red, black and purple

by wolfman93

chapter 2

It’s been a year since both Raimondo and twilight had live together. One year pass as both lived together as friends inside that small apartment. Since after Raimondo got a job here in this big city as well a ‘hired worker’ for a very prestige and generous man. Because having twilight and to showing his gratitude towards his new boss he has always worked his very hardest then all of his other hired newbies to their surprising has made himself quite the pockets of cash over the last season. Since then he was able to afford all the new things including some clothes for twilight and a some fancy clothes for himself.

He still had to pay his new boss though but still most of the cash he earned through his work had always paid off.

Twilight has been getting better too. Over the months she has work just by cleaning the house which mostly it’s not that difficult since both of them hardly make messes around the apartment. Mostly it was dishes which both always had done it after a good meal.

Oh yeah Raimondo had forgotten since twilight was well use to be a pony or something like that since she was able to use her fingers even before she came to planet earth he forgot to mention that humans…. Eat meat. She never spoke to him for about a month after that incident when he brought a pizza that had pepperoni on it.

She like it before she asks what it was. Next thing he knew was being clunked in the head hard and her going up to her room. She didn't come out at all that day or the least till he woke up from unconsciousness. Twilight finally forgave him since it was a human thing which he explains humans eat vegetables too. Meat was for fiber and it was good but he couldn't help what everyone on earth eats. However she warns him that if he ever does something like that without telling her she would make sure it would be the last thing he does.

Since that day he tries his best not to mess with her or he might end up somewhere else then the big house.

Today however was different than others since it’s there 1 year anniversary since twilight came to earth and so like before from her previous occasions Raimondo decide to take her to a good restaurant. Lucky with twilight and her magic she was able to change her hair color to blend into society and her name helps make sure she isn't drawing attention while somebody asks for her name.

Both of them got into some semi-formal wear and were about to leave the house. Twilight was still dressing up so he waited by sitting on the new couch. He turns his attention to the window and stares outside. It was a beautiful Friday night as the city light up the sky.

He smiled as to no matter what happens; no matter how much blood is shed the streets still shine through even these dark times. He continued to watch the beautiful night sky before hearing twilight’s door open. He turns his attention towards twilight as she walked down the hallway and presented to Raimondo.

His jaw dropped at how beautiful she looked in that dress. The radiant purple along with slash of blue yellow glittering sparkles all around the dress made it shined and sparkled like magic. Her beautiful purple shoes also with her flowing hair or mane which she likes to calls it flowed through like water as she stepped out and smiled.

He gulped a bit before snapping out of trance. “Um wow lei è bella” he said amazed.

She giggled as he stared at her in her beautiful dress before speaking. “I’m glad you like it. It’s not like rarities but it will have to do.” She smiled for a second before frowning. Once she mentions her friend rarity like a cow staring at an upcoming train it hits her hard. She starts tearing up as the memories flow through her mind. She lets a few tears fall onto the hardwood floor before she stops as Raimondo hugs her.

He smiles and looks at her beautiful eyes. “Hey no crying today is a day of celebration. Let’s not let those memories ruin this special day alright” he said hopefully.

Twilight wiped the rest of her tears away and smiled back. She knew he was an idiot several times but when it comes to hanging out with her she knew he was right. Today is a night of celebration. The day she came to New York City and met her new friend Raimondo. “Your right” she walks a few steps to the door before turning over to her. “Shall we?” she smiled.

Raimondo smiled as he went to the door and open it. He then steps aside a bit and looks at twilight. “Ladies first” twilight smiled and exits before him. He then exits and locks the door and helps escort twilight done the steps and into the car.

He walks around and enters the other side and starts the car. After one twist of the key it started and they drove off.

“So where are we going Raimondo?” she asked

He didn't turn his head to look at twilight since he was driving but still smiled. “We’re going to the new Italian restaurant up near city hall. My boss had it built so everyone can get the amazing taste from Italy.”

Twilight smiled and looked at the road they drove in. she stayed silence for a few minutes before the idea hits her. In fact she wondered on something. ‘Who is his boss and what does he do for a living’ she said in her head. Since the months went by it all seemed suspicious since he always able to purchase several things with money he recently had in his pockets. There were even times where he took her to some pretty famous but pricey places even though they lived in an apartment for about a year.

