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Talking tree, other projects, help, and absences · 8:18pm Jul 2nd, 2014

Hello those who follow me or my story.
First of all, I apologize for my absence. I have been rather busy than I expected when I got to my original country, Mexico.
But fear not, for the story is almost complete (90%) and I been working on other ones.
The problem is that my I haven't contacted my other associate that was the creator of the cover.
For I decided to type this first rather to contact him.
Still, I need someone to check the draft of the FF so it can be out faster.

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FF I have read( Someare deathlinks/needpasswords.)


Remember You must Die Too

Her Whole Darn Heart

Alicorn-sized Bed

Unicorn-sized Bed

I love you, Princess Luna

Where the grass is green, and the girls are...

Am I... not a human?

My Little Sinner

A Brief Respite

Minion of Ares

Usurped Dawn

The Son of Darkness

The Ghoul of Chaos

New World, New Beginning

The Youth in the Garden

Hot Zone - Equestria(I dont get the story. Even
after the writer explain it to me)
Living and Dying in Equestria

The wrench chronicles (bioshock) ]Most big disappointment on a FF)
The Piano Man

Twilight's Curiosity: War

My Equine Adventure

Dead Space: Valor in Laughter

Breaking Kindness
Twilight's New Toy

Spike's Limit

The Darker Side of Light

Running from Slender

Twilight's Curiosity: War II

Bro in Equestria(did not read the bonues)
Let them remember us as monsters.

Machinations of a Trickster

Day One

Potato ex Machina
Dear Twilight

The Past is the Future

Dealing With An Infection


The Equestrian Honor Guard

My New Life In Equestria

Trusting Apple

The Night Of Days

The Secret Life of Rarity

To Befriend the Night

The Jerk

A Human in an Equestrian Asylum

First Contact

One Robots Obsession...

Past Sins

Problems of a Dead World

Embracing the Night

Princess Luna Visits a Wet Dream

To X Is Human trilogy
To Friend Is Human
To Friend Is Human Chapter 13.5
To Love Is Human
To Live Is Human
To Observe is Science!
A crazy good time.
The Farmer And The Spy
Prisoner of Love
Friendship is Optimal

Luna's Butt

Twilight's picnic

Wild Rose
My Little Pony: Masks are Magic
The Curious Case of Michael Crawford

Element 7

The Final Crusade
It was bound to happend

The Guitarist

Forbidden Fruit

The Public Life of Sweetie Belle

Dawn of the First Day

Broken Blossom

Machine and Migth

Rise and Shine

Crazy Steve in Equestria

Dark Wanderings

Check The Pulse.

