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Long time no see everypony. · 2:23am Sep 30th, 2022

I'd just like everyone to know that Thems Fighting Herds is now up for pre-order on Xbox. If it's up on anything else for pre-order then I'm unaware, as I only play Xbox currently.

Just a little notice though, I am not 'back' as it were. I miss writing though terribly and have gotten back into that. I'm still working on my book, although extremely slow. It's been what, maybe 5 years now and I still haven't finished it. Writers block can be a real bitch, along with real life happenings.

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Comment posted by Wolven5 deleted Mar 18th, 2020

Im surprised anyone remembers the alien scene.

Anyway, right before I was reading your comment, I was sitting here at my PC, contemplating whether or not to start writing on this story once again. As it looks for now, I don't plan on starting any stories back up.


I have been getting the itch...... and its slowly picking up on its itchiness. Tormenting me ever so much to press these keys to pump out another story. Or pick up my current story I had canceled.

Give me a little more time and you may see it back in action.

For the time being though, my son is my top priority. He will be 2 years old in December and possibly able to for more words. For the time being its just parrot talk, to which he does not understand most things. But believe it or not he remembers a lot of things. He can count to ten and say most of his alphabet. But he still can't form a sentence or say mommy or daddy properly. he can point at things he wants though. thats a plus, and take off his diaper and pee in the floor when he wants a new one put on LOL.

As for the story. give me a little more time. I've actually forgotten a lot of what I've written, so I'm reading back about 10 chapters to catch up.

Will you ever bring back love has everthing to do with it. I want to read more about afterlife/ maybe aliens

I want to send you money via PayPal. But it won't let me. Any ideas.

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