The question lingers a bit before she finally asked him. “Um Raimondo if I may ask but what do you do for work and what’s your boss like?” she asked

Raimondo felt his body stood still in shock after twilight’s question. He managed to break out of realizing he’s still driving and into a busy street. “Well twi….. I’m….” he paused trying to think of a solution to his work. He thinks for a few seconds before an idea popped in his head.

“I’m a business man of sorts. I mostly help with paper work and help keep the boss in check in shipments” he smiled.

Twilight smiled back as well. “What do you ship?” she asked.

Raimondo cleared his throat and answer her question. “We ship dress and perfume as well as other cosmetics from France to all around the U.S.A. we’re quite popular around since France always has new dresses and perfumes waiting for us to show to the many beautiful women all over this city. And as for my boss he’s a really nice man. A generous once since he gave me the job before I met you.” He smiled a single sweat gland slide down his left side and ended at his cheek.

Twilight didn't say anything but smiled and enjoyed the ride as he drove towards the restaurant. After a few minutes of driving she finally ended the silence. “That’s nice” she said happily.

The drive continued for a few minutes till they finally reach the large restaurant. It was a large red building with some gold colored banners around and several decorative mirrors layed on the right side of the building. A large sign hang over as several people wait in line against the building to get a slice of the Italy. The sign said Italy corner’ which glowed brightly as he parked their car on the side of the in the parking lot on the side of the building.

He was lucky to have reservation since after letting twilight out of the car and walking towards the front entrance the line up front was indeed long. The bouncer up back seemed a little too much but his boss always wanted to make sure that his customers and his employees were safe and having a great dinner. We went inside as the clerk smiled and pulled out two menu’s.

“ahh Mr. and Mrs. Salvatorio. It’s good to see you enter our beautiful establishment.” He smiled. I blushed a bit as twilight blushed at the comment as well. both never saw each other more than just friends but sometimes several other thought they were a couple since they live together.

Raimondo cleared his throat and chuckled. “Um me and Anna are not a couple. We’re just good friends” I smiled as twilight looked up and smiled back too.

“Yeah friends” she said softly as she tried to hold her smile even though her heart wanted to cry a bit. Since she came to New York he always protected her and he was the first to help her and the first to give her a home since she had nowhere to go. After that her heart flutters every time he spends as much time as possible with her. Whether it was a walk through a park or even going to a nice dinner or heck even just sitting around and listening to the radio was the best time she ever had. She wanted to tell him someday about her feelings but she would be afraid of what he’ll say.

The very thought of him rejecting her or making her leave his apartment and live on her own scared her so much that she didn't notice him waving his hand over her face. She finally broke free from her trance and looked up at Raimondo. “Huh wha” she asked confused.

Raimondo raised his eyebrow in confuse since twilight rarely stare into space. “I said are you alright? The clerk is going to show us to our seats.” He said softly.

Twilight shook her head and looked at them. “Yeah I’m okay sorry about that. Let’s go” she smiled as the thought of telling him still filled her mind as they walked towards their seat. the clerk didn't say anything but just show them to their seats and place both of their menu’s down and told of their today’s special.

Both Raimondo and twilight decline on the today’s specials and looked at their menu’s. They asked for a nice glass of water before they finally picked something out of the menu. Twilight orders the nice Italian spaghetti with Parmesan cheese and bread sticks. Raimondo ordered something different. Since last time he tried to make sure not eat anything that has meat in it. He looked through the menu and decide some Italian macaroni pasta some pasta sauce and mushrooms and some garlic bread.

After checking out the food they want the waitress takes their menu’s and leaves. While they waited for their food twilight and Raimondo decide to talk about their days. He always asked about her day and how she was doing or if she needed anything that he can get her from the store. Twilight shook her head and said everything was okay at home. She then tells him he went to the local library and decides to check out some books on history of planet earth. She says she was amazed on the stuff she found on the Aztecs and all about Rome however she didn't enjoy the part humans kill other humans.

Raimondo explained to her that’s how humans are. Some will do what’s necessary in order to protect their love ones against any harm’s way. “It’s how we humans are twilight. You should remember that life can be scary but not all humans are evil okay” he smiled

Twilight didn't respond but sighed for a few seconds. A small pause came between them till finally the food came. “Your order’s sir and madam” the waitress said as she placed the plates of food along with their drinks.

