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I am a proud Brony, a passionate lover of reading and writing, and I wish my fellow Bronies and my readers well


Guess Who? · 6:25pm Last Monday

Sandow Apple

Bellflower Apple

Present Surprise

Big Sugar Apple

Dusk Shining Flash

Indigo Blaze

Evening Star Sparkle

Ivory Lace

Brass Falls

Onyx Regality

Ice Cream Sandwich

Banana Cream Pie

Marble Cake Pie

Apple Zaps

Ambrosia Apple



Starfyre Ember

Oracle Sunflower

Princess Cora

Prince Noble Heart

Prince Solaris Corona Eclipse

Princess Lullay Nocturna

Apple Kick

Flix Cypher

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Well that's no big; perhaps your OC could be a unicorn who discovered a magic that allows him or her to change between unicorn and pegasus. My own OC Midnight Blaze did the same thing before his own ascension to alicorn. You don't need an artwork either; just a good description

I'm not an artist either but I have commissioned someone to make artworks for my story, such as the cover art. If you're ever interested, check it out, "Blaze the Pony Tale"

I do have an OC, who will be making an appearance in the final chapter of Shattered Souls. I don't have a personal pony OC, just because I'd want to have vectors and stuff made and I don't have the money for that sort of thing.

Also I'm a faithless sloot who would want to be both a Unicorn and a Pegasus. So I'd probably end up a Changeling or Alicorn and if I wanted to be an Alicorn, well, I don't want to deal with that grief.

Finally, I have zero art skills, so I wouldn't be able to draw my personal pony OC so I couldn't really show them to others.

Do you have any OCs/Ponysonas? I'd luv to feature one of yours in my story at some point

You've unlocked all the achievements on Xbox Live and PS4 simultaneously with your favorite of Shattered Souls. Congratulations!

Adding A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake to your personal favorites? You flatter me, thank you!

  • Viewing 173 - 177 of 177
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