the survivor of equestria

by wolfman93

the day i left earth

Have you ever heard the saying that life sometimes just comes and goes and sometimes it just bites you in the ass when you least expected? Well for me it’s been like that ever since an experimental virus that an indigenous terrorist dumped into the water supply. Those incidents had happen 5 years before when everything was alive and people went with their normal days. Stores open with happy faces and customers came with wallets full of cash to spend, the smell of food from restaurants was strong enough to drive even the hungriest of men come running for a taste of the good side. The police all walked happily as bystanders walked with their cell phones glued to their ears while heading to their destination. Cars lined up waiting for the light to turn green and bicyclist’s ride down the side walk with great joy. Man those were the times but I barely remember anything since now the streets are lined up with broken up cars, fallen buildings and trashed and the decay of… what used to be people. Now here I am just me in my tattered up pants a worn out jacket and almost falling part sneakers sitting on top of an abandoned bus with a lit cigarette in hand while looking at the once used to be quiet town I used to live in.
My hands covered with dirt and blood stains gagged me as I tried to smoked at my last cigarette I had on me. the sweat on my forehead began running down on dirty, cut up face one sweat gland landed in my eye and stung the inside of my eye. “Uh.” I said as I rubbed it and tried to adjust my straps on my torned up backpack I had behind me. My m16 lay beside me along with opened bottle water and an open half eaten canned of beans next to it. I stared at the long blue sky and began to be amazed at its beauty. “Man I wish I can go to the beach or hang out at the mall sometimes?” I sighed then looked on my left and see several infected banging on the side of bus trying to get there zombified hands on their prey. I gave them an angry as I looked at them.
“But nooooooo! Instead I have to run for my life every day and survive by the skin of my teeth in this fucked up city”. I took one last puff of my cigarette till finally threw it aside at the infected. “Well” I said while finishing up the canned of beans and getting up from my spot. “I better find some more supplies. I almost out of food and used up my last med kit because of that last incident with one of the governments failed prototypes several days ago”. As I scanned my surroundings for a way out I suddenly heard the sound of jets flying by over the horizon. I watched as a huge aircraft fly across the city and dropped a large crate from behind and deployed a parachute. “heh wow. I scoffed “I didn’t know they cared at all for us” I began to laugh. “Alright then time to resupply” I cleared my voice. I looked at the infected and began going back. I took a few inches and got into position. With all my strength I speed up on top of the bus and with great force I leaped right over the infected. They watch and quickly turned around towards me. I landed on the safe area from the infected but was already being chased by them. I didn’t have time to breath I soon took off and ran as fast as I can towards the drop off area.
With every blocked I ran the smell lingered with its gaggle scent of rotten fleshed. “Jesus man I thought I smelled bad but I’m nowhere comparing to them” I laughed as I continued sprinting. My heart pounded harder with every step I moved. I tried to keep my laughing momentum due to the overused of my legs going through the derbry. I panted with exhaustion but I couldn’t stop because more began to smell me and where coming after me slowly. I sooned stopped by a blockage of cars and need to find a new route fast. The sound of moaning and groaning grew ever so closed and I was running out of time. I looked quickly and saw the door to the police station was open. Without hesitation I quickly sprinted towards the police station and immediately closed, locked and barricaded the door. After moving the last of the desks against the door I slowly fell to the floor in exhaustion. My heart felt as though it was gonna explode out of my chest “heh HA saved by the bell again” I laughed as I tried to regain my strength. The sound of banging coming from the door suggested I don’t have long tilled they break it open. With all my strength I regained so far I’ve gotten myself up and went inside the once used to be police station. My heart pounded more as I entered through the jails section of the police station. I looked at the cell and wasn’t surprised to see zombies still inside some were dead due to lack of food for so long others were skinned and bones. Man I said “I’m so glad am not like these guys” I said while moving along to the exit. While open the exit I looked back from the entrance I just came in. I should have felt sorry for them…. if they didn’t take everything from me.
As I exit the police station I soon remembered my past and began to have a flashed back of my previous life before this outbreak happen. I remember being in my room sitting next to my computer while talking to my once was love of my life. She was bragging on how my little pony was so cute and she would die happy to see them if they were real.
“Oh baby you and your fantasies.” I said chuckling
“Yes I’m your little fantasying love bird” she said sighing
I laughed HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! “Yes you are and that’s why I love you for that”
Since childhood we were friends since I moved from my small town of California into the huge city of LA. I was shy and on the first day of kindergarten and didn’t make any friends then. One day I was being picked on by some of the students who said I was a weakling and wanted my lunch money. I begged them not to hurt me and that’s when I met her. She came out of the crowd and stands right in front of the bullies. The bullies all began to tease her because she’s was a girl and she was weak because of this. Within seconds I watched a 5 year old girl beat up 4 bullies and chased them off like little girls. After scaring those bullies off she came up to me. I looked up tears were sliding across my face as I looked up at her. She smiled at me.