“Thank you” they both said in unison as the waitress bows in respect and leaves. “Well we should dig in” Raimondo smiled as he took a sip of water and grabbed his fork and began to dig in. twilight nodded and began to eat her dinner. The kept quiet as they ate the delicious dinner both didn't know what to say or to bring up since they didn't want to ruin this special day.

Twilight couldn't bring up what to say to him. She feared that deep inside her kept from bringing up certain subjects of what he does while he works. She wondered does he go to the bar when she’s asleep or hang out with a couple of buddies at a poker table or even….. Seeing somepony. She couldn't help shake the feeling that Raimondo might be seeing someone.’ I mean he always works constantly and sometimes he is too tired to spend any time for himself’. She kept wondering if it’s possible…. If she can…. Maybe he might….

“TWILIGHT!” raimondo spoke up a bit as he tried to get her attention.

“huh wha” she spaced out and looked at raimondo, a small piece of sauce layed across his left cheek as he spoke to her. She could see a bit of worried in his eyes as looked into her’s.

“I said are you okay? You've been spacing out a lot today. Is something on your mind that you want to talk about?” he asked. He knew she didn't like to talk much about when it comes to personal issues but he was worried now. He could feel a clot in his throat as maybe she was thinking of going home. Raimondo knew that could be it since she knows she doesn't belong here. Especially when the economy is this bad.

He felt scared as the thought of someone of the rival’s coming up and hurting her in the process. There were many times where his men had been gun down and a few times he managed to escape them along with the cops as well but he didn't care of what happens to him. He worried for twilight. Since the year has come by he couldn't help but feel something else for twilight. He knew the feeling was but he was….

Scared. Scared that twilight might reject him and leave him all by himself. He didn't want that to happen. He already lost his family and his sister. He be damned if he will let his foolishness lose the woman who stood by him. Who accepted him.

The women he fell in love with.

Twilight smiled “I’m fine sorry and no it’s alright.” She said as she digs back into her food. Raimondo shrugged and continued eating along with twilight. After a few minutes they were done. They waited till the waitress came by and Raimondo payed the dinner. While leaving the tip twilight walked over to him. With a gentle touch she glide her finger against his cheek and downward. The bit of sauce on his face was still there as she helped removed it off his face.

She then takes her finger and licks the sauce off it. She lets a small mmm before looking up at him. “Yum the sauce is good.” She giggled.

Raimondo couldn't speak as he was out of words of what to say. His face turned a deep shade of red as twilight giggled. “Um” he managed to speak before pointing at the exit. “I think…. We should head home.”

Twilight let out one more giggle before nodding. “Sure”

Both of them left the restaurant with a well satisfied owner and a nicely tipped waitress behind them. Raimondo happily let twilight into the car and closed it before going to the driver’s seat and driving off back home.

They drove for several minutes through some busy intersections but sadly it wasn't the case. The roads all around were quite busy and barely any car was budging an inch for them to cross. After a few more frustrating minutes Raimondo had enough and decide a short cut will help.

He wanted to get home as soon as possible since he wasn't in a nice neighborhood when it’s dark.

“Where we going?” twilight asked as Raimondo turned and drove through one of the large alleys.

He smiled. “Just a shortcut I’m taking us through. Don’t worry I've used it many times.” He said as he drove through the alley way and up the street. He continued to drive in hopes that nothing will stop him for anything. Unfortunately that wasn't the case.

He hit the brakes quickly as he saw 5 people standing in front of the road. Two of them carry a baseball bat while the middle had a cigar in his mouth, and in one hand had a Tommy gun that pointed to the air. All wore business suits while their hats covered their eyes but all of them smirk as your headlights shinned upon them. Raimondo gulped a bit as he recognized them men were from one of boss’s enemy lackeys. The Stalanto’s family control the part of town they were in and they weren't friendly when it comes to rival gang members entering their town.

Twilight could see these men weren't the nice folk at all when they were brandishing weapons. She felt fear as the two last ones cracked their knuckles as they all walked forward towards them.

“R- Raimondo who are those guys?” she said scared stiff as they advance towards them.

Raimondo sighed before speaking. “Those guys twilight. Are not friends” he slowly reached to the drives shift and gripped it. Before shifting to drive the glass shattered from his mirror and a large appendage grabbed his head. Twilight shriek as she saw what appears to be another suited man grabbing Raimondo’s neck and trying to yank him out of the car. She tried to do something only to scream as her window shattered and two hands reached out and grabbed her arms.

