A Spark Flame of Magic

by wolfman93

First published

the fire is burning and only he can decide the fate of others

since early times sorcers called the dragon ones were the unbeatable in the power of the flame. but as years after they race became extinct. now in the present time a former dragon one name eric smith also known as the dragonman in the Los Angeles law enforcement is magically transported into equestria. will the people- er ponies ever accept him or will he will have to use his fire in self defense.

the target and the cyrstal ball

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Millions of years ago when the world was full of darkness and light was limited only during the day the people of earth all grew scared of what lies inside the darkness and neither person ventured outside at in the darkness. But after hundreds of years of being cloud by darkness the gods said it’s time to end it once and for all. With a shear bolt of pure energy the great gods shot it into the forest thus hitting a tree. The tree began to glow and bright color and all around it the darkness evaporates leaving no trace of its existence. The mighty glow stayed on it and thus gave man a source of light. That light was called…fire.

Since the dawn of man fire has been once of earth’s greatest uses for both in combat, medical, and even little day common uses such as cooking and heating. The use of fire even became a source of light while traveling through the darkness. Ever since man first discovered it they have been making ways to harness its glow but not all want it to be used for objects. Some believe that they can control it and they were using it from within. Since then the ancient ones have been studying the fire. The great gods have seen what the ancient ones began to do but none wouldn’t want them to control its power and they needed to act fast before anymore knew how to control it. So during the middle of the great ceremony to the gods the ancient people all began to burn slowly and painfully. Men, women even children all began to die from the fire. After the fire had cleared up the fire had devastated the entire village. But not all. Several people began to emerge out of the ash. Some of which escaped without a single burn on them others shook off the remaining ash off their skin. They witness the destruction the gods have done to their village and there people. With one violent shriek one of the man screamed into the air his arms flailing all around. But not just words of anger came out. With the intense anger the man shot up into the air blazes of fire spew out of his hands and mouth. The others all witnessed on his behalf and began to scream. Within instant they knew that one of the gods gave them the power of fire. Over the last centuries they roamed the land alone. Most of which were killed because the people believe they were witches and warlocks of sorts. Only a few survive and live on as regular people but they weren’t just called sorcerers’ … they were called… dragon ones.

*2025 near Los Angeles California*

I began to flip the pages of the book I had recent borrow from a informant that I up so recently just hired for. The book contain vast knowledge of these so called dragon ones and there special abilities on breathing fire out like actual dragons. I began to rub my cheek and smile at all pics the people had drawn since they were first discovered were said to look like.
“So this is what people think of me back then. Pity I look better than all these beasts” I said as I continued reading more of my history.

Since birth neither parents or my whole family knew I was dragon. I didn’t even know till one faith full day. It was several years back and I was the prime target to a bunch of bullies back when I was just in elementary. They were ganging up on me demanding my lunch money and threatening to beat me up till I give them it. I was scared at the time and didn’t know what to do. They all gang me from all around and I had nowhere to go. Finally with nothing to do I just screamed. I closed my eyes and just screamed for help. With that I felt warmed on my face and began to hear screaming and crying from all around. I stop finally and looked to see them all running away from me. Back then I didn’t know what happen and the next day they were more afraid of me then I was of them. After finishing elementary I was heading for middle school and I still remember that incident since then. Throughout middle I wasn’t bullied at all and most of the bullies stayed away from me since then. I finally understand why?

After my last year in middle school I was heading home from school. Along the way I see a small girl bout my size medium blonde hair and a little tannish complex. She was being pulled out of the house by a man with a scar on his left eye and a tattoo on his right arm. He was pulling her by the arm and dragging her to a car while his mother was sitting on the door begging him not to take her away. I eventually blocked his path and stood my ground.

“GET THE F@#K OUT OF THE AWAY SHRIMP” the man said his eyes glared into mine. The little girl was crying and hitting his hand trying to release his grip from her arm.

“NO LET HER GO NOW!”I shouted at the man

The man chuckled and brought the girl up to his chest.

“So little man got some balls to face me huh” he held her close as the girl began to beat on his chest with her open fist.
“LET GO OF ME” she screamed

“So what you going to do little sh*t? Hit me, beat me up or cry to mommy” he began to taunt me.

The shear anger I felt began to erupt from me but I managed to hold it in.

“man the bitch must be proud to have a bastard child like you” the man flipped me off as he said.

After hearing that last insult I snapped.

“DON’T… EVER… CALL… MY… MOM… AT BITCH” I screamed I held my eyes open as I shouted towards them man. But as I shouted at him more than just sound came out of me. no a shear blast of fire erupted out of my mouth. The man quickly jumped back from my blast. His eyes that were showing signs of bravery became signs of fear. He begins to back away from me till he hits the back of the wall.

I… couldn’t believe what I did the girl ran up to the mother and both her and the mother ran inside the house. I heard a lock sound and turned my head to see them at the window staring at me. I turned my head towards the man who was petrified with fear at what I can do. I slowly walked up to him; the man raised his hands above his chin and began to shield his face. I could see streams of tears flowing from his cheek as I made my way towards him. I finally stop just a few inches from him.
“p-p-please don’t kill me” he sobbed “I just want to be with my little girl” tears continued to roll down his cheek as I looked at the man.

