “hm so you actually ‘think’ you beat him this time?” he begin to chuckle.

“You have no IDEA on what this freak is capable of do you.” he held the remote that control the collar in front of me. He flips the remote and began to twist it like it was some sort of rubiex cube but on the top part was turning. As he finished twisting it he flipped the top off revealing another red dot in the middle of it. With one more sinister smiled he gave he looked up towards me. His smile stretched across both cheeks like his lips were slice on both sides and ending next to ears.

“Let’s see if you can handle…. THIS!” he slammed his right hand down hard on the button. The device began to make a hard loud screeching sound as he held his hand in place on the button. My ears began to ring violently as the screeching sound rang through my ear drums and began to collapse on one knee. The screeching continued but soon the earth began to shake all around. I began to wobbling around but because I had my hands covering my ears from the screeching coming from the remote I couldn’t hold my balance during the earthquake of sorts. I fell on my back landing straight on my ass but my hands still covering my ears.

He finally released his hand off the button but the earth still shooked even after he stopped pressing the remote. The earth all around us began to shake but something felt odd. As the earth shook somehow the sound of something thumping like something was walking towards us. I looked around to find where it’s coming. The sound of trees branches crunching and sight of birds flying off as each tree was disturbed by something passing through towards us.

“What the heck is that” the earth continued to rumble and I slowly tried standing up.

“The end of your existence” he bowed.

The thumping sound seized before a large figure leaped out from within the everfree forest. My heart sped up as the creature stood up behind the servant. It stood up as tall maybe as a 15 foot building and its wing span was wide as 6 long school buses. The whole body was covered in rock hard golden scales and it’s talons on both feet and some covered its head and some on his tail that resemblance like some sort of a spike mace. It bared its teeth which the fangs were longer than the rest but still looked like they can tear a hole inside a armored truck. It wore something huge around its neck that resemblance the same collar the collared man wore after I whacked him towards the everfree forest.

“Jesus how many creatures did you bring?” I said frighten by the huge creature.

The servant laughed manically. “What you don’t recognized the same freak you used as a damned baseball” he continued to chuckle.

I stood paralyzed at the enormous creature and couldn’t believe it. That thing is actually the collared man from before. “God this guy is definitely not human if he’s able to turn into this huge thing”

The creature let out a huge roar and began to look down at me. His dark red eyes horrified me as he stared down at me. With one last snarl he rushed down, opening his mouth as he came at me. With a stroke of luck I immediately dodge the bite attack. I rolled away while twilight and her friends all managed to run back. The impact caused them all to fall on the ground. Dust and dirty covered the air and twilight and her friends all began to have trouble breathing. The dust settle and twilight and the others all looked up towards the monster. Twilight being closest looked up towards it. She recognized the creature of not just being any powerful creature. She recognized it to be an actual fire breathing dragon. The dragon slowly raised his head from where he bit the ground. He began to snort smoke out from his nose as he looked at twilight and her friends. The servant who sat and watch looked over from where the girls layed and smiled.

“HEY IGNORE THE HUMAN!” he pointed towards them. “KILL THESE PONIES INSTEAD” he smiled manically.

I heard him giving the dragon a command and looked at up at it. The dragon looked down at twilight and her friends and bared his long humongous teeth at them. with just a split second it lunged down towards twilight who laid motionless by the humungous dragon.

“TWILIGHT WATCH OUT!” I screamed as I quickly got up and race towards twilight. Twilight layed their paralyzed as the dragon rushed forward down towards her. She quickly shut her eyes as the dragon rushed towards her with his mouth open. Twilight held her eyes tight for a few minutes. The dragon was already next to her but he couldn’t close his mouth for some reason. Something was preventing him from closing something hard and strong. Twilight managed to build some courage to open her eyes. She slowly squinted towards the dragons half opened mouth and the person lodging against both the bottom and the top of the mouth. She stared as he held the bottom with his right leg but his left he held the top and kept it tight for not letting the dragon’s mouth close on him. Finally after a few seconds of looking at both the dragons’ mouth and what’s keeping it from moving she finally recognized who has saved her.