“COME HERE YOU WHORE!” the man screamed as he tried to yank her out of the car.

Raimondo saw twilight fight for her life and knew they weren't going to let go till they get the job done. He quickly reaches for the stick and shifts it to reverse. Just as quickly he hit the gas pedal and drove backwards.

The surprise changes of movement made the assailants loose grip of them and now were hanging for dear life as the car backwards. Once she was free twilight quickly ducked down from her seat and stayed there as Raimondo drove in reverse. He quickly did a spin of his car to finally lose the two guys. They both flipped and bounced away from the car. He quickly stopped and stare front. He then sets it to drive and drove forward, not even care as the five men were still standing in front of road.

He continued to drive forward at them trying to intimidate them to move only gasp at the sight. The middle one smirk at the sight, his weapon pointed towards them and he squeezes the trigger. Bullets flew past and most were hitting the car and ricocheting multiple directions.

Raimondo ducked as the front mirror shattered but he continued to drive forward. The assailant kept shooting before hearing a click sound.

He grew wide eyed as his weapon was now empty before looking at the car coming towards them. Like a bullet aiming at him he dodges quickly as they continued to drive. He hit the ground as the car drove fast and far away till they couldn't see them anymore.

*several minutes went by*

They continued to drive back home after their little scare factor over there. Twilight didn't say anything through the ride even when Raimondo ask if she was okay. Her eyes were brimmed with tears as that moment was the scariest she had ever experience in her entire life. She felt as life had flashed in front of her eyes.

In many ways she couldn't believe what had happen but that wasn't what hurts more. During the drive Raimondo finally confessed on his job.

“I’m sorry twilight… I should have told you the first day we met…. I’m….. I work for the mafia” he said sighed in defeat. The one chance he wanted to tell her was the time they were attacked by a rival gang.

Twilight didn't say anything through the ride till they finally were home. Twilight didn't give him time to let him unbuckle his seat as she teleported herself to the apartment. He cursed a bit before shutting his car off and locks it before running upstairs and into their apartment.

He quickly unlocks it and walked towards her room.

“Twilight….. Twilight please… give me a chance to explain.” He said through the door. He knocked for a few seconds begging her to come out and talk to him. “Twilight pleases just talk to me.” he begged her.

Twilight’s door quickly shot open and there stood her still in her dress but with an angry expression on her face. The tears had messed up her makeup but that she didn't care. Without warning she ran up and swiftly slapped Raimondo across the face. “You’re the biggest idiot….. I've ever known” she said with vile in her voice before shutting the door.

Raimondo didn't care of being hit but he still held his head down at what twilight said. He knew he deserve it. His foolishness caused twilight to act like this and because of this it almost got them killed today and on their anniversary. He sighed before leaving towards the phone. After making a few phone calls to his boss of what happen and the auto shop he sat down and pulled out his favorite brandy. He took a few sips, he felt it’s best to let twilight calm down till he can talk to her.

Several hours pass since what happen and he felt maybe he will be able to talk to her now… hopefully. He walked over to twilight’s room and knocked on her door.

“Twilight…. Are you ok in there” he asked but got nothing but silence. “Twilight” he asked again before reaching out and grabbed the door knob. It wasn’t lock so he slowly opens it. The sight from when he opens it fully and gasped at the sight. All the drawers were empty along with her bed was stripped clean. The window was fully open and a letter was on top of the bed.

He walked in and grabbed the letter. He carefully read it.

Dear raimondo.

I’m sorry but I can’t do this. I can’t be here knowing that you will get yourself killed. I've known you for so long and I thought we would never keep secrets from each other. But now I don’t know if I can trust you anymore. After today I was so scared in my life but what hurts me more is not telling me what you really do for a living. You’re an idiot for joining in a business that you know will get you killed. I’m so sorry for doing this but I don’t have a choice. What hurts more even as I write this letter… is my feelings for you.

I…. I love you… so much….. Goodbye Raimondo

Twilight sparkle.

He covered his mouth as he read the letter over and over. His whole world froze in time as the pieces of his cracked heart shattered into a million pieces as stare at twilight’s exact words. Tears flowed down his cheek as to what he just did. “Twilight no” he panic before running outside not caring for anything not even locking his house. He quickly ran downstairs and outside into the middle of the road. “TWILIGHT” he shouted before going around in search for her.