I glared at him. I never liked bad people like him and always thought of cleaning up the streets if I ever can. I paused thinking of what to do with the man; should I let him live or should I kill him. I began to wonder the consequences of both choices. If I let him live he will come back again and maybe try to kill me and take the daughter away again. But if I kill him the police will hunt me down and I will probably spend my life in jail. I ponder on both choices. As I tried to decide the man began to chuckled and wiped some of his tears off his face.

He began to laugh “you- you stupid sh#t. you don’t got the balls to kill me huh. I just right your just a stupid mother f#$ken freak that the mother must hate so much huh” he continued to laugh.

I clutched my teeth the shear anger came back and my mouth began to feel like it was on fire. The man looked up and dropped his jaw at my expression.

“oh god.. I’m just messing kid p-please don’t-“raised on hand towards me.

I stopped him from finishing as I shouted my fire powers at him. He began to scream in pain as the fire in gulf him all around. He began to twirl around trying to put himself out but I kept my fire at him. Finally after several seconds the screaming finally… stopped. I stopped and took some deep breaths and slowly raised my sight at the man. I covered my mouth at what I done. The man was no more than a chard skeleton lying on the side of the wall. I was about to lose my lunch but I kept myself from doing it here so the police won’t trace me at all.

“i-is.. is he dead. “ I heard right next to me. I turned to see the girl and the mother coming next to me and looking at the chard skeleton.

“i-I… yes I’m afraid so” I lowered my head. As I held my head down I felt something warm and soft coiled around me. I looked at my left and saw the girl... she was… hugging me. I felt some of her tears landing on my shirt and some began to seep into it.

“Thank you… so much” she said

I couldn’t believe what happen just now. I was just walking home from school and the next thing I doing is killing a man with a power that I never even knew that I could do in the first place and the daughter is hugging me and thanking me for killing him. Man what a day.

After the event the girl told me her name was Jessica and her father was about to steal her and take her somewhere that her mother will never find her neither to police either. She told me that her father was abusive and a drunk and she was glad to be rid of him including the mother. The mother and I gotten rid of the skeleton by burying him in a ditch that was found already dug up for it. After finishing the job she began to ask how I did that with the fire coming out of the mouth like a dragon. Honestly I don’t know was all I could say. She smiled and since then… we became a couple.

Eventually after 10 years after the incident I became more than I could be. I became firstly known as the dragonman. One of the ‘special ops’ Los Angeles has to offer. I never pick the bad side so I’m mostly working for the mayor and with the police in taking down Los Angeles crime lords and other sorts.

I lift myself up and shove the book into my back pack and dust myself off. I look at the building of the target I was supposed to get. My chest where my phone hanged began to shake. I grew annoyed at it because someone kept calling me all night since I made it here and finally answered it.

“Hello” I said annoyed

“Did you find him” officer bradley said from his squad car.

“Yeah he’s in his room now. I’ll bring him out of hiding and you guys will catch him then. “I said

“Good remember dragonman we need him alive. So no fire breathing for his mission ok.” He pointed out
I cock my head to the side. “Oh come on where’s the fun in that” I chuckled

“No powers dragonman. Last time was hard to get anything out of him since you cook almost 78% of his body and organs.” Offer Bradley said almost shouting.

“Hey it was a mistake. Besides he lived right and you got the info about the drug shipment right” I placed my hand on my knee and held my head on my hand.

“NO POWERS AND THAT’S AN ORDER” officer Bradley shouted.

“Alright alright I get dragonman out” I hanged up my phone and began to head towards the building the only way I know. Since I first discovered my powers I began to practice with them and found out more abilities I can do. For instant jumping from far distance and flying by using hands like a jetpack are two very useful powers that I can do while on the job. After leaping towards the building I burned off the lock and stormed in the apartment complex.

I crept into the building and hid behind the wall on the floor that my targeted was hiding. I waited till finally one of the doors open the target was about to leave his complex. He was carrying a huge black case as he was trying to lock his door of his apartment. As he pick them up and lock the door I crept behind him.

“Hi” I said from behind him. The man shrieked and turned around looking at me.

“y-y-you’re the dra-“ the man quivered

“The dragonman yes I know. And you’re coming with me” I pointed my finger at him signaling him to come over here.

The target began to rummage through his coat looking for something that may harm me I began to laugh a little thinking of what he may had to harm me. my powers not only gave me the power to breath fire, leap buildings and fly in the air but also my skin became scales that are impenetrable against all fire arms and other sorts.

“Oh come on” I chuckled as I watch the man continued to look for his weapon. “You seriously going to try and hurt me. You can’t remember.” I reached out but I was cut off as he pulled out a flask.

“AH HAH” he shouted and opens the cork.

“What need a drink before I take you in” I smiled at him.

“No but looks like you need one.” he held the flask tight and swish the flask to the side and sprayed some type of fluid at me. It was too dark almost pitch black. The fluid hit landed on me and I felt the shear burning of it as it landed on the side of my face and some dripped on my jacket.

