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Blaze the Pony Tale, featuring Illustrations - Part 4 · 10:02pm Sunday

Howdy-doo, and once again I am presenting to you the Illustrations I commisioned, courtesy of Hoodwinked MCShelster! I am grateful and pleased with the results, as always, and wanted to make sure everyone sees them so they could admire her work.

WARNING - For those of you who haven't read my story, turn back! Spoilers Ahead:

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Thank you for adding The Pony That Wanted To Be A Hero to your favorites. Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you will enjoy the sequel when it comes out. :eeyup:

Well that's no big; perhaps your OC could be a unicorn who discovered a magic that allows him or her to change between unicorn and pegasus. My own OC Midnight Blaze did the same thing before his own ascension to alicorn. You don't need an artwork either; just a good description

I'm not an artist either but I have commissioned someone to make artworks for my story, such as the cover art. If you're ever interested, check it out, "Blaze the Pony Tale"

I do have an OC, who will be making an appearance in the final chapter of Shattered Souls. I don't have a personal pony OC, just because I'd want to have vectors and stuff made and I don't have the money for that sort of thing.

Also I'm a faithless sloot who would want to be both a Unicorn and a Pegasus. So I'd probably end up a Changeling or Alicorn and if I wanted to be an Alicorn, well, I don't want to deal with that grief.

Finally, I have zero art skills, so I wouldn't be able to draw my personal pony OC so I couldn't really show them to others.

Do you have any OCs/Ponysonas? I'd luv to feature one of yours in my story at some point

  • Viewing 175 - 179 of 179
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