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This group is a fan club for ShutterGuy, photographer, artist, and all around nice guy. You may also want to check out his deviantart page.

This is his theme song:

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407424 1. I'm talking about the pony version of Shutterguy. He and Toby Mason need to become real to fulfill our dreams!

2. I agree with your idea of Toby and Shutter having and deserving their own groups.

407423 2 things:
1: You realize that Shutterguy is an actual person right?
2: Why did you reply to a comment that's over 2 years old?

338322 Right. And they need to be real!

Guess who? :3

Shutterguy and Toby are similar: they both have and deserve a group

329552 Of course, I mean was there any ever doubt :duck: I'm definitely part of your crew man! :rainbowdetermined2:

Heck yeah this place! :pinkiehappy:

328931 *maniacal Laughter*:pinkiecrazy:

THIS IS SO AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

I'm in your crew:pinkiecrazy:

Hello my wonderful friend:twilightsmile:
And yes...I do enjoy hugs:twilightsmile:

Wow uncle I didn't know you were so popular :pinkiehappy: Thank you all for this, my uncle is so happy.

:unsuresweetie: trust me he doesn't stop talking about how great you all are.

Shutter spotted his friend and smiled, "GREAT TO HAVE YOU ABOARD ME CREW!"

Shh, don't tell him I joined. He will know eventually, right? Think we should have other users join this group?

You deserve this Shutter, your drawings and writings are awesome :pinkiehappy:

why again am I here?
Oh right, because we all are at least fans and some firends of one of the most awesome persons I ever had the honor to "meet"!:pinkiehappy:

hrm.. there was something I wanted to say..but what...

I'm pretty sure he knows about it, it was really nice of Sweetie Belle to do this for him.

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