“AH DAMMIT THE HELL” I shouted as I wiped it off myself.

As I wipe the stuff off myself the targeted jumped over me and began to head up the stairs to the roof.
The chase begins.

*Somewhere at targets house*

“Where is that idiot?” officer Bradley said as he tap his finger on steering wheel.

“I told him to lure him to ground level.” Continued tapping on the wheel.

“Oh if he has killed him I swear I will be the one to kill him” he finally let go of the wheel and went outside to have a smoke. As he pulled out a cig and places it in his mouth he then reached down his pocket and pulled out a sliver lighter. With one flick of the lighter he lit his cigarette and took a puff from it. After several more puffs his he begin sigh and cross his arms. Eventually the sound of faint running caught his attention. He looked both ways and behind and in front of him trying to find the sound but no one was around. The sound soon got a little louder and finally looked at the building his eye caught a glimpse of two figures. One was a man in a black suit and carrying a black case. The other was a man with orange and blue jacket dark blue cargo pants combat boots.

Officer Bradley realized the two figures and dropped his cig and stopped it before getting into his squad car and began to follow them.


Within seconds the call returned and several police cars began to line up with Officer Bradley.

“Keep on his tail dragonman” he whispered

*chase scene*

I leaped over several buildings and dodged several pieces of trash he threw trying to throw me off. The man continued running from leaping over buildings climbing over the walls, fire escapes and some chimneys while clinging to the black case.

“Wow he’s clinging to that case. Must be something important since he hasn’t ditched it for his life.” I said

The pursuit continued on and we eventually ended at the last building that lead nowhere else but street. The man looks around trying to find a way out. He tried to run back but I cut him off by landing in his way and giving him a smile.

“End of the line my friend” I smiled at him. The man began to sweat and shake after seeing me. The targeted looked around and saw what seemed to be a ladder leading down. He rush towards the ladder but was cut off again… by officer Bradley coming up the ladder.

“It’s over Mr. Jackson. You’re under arrest for illegal experimenting and running from the law.” Officer Bradley held his gun and pointed at the man.

“ooooohhhh illegal experimenting and running from the law. Might as well add harming and officer as well” I place my fist on the side of my hips.

Officer Bradley cocks his head. “You’re not law enforcement remember dragonman and you can take any hit.”

“awwwww Bradley you hurt my feelings” I chuckled. Officer Bradley shook his head.

Both me and Officer Bradley began to walk towards the target. Mr. Jackson began to walk back away from both me and Bradley to the side of the ledge.

“get down on the ground Mr. Jackson” it’s over we got the whole place surrounded.” Bradley kept the gun at Mr. Jackson. I kept my cool and slid my hands into my jacket pockets.

Mr. jackson didn’t say a word but just stood there still like he was frozen. “So it seems. Well then I think it’s time” he said quietly.

Both me and Officer Bradley look at each other than at the target in confusion.

“We will see who the better man is” Mr. Jackson sets the black case on the ledge and unlocks it. Officer Bradley and I both got ready for what’s next. Officer Bradley held his gun and pointed at the man I began to concentrate some of my fire into my hands and held them in place if something was to go wrong. The man the open the case. Slowly he removed what appears to be a brightly glowing crystal ball.

I lower my powers and laugh at the man. “OH GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS. LOOK BRADLEY HE’S GONNA TELL US OUR FUTURE! OH OH WHAT’S MINE SAYS” I continued laughing

Mr. Jackson stood there smiling as he held the crystal ball in his hands. “Oh I see your future. It’s says you’re going away FOREVER!” he ran up towards me and held the ball above his head. I didn’t have time to react to the man’s actions. He threw the crystal ball at me. I couldn’t react in time and the ball hit the middle of my chest. The shear electricity carcinate within it began to travel all around my body as it made contact with my jacket. I screamed in pain as electricity travel all over my body. Officer Bradley watched in horror as I screamed in pain from the crystal ball. Mr. Jackson however smiled and walked back away from me. The pain continued on and for several minutes I was floating up with the crystal ball floating in front of me still giving out electricity within my body. As we finally floated high above the ground the ball slowly came closer towards me and by some force I wrapped around it still feeling its power. As I felt the electricity coursing through my body I finally let out a blood curling scream. The sphere finally glow white and a huge blast shot across the sky and throughout the city. Officer Bradley dove down but Mr. Jackson was hit by the blast and fell back off the building… the other officers watch as the target fell from the roof and hit the stone concrete hard. Several seconds later officer Bradley finally lifted his head up from the ground and looked up at the sky. But as he looked up at the sky he only saw stars. The dragonman was gone.

*in canterlote castle*

It was a normal day all the ponies went on throughout their day going to work, planting, having fun just like every day it was. From deep within the castle a beautiful white horse sat in the middle of a large table. A beautiful decorated cup full of tea floated next to her along a huge brown book was open as she read and took a sip from the cup.

“Hm. It’s amazing on what others think of them” she said as she read on a certain page revealing a creature with hands, feet, no tail, and no scales and was still breathing fire like a dragon. The white horse smiled as she continued reading more.