Memory Pending

Into the Black: A MareĀ“s Tale

The Word is Fear

Libera Me

Stuck in a Rut
A Colt to Forget

Little Moon

The desperate trophy wife

The Twilight Struggle

Fluttershy and Me: Torture Love

Twiligth Fall

Silent in Ponyville

The Marionetter

A Minion for the Night

64 Vs. Equestria
Come Back To Me
Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame
Sophistication and Bretayal
Fresh Quality Meats
Apple Pie
Scootaloo's Favor
Getting School'd
Subconscious Desires
A vicious animal
Food for the Hungry
Love is in the eye of the beholder
Between a rock and a hard thing
Poison in Your Mouth
Native Belle
Its not gay if...
Colors of a rainbow
Five Days
An It Harm None
Humanitys GreatestPastime
The Next Step
Magic Seeks Comfort
The Cloud of Dusk
Doggy Style
A New Experience
The Wizard and the Lonly Princess
Gleaming Shields Teats
The Human Cometh
Ah'll Protect You
Discords Assistant
Turn The Tide
Raritys Regret
After the End
Calling Home
Price of Pride
Futalestia Impregnates Twilight Velvet
A Living Saint
The Sun Wont Come Home
Fading In Time
The Moment the Author Said Goodbye
Almost Romance
The Unity Pack
Voyage's End
This is Bad
The Madgod's Freedom
Blooming Big Macintosh
Me and Mr.B
A Sweet Winter Night
A Heart so Cold
Guardian Angel
Fallen Angel The Future
No Fear for the Setting Sun
Raritys Marshmellow Plot
Summer Camp Gloryhole
Just a Sip
Th those who can hear me...
What I've Become
What is Love?
Celestia's Prophet
Alternative Swearing
Royal Affection
The Unity Pact:Shaking Foundations
Long Road Home
To Befriend a Shadow
How to Handle Grown Ups
The Scootaloo Project
The Next Close Door
The Voice of Reason
Those Awkward Mornings
The Pervert Ambitions of an Older Sister
Facing Her Fears
The Voice Inside Me
Twiligth Catches Spike Having a Wet Dream
Anon's Kid
The Girl I Left Behind Me
Harder Than Rocks
In the Arms of an Angel
The Dark Side of the World We Know
No Happy Returns
To Hell With Destiny
Is It All Worth It?
Please Don't Hurt Me
If a Tree Falls in the Forest
Kids are Stupid
No Comment
Polar Opposites
The Human Genie
Human Avoids Pony Sex
Repopulating the Human Race
Love has a Price
Crystal People
Standing in Hope
A Hupeful Downfall
Sun Want No Love
As You Wish
How to Train Your Cat-Bird
Death by Chocolate
Nothing is Set in Stone
The Alicorn Instincts
Let's Just Get This Over With
A Sudden Jolt of Energy
Not a Dog
I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours
Happy Go F**k Yourself
Going With The Flow
A Fool
First Appearance
Friendship is GNYYYGH
Red Meat
Adopting Fluttershy
Treating a Mare Rigth
The Carrot
Hey Nonny Nonny
Bloody Tears
When They Come
An Eggcellent Feast
Another Life
And then the rain began to fall
Who is this Lord Tirek you speak of?
Letter To Fleur
Like Father and Son
How Many Friends Have You Made Today?
Oh Captain, My Captine
Day Intolerance in Equestria
Praise Talos
What a Horrible Waepons He Weilds
Friendship and Death
The Trail of Equestria vs Anon
Bonum Tantibus
Oh crap
This Dance We Do
The Town Bike
Glimmering Heat
In Service of the Dragon Lord
Ember comes to visit
This Final Words
Delicious Candy
I am a humane and that's all I want to be
My Little Pony Red Version
Linguistic Walls
A Darker Home
Blackest Knigth
Hip Hop Horses
Twilight doesn't know jack
Losing by a Nose
A Fitting End
Sleepless Anon
Flurry Hearth Want a Pony
Keeping Eyesoff Babs' Booty
A Terrible Fate
The Lasser Pointed
A Big Misunderstanding
You Take My Breath Away
A Lifeboat Made for Two
Game Show
Crippled, Beaten and Broken
An Empty Feeling
All I Want
A Rainy Day's Date
A Sunny Day's Date
What It Means to Me
A Barm In My Side
Why Don't You Have Any Queens
Meet Tour Makers
Return of the Makers
Science 101 for Idiots
That Strange Stallion
The Man With Two Names
Well Endowed Seat
Speaking of Sex
Cupcake For Your Thoughts
Thunder and Lightning
Shadows of my World
Precious Litlle Cewestia
Wolves in Equestria
Transmission Error
Living Care
The Therapist
The Kingdoms of Man
Parents Nigth Out
A Mare Name Octavia
The Gem of Venus
My Ma,e Is Anon and Everyone Hates Me
Forgive me
The Journal of a Strenger
Mistake Were Made
Man Cannot Love On Tea Alone
Plowing the Fields
Academic Purpose
Her Most Faithful Servant
Innocence Lost
Your Not Fine

]Son of Eternity(MY #1 FF so far)

The CreatureCelestia's true prince
Gods of a Different Kind
The Last Human
A shadow brougth to ligth
Living the good life
Son of the Princess
How did I get here
A Shadows Grave
Worlds Apart(it feels too fucking hollow and really fast)

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Thanks for giving my story a shot!

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Hey man, thanks for the watch!

Thanks for the watch, welcome to the Legion!

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