the survivor of equestria

by wolfman93

The smell of pure psycho

My heart ached as I tried to sleep the pass few hours. My mind filled with horrible thoughts of my recent years in the city. The memories of seeing people running and screaming all around me and the sound of cars crashing and smell of burning and smoke stenched the air. My eyes began to tear up for the sight of my love again roaming around still in a hospital gown and a tagged around her toe. Her neck still spewed blood all around from the incident a week ago. I watched as she turned and faced me her mouth dripped with blood and pieces of flesh, her eyes were not chestnut brown I fell in love with anymore but instead were pearlish white with little black dots in the middle. My mind and heart felt like dead weight as she made a loud screech and began to sprint towards me. I froze at the spot my eyes still fix at her as she ran towards me. I closed my eyes ready for the impact awaits but I ceased at the sound of a bang. I slowly open my eyes… I wished I hadn’t. The sight of her brains splatted on the side walk and her body still twitching on the ground. I looked at my clothes in which were now stained red with my love’s blood.

“Hey you alright?” an older man in a business suit carrying a shotgun came up and shooked my arm.

I turned my head at the man my face was still shocked but I began to shed tears in front of him.

“HEY NO TIME TO CRY MAN WE NEED TO GE-“the man was interrupted as two other men tackled him and began ripping him apart. I managed snap myself and wipe my tears. I looked around and saw the man’s shotgun on the ground next to me. I quickly grabbed it and ran away from the two infected. I felt more tears as I heard the screams of the man being torn behind me and has haunted me ever since.

*back in reality still in twilights house*

“Eh ah h-he-help so-someone” I muttered in my sleep. Twilight was levitating several books all around but couldn’t concentrate over the human’s mutters. She looked at the human who was sweating up in his sleep. Twilight knew something was up and went over to the human.

“I can’t study when you’re having such horrible dreams. Hmmm she rubbed her chin with her forehoof.

” I know a spell that can help erase those horrible memories.” she began to levitate a book off the shelf and began to read spell. After a few minutes of reading she closed the book and lowers her head as she tried to touch my head with the tip of her horn.

But before she could perform the spell I snapped up. The memories of my tragic past woke me up from my slumber. Sweat dripped onto my shirt as i stood up i began gasps horrible as I tried to catch my breath. I managed to calm myself and slowly lifted my eyes. I felt something soft and warm against my lips but as soon I began realized the situation i gotten himself into it was already too late. My lips… were touching twilight’s lips.

“Uh t-t-twilight” I said but couldn’t move. Twi’s lips felt so firm and soft her breath taste of fresh mint mixed with bananas and apples. I wanted to hold them a little longer but I couldn’t.

Twilight pulled back turned her head away from mine. Her whole face turned bright red.”Uh I- I” she stuttered

“I was tr-trying to help you sleep better” she turned her head but didn’t looked up from mine her hair covered her eyes as she was looking at the ground.

“Uh I’m s-sorry i- I didn’t mean t-“i blushed. I wanted to bring her over and hug her so bad but I kept myself calm and collect trying to not make matters even more worse than it should be.

After several seconds Twilight slowly lifted her head her beautiful sparkling eyes glisten as she looked into mine. Her face still blushing bright red. Her hair swift across my face the smell of apples mixed with vanilla fresh the air as I felt its soft texture.

“Uh twi are you alright there” I stared into her eyes.

Twilight came closer towards my face. I didn’t move as she slowly reaches towards my lips with hers.

I slowly came to her lips till we soon parted with each other’s. It has only been one day and already I’m kissing the pony who has saved me from a horde back home. I raised my hand and gently rubbed her right cheek. She let out a passionate moan as I rubbed her soft velvet fur. I knew it was wrong not only that we just met yesterday but she was also a pony but somehow after everything I went through I felt…. Like I really need it a kiss from an angel or something like that. I know that in my world it’s wrong but frankly… I didn’t care and plus I wasn’t in my world anymore.

I pulled from the kiss but kept them just several inches away from hers. “So are we both even for saving me from the horde” I gave a passionate looked into her eyes. Her eye’s sparkled like diamond’s mixed with other gem stones glistening from the sunlight outside.

Twilight giggled and nodded. “Yes it seems like it” she blushed. “Um…. may i… nevermind” she looked away.

“hm what twilight” I said questionably.

Twi kept her gaze on my hand then towards my face and mumbled. “c-can I have another kiss. Please” twilight looked up her eyes glistening.