“Are you alright” she offered her hand to me I flinched at her. “Come on I don’t bite” she giggled. I still stared at her and gave her a smile after grabbing the hand she offered. Ever since that day we became friends and we both promised to help each other out no matter what.
After finishing middle school there was a ceremony for us graduates and I knew that it was time to tell her how much I felt to her and how happy she makes me before it was too late. I eventually lead her behind the building away from the party.
“huh angel what’s wrong? Why you lead us to here? She said questionably.
“Well it’s because i-i…. uh” I stuttered trying to think something that won’t embarrass me in front of her. My cheeks flushed and I turned my head away from her face.
“Yes” she said in a concerned but soft tone.
“I’m… worried that” I paused
“Worried about what?” she said placing her hand on my redish cheek. Her hands felt as soft teddy bear.
“I’m worried that… we won’t be friends anymore” tears weld up in my eye. I looked up Amy raised an eyebrow and tilt her head.
“What are you talking about angel? We’ll always be friends no matter what happens.” She smiled and looked into my eyes.
“It’s not only that it’s… nevermind” I looked away my face turned redish again.
“What then?” she said puzzled.
“It’s just that i.i….. I uh well” my voice cracked as I tried to admit my true feelings for her.
Amy looked up giving me a smirk and grabbed my head. I flinched and tried to move away but couldn’t because even though she has soft hands she’s still strong enough to wrestle a bear.
“Now I’ll let go AFTER you tell me what’s up. Now tell me what?” she held my face and brought it closer to her’s my heart danced as I looked into those beautiful eyes again.
I stuttered and with my last bit of courage I said my true feelings hoping she wouldn’t hear it.
Amy heard every word alright as she let my head go. I looked at her and felt my heart sanked to my chest to see her expression. She looked shocked at me. I felt tears welding up in my eyes i knew it was a mistake telling her that.
“i-I’m sorry Amy I got to go” I quickly tried to dash away from her but I soon stopped by her grabbing my arm and holding it tight. I eventually looked behind me and saw Amy holding my arm with both hands. Her hair covered her face but I saw few tears running down her cheek and she gave a small and quiet sniffled. I knew it was wrong to run from the girl that you’re in love with but I couldn’t think straight after what happen. I turned my whole body and looked at Amy again.
“A- Amy a-are you ok” I said and raised my hand below her chin and lifted her face up. Tears steams fell on her cheeks and she made a small sniffle again. She wiped her eyes and took a small breath and looked up at me.
Amy looked up at me with anger in her eyes. I felt scared to see her angry even at me. “ANGEL YOU JERK” she slapped me across my cheek with her free hand and brought me close to her lips with the other. My mind had a hard time understanding what was happening. My lips were against her’s and she started to move her tongue around trying to find a way in. I open my mouth and was greeted with her tongue on mine. She finally let go and wrapped both arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around her waist. After several minutes of playing around with each other’s tongue’s she finally let go. She blushed a bright red and placed her hands on my chest.
“Don’t you know it’s wrong to leave a girl by herself? Especially… if it’s your girlfriend” she smiled again at me.
“g-g-girlfriend?” I still couldn’t believe what she had done and said to me.
“Yes. You see angel you’re not the only one who has feelings for you. I love you too angel I always have but I was scared that… that you weren’t interested.” Tears started to form in her eyes again.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to run away it’s just that I love you too much to know what would happen if were split apart. That’s why today… I admitted to you now because I’m worried that you’ll find a new guy in high school and I’ll never get the chance to tell you about how much I love you” I lifted her head up again and got caught by surprise by another kiss from her.
“Angel I love you too and no man could ever compete against you. I’m glad you took the time to tell me how you really feel for Me.” she hugged me close and laid her head on my chest. “This is the best day ever” she smiled at me.
I placed my hand on her head and gently rubbed her long, soft curly hair. “Yes yes it is” I smiled at her.
After that day and on the first day of high school we became boyfriend and girlfriend throughout the years with no signs of abridging at all.
Her face sparkled with the endless sun with a scent of lavender flourish the air as I held her around my arms. She sometimes acted like sort of cowgirl with a girly side to it which wasn’t surprising when she talked to me that a normal girl should. She sometimes show both whenever we do something together. Example is that she loves sports and she usually shows her tom boyish side but other times when we watch TV she usually watches my little pony whenever it’s on. I wasn’t a fan but it never hurt to watched a few shows with her sometimes and soon knew what to get her on her birthday and for other occasional times I happen to see at the mall. She didn’t care about getting dirty but cared about life her family and friends so much she would do anything and everything she can to help everyone that need help. She later then decide to become a doctor in which she wanted while I spent my college days learning about physics while also spending most time at gym. She didn’t care about looks but she only care that everyone was safe and happy and that not’s why I loved her. Her heart and her free spirit is the most amazing thing that not many girls have now of days.
