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I am a proud Brony, a passionate lover of reading and writing, and I wish my fellow Bronies and my readers well


Alicorn Legends · 1:16pm Nov 27th, 2017

Kind: Alicorn
Sex: M
Residence: The Spirit World
Occupation: Keeper of Death
Eyes: Tombstone Gray
Mane: White like Sunbleached Bone
Coat: Pale Gray
*The Pale One
*The Pony/Lord of Death
*Warden of Tartarus
* (unknown number of lovers)
* (unknown number of children)
* (unknown number of descendants)
*Sombra and Stygian (sons)
A Ghostly figure of a Pony holding a Lily flower

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Favorite Characters

Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle is among my most favorite characters because she's the one I relate to the most. Like her, I'm an avid bookworm who loves reading, and I can also be a worrywart, and like her (at the beginning) I have trouble making friends too.

Not to mention, Twilight is an accomplished mage, and magic and fantasy is my most favorite genre, so Twilgiht pretty much embodies some of the things I love most in stories.

Big Macintosh
I really like Big Mac for his relaxed manner and his being a stallion of few words, and obviously holds a great deal of patience and devotion to his family and responsibilities. I are deeply for family as well and often try to keep mine together.

Shining Armor
I like Shining Armor partly for his being the older brother of Twilight, and clearly they're close. I sorta see myself in him, being a big brother to a younger sister myself, and I care deeply for mine. Shining Armor is a great character and I would suspect he's a capable mage himself (being able to enclose all of Canterlot withi na protective barrier, for Faust's sakes!)

Sweetie Belle
Out of all the CMC, I feel most appealed towards Sweetie Belle.

Soarin's pretty cool but I can see a bit of a goof in him that is very likable and hardly has a bad bone in his body.

Rarity's another favorite of mine, due to her sophistication and drama

Rainbow Dash
I like Rainbow Dash but I honestly sometimes see her as a show-off with quite the ego. Even so, sh'es come through for her friends when it counted, which is really what makes her Number One

Applejack reminds me of my family in the more rural part of the country, and I admire her integrity and hard-working views though I have to say her stubborn streak can be a dbl-edged sword

Cheese Sandwich
Truth be told, I honestly like Cheese Sandwich more than Pinkie Pie. Part of it is his wider palate in wackiness including his "man with no name" shtick and also I get the impression that despite his party-pony status he is (somewhat) more mature than Pinkie Pie

Princess Celestia
Next to Twilight, Princess Celestia is my favorite princess. Her benevolent character and royal status is humbled by her impish humor and love for sweets, and her kind and guiding hoof sorta reminds me of my own mother.

I like seeing sides of her that show for all the prestige and authority she carries, she is not perfect. It makes her more equine/human, more likable and serves to flesh out her character more.

King Sombra
Despite his disappointingly flat debut, King Sombra is my most favorite villain in MLP: FIM. I was thoroughly disappointed by the show-makers lack of imagination for Sombra, who served to be a tragic waste of potential, and they say they killed him just because they wanted to rise above the show's broken record regarding defeats of villains (where they're thwarted, imprisoned, etc., but not killed)

I still think Sombra isn't entirely gone, and after reading his origin story and of his alternate universe counterpart being an old flame of Celestia's, I feel he i deserving of an encore and maybe even redemption. His origin was a tragic one, and I prefer to think that Sombra had been brainwashed into turning into the tyrant he became, and that the old ruler of the Crystal Empire Princess Amore is as much responsible for Sombra's descent into villainy as he himself