The sound of galloping began to hear but ignored it and continued reading. As the galloping soon gotten louder she continued reading but stopped by the sound of door kicking open. The figure stood there he was wearing armor but was more heavy and had his helmet was designed with purple and white feathers. He removed his helmet revealing his dark and light blue hair streak along with a shield on his side. He was panting as he made his way to the white horse.


“What how are you sure captain?” she lower the book and set the cup on the small plate.

The captain shook his head and look up towards the princess again. “Yes just know a ball of light came out of the royal garden. Right now I have three of my men going to see what’s going on. “He said

The princess looks away from him then back again. “Alright get your men ready for anything alright”

The pony raise his hoof and salute to the princess “yes princess celestia” the captain finally turned and left.

The princess got up from her seat and went to the window. Outside revealed smoke coming from inside the garden. She closed her eyes for a few seconds then open the again.

“What comes to this peaceful land” the princess lowered her head.
To be continued.

welcome home dragon one

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Have you ever regretted anything you’ve done that will get you into trouble or worse? Right now I feel a little about discovering these powers of mine. I believed I shouldn’t have discovered them and should have just a regular human with a regular job and with a regular lifestyle that most people back home. Reason is because I wouldn’t be in this state I’m in now. My head was clouded and I couldn’t move my body. I tried to open my eyes but a bright light shined all around me blinded me and somehow as I close my eyes I felt like I was falling of sorts. I continued to be blindsided for a few minutes till finally it dimed down. As it finally dim I slowly open my eyes. I watched as dust and black smoke hovered all around me blurring my vision of where I was. I sat there and waited for the dust and smoke to clear. As several minutes have passed I managed to get up but I immediately sat back down from an unknown force. I looked at my arms in which was glowing a light magenta color that hooked to both of my hands.

“Stand down there monster” an unknown voice was heard from in front of me.

I looked up and in sight were several sharp pointed spears tips pointing at me. The soot cleared up and I managed to look all around me. I was completely surrounded by several guard looking horses with spears in their mouths and pointing at me.

“Uh sorry for dropping in” I said nervously.

The creatures all stare at me as I layed there on the scorched earth. My wrist and ankles both glowed the same color and I couldn’t move my arms even an inch. I tried to squirm out but a brown colored roped hovered in front and wrapped around my waist and down to my feet. After tying the end at my feet I tried to squirm away but I felt and looked like worm in soil trying to wiggle away. After several minutes of wiggling and having several hundred guards all staring at me and pointing there weapons at me another horse-like creature came from the crowd in heavier armor and helmet. He removed his helmet and looked at with his dark blue eyes. his fur was pure white and his mane and tail was the shade of blue with a lighter blue streak on from where his horn layed.

“What in all of equestria is this thing?” he said as he made his approach to the unknown being.

I chuckled. “And what you are supposed to be freak.” I laugh.

“Man I must be messed up from the battle to see a talking horse thing in front of me.” I looked above his head which revealed a horn of sorts. Since I read some books about my kind I also took the liberty of looking at other sort of creatures my guess from the way he looked he is some sort of unicorn of sorts. The hardcore looking unicorn glared furiously at my comment. He angrily approached me and looked down at his captive. I watched him as he looked at me with heated anger for me. I smiled but it didn’t last as I felt pressure on my right cheek.

The captain pressed his hoof down hard on the unknown creature angrily. “Keep your trap shut unless you want to be executed.” He said angrily.

“Sir” one of the guards said in the crowd. “Where do you want to do with this… thing” he said

The captain lowered his head down at the creature. I kept my gaze at him still smirking at him. “Take Mr. Smiley here to the dungeon. I’ll deal with him personally” he orders his men.

The captain finally removed his hoof and I moved my jaw. My luck soon ran out as several guards began to wrap several ropes around my hands, legs and waist around. They also gagged me with a cloth that one of them had to keep me from speaking and another around my eyes to keep me from seeing my surroundings. I was then hoist onto the top of another and felt movement as I layed on top of him. While being on top and supposedly being take to the dungeon that the captain had said for me to be taken to my mind began to wonder. How did I ever get myself into this mess?

Back in celestia’s main chambers the great ruler of equestria sat in front of the window. A clear view of where the unknown crater was plainly visible but the dust still covered from where it landed. She sighed and took her attention away from the window and walked towards a small table from where she sat in front. The brown book still laying on it next to her cup of tea as she sat in her chair again. She then levitated the book in front and opens the page she was on. The title of the creature she was reading was visible in gold letters and read ‘the dragon ones’ or better known as dragonmen. She continued from where she left off but again was interrupted by the sound of the large doors opening.

“Sister are you in here?” an familiar voice heard from the doorway.

The princess looked up to her loving sister. Her sister almost resembles her but had a dark blue coat and mane. She also wore black armor and crown and on her side resembles a moon and stars on the side. She was a little short compare to her sister but as beautiful and respectful as her sister.

“Yes luna I’m here. What’s wrong sister” the princess said smiling.

Princess luna walked towards her sister with a concern face. “tia our guards have found what has landed in our gardens and has taken it to the dungeons.”

