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i'm a wolf with a crazy imagination.


through each demensions their are thousands of humans who come, go and or stay in equestria. all each has a story to tell on the hardships, the struggle and the craziness they all experience everyday in equestria. however from all the ponies they live with none knows on the secrets that the humans know

in between demensions their is a special bar of which only humans can go to get away from all the crazyiness. come join in, have a drink and talk with the many humans that have come to equestria and pop the question to them.

"how's life in equestria?" maybe you might get more then just a simple answer from them.

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Before I comment on the story thus far I would like to say this story isn't bad, it only needs some fixing in certain areas but I personally prefer stories in past tense as to present tense and your story seems to use both oddly enough. I would recommend further polishing and some editing to further draw the reader into the story. Anyways the story itself is interesting but as I said it needs polishing.

4427183 actually that is his name. it's that i don't say it during the chapters of SST:HE k. but outside his name raymond check the question and answer chapter.

same thing on the question answer chapter too

Learn to capitalize, recognize which homophone (there they're their) to use, and otherwise work on basic structure. This is based just on the synopsis alone - I can't read a story that has this many errors before I've even opened the first chapter.

All that Serifina said and my personal fanfic pet peeve:
Prologue is spelled wrong. If you can't spell the chapter titles correctly, It leaves a pretty negative impression before anyone has even begun to read the story.

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