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The Unknown Brony

My username says it all :p I AM A BRONY AND I AM PROUD!!!


2021 New Show · 2:10am Nov 26th, 2020

Howdy out there! In these struggling times with COVID and mass depression global wide...I thought to myself, hey, let's make another smutty clopfic! Look out for a soft reboot of one of my classic stories! Times may have changed, but my bucked up sense of humor has not! Thanks to eveypony, and we'll see how this goes!

Btw, I'm being paid for a YouTube pilot, but honestly I'd love to animate one of my filthy stories! Wish me luck!

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I keep telling people it doesn't matter what everyone's stories are like, anyone can join. Main purpose of it all is to spread good vibes, lol


Hah honestly, my stories are too lewd, but happy to be aboard

you wrote stories i read ._.
:yay: :rainbowderp: :rainbowwild:

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