Last may during a nice breezy evening as both of us watching the sun began to set. She stands next to me while I sat on the soft green grass. She wore some regular jeans with some cowboy boots and a plaid shirt with a hat on her head. “Wow the sun is beautiful isn’t it angel” she said as she held her hat in place because of the wind.
“Yes it is.” I said and looked up at her. “It’s as beautiful as you honey” I said romantically. She blushed and turned her head away to hide it. “Angel” she said in concern tone.
“Hm yes babe what is it?” I said questionably. I starred as she began to sit next to me the warm sun light glistening like a rose on a warm summer day.
“Angel if anything ever happens to us” she said while covering her eyes with her hat. “I want you to find happiness even if we ever depart from one another” she said as she looked at me. Her eyes began to tear up as though her she was crying diamonds.
“What... What are talking about I love you and only you” I said as I help wipe the tears off her eyes.
“Well...” she paused “promise me this angel” she said. She then grabbed my hand and held it with both of her soft velvet hands.” Promise me that one day if another you fallen for that you should not hesitate to be to her.” She said as she held her hand across her heart.
“What” I said angrily. “Honey I love you and only you I will never love anyone else like you to live” I said as I move my hand across her face.
“It’s just-“she paused again. “it’s just that I want you to be happy as well as I. I don’t know what will happen in the future but I know that if anything ever happens to us that we will continue living even if anyone of us departed” she said clutching my hand in place. I looked at her and then brought my forehead close to her’s.
“I promise babe no matter what happens we will always be together” I said and then gave her a nice sweet kiss on the lips. She blushed and then we both laid on the soft grass together and watch the sunset together. I didn’t know why she meant that but somehow I wish I did. I finally did understand what she meant that day right after she was taken from me from this world.
One day on a long hot summer august we both laughed at each other for amusement, chuckling every joke we both could have then of. Then later that day she then told me how much she loved me and I told her how much she meant to me…. That was the last time I talked to her and the biggest mistake she had made. She soon later heard the door knocked and said she will be back. I waited for her to return I later heard a screamed coming from her.
“BABE” I said feeling worried
AHHHH HELP ME STOP!! She screamed in terror
I began to hear a roar and sound of a struggle happening.
“BABE… HOLD ON I’M COMING”! I said as I dropped the phone and ran out the door towards her apartment. With all my energy I sprinted towards the girls dorms. I ran up the stairs and pushed everything that was blocking me. People complained as I pushed everyone one that was in front of me. Finally I made it to her dorm room exhausted and fulled of adrendiline. As I tried to open it I viciously slammed my body towards the door. But as I entered inside I couldn’t believe the sight. A man probably in his late twenty’s was tearing flesh from her neck with his own teeth. I covered my mouth and stood there stunned my eyes were glued to scene. I was too late to save her. The man soon got up and looked at me he then gave a nasty shriek as though he was a sort of animal of sort. My anger soon spiked and I viciously attacked the man.
“YOU BASTURD I’LL KILL YOU!” I screamed as I banged the man’s head on the ground. I slammed the man’s head over and over till he stopped twitching but I still didn’t stop till finally it was over. I looked at the man then at my love and sat next to her corpse. Tears began forming in my eyes as I hold her body in my arms. “Oh god… WHY!!” I screamed as security came inside the room. That memory burned in my head and still with me till this day. I tried to move on since that’s what she wants me to do even though she’s gone.
After the incident more people started attacking others as well. The police and army tried to contain it but there were too many. Soon before 5 years later the city was overrun by the infected and later on the city… was dead. After 5 years of surviving I tried keep my funniest with me. And my kindness was still there even though I need to survive. But I never forget who I was. I kept telling myself
“My name is joseph angel delamarte.” “MY NAME IS JOSEPH ANGEL DELAMARTE AND I WILL SURVIVE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs my blood pumped throughout my body I was fully on fire with adrenaline till I finally realized something much important.
I hit a new level of stupidity to what I’ve done right in the middle of the street. Without me looking behind my head millions of the infected were right behind me and coming towards me. I sighed “oh me and my big fat mouth” I said and then took off running away from the horde. I quickly ran towards down the street but soon was stopped by another mob right in front of me. “Oh Jesus” I looked at my sides and saw an alley several feet from me. I didn’t know where it leads but I took that chance. I ran as quickly inside the alley but my luck sooned ran out as it turned out it was a dead end. I began to look for another way out but there wasn’t. I soon tried to leave but they were already coming in. I saw the millions of them coming in and pulled out my m16 and began to fire at them. As I fired at them more and more began pouring in. I was running out of ammo fast but didn’t realize it till I finally used up my last clip. I slowly walk to the back but soon couldn’t after hit the wall. My spine grew ice cold and I fell to the ground. “Oh god this is it… the end for me” I said while closing my eyes then all of the sudden a bright light shine in front of me and within seconds I lost conscious.