“a- angel” she muttered as I held the dragon in place.

I struggle as the dragon pressed more strength into his mouth trying to close his mouth on me. I looked at twilight who just layed their shocked. My head and body ached and I grew ever more tired from the intense fight earlier and I knew I wouldn’t last long in this state. My head throbbed in pain from the blow I took and I couldn’t think straight before doing this without even having a second thought.

“Why did I ever do this?” I question in my head. My breathing became raspy and I began to have trouble concentrating and trouble keeping my strength up. The dragons’ saliva slide down its gums and some began to seep down towards me my face and chest. Some of which began to seep onto my left shoe and down into the legging of my pants. I shudder as it flowed down inch my inch past my thigh down some into my boxers.

“Oh god this feels so wrong in so many ways” I said softly. I blocked the nasty feeling from the saliva and looked down behind me. Twilight just sat there her front legs were covering her mouth. Her eyes petrified with fear from the enormous dragon that layed in front of her and me blocking its massive bite. With all ounce of my energy I finally managed to warn her.


My screamed managed to help snap twilight back to reality. She shooked her head and looked at me plugging the dragons jaw and keeping him from closing on top of me. My clutched my jaw down putting all my strength on both my legs. With some effort she finally got up and grabbed some of her friends with her magic and pulled them away from the dragon and me. I slowly smiled as twilight dragged her friends each of them had trouble processing their thoughts on what is happening after the violent screeching sound from the remote the servant pressed on. Each of twilight’s friends managed to regain their hearing but already they were about several blocks away from where they were.

The servant grew annoyed as he saw twilight carrying her friends to safety and me trying to stop his enormous pet from enjoying his snack.


He’s not the only one getting annoyed of me fighting for my life. The collar dragon grew more frustrated at my ignorance to die. I knew that I was pissing it off way before this battle but right now I wished I hadn’t right now. The air around me soon felt like it was getting warmer.

“What the” I looked down from within the beasts mouth. A faint yellow glowing began to erupt from the depths of its mouth. The light soon gotten brighter and air grew warmer all around me. My body began to tense up from the fact that both bright, glowing and warm is not always a good thing. The glowing grew more brighter and began to rush towards me like a freight train without a stop switch. I have to react fast before it reaches to me. My body tremble as it drew closer and closer with every second.

The great dragon felt the intense flames building up inside. With all it’s might it let out a ferocious roar that shooked the earth from its very foundation. As it roar violently the burning power from within erupted from its very core burning everything that stood against it. For a shear inch of luck I managed to detach my legs from the mouth of the dragon and curled into a small ball. With the rest of my magic I formed a large shield barrier all around my curled body shielding me against the mighty flames. My whole body shot out like a rocket as the flames pushed me out of the creatures’ mouth. I flew for only a minor second till finally it ended.

My body felt a tremendous force across my back and up towards my shoulders. I gasped as my back met with something hard and began to bend from the bottom part of my spine. The shield around me cracked and broke like glass as my back end against something hard behind me. As my shield disappear so did the dragons flames dimed down after shooting me. I felt like passing out as my body began to slide down against the hard surface behind me. My vision became blurry again. My stomach felt something tight squeezing around my whole waist as.

“Uh” was all I could say. My breathing became more raspy but I managed to look up… towards the dragon. It held me tight as he raised my beaten body up towards its face. It stared down at me with its dark redish reptilian eyes and barred his teeth again at me. Small strands of saliva still connect to parts of his mouth and some began to drip between the jagged ends of its teeth. It continued to increase its grip around me. The pressure around my waist felt as if he going to snap my pelvis and both legs in pieces. I couldn’t take the pressure anymore I tried to pry my hands to help stop the dragons grip. As I held my hands on both sides my attention was diverted by the sound of clapping down below. I looked down in front of me. the servant who just watched as it’s pet began to squeeze it’s new found food till it guts are spewed out of his body began to clap and walked towards the dragon.

“Good boy. Good boy indeed” he continued to clap. “Now…” he smiled manically.