I smiled “yes you may.” I slowly came up and press my lips against her’s again. twi placed her hooves on my shoulders as I placed my hands on her cheeks while we played with each other’s tongues. At first she was timmid since she was inexperience on how to use her tongue but hey who am I to judge since this is my first time tongue kissing this much too. I slowly poked my tongue in her mouth and slide it against her tongue and her platelet. What felt like only 5 minutes was actually 30 minutes of both of us kissing each other.

We eventually broke the kiss and I place my forehead on the tip of her horn and gazed into her beautiful eyes. We both were bright red but kept our eyes on each other for a while as though we were hypnotized by each other’s. We eventually snapped back into reality by the sound of banging from the door. We both broke off each other and turned our heads the opposite direction. But while doing so I turned my eyes towards hers and gave a small smile to her. She was doing the same till the doors flung open. I couldn’t believe my eyes after seeing the small creature that I thought were in fairy- tales and legends of sorts. In the door way stood what seemed to be a small purple- green dragon panting as if he ran a marathon or something.

“TWI- TWILIGHT!” he huffed and gasps trying to catch his breath. “The- the p-princ-princess” he still tried to breathe right while telling twilight what is the situation.

“Spike what’s wrong with princess” twilight walked over to spike. Her horn glowed a lavanderish color as she walked towards him a small cup of water with the same colored glow hover over to the purple dragon.

The baby dragon grabbed the cup and chugged it down. “AAAAAHHHHH. That’s much better” he sighed from the fresh water he gulped.

I was amazed to see a baby dragon inside twilight’s library but I was most amazed that it spoked in English the same language both me and twilight spoke and how it was able to drink water without any harm to his fire breathing.

“Now tell what’s wrong?” twilight pointed her hoof at her assistant.

“Oh right sorry” the purple dragon clear his throat and began to speak. “Princess celestia is coming over to the library to meet the human you brought over. She said that he wants to speak with him urgently.” The purple dragon then coughs up a fireball in which afterwards transformed itself into a scroll with a red sash and small pendent in the middle of the wrapped scroll.

Twilight levitated the scroll and began to read it. The purple dragon walked up to me with anger looked in his eyes. I tried not to show fear and sat there still. The small little dragon still gazed at me with his small but angry reptile eyes.

“So you’re the human the princess wants to see huh” the purple dragon crossed his arms still looking at me.

I looked at twilight who was still reading the letter then back at the small dragon. “Uh y-y-yeah I’m the human…. I guess” I ponder the question. “A- and w-who are you” I said my heart sanked but I managed to build up some courage and looked at the dragon.

“The names spike twilights number one assistant at your service” he point himself and then at the human. “Listen you better not do anything to hurt twilight….. Or else you’ll be getting burned” he looked me with angry eyes he puffed smoke and small sparks of fire came out of his mouth.

“Uh n-n-no I wouldn’t do that to twilight. Sh-she saved me?” I lean towards the dragon my hands held close to my chest.

Spike didn’t say a word he just stood there looking angrily at me. I felt like fainting but I managed to face my fears fast. I’ve done it several times when my government people’s experiments that were design to combat the infected but sadly were unable to control them all. I believe there worst then all the psycho’s that I have encountered throughout the years.

I turned my eyes away from the small dragon and looked up at twilight that was rolling up the letter and coming up to both me and spike.

“Spike leave him alone.” Twilight place her hoof on my shoulder and looked at spike.

“Angel is our guest and we should always treat our guests with respect”

I looked at twilight and gave a small smile at her. She turned her head and looked into my eyes again. She gave me smile and then looked at spike again.

“Ok I’m sorry but I’m still keeping an eye on him” spike walked to the stairs but turned his head towards me and twilight. “By the way….. Why does angels breathe smells like yours Twilight?” spike raised his eyebrow at both of us. Me and twilight blushed then we looked at each other then back at spike.” I know you like to eat some mint leaves with your banana’s and apples when you’re studying. It’s seems odd angel breathe will smell like that even though he said he hasn’t eaten anything fresh in year’s.”

I couldn’t breathe my brain trying to come up with an excuse that can cover it up. I looked at twilight who gave a small but faint smile while sweating.

“Uh well we uh” I stutter trying to come with something.

“Uh well I….. Let him tried my favorite snack. That’s it yes” twi giving the faint smile. “a-and angel like it… right angel” twilight looked at me and nudge my shoulder.

“Oh uh yeah it was really good. Ah haha best fresh food I had in years” I laugh softly but I soon stopped still feeling scared as the little dragon began to looked at me like he was giving me the evil eye.

