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Once upon a time, I dreamt of being a mad scientist when I grew up. After much consideration, I realised that science is quite hard. So I became a mad writer instead, which is much easier. True story.


This story is a sequel to Wild Card

Back by popular demand, Ace continues his misadventures across Equestria and surrounding lands. Along the way he must deal with Black Brew Smugglers, the Equestrian authorities, an old foe returning and his quickly dwindling supply of tobacco. At the end of the day though, there remains only two important questions:
Can he get away with this?
How much fun can he have whilst doing so?

Part of the Chess Game of the Gods universe
Cover art is by the ever-awesome Kaze1121

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I'm back bitches!



Ace is back, and I had no notification of such a thing! I must fix this grievous error, and then read!

Oh man been waiting for this forever!!! :D

It's nice to see this getting a dusting off, even if the start, is well.. Certainly eye catching.

Has anyone told you that you're fan-fuckin'-tabulous lately? No? Good, 'cause I got ya covered there!

4756731 Why thank you friend. That makes me feel all warm in my heart :twilightsmile: or at least, warm in the marble substitute that I have in place of a heart. Same thing really.

It's great to see that you're the same silly 'ole Barrel-of-Fun after all this time.

Also ten bits says that the griffin and her crew end up helping Ace out in some way, shape, or form in regards to the Black Brew Smugglers' ring.

yay, ace is back. i sorta hope he gets some random op power:pinkiehappy:

Oh, this is going to be fun.

you have no idea how much this has made my day!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

my excitement rizes


Good question. I've sent it off to the regulators asking to be part of canon but, since I don't keep up that much with the goings on of the the chessverse, I might switch that to Deutero-'I-do-what-I-like-try-and-stop-me'-canon.

4757007 Well right now there ARE no Regulators.

The 'canon' has Split into 'Canon Zero', which would be Grififn, Io, and Myself, and 'Canon Beta' spearheaded by Cheyenne