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Moonlit Star

Yo. I'm CaffeineCoated on deviantART. I write fics. I draw. I love ponies. I'm silly.

I welcome you to my humble little profile~!

Hello, FiM-Fiction.net.

I'm Moonlit Star AKA Caffeine Coated over on deviantART. I've been coming on this site since 2011, but never had the chance (or courage) to post a story onto here.

But, that's all going to change. I have many work in progress stories just waiting to be posted!! Writing doesn't come natural to me; I'm more of a gamer than a writer. But I still love writing, even if it's not good writing.

You'll see various different kinds of stories from me, ranging from stories about the mane cast from the show, other characters that belong to me friends as well as different themed stories.

All in all, I hope you enjoy my stories as well as give me tips and helpful advice on how to improve. :3