Spike then gave up looking at me and twilight and went upstairs and into his small bed. I gave a small breath of relaxation as if I held my breath for so long. Twilight also gave a sigh of relief then looked at me again. Her face began to blushed when I turned my face towards her’s. We looked at each other smiled but that moment was ruined by the sound of our growling stomachs.

“Uh heh um maybe we should get something to eat” twilight blushed from embarrassment and rubbed the back of her head with her forehoof.

“Uh yeah that would be great” I smile and blushed in embarrassment. Twilight got off my shoulder and went into kitchen to cook up something for us to eat. I watched as twilight levitated several items and several pans all around her and began to cook up something.

“Thank god for some real food” I screamed in my head as the aroma of cooked food lingered all around the living room and kitchen. I watched twilight as she began to cook some eggs and mixed up some salad in a bowl.

“Uh twi you need help there. I know how to cook if you need some help” I walked up to twi but she turned her head and looked at me with a smile.

“Oh no I got it thank you for asking” twilight smiled back at me and continued cooking the eggs. I wonder if she’s like this to all her guest well besides the kissing part of course. I sat down on the ground and waited for twilight to finish. As I waited for twi the questions that I wanted to ask the princess came pouring into my head. I tapped my finger on my knee and began to think of theories of why the princess knew about me and other sorts but I didn’t know for sure till I meet her in person… today.

After 10 minutes of cooking twi came up with two plates of eggs, a bowl of salad and two cups of juice.

My mouth began to water at the fresh salad and cooked eggs that sat in front of me. I managed to calm myself and began to eat along with twilight sitting in front of me. I blushed as I stuffed a mouth full of salad into my mouth. It has been a while since I ate something green and fresh because I was mostly surviving with nothing but canned food.ever since during the infection all the fresh fruit were said to be contaminated and all of it had begun to rot easily over the last several days. Sometimes supper markets were unbearable to go inside because of all the rotten food that stank up as you walked inside. I usually went to small markets or looted dead bodies of “recent survivors” that were caught by the infected. Sometimes what I did haunt me for my crimes I committed in order to survive.

After finishing up breakfast I took one more gulp of apple juice and looked at twi. Twilight levitated her empty plates and cup away came up to me her eyes glisten again and gave a passionate smile as I drank up the last of the juice.

I lower my cup and look into twilights eyes. Twi came up slowly towards my lips again. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against her’s. I loved the feel of her lips against mine. I began to whirl my tongue around her lips and she gave a small giggle.

Twilight pulled from the kiss and giggled “that tickles” she smiled. I hugged her gently and close at my chest her head layed on the middle of my chest. I laid my head on her soft mane and close my eyes trying to stay awake from the softness. She closed her eyes and listen to the rhythm of my heart beat.

Twilight sigh and began to tap her right hoof on my shoulder as if she were tapping to the rhythm of my heart beats.” Your heart…. its sounds so big and amazing” twilight blushed and looked up at my face.

My heart felt like dancing as I looked into her eyes. The slow steady beats so gotten faster with every minute I looked at twilight face.

“So uh” I blushed trying to speak right but couldn’t “so what did the note say twilight” I said.

Twi eventually got up surprised as if something bad happen. She then looked at me with worried eyes but smiled.

“Oh I forgot already we need to get ready for the princess arrival” twilight got off my lap and walked over to the book shelves. She then levitated several items such as a table, some streamers and others sorts.” Hmm I’m not much of a party decorator like pinkie pie is so…. I’ll go and get her” twi then looked at me and smiled.

“While I’m going to go get pinkie rarity wants to see you now at her boutique up several blocks from here.”

I got up and dust myself making sure to look decent for rarity. Twilight went upstairs to grab a few things before we leave to pinkie’s and rarity’s stores. I grabbed my tattered backpack and unzip and looked inside.

To my surprise I didn’t notice but I had:

*glock pistol (fully loaded) with 8 full clips

*a holster for glock (glad to have one)

*6 clips for m16 (man I forgot I had that many. Guess I was too scared to remember at the time)

*Two hand grenades (regular and high graded)

*a combat knife (fathers)

*soap and hand sanitizer (to keep infection from spreading into my cuts)

*2 packs of cigarettes’ and lighter

*a pair of gloves and gas mask

*and four cans of food and 5 bottles of water.

I zip up my backpack but as I lifted in over my shoulder.


I stopped and sighed as I looked at the floor all of my stuff had fallen behind me. I lifted my backpack and not to my surprise but a massive hole the size of a manhole was there to greet me from inside my backpack.