The collared dragon eyes that locked on me grew more menacing as his master gave him an order. The dragons grip grew tighter around me. I screamed as the crushing became unbearable to withstand anymore.

“a-any t-t- time n-now” I struggle to speak. Blood began to gush out of my mouth as the dragon continued to squeeze me like a damned rubber toy. I knew I had to transform into that other form my ancestors and I all have inside. The pressure increased each second and I have to transform soon or my own guts will spew out from my mouth. I began to concentrate on harnessing the energy within me or trying to unleash it someway. But how can I do so even when I’m being crushed to death?

The servant watched and listen in pleasure as I screamed in pain and blood spewed out of my mouth. He began to laugh at my pain.

He sighed. “hm maybe after this I should have some ‘fun’ with that little slut. What’s her name…. twilight was it?” he chuckled.

That’s where he hit the wrong button. I felt my mind going blank and my body began to have a mind of its own again. A white aura began to engulf me around my whole body and I couldn’t control my hands. The dragon looked down towards his captive. Its anger became fear as it felt the intense energy flowing through this being. The glowing soon took formed, transforming my hair from a dark brown color back into pure white with gold tips at end. But my eyes are what he feared the most. I stared straight up both eyes were glowing bright white light like headlights from a car. The servant looked up towards me his eyes turned from crazy manically smile to now fear filled looked.

“Oh shit” he said

Without any effort I slowly bend the collared dragons’ fingers off away my waist. The dragon grew frustrated as bend his fingers. It tried to close its hand but couldn’t. My strength was nothing to compare to it’s and right now I’m in no mood to be mess around anymore. After a few seconds I finally had its fingers several inches part away. The dragon continued to stare at me as I held its fingers part with both hands. The dragon couldn’t close its claw anymore as I held in place. It began to growl as it continued to stare at me.

Since having no control of my body during this state I began to wonder what am I going to do to this dragon. I couldn’t just kill it even if it’s or I mean he’s dangerous to a certain point. “Oh god I pray I don’t kill him” as I stood there with both hands holding both ends of the claw I began to feel something warm brushing against my bloody face. I looked straight at the dragons face. Smoke began to erupt from its nose and a few puffs of black smoke began to puff out of its mouth. With one final roar it released it’s the intense heat again but this time I wasn’t in its mouth.

Back to twilight and her friends. Twilight had already managed to move all her friends away from the fight but was still able to spot the dragon from the safe zone. All of her friends were still dazed by the loud screeching sound but each managed to regain their thoughts together. Rainbow dash being the toughest besides applejack managed to float up in the air and shook her head.

“Wow that noise was more painful and annoying then pinkie pie. No offense” she waved both hooves at pinkie pie signaling no harm.

Pinkie pie shooked her head violently but she regain back her happy go lucky self. She looked up at rainbow dash and smiled. “No worries dashie” pinkie giggled and snorted.

Rarity, applejack and fluttershy all got up and shooked their heads off.

“what in tarnation was that horrible noise? Sounded like claws on a chalkboard.” Applejack said

Rarity began to dust herself off and looked at twilight. “Twilight what is happening? Where are we darlning?”

Twilight sighed in relief that her friends were ok. “We’re safe right now. I moved all of us far from that dragon.”

Fluttershy looked around and counted her friend. She counted 6. One was still unaccountable. “um where’s angel?” she said in a worried tone.

Twilight lowered her head in shamed. “i- I had… to leave him behind.” She was on the verge of tears as she told her friends the truth.

Applejack grew furious at twilight for just leaving him behind to deal with a large rampaging dragon and a psychotic servant. She walked in front of twilight angrily.

“HOW COULD YOU JUST LEAVE HIM THERE LIKE THAT? I THOUGHT HE WAS YOUR COLTFRIEND!” applejack screamed at twilight. Her eyes began to tear up and some began to drip down onto the ground.

Rainbow dash went over and places her hoof on applejack’s chest and pushing her away from twilight. “HEY GUYS LET’S NOT FIGHT ALRIGHT.” Rainbow dash screamed.