*several more hours pass: sun rise*

Raimondo felt his body started to go limp from exhaustion from running. “t- Twilight” he said again before slumping down onto his knees.

Part of his face and several parts of his body ached as a few times he ran through the streets of New York City. Several through enemy territory where some gang took turns beating the living tar out of him. But he still managed to keep going even as one member broke his arm in three places.

“Twilight” he said in sorrow. His eyes brimmed in tears as several fell and landed in the grass he stood on. “I’m so sorry” he sobbed before he quickly got up and walked through the park. He kept walking before stopping at a familiar spot. The park bench from where he and twilight spend their first time together. He took a seat on it and clutched his fist. He then began to beat his head in anger for himself.

“I’m such an idiot” he continued to hit himself till he couldn't hit himself anymore. He already spent his energy looking for twilight and it was already morning. He looked as the sun rise through the building and into the park. He didn't care for it now. All he wishes was for twilight to come back and forgive him.

“I’m sorry twilight. I’m so sorry” he continued to sob for several minutes. Once a foolish man always a foolish man from what his family said to him before he left them. Raimondo felt they were right for so long. His idiocy cost twilight to leave him. He was alone all over again.

“I’m sorry twilight….. I love you too” he said putting his hand on his face and sobbed on it. He continued to sob before stopping as the sound of someone sitting on the park bench. He stopped and looked over at the other side of the bench. He let out a gasped as who was sitting on the other side. She still wore the dress from the dinner along with a suitcase in her hands. Her face was still dirty from the make-up that he didn't care for that. Her hair still like every time glisten as the sun shinned down upon them.

“Twilight” he said meekly.

She too was crying as she sat down on the bench from where they first went out together. For so long she had known him she never wanted to leave him at all. But somehow she still did anyways. The amount of guilt she felt for leaving him without letting him explain himself tore into her heart as she packed up and left him to find another home to live. It hurt even more when she admits her feelings for him from a paper instead from her own words. It felt like the wedding all over again. A moment she could never forget when she came to earth one year ago. That same year when he met Raimondo and been staying within that small apartment they called home.

“I heard…… and I’m sorry…. For leaving you like this” she said almost choking as more tears slide down her cheeks.

Raimondo gulped to unclog the lodge in his throat before speaking. “No twilight…. I should be the one who should apologize. I put you in danger because of my work and it almost cost us our lives. I’m an idiot twilight simple as that” he let a few more tears slide down his cheeks before wiping them away. He wanted to go over and held her tight but he was afraid of what she’ll do to him. He tried his best to hold his urge.

“I should have told you long time ago but instead I didn't… if you don’t want to be with me…. I’ll help you find a place for your own if you want” he shut his eyes as more tears blinded his eyes. He knew of what twilight will do or say but you couldn't bear to hear the answer.

Twilight didn't say anything as she looked at him with a sorrow look. Part of her wanted to slap him so hard for lying to her for so long but another part wanted something else. She knew what it is and she was going to show it to him once and for all.

“Raimondo” she said softly getting his attention. He looked up at her for a sec before jerking his head to the side. His cheek from where his head expose started to turn red as Twilight's hand connected with it. “You’re an idiot for keeping this a secret.” She then reaches out and scoots close to him.

“But no matter what you’re my idiot. The one I fell in love with” she said kissing him passionately on the lips. Raimondo grew wide eyed at what’s happening before sinking into the kiss. Using his other arm he brought his broken one around and held twilight by the waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They held the kiss for a few seconds as if they were hanging onto dear life for each other.

The kiss last for a few more seconds before the finally let go to catch their breath. They let out a few pants while holding each other tight.

Raimondo looked down at twilight as she brought herself close and hug him as tight as she could. She accidentally touched his broken arm which he cringe in pain. Twilight immediately snap her eyes open and looked at it. More tears fell down her cheeks as she looked up. “I should be the one who’s sorry though.” She gulped a bit from a clot in her throat before speaking.

Raimondo tried to speak but twilight silenced him with her magic before speaking. “Just listen. I should be the one to feel regret too. I did the same exact thing my brother did back home before I came here. I never realize it till now and it hurts more to me that instead of telling you how much I love you I ended up saying it in a letter and leave you all alone in the apartment.” She sniffled a bit. “I thought that leaving you would help keep those guys from getting to you but it won’t. I've seen how your world acts and I fear that I won’t get anywhere without the same kindness you've given me since we first met.”