Princess celestia looked at her sisters concerned face but smiled. “Well sister that’s good to hear they stop the danger. Tell me what creature has landed in our gardens.” She levitated her cup of tea and began to sip in it.

Princess luna rubbed her leg with her hoof. “Um sis we’re not sure what it is?” she lowered her head towards her sister.

Celestia looked up at her sister and raised an eyebrow in suspicion. “Well what does it look like dear luna.” She said in soft but concern tone.

Luna stopped rubbing her hoof and shook herself off. “Well sis this may sound weird but the creature has hands instead of hooves and walks on two feet. He also wore a weird getup that I never seen before. And carries a strange looking backpack that only has one strap that hooks around on one side” She continued to rub her hoof before stopping and looking at her sister.

“But that’s not all he had.” She looked up at her sister with surprise.

“I- it has… well… our soldiers say that it may have or they may have been delusional about it but they said it puffed out smoke like a dragon.”

Celestia stood in front of her sister shocked at creatures’ appearance and what the soldiers may have saw. She then took her eyes off her sister and stared at the book in front of her. luna watched as her sister levitated the great book of urban monsters and legends and began to wondered why her sister is looking at this particular book.

“Sister what are you looking at?” luna said questionably

Princess celestia closed both eyes an sighed. “Nothing dear sister. It’s just-“she was interrupted as one of royal guards stormed in. he was sweating up and had a few burn marks on his armor, his mane and tail and a few scratches on his face.

“PRINCESS COME QUICK!” he shouted in fear.

Princess celestia looked at the guard in shock of his appearance. “WHAT HAS HAPPEN? IS CANTERLOTE IN DANGER?!” she walked towards the badly burned guard.

The guard was badly wounded and collapse on one knee before looking up at the princesses again. “YES PRINCESSES! A DRAGON IS ATTACKING CANTERLOTE!” he coughs up few drops of blood and breaths heavily before finally collapsing on the hard floor.

“We don’t know how much we can last princess?”

Both princess celestia and princess luna all rushed towards the wounded guard. Princess luna being the closes came over and helped the guard up with her magic.

Princess celestia lowered her head and looked outside. “luna take this guard to the medical wing for immediate treatment.” She continued to stare outside.

Princess luna turned her head towards outside. A large black and red scaled dragon appeared and flew across the royal guards. Celestia and luna watched as this dragon that came out of nowhere began to burn parts of their garden and a few Pegasus guards who flew to try to stop the mighty dragon.

“We must stop this destruction. For the safety of canterlote.” Princess celestia extended her wings and flew through the open window out into the battlefield.

Luna watched as her sister flew outside and stood their stunned. She then looked down at the unconscious guard who floated by her magic. She began to sighed and slowly placed the guard on her back.

“Don’t die on me. We need all the guards we have to defend our home” she sighed. Finally in a few seconds she rushed down the hall towards the medical wing.

Now let’s get back to me. Right now I’m trying to think of what the hell just happen to me? How on earth or whatever this place is did I get here in the first place? I began to remember what had happen before waking up with a hoof against my jaw.

“hmmmm” I tap my finger on my knee. “I remembered chasing a target. Not sure who and why but” the memory dawned at me.

“I remember that idiot threw some sort of crystal ball at me and I was being shocked to hell by the damned thing.” I hit my fist with my hand. My anger flared as the memory of the target making me feel like a complete fool boiled me with every inch of my body.

“I swear if he’s not dead ‘if’ I get back home then oh hoh I will make sure he died after throwing that thing at me”

I sat on the floor and begin tapping my rights hand on my knee and holding my chin with the other. I looked around the room from where they kept me which didn’t help. The room was dark and gloomy and had a small window that barely gave any light from the back which was also covered with bars. In my front laid several long huge bars and a huge lock that looks like it’s wrapped around by something. The looked glowed a bright bluish and I tried to pick it but only got shocked by it so I believed they booby trap it. Better not risk any chances of having these creatures coming after me if I’d escape.

I sighed at looking that there is now possible way of escaping and I no way on getting back to earth if I tried. I slowly lay on my back against the hard floor and stared at the ceiling up top. I lifted my left knee in the air and the other I layed it on top for leverage. As I laid there I slowly began to feel tired. My eyes felt like sand bags and I slowly drifted to sleep.

As I drifted to sleep it was interrupted by the sound of a crash sound. I woked up startled as the earth around me began to shake and pieces of concrete began to fall. Some peddles began to fall on top of my head. I dust my head and my chest from the debrey and went over to the small window.

“What was that? An earthquake?” I said questionably. I looked around outside from the small window. At first I could only see a huge valley that stretched for miles across and a forest that covered several miles off from where we are. Mountains stood high against anything and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue today. I began to wonder wait if prisoners were kept in jail but still get to see beautiful scenery then why hasn’t anyone escape from this place. I looked from where the window was.

“Well that answers my question” I said dumbstruck. The jail cells from the back led to nothing but a huge fall down. I looked down to see that the fall was high as though we were on top of the empire skyscraper and well let’s say they will have trouble scrapping us off the floor. We were in a mountain or possible the highest mountain in this place and by the looks of the withered bones both inside the cell and outside looks like no one has ever escape from this place. The sound of more booming began to occur and I looked around to find where it was coming from. By the point of view it sounded like it was coming from above where I was. Mostly maybe from where I first came to this place. from the window I couldn’t see anything but forward and down so I deal with from where it’s coming.