“Rainbow’s right fighting each other is not going to solve anything.” Rarity said “we must go back and help for not only angel but for the citizens of poniville.”

Applejack sighed and began to calm down. She then looked over at twilight who still hanged her head down. Several tears began to fall onto the ground and she began to sniffle a few times. Applejack felt like a jerk for yelling at twilight and finally went over to twilight and hugs her best friend.

“I’m sorry twi I didn’t mean to yell at you like that.” She said as she held her best friend. Twilight took the hug a lot better and returns her friends embrace.

“I’m sorry applejack for leaving angel back there again. It’s just that…. He told me to get you guys out of here.” She let go of applejack and looked at all her friends. “He sound more worried about us then himself so….. I did what he asks me to do.” She frowns.

Fluttershy came over to twilight’s side and hug her. “It’s ok twilight it’s not your fault.” She said in a sweet tone.

All of twilights’ friends all came up for group hug. As they hug it didn’t last long as a large roar took their attention towards where twilight levitated her friends away from the dragon. They all stared at the dragon began to shoot another breath of flames out along with its vicious roar. Twilight felt another shock of fear for her friends as the dragon continued to shoot flames out.

“We have to stop that dragon from destroying the town” twilight step out of the group hug and began to run towards the dragon. The others all soon caught up with her to stop the dragons’ rampage.

Back at the dragon and the servant watched as his pet breath another shot of flames out of its mouth towards the white eyed human. The dragon continued to breathe fire but lost sight of me as the flames engulf its claw. Twilight and the managed to make to the spot and witnessed the dragon breathing fire onto its hand. Twilight looked puzzled as to why it was doing so? The flames began to dim down and twilight recognized that….. There wasn’t anything there to burn except a few scorched marks on the scales on both the bottom part of hand and some of the fingers.

Rainbow dash raised an eyebrow as the flames finally stopped. “Uh was it burning its hand or what?

Twilight also raised an eyebrow at the dragons’ reactions. Nothing not even ash fell down or anything was visible to detect of what it was. “I- I’m not sure rainbow?”

Twi took her attention towards the servant. He had a shocked expression as though he witnessed something beyond his worst nightmares.

“WHERE DID HE GO!” he screamed and began to shake a bit.

Applejack blinked and raised an eyebrow. “Ah going guess he’s talking angel right?” she looked around for her friend.
Fluttershy looked around for my whereabouts but sadly I wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Um where is he anyw-“she was cut off short as the dragon jerked forward against something hard striking on its back?

Twilight and the gang including the servant took their attention towards the dragon. It somehow was moving back and forth and side to side at a fast pace as though he was getting whack by something. Twilight and her friends all stood shocked as each time the dragon moved side to side they see an inflicted blow showed on both the face and below the body. After a few seconds of seeing the dragon being tossed around like a doll it finally flew up into the air but without spreading its wings and its neck began to bend back as it flew up. As its neck bend back the dragon felt its neck bending back further and finally it’s whole body being pulled around and thrown down towards earth hard. The beaten dragon body caused all twilight friends and the servant except rainbow dash to fall tumbling down onto their backs. It started to breathe heavily after the beating it endured and slowly tried to get up. Twilight looked up at the dragon and then up towards the sky. A small figured hovered above from where the dragon layed.

The figured floated in the air still locking his sight towards the dragon below. Without any warning he fell down at an incredible speed towards the middle of the dragons back. His front left leg stuck out as he fell while the other coiled up just barely touching his stomach. The dragon wobbled on it’s stomach trying to get up from the ground. It extended it’s wings across hoping to get away from the blow but already it was too late. The dragon felt an incredible force against the middle of its back. It gasped as the force traveled throughout its body causing its bone’s to crack from within starting from the spine, up breaking the ribs and shoulders and down cracking the pelvis and tail bone. The dragon held its mouth open for several minutes before turnings it’s head sideways and laying it on the hard floor. Its eyes became from the redish colored pupils to pure white as though it was the final crushing blow to the dragon. Some parts of his body began to twitch after the blow down the spine mostly its wings, legs and arms.