Raimondo didn't speak nor open his mouth as twilight released his mouth and wiped the last of her tears away. “I still remember all the amazing times you've given me in your world. And even when I first told you I’m a unicorn and can do magic you still let me stay with you.

That’s why I fell in love with you. Your kindness and courage is what made me come back.” she lowers her head back down. “But still even though I came back I fear you wouldn't accept me and now I feel worse than before. You gotten hurt for me and I don’t think i-“

She quickly became silenced as Raimondo pulled her into another deep kiss. Twilight was surprised from the sudden kiss but she slowly sink into it. Both of them kissed passionately for a few minutes before letting go. Twilight took a few breaths before looking up.

“Twilight…. I would do anything…. ANYTHING! To protect you. Since the year we've been together my mind never let my heart speak up for you. I’ve always feared you might only think of me as a friend and nothing more. But I was scared that I will lose you if you found another. So I worked hard to give us a life we can call our own even after the stuff we went through together. You and your brother’s wedding and me and my sisters we've stood together and strive to survive after everyone pushed us away. But as we survive I fell in love. For the first time I fell in love but not just any other.” he looked into Twilight's eyes and smiled. “I fell in love with you. I don’t care if you’re a pony or a unicorn or whatever… all I care is who you are.” He slowly gives her a sweet kiss on the forehead and smiles.

Twilight smiles back and hugs back again. The held the hug for a few seconds before looking up at the sunrise. “Quite beautiful isn't it?”

Raimondo smiled. “As beautiful as you twilight.” He chuckled a bit as that earned a giggle from twilight. The continued to watch the sunrise before thinking it’s time to head back home. Their home.

The walk back felt great for both of them. Not only they were back together but finally they admitted their love for each other. It took a little longer for Raimondo to walk up the steps but with Twilight's help he managed it. After sitting down twilight went to work on fixing his bones which surprisingly she was amazed on how he made it with 4 broken ribs, a broken arm, a cracked skull and a broken shoulder blade. She managed to heal his bones up good as new before heading to the shower.

As twilight went to take a shower Raimondo twisted his wrist and stared at it. He was amazed at what twilight can do but he felt happier she was back again. He walked back to his chair and sat on it, he let out a deep sigh before trying to get some sleep. Unfortunately that lasted for a few seconds before the phone rang. The sound of it startled him and quickly he answered it.

“Hello” he said almost tired.

“RAY IS THAT YOU!” a familiar voice came from the other caller as he held it to his ear.

He recognized it to be his friend Johnny ‘trigger finger’ stalon. He was the one who gave him the job and been there for him throughout the months of working with his new boss. He also was a trigger happy fool which when he’s given a gun he found out he need to stay clear from him. Still he cared about him like a brother and they both have been through some harsh times.

Raimondo wiped his face before speaking. “Yeah Johnny I’m here. Sorry for scaring you like that”

Johnny could only breathe a sigh of relief to hear your voice. He felt worried of when he called the boss about the attack but he almost lost his mind when he didn't pick up the last several calls. He feared the stalanto’s family followed them and finished the job but he could finally breathe again. He wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Oh thank god you’re ok. I thought those assholes followed you to finish the job.”

Ray sighed a bit before speaking. “Yeah sorry I’m alright just….. I accidentally fell asleep and didn't bother to answer the phone.”

Johnny chuckled. “Rough night huh.” Raimondo didn't say anything but nodded. “Listen the boss is furious that the stalanto’s family attacks you last night. He’s already sending a few men to ‘deal’ with them but he wants you come into his office once you rest up ok. It’s important.”

Raimondo licked his lips a bit. “Yeah ok. Give me an hour or two and I’ll be there. I really need some sleep now.” He said tired.

“Alright Ray you get some rest ok and hey we’ll get those bastards alright.” Johnny said proudly.

“Yeah… alright later” he hangs up and walked over to his room. He discarded his shoes and plotted onto his bed. He slowly closed his eyes only to feel something pressing against his stomach. He looked down to see the love of his new life slowly climbing up and snuggling up onto his chest. She let a few soft sighs before plotting his head onto the pillow and drifting to sleep.