“Ah man not again.” I sigh. I bend my knees and gather all my stuff.

Twi came down after grabbing her bag and saw me collecting all my stuff off the ground.

“Your backpack gave in huh” twilight gave a small smile.

“Yeah.i said “I knew it would give in someday. But I wish it could pick a better time for it” I picked up all my stuff and placed them on the desk in front of me.

“Don’t worry I bet rarity has made you a new one at her store. Either that I’ll help buy you a new one” twi smiled

“Oh no you don’t have to. I try to repair it somehow. You don’t have to spend any of your money on me at all” I looked at twilight giving a small gesture. Twilight lifted her hoof and placed it on my mouth.

“No you need a new one k but like I said let’s see if rarity made a new one as well as fixing up your clothes. Ok” twilight said and giggled

I blushed and nodded. “Ok let’s got then” I quickly grabbed my glock and put it into my holster and strapped it on my side in case for emergencies. I grabbed 4 clips and attached them into my holster pocket that I had next to my gun holster. After grabbing my combat knife and sheathing it into my sheath and attached it to my left side of my shoulder I was ready to leave.

Twilight grabbed her bag filled with scrolls, ink and quills and open to door. But before leaving she turns her head towards me. “hm aren’t you taking you big thing as well” twilight pointed at my M16 which was laying on the desk along with my other stuff.

I looked at what she was pointing and smiled “uh i thought were going to go to your friends store not into a battle field.” I chuckled “besides I won’t need it unless for emergencies ok” I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Oh ok then let’s go” twi open the door “SPIKE WE’RE LEAVING OK WE’LL BACK IN A FEW MINUTES OK” twi shouted

“Ok I’ll be here if you need me” spike waved his claw but didn’t turn his head around.

We then looked at each other and left twilight’s house.

*in ponyville*

As we walked to rarity’s boutique I was amazed by all the colors and shapes of all the buildings we passed by. I acted like I was some sort of 8 year old going to an amusement park for the first time. We strolled around in which several ponies were amazed to see a different creature moving around the city others let out some gasps and step back from me. I couldn’t blame them for being scared at me. Since an unknown creature that recent came since yesterday wondering around town with a weapon doesn’t appear to be friendly at all if you know what I mean. I looked at my right to see a house that looked like a gingerbread house. I soon began to remember a book my mother read to me when I was a child where two children that found a house made of sweets and a witch tried to eat them but soon got away from her. I began to laugh as we passed by the memory of how my mother would comment on the stupid witch has always made me smile. Twilight heard me chuckle and looked up at me puzzled about my laughter.

“hm why are you laughing angel” twilight said puzzled

“Oh nothing” I said “it’s just that” I pointed to the gingerbread house. “I’m surprise to see a house made up of sweets that’s several feet high from me. “ I laughed. Twilight looked at me and smile. “So who lives in that house” I said

Twilight pointed at the house. “Oh mister and miss cake live in that house but it’s also a bakery too.”

“Well that’s no surprise if it’s made of sweets as well” I chuckled. “I bet that’s how they get so many customers as well huh”
“Yeah they do but not only Mr. and miss cake work and live there but also pinkie pie too.” Twilight said smiling.

“Oh really” I looked at twi a little surprise then again I remembered that pinkie pie made a cake for me last night which somehow was no coincidence since she the way she acted. I laugh as I remember all the bouncing she did last night. Somehow I thought she was on drugs but I now know why. She’s on a drug called….sugar.

We soon moved on towards rarity store. As we walked along I began to ask twilight some questions about what she and her friends do for work and some history about ponyville and other sorts to be familiarized. Twilight was happy to answer my questions and I soon found a new respect to this small and peaceful town. I soon found out that twilight works at the library in which it’s also her home along with her assistant spike that she had him since he was just an egg, rarity is a fashion stylist and works at a boutique we were heading which was no surprise since last night’s incident on how she hated my tattered up clothing. Applejack who I mistaken for Amy works on an apple farm several blocks from her with her family and rainbowdash works as weather manager in which her house was really in the sky. The theory of a house in the sky had always been my dream of living in.” huh maybe I can ask rainbowdash if I can stay at her place someday” I thought. I now know that pinkie pie works as a baker at the sweets store that we past a few block ago but twilight told me she’s the best party decorator and thrower in all of equestria and she love throwing parties to every newcomer in ponyville and fluttershy works as a nurse to small animals several blocks from the everfree forest. Later on as we stroll to rarity’s boutique twilight began telling me more history such as princess celestia and princess luna. I was amazed on how old she was and the great wars that both her and her sister fought but I surprised to hear that she banished princess luna to the moon after several hundred years ago after her sister had turned to the dark side. I just couldn’t imagine banishing a family member after they turned to the dark-side of life.