The servant that witnesses his mightiest of creatures being defeat by something just sat on the ground in shocked. His eyes showed terror and his devilish smile turned into a quivering lip. He took his attention to the top of the dragons back. His slowly began to crawl backwards as a figure stood on top of the dragons’ back.

“h- ho- how o- o- or what d- did this?” he quivered his speeched as he crawled backwards.

Twilight and the others all shooked their heads and looked at the defeated dragon. Twilight stood their stunned as she looked up on the dragons back where the wings were laid out. The figure stood tall his clothes drenched in sweat and blood. His face was covered in its face but none was on his hair which was pure white with gold tips at end. His eyes was what made twilight felt relieve which both were pure glowing white. The figure looked at twilight before jumping off the dragon and right in front of twilight and her friends.

Rainbow dash gave a quick smirk. “Not bad angel. But you need to work on your speed next time.” She yawn. “I knew it’ was you all along.” She giggled.

I couldn’t say anything nor move any parts of my face or my body for that matter. I stood in front of them but still in this form. “Shouldn’t I be turning back now” I said questionably in my head. While in this state I couldn’t move anything and it seems that my whole body has a mind on its own or someone else is controlling it. My body finally turned its head around towards the dragon. It slowly began to transform itself back from the dragon to the collared man before. I kept my sight lock onto him as he slowly return back to normal and got up from the cold hard ground but this time he didn’t look so good. His army pants were covered in blood and his whole body was covered in scratches, slashes, and bruises were clearly visible through his chest and some on his face. He wobbles side to side as he slowly stands up on both feet. His legs looked like sticks after surviving a hurricane storm both broken several parts, snapped in a location and finally bending in different in opposite direction that the leg can’t and shouldn’t be bending towards.

He huffed in exhaustion as his beaten body stood wobbling everywhere. He finally crashed to one knee. His head covered his face but I could tell he was either furious or manically.

I continued to watch him but felt my body began to move slowly towards him. Twi raised her hoof hoping to stop me but she pulled back in the last minute. Her friends all stared like statues as I just walked towards him. I continued to walk forward but stopped half way and just stared at him blanklessly. The collared man huffed and coughed up blood a few times before looking up at me. He only took one glimpse of me and dropped his head down covering his face with his head. As he held his face down a small sound began to occur as he continued to huff. The sound grew louder and I slowly cocked my head sideways then back straight. He was laughing.

The collared man sat on one knee his body ached all over from the damage he had taken during the battle but he didn’t care. Instead he… started to chuckle. His chuckle grew louder and became a horrible laugh. He continued to laugh but kept his head down trying not revealing his beat up face towards me.

“y- you.” He continued to laugh. “You t- th- think you have beaten me…… American” his laugh made him loses his breath with every chuckle he made. Sweat and blood began to drip down from his mouth but it didn’t bother him at all. He just continued to laugh like some maniacal monster. He sounds worse than servant who just stood a few feet from where we were. His expression showed fear but his face turned to a smile as the collared man just laughed. The collared man finally ended his laughter but kept his head from revealing his face.

“You think I’m done, finished, through” he chuckled. He slowly got up from his feet and finally reveals his dark red eyes. “This isn’t over American” he smiled turned into a scowled. His eyes narrowed within the pupil area as he stared into my glowing white eyes.

“I’LL KILL YOU” he screamed up into the air. A flash of bright green light covered his entire body. A dark greenish aura hovered around him as he just stood their glowing. My body still in special mode or whatever just stood there like a statue. My own mind couldn’t move anything I had no motion to anything as he just glowed. The glowing around him started to grow bigger but as well taking form of something else.

Twilight and her friends all stood there. They all began to shiver with fear as the man began to glow and taking form.