To booming sound soon got louder following with a large roar sound that echo like a lion’s roar. I looked around the sound of something flapping against the air occurred and the booming soon gotten to the point of being like explosions. I took my sight away as the earth again shooked. I held the bars with my right and leaned back. The walls around began to crack all around me and I began to wobble around. I quickly grabbed the wall with the window and held myself as the earth continued to shake. The walls continued to shake for a few minutes till finally they stopped. I quickly scan my surroundings and slowly lifted myself off. I slowly removed my hands off the wall in front of me.

CRACK!!!!!! THUMP!!!!

I took my attention on the wall I laid on. A huge crack began to form and spread in all directions. I slowly walked back away from the wall. As I slowly walked back to the end of the cell I was immediately shot back. The walls finally crack and pieces of the wall came flinging forward. Some which hit me causing some force to push me back hard. I felt the tremendous force against my chest causing me to lose my breath and flying back. The bars that held my cell stopped me from flying anymore. My whole body ached after impact and quickly began to breathe rapidly to help regain my regular breathing patterns.

“ow” I said rubbing the back of my head. As I rubbed my head I felt something wet began to drip and I felt some on the back of my neck. I raised my hand. A dark red puddle smear was covering the palm of my hand and some began to drip onto the ground.

“damn I’m actually bleeding.” I said amazed.

I looked in front from where the wall ‘was’ before and starred. Nothing was there anymore but only the debrey of what used to be the wall that scattered all around me. I began to puzzle on what on earth can cause so much damage and in the back of the cell since these cells are connected to nothing outside from where the window was. Another shrieking roar echoed outside along with the sound of flapping like some sort of bird only was bigger than a regular size. I slowly walked over the opened path and looked outside. Something was up though as I made my way at the entrance. The air around me became thick with something floating around.

I coughed as something floated around me and went straight into my nose and mouth. I quickly covered my mouth and looked up towards the sky. Something was falling like snowflakes of sorts. I reached out with my free hand pieces of whatever land on my hand. I looked at my hand that whatever fell. Small grey spots of something covered pieces of my hand. It was ash from something that was burning.

“The heck” was all I could say. My attention was brought up as the sound of hooves stomping behind me. Knowing that they are coming to see if their new captive is either alive or dead.

“Sorry hate to break it to you but I’m out of here” I said. Without looking down I did one of the most stupid stunts ever. I leaped out of my cell.

** **

Several guards took position around the castle waiting to protect the princess and the castle with their very lives. Several others tend to the ponies of canterlote in dire help against the beasts flames. Princess celestia rushed outside to see the damage the beast has tolled in both the city and her castle. The devestation everywhere left her speechless.

Several buildings began to burn all around. Ponies ran from all corners looking for a safe place to hide. Princess celestia grew teary eyed at the sight of Several of the royal guards layed on the streets of the city either dead or barely alive. Some of the guards in front of her began to stand up crooked with several burn marks on their coats. One of them particular rushed in front of her. His armor was chard and several slash marks were visible from everywhere.

“PRINCESS PLEASE GET BACK INSIDE.” He huffed from exhaustion. “IT’S NOT SAFE HERE YOU’RE HIGHNESS” he groaned from the pain the creature inflicted on him.

Prince celestia shooked her head at the captain. “No you are all hurt.” She placed her hoof on the captains’ shoulder. “I will not abandon the ponies of canterlote.” She looked towards the sky.

“What has attack our beloved city”

The captain huffed again before speaking. “a dragon your highness.” He shooked his head. “It came out of nowhere after we apprehend another creature just now” he began to clutch his right hoof with the other.

“Most of my men are trying to stop it before it destroy the city”

Princess celestia sighed and looked around again for the creature. “Where did it go?” she said questionably

The captain too looked in the air. The dragon was nowhere to be seen. “I’m not sure princess. All I know it went around the castle and disappear.” He gulp. “I send some men after it. I- I have not heard from the yet” he lowered his head. “I’m sorry for failing you princess”

Princess celestia looked down at the ashamed and patted his shoulder again. “you have not fail me captain. We will prevail.” She smiled

“I need all my best Pegasus and unicorns all up front and ready for attack against the dragon.” She said

“We mus-“ she was interrupted by a wounded Pegasus who fell down before them. he skidded across the pavement till finally halting right between the princess and the captain.

“P-p princess. C-c c- captain” he gasped harshly.

The princess went over and began mending the wounds of the mangled Pegasus body. The royal guard felt some energy being restored and slowly began to stand up.

“What has happen to you and the dragon?” the captain said slowly.

The badly beaten guard looked up at both the princess and the captain before speaking. “The- the dragon flew down.” He huffed. “Down next to the cell walls.” He coughed and began to wobble. Celestia went beside him and help him stand up straight.