“Is she out or uh” I ask somehow scared to hear how strong she was all those years ago.

“Yes but she’s back to herself again. Me and my friends you saw before used to elements of harmony to help destroy the tyrant inside of her” twilight smiled up at me.

I looked at her puzzled. “Elements of harmony. What are those?” I asked but my question came to a halt as several ponies began screaming and running pass of me and twilight. Twilight looked at where they were running then at me. I nodded and we both ran towards what was happening.

After several blocks of running we finally managed to find out what was happening. To our surprise to see what was causing everyone to panic all around us. A man bout 40 years old in a bloody butchered outfit with bloody gloves and cap along with several other sharp utensils were hanging on his belt. He was wielding a large meat cleaver in one hand and in the other a small green and white pony with a harp on her flank.

“p-please let me go” the small pony said tears were fall in from her cheeks as she struggle to break free from the man’s grip.
“mmmmmmmmmmmm. What delicious meat.” The man licked his lips and made several loud slurp sounds. The sound made me want to vomit from the sickness he made. He held the meat cleaver high in the air. I quickly grabbed my glock out and aimed at the weapon. “I WONDER WHAT IT TASTE LIKE” the man screamed as he about to swing it down on the pony. The green pony shut her eyes tight not wanting the impact of the blade.


The pony slowly opens her eyes and looked at the man. The man looked at her surprise and looked at his hand his weapon was removed from his grip. After several seconds both the man and the pony heard a clang sound and looked at their right the weapon laid there on the ground several feet away from them.

“LET HER GO OR THE NEXT ONE IS THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD OF YOURS” I shouted pointing the glock at the psycho. My hands began to tense up ready to do whatever necessary to stop him.

The psycho lowered his head then turned his body towards me but kept his grip on the little defenseless pony. “So mister bad man wants to take me on” the psycho lifted his head towards me revealing a sinister smile blood splatter all over his face.

“I said let her go now!” I was angry at the man and at his disgusting smile. I wanted to beat this man for hurting this innocent pony

“NOBODY TELLS BUTCHY NOT TO STOP! BUTCHY WILL KILL BAD MAN FIRST!” the man shouted in a blood curling rage.

I raised my glock and aim at the arm he was holding onto the pony.


The bullet penetrated through his shoulder and out the back. The man let go of his grip on the pony and grabbed his arm that he was shot at. He groans in pain from the impact and took several inches away from the pony. The poor pony hit the ground and looked at both me and twilight then at her captive.

“QUICK GET BEHIND ME”I shouted at the little pony. The green pony wiped her tears and ran up behind me. I looked at the green pony behind me she was still sobbing from the attack. Twilight went over to the green pony and hugged her.

“It’s ok lyra angel will protect you ok. He’s one of the good guys” twilight said.

Lyra looked at twilight then at me. I smiled at her.

“Don’t worry lyra I’ll protect both of you” I said

Lyra gave a small smile at me then looked in front at me with surprised eyes. “WATCH OUT” she screamed.

I turned my head but was greeted with a fist at the face. I fell and landed on my back. My gun flew several feet away from me. Twilight and lyra both looked at me scared as the psycho came up to me with a meat tenderizer. I shooked my head and looked up the psycho with his weapon.

“butchy doesn’t like bad man” the psycho raised his meat tenderizer and aim at my head. “butchy will smash bad man’s head open and eat his brains. Mmmmmmmm brains good for fiber and muscles” the man then swung his weapon at me.

I managed to dodge his attack and got up for battle. I pulled out my knife and held it with the blade pointing down. The psycho came up slowly and swung his weapon again at me. I quickly dodge again and sucker punch him across his face. The man quickly regain his stance and came after me. I dodge several more attacks from his weapon. With one finally dodge I came up and side swipe my blade on his bloody clothing. Some of the man’s blood began to spill over the wound and onto his clothes some of his blood layed on the edge of my knife and some on my hand. The man began to pant hard after the slash and looked at me with anger and frustration in his eyes. I quickly backed up readying myself for anything.

“GRRRRRRRRR. BUTCHY HAS HAD ENOUGH OF BAD MAN! BUTCHY WILL KILL BAD MAN” the psycho quickly threw his weapon away and lunged at me.