“w- What in the hay is he doing?” applejack said

Twilight shooked her head. “I- I don’t know.” She gulped. “But his energy level just spike up just like that”

Twi and her friends all stood shaking towards the glowing figure. All except me who just stood there watching him. My powers somehow was lasting a lot longer than my previous using it and right now it was beginning to become difficult moving my body. The collared man figure grew bigger all around but kept glowing as he transformed again. As he transformed I began to see some details about its figure. For starters he was getting bigger but his legs began to change from two straight legs to two hind legs like something of a dogs back legs. His arms grew larger but its fingers looked to curve down and became sharper than before. His body structure grew which gave him some sort of a hunch back. Its face was still glowing but its face was transforming completely. Its nose and mouth grew longer sort of a snout and its ears grew larger and rose up in the air visible looking like a wolf ears of sort. His eyes weren’t visible as he glowed but they soon glowed like head lights except they were the same color as his eyes before. A dark evil redish color.

The glowing soon faded and now instead of the collared man standing was more than anyone can anticipate. Now standing on hind legs was a large green metallic werewolf. The metal around him screeched all over as it move its joints to see if everything was in shape. Static crackle around as if some of the joints were disconnected and reconnected again. The collar still layed around its neck but it seemed like it didn’t caused any discomfort as it moves its neck around.

The servant stood dumbstruck as the next transformation. His face then brighten into a smile and he began to chuckle. His chuckling grew louder and soon his chuckling turned into a maniacal laughter.

He continued to laugh. “HAHAHAH WHAT DO YOU? YOU CAN’T KILL THAT BASTURD!” he continued to laugh.

Twilight and her friends all stood their ground behind me. Twilight ready herself with her magic for anything. Rainbow dash hovered higher in the air for some fast dive bombing. Applejack and rarity both stood in front readying for anything. Pinkie pie and fluttershy however stood behind, well except fluttershy who stood far off behind pinkie pie.

Finally after checking all its joints was in motion it finally looked at us. The metallic monster let out a mighty roar and laid both claws forward onto the ground for leverage.

My body didn’t move but somehow I felt my lips moving into a small smile as my head shift side to side letting a faint but noticeable crack sound on both sides. The metal wolf stood in his position without moving an inch. The sound of metal screeching and wires crackling began to occur on top of its back. His metallic back began to shift around letting an opening inside its shoulders. Two large objects from inside its back popped out straight up pointing into the air. The two objects then shifted towards me which both was aiming at towards me. Both of the objects looked the same each both had a large barreled weapons connected to some type of machinery which it’s connected to several wires and a stand on its back. Both ends of the barrel began to glow a bright orange color. In just a mild second I couldn’t react soon before each blasters shot two large beams of energy at me. Both beams made contact but a large blast of black smoke blew over from where I stand. The metal wolf didn’t move and just stared as the smoke hovered all around. The smoke finally cleared for a few seconds revealing the target still standing. A large lavender colored screen blocked in front of me as I stood in the same spot.

I turned my head to the right and looked down. Twilight’s horn was glowing the same color and her face was squinting to try to hold onto the force field. The force field dimmed down and twilight horn stopped glowing which she began sweat a bit. She then looked up at me and smiled. The blast did take its total but it looks like nothing she couldn’t handle. I smiled down but the sound of energy began to form took my attention. I looked back again towards it. It was building more energy up again. Twilight and I this time got ready for another shot. Twilight horn glowed again in case for another force field conjuration.

“OH NO YOU DON’T” rainbow screamed and took off down towards the metal wolf. Since being the fastest she caught up just in time before it fired at us again. Rainbow made contact with her back hooves onto the guns on its back. She placed enough force to turn both weapons the opposite direction causing the beams to fire more towards the right.

The servant who was just in range from the blast didn’t have time move and stood frozen as both beams of light came towards him. The beams barely missed him by an inch but the force still bounced him off his feet and into the forest. He shortly landed hard onto the cold ground. The remote that controlled the collar that clutched into his hand fell out and landed in the pool of blood a few inches from where to infected bodies layed. The sound of static crackling and wires frying echoed for a few short minutes. Small puffs of smoke came out from the sides of the remote. The servant still on the ground groans as he lifted his face dirt covered face. His glasses were smashed on one side from where he landed and some became embedded into his left eye. His right however was ok as he looked up at the remote.