“i-i- it was banging on the cave walls and” he coughed again but this time he coughed up some blood. “It destroyed the cell that held that…. Creature before” he collapsed on his front hooves. “I don’t know why b- but it looked like it was about to breath fire into the cell ‘it’ was in before we scared it off.”

Celestia and the captain both looked at each other with worried eyes. The guard was in critical shape and looked like he was about die any minute. Celestia grew angry at the damage it did on her people and her home and stomped the ground with her hoof.

The captain next to her flinched at the princess action but stood up high for his princess. She looked down at the captain who looked scared at her. “Please get this brave stallion to a doctor now captain” she said

The captain nodded and levitated the wounded guard onto his back and raced inside for medical attention. Celestia stood there and waited for the dragon to appear. She kept her head down; her eyes only focus on the ground in front of her. The sound of large flapping sound echoed in her ears. The sound grew louder with each flap it echoed around her. She finally raised her head up towards the sky.

Her eyes grew angry as she stared at the one responsible for the destruction of her beautiful home. The mighty beast floated in front of her from a few feet. Its body was covered in red and black scales and had several large horns that stretched out from the back and run down it’s back and ends out the end of its tail that covered all around it like a wrecking ball. It’s face resemblance of a Chinese dragon but had a mixture of an argorianum dragon. Its wing span stretched out about 10 feet and flapped simultaneity which blew everything including the half beaten guards away from the ground below. Each wing looked mangled as though it had been in hundreds of battles and sustained a large amount of damage which some arrows were still embedded in them.

Celestia stood her ground with an angered look in her eyes towards the dragon. “You ‘DARE’ come to my home and destroy my city and harm my people.” She extends her wings out readying herself for anything.

The mighty dragon that floated in the air began to somehow speak in an ancient dragon language that even celestia could not understand. The dragon continued to speak but finally bared its large sharped teeth at celestia.

“I may not know your plans or why you came to my beloved home” celestia began to tear up a bit but shook herself up. “BUT I WILL NOT LET YOU DESTROY OUR LOVING HOME!” she finally lunged forward towards the dragon. The fight begins with princess celestia against the vicious dragon.

Back towards me. right now I had finally escape my little fun place they put me in. after leaping forward I began to free fall for a some fun before stopping my fall down and begin to rise up using my flame powers.

“Man I’m glad I can fly” I said cheerful. I continued to fly up and swerve around and circle around the huge palace. As I flown around the huge mountain I came to realize that the castle layed right next the middle of the mountain. The beautiful monument laid high above while a beautiful city layed on the bottom from where the castle was. I could stay and enjoy the scenery… if only it wasn’t burning down and several ponies weren’t screaming or on the floor dead. My hovered over the burning city in shamed for some reason.

“Was… this all my fault?” I felt like my throat drying up in guilt for some reason. I continued to fly over the city. Several residences began to pour water over the burning parts trying to stop the flames from spreading. My attention was then diverted towards the gates of the castle. Two creatures began to collide to each other while still being the air. The first creature I witnessed seems to be a huge dragon with black and red scales and horns all that run down the back and end at the tail. The other creature seemed to be a Pegasus or unicorn of sorts. It had pure white coat but a rainbow mane and tail with several metal pieces on its chest, feet and a crown on its head. The two continued to collide with each other until the dragon used its wrecking ball tail and swinging it down at the Pegasus like creature. The white Pegasus didn’t have time to react and took the harsh blow from it. It send to poor creature down towards earth and skidded across the pavement and ending against a stone statue of itself.

“Hey” I began to float down at the dragon and the Pegasus. The dragon finally began to speak again in the ancient dragon language. As it spoke I somehow understood from what its saying.

“” (where is the boy? I must kill him for my master)

“Boy? Does he mean me?” I continued to slowly float down as the dragon grew closer. The Pegasus/ unicorn groan and slowly raised its head at the dragon.

“I will stop you” she began to limp as she got up to all for legs. “Even if it takes my own life. I WILL STOP YOU” she shouted.

I finally touched down on the ground and smiled. “Man girls got a pair if she’s going against this beast” I chuckled.
The dragon grew annoyed and impatient from the princess trying to stop him from his mission. Its mouth finally began to glow bright red and it pointed towards the wounded horse like creature. I began to recognized that it’s about to get hot and not in a good way.

“Shit she’s going get a nasty burn if I don’t help her” I looked around for a weapon or something of sorts to help. Nothing around except a grey trash can with a trash can lid on top. I smiled and went over.

The dragon began to build up some heat inside. The glowing grew brighter with every minute and the princess was too tired to move or conduct some of her magic to shield her from the flames. The dragons’ mouth grew wider and readies itself for its mighty flames. As its mouth grew more wide it was soon cut short against something hard and metallic that clunk against the dragons eye and making it lose its concentration. The glowing dimmed down to nothing after the jabbed in the eye.

“Hey it’s impolite to burn a lady.”

The dragon shooked its head and looked on its left towards me. Princess celestia looked over from where the dragon was looking. Her sight caught me standing a few inches from where they were with a big cheesy smile across my face. Her face froze and her eyes were stunned as the creature that stood next to the dragon looked like the creature from within the book she read this morning.

