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War. War never changes. Unless we're talking the space of a hundred years or so, rockets and guns probably outclass spears and arrows in some way. Hmm... I'll get back to you on this. Eventually.


(CI) It Happened! · 9:50pm May 8th, 2016

I made it onto the bottom of the featured list for 10 minutes! :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, thank you ALL so much for this! It's so great to know that I can actually get somewhere with all this!

On a side note, I would love an editor for a new project I'm working on. It's a comedy, so if you're good with comedy, flow, pacing and dialogue, and know anything about fascist dictators, send me a PM!

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1652387 Hmm... I wonder how a battle would go. Robin remains calm and collected even in the heat of battle. the only switch he has is the 'to kill' switch. Being a fighter, he kills in battle if he needs to. He would never harm civilians, however.

1652385 Yeah, that's the other thing. My character, Ricky, is a Scot who loves his drink and usually goes berserk when confronted in single combat. As a general, though, he's calm, collected, and tactically smarter than basically all of Equestria.

1652384 Hmm... how do you portray his personality? Robin is level headed and has learned the hard way that he needs to keep his emotions in check. He has never gone into a blind rage before, even at times when it would be expected of him.

1652376 They're both tacticians, army leaders (though one is decidedly more necromancer than the other).

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