“o- oh crap” he groan intensely and looked behind him.

The metal wolf had managed to regain his stance after rainbow kick. Rainbow hovered up away from him but still locked eyes at it. The metal wolf looked up towards her then back to us. It then took stance again signaling another blast attack. But something was wrong with him again. The collar around his neck began to course electricity throughout his whole body and he began to roar and wailed in pain. Finally with the remote short circuited instead of using his two blasters he put them away and charged towards me and twilight. Twilight conjugated another force field to protect against the wolfs attacks again. The wolf just charged full steam ahead, slashing and clawing at us. twilight was tired but her magic became unbearable due to the amount of force it was inflicting onto her shield. Her magic was depleting rapidly and the shield was already beginning to crack a bit. Applejack behind us came up behind us.

“angel, twilight ah got a plan.” She shouted behind us. “when ah give the signal twi let go of your magic and both of you get the heck out of the way. Ah’ll take care of the rest” she smiled and turned around with her back hooves facing forward. The metal wolf continued to slash over and over before finally steping back. Electricity still surged through it’s body and messing with it’s circuits as it back away for another pounce attack. Twi and I looked and ready for his attack. I was still in other form but still my body still was able to obey applejacks plan. With just a second the metal wolf leaped towards us his claws spread forward but apart making his face an open target.

Applejack waited till he was close enough. Twilight and I held in place and ready for signal. The wolf was just a few inches at me and twilight. Applejack nodded.

“ALRIGHT MOVE” she screamed. Twilight seized her magic and the shield disappears instantly. Both me and twilight jumped out of the way revealing applejack behind us to the metal wolf. The metal wolf saw her but couldn’t stop in time. With one fell swipe applejack kicked both legs straight towards the wolf’s metal skull. The metal wolf felt the force against applejacks strike. The mirror parts of his eyes cracked. Its teeth began to break all apart and the metal chin began to bend against her hooves. Applejack raised her legs high while kicking the metal wolf while also the wolfs head moved along with her hooves but its body still pointing down. Applejack finally sends the creature flying away but just inches away from where it pounced before.

“That’s what we call an apple buckin pardner” she smiled

Rainbow dash still in the air began to clap for her friends’ awesome kick. “WHOO THAT WAS SO AWESOME AJ!” she clapped her hooves.

Applejack toppled her head and bowed. Twilight and I both who dodged for applejacks kick got up and clapped for her. I somehow was still in the form and couldn’t understand why. It’s been longer then before and I don’t know how long till it wears off. But I still managed to clap for her as so did twilight.

The sound of metal began to echo and everyone all looked at the metal wolf again. It was already standing up again after the hard impact on its face. Its retinal scans were screwed up due to applejacks kick and the large amount of electricity still surging into it. But somehow due to so much damage it was now locking his attention towards me again. The wolf barred his broken and cracked teeth again and began to charge towards me. I stood still of course but this time I felt something different. My foot felt something hard underneath. I tried to look but already my leg picked it up for me. The object was long and pure black with a bright glow around the end of it. i felt puzzled but remembered it being the same katana that was wield before. Guess after shooting him to the forest he left his sword on the ground.

Without having any thoughts my body twirled the sword around and I placed it on my side. I bend both knees and held the end from where the katana blade was and my other was readying myself for a surprise attack. The metal wolf was almost close to me but I held my stance and slowly closed my eyes. I couldn’t see anything but still could hear its footsteps coming towards me and getting louder each time. The wolf finally let out one final leap towards me.

The last thing that echoed was the sound of something getting slashed.

*** *** ***

The wind blew one gust of wind. Some of the leaves began to bristle all around us. Nobody made a sound but everyone just stared blankly at both of us. I stood from where I was but this time with the katana’s shaft in my left I held it in and the weapon in my right pointing to my right. The metal wolf stood behind me with both claws pointing forward. We both stood still like time just stood still all around us. The metal wolf stood still for a short moment till the sound of metal hitting the floor caught his attention but not only that His neck felt lighter. He slowly looked at the ground in front of him. The collar that wrapped around his neck layed on the ground in pieces in front of him. He couldn’t believe it… he… was free. He turned around towards me. Already I was twirling the blade and placing it back into its shaft. I held it tight in my hands but I turned towards the metal wolf.