I took my attention on the flying trash can lid I used on the dragon began to return to its master. Without moving from my spot I stretched my hand up in the air and felt cold metal impacting on my palm, my fingers laid on the top part of the lid.
“Or whatever she is I guess” I placed the lid around my arm underneath my arm pit.

The dragon slowly turned towards me. Its gaze still locked on me as it turned its whole body towards me.

“.” (Finally I found you dragon one)

I began to act foolish and mock. “Yes yes I found you dragon one. Whatever” I chuckled. “Yes I understand you and I want to know why you’re after me and why you did all this just to get me”

The dragon kept its sight on me as it continued to speak at me. “.” (My master has ordered me to find and destroy the dragon one)

I folded my arms around. “Alright why? I didn’t do anything to you nor did the people of this city do anything that will harm your kind.”

“” (you have killed millions of our kind and stolen our magic from within us all. that is why you must die) the mighty dragon finalize with one large roar.

I chuckled again. “Sorry big guy but tell you the truth I can’t die that easily” I bowed. As I bowed I took my attention away from the dragon for only a mear second. As I bowed the dragon took this short moment for its advantage and shot a blast of its mighty flame towards me. it originally carcinate it as it was having a sort of small threatening speech for me and finally release it after waiting for the right moment. The flames quickly engulf all around me and continued to shoot forward at me.

The princess watched in horror as the dragon blew its flames at the helpless creature away. The flames continued on but were cut short by the dragon. The ash and soot covered all around from the dragons’ fire breath. The ash covered all over but slowly cleared up. A large figure stood in the middle of the burnt ash and slowly moved its head side to side. The soot finally cleared up leaving both the dragon and princess celestia shocked as I stood from where I was and moving my head side to side. A large pop occurred that even the dragon flinched after hearing it.

“Man” I looked down on my ash covered clothes. “This is my favorite jacket asshole.” I dusted myself off.

The dragon slowly began to back away as I brush the soot off me. His eyes turned from fearsome to plain terrified as it slowly back off. Princess celestia stared terrified as I survive the fires breathe without a single burn mark on either part of the body or face.

I finished dusting myself off and looked up at the dragon. I gave a devilish smile as the dragon had move several inches back away from me.

“What are scared of me?” I took my first step forward towards him. He flinched and began to extend its wings looking like he’s about to take off.

“awww where you going there sunshine? I haven’t even introduced myself.” I continued to chuckle at the dragons expression. I slowly walked forward towards both the dragon and celestia. Both each gave a scared look and I laughed at their expression

“Oh come on I promise I won’t bite” I continued to walked towards the dragon which began to flap it’s wings and took off scared. I began to chuckle as the dragon flew off like a scared bird from me.

I walked over to the half beaten creature still lying next to a statue and smiled. “You ok there miss” I smiled

Princess celestia sat their shocked that one small creature scared off a huge dragon like that. She tried to say something but her voice cracked due to the overall fear it introduce to her. “Um uh um y- y- yes i- I’m o-o-o- ok”

I smiled. “Don’t worry I won’t let him get away that easily. I looked around for a better weapon. I smiled as a clearly visible spear layed underneath her beautiful rainbow flowing tail. I went over and grabbed the handle of the spear and lifted it up off from her tail. The as long about 5’ 7 almost passing my neck and the tip looked sharped and all its sides where sharped all around it.

I nodded and began to swing the swing the weapon side to side. “this will do” I placed the tip of it pointing up onto my shoulder and looked over towards the badly hurt creature again. “Don’t worry miss he’s not getting away for the damage he has committed.” I smiled and took off using my hand as a jet flame.

Princess celestia sat there stunned as the creature flew faster than the speed of light and disappear. Her eyelids began to slowly close, her body ached all over and she began to breathe heavily. After a short while she layed her head on the ground “t- thank you” she said softly before falling asleep.

The dragon was already out of the city and hovering the city. His mind filled with fears of the creature that had killed many of his kind and had survived his fire breath. His kind has fought them for millions of years but each had fallen and all had their powers and souls taken and used against them. Most of his scars on his body were survival wounds against them before faking his death and hiding from the after so many years. Now their back and his mind filled with the blood shed of his kind being slaughtered all around him again. Even though it was only one he has seen so far he still knows the capability that each one has. His mind filled with remorse of his army’s deaths and the other innocent lives that were taken because of his cowardness. He shut his eyes a tear began to form in his eye as he flapped over the everfree forest.

“HEY UGLY” a voice screamed above him. It drew his attention and looked up. But already it was too late as I drove the sharp spear through its skull and down through the bottom of the jaw.

“GOT YAH” I screamed as I drive the blade through his skull and twirled inside. The dragon roared and began to twist and turn all over in order to throw me off him. I held on tight for dear life onto the spear’s handle. With one final jerk I removed the spear out from the skull and impaled it again through the dragon skull again. The dragon let out one final roar before finally dive bombing into the forest. I tried to hold onto the spear but couldn’t. My hands slipped off like butter and I fell a few inches away from the dragons’ body.

“heh got you basturd” I said and closed my eyes as I fell down towards hopefully a soft landing.

To be continued.