“GAH!” I shouted as the man was on top of me. The psycho quickly grabbed my neck and squeezed it with his mighty grip. While with the other hand he pulled out a large kitchen knife from his belt. I gagged trying to breathe while trying to break free from his mighty grip.

“GAH AH L-LET G-GO OF ME” I tried saying but was still being chocked by the man’s mighty grip. The psycho slowly lifted his knife high in air.

“Bad man dies tonight. Then butchy will kill both purple and green funny looking creatures here.” The psycho said smiling

Once I heard he was going after twilight and lyra next … I didn’t know what happen. My eyes turned pure white my body felt as if it had a mind on his own. I couldn’t control my hands without any warning of what was happening I somehow grabbed the psycho by the neck and floated up on my feet with my hand still hooked onto his neck. I watched as I looked at the psycho who looked completely scared at my white eyes and this bizarre strength I had all the sudden. I was freaking out I couldn’t control myself what was happening. Somehow I managed to swing the psycho over my head like throwing a baseball over to the batter. With this unimaginable strength I slammed the man hard on the ground which felt like I shooked the earth with this man’s body. The man twitches and rolls in pain all around from the impact. I managed to snapped back and I regain my body but I felt….. drain all then sudden now. I began to pant hard trying to regain my breathing from what had happen.

“What the hell happen to me? How did… I do that?” I looked at my hand still confused at this bizarre strength I have.

“AH OOOOOOWWWWWWWW. BAD MAN HURT BUTCHY AGAIN” the psycho screamed in pain.

I panted hard and stepped back away from the psycho. “wha- what the. H-h-how d-did I…. do that” I tried harder to regain my breathing back. butchy tried to get back up but I stopped it with a round house kick to the face. I watched as the psycho fell to the ground dazzed and I began to wonder if he was unconscious from the kick. I was for sure that he was unconscious this time. With one last deep breath I smiled in triumph. As I smiled I began to hear clapping behind me. I turned and looked to see twilight, lyra and all twilight friends and a huge white but beautiful horse several inches from me. I looked at her and remembered that twilight described her appearance as a beautiful white majestic pony or alicorn for terms.

“Are you alright angel” twilight said her eyes began to water up from worriness.

“Yeah I’m alright” I looked at the man then walked up towards twilight and the princess in which had to be princess celestia. I rubbed my head and looked at them. All of them smiled their smiles suddenly turned to frowns all of the sudden as I walked towards them. I was puzzled at their expressions now.

“Hey wh-“ I was interrupted as the man impaled the knife on my right shoulder. I screamed as he driven the blade deep into my shoulder. Blood began to gush as he twisted the blade around from the inside.

“butchy kill” the pyscho lifted the blade off my shoulder as tried to aim for my head. I managed to grab his hand with both arms and tried to hold away from me. butchy used both hands to press the blade down towards my head trying to stabbed me again.

Twilight, lyra, the princess and all of twilights friends and several other pony residents all watch in horror as I battled the man with the huge knife.

I looked over and see the princess horn glowed a white color around the tip. “NO…. GAH I- I GOT THIS” I managed to say while struggling. The princess ceased his magic and continued watching.

The pyscho looked over and sees the princess. “MMMMMMMMMMMM SHE LOOKS DELICIOUS! Maybe butchy should chop her up instead”. He said licking his lips.

With this sheer luck I managed to turn him to his side. With all my force I quickly unhooked his hands from the knife and held his hands together.

“NO. YOU. WON’T!” I shouted as I brought the knife up to his head and impaled it through his thick skull. The psycho looked with at me with surprised looked as the blade went through the side near the ear and out the other side. I quickly push him off and kicked him away from me. The psycho looked at me then looked up at sky and fell on his back.

“BYE BYE BUTCHY” I said. Butchy was dead before impact on the hard ground.

I panted and began to wobble side to side and crashed on one knee. I closed my eyes and fell on my back from lack of blood loss and exhaustion. I slowly open my eyes but couldn’t hear anything. I looked around and saw twilight with her left hoof holding my head and her right on my chest. I watch as her friends all looked at me tears run through their eyes and some of twilight’s came in impact on my face. I gave them one more smile and slowly closed my eyes for the internal sleep. But as I closed my eyes I soon remember the same words that had spoken to me for all this time since I was in my rotten city. The same words that has haunted me for many years to come but I could never understand why?

“ANGEL. YOU WILL NOT DIE ON ME” a voice shouted in my head as I shut my eyes closed.

to be continued.