My eyes still glowed but I still smiled at the metal wolf. “You’re free now. Let’s end this nonsense” I said but my voice sound like it was mixed with others as well. I felt my body began to drain and I knew that means I was back to normal. I collapsed onto one knee and breathe heavily.

Twilight stood dumbstruck but smiled and ran up. “You did it angel” she began to hug me.

Even though I was tired I still gave twilight a hug back.

Everyone else ran up and began to group hug all around me. Still exhausted I sat my knees with the metal wolf’s weapon in both hands. The metal wolf just stood their amazed at the individual. Instead of killing him with his own weapon he set him free. He stood there still but his attention was diverted by the sound of something fast coming. He looked at his left. A large RPG rocket began to hover towards rainbow dash who was just a few inches away from twilight and the others. Applejack was smiling but she managed to see the projectile coming towards rainbow dash.


Rainbow dash was smiling at the awesome battle that happen but her smile turned to a frown as the incoming projectile came towards her. I didn’t have time to see the rocket and didn’t have time to react. Rainbow dash froze there was it came towards her. The rocket continued towards her but she couldn’t see it anymore. A large figure jumped in front of her and hook around her bracing her for impact. The rocket met its back which the blast caused the figure to flew back and skid across the pavement. The skipping didn’t last long and ended with the metal wolf facing towards the sky. Rainbow dash layed on its chest unharmed. She moved her head which its hands fell on both sides. She couldn’t believe at the sight her savior. The metal wolf took the blast that was supposed to be her. The red glowing in the wolf’s eyes began to blink till finally dying off.

I quickly got up from my spot after the blast. Rainbow dash slowly got up but something was wrong. Her eyes began to water for the metal wolf risking his life. I began to feel teary eyed for the wolf’s actions but I turned my head to the sound of laughter. My anger flared at the sight of the one that fired the rocket at rainbow dash.

The servant smiled manically at me. His suit was dirty and his left eyed began to bleed due to the embedded glass from his sunglasses. He clutched a large cigar in his hands while the other a large RPG rocket launcher. He then brought the cigar to his mouth and took a few puffs before finally blowing out a large puff of smoke out.

“Oops sorry.” He chuckled. “This gift was supposed to be for the little blue one over there.” He continued to laugh.

I clutched my teeth at him. “YOU MONSTER” I race towards him. The katana lay in my hands as I raced towards him. The servant quickly tried to reload another rocket but it slipped out of his hands as he pulled out another rocket. He tried to pick it up but already I was close to his face. I removed the blade out of its shaft and raised the blade high above my head. The servant raised the rocket above its head and grabbed both to stop the impacting. With the last of my energy I swing the blade down. The blade didn’t stop till finally hitting the ground between the servant’s legs. The servant stood still his legs gave off. The rocket split into two and dropped both halves on each side.

The servant looked at me and smiled one last time. “y-y- you w- will n-no- not b- beat u- us” he said as both halves of him split apart and both caught fire. The ashes blew away as if he was a vampire and nothing left was just the sliced rocket launcher. I shaft the sword back again and then looked back. Twilight and the others stood next to the man. I ran over with the katana in hand over towards him. he already transform back into his normal self before I finished the servant. I got on my knees and placed my head on his chest.

“Is he” rainbow said almost chocking from her tears.

“He’s he’s alive. I can hear his heart beating” I said in relief. I placed my ear next to his nose and mouth. The felt of breathing was another sign of relief. “He’s going to live but we need to get him to a hospital now”

Everyone nodded and helped me get his arm around me. Rainbow dash helped by grabbing his other arm and support leverage on the other side. Twilight and the others stood beside us as both me and rainbow took the well I can now say rainbow dash’s hero to the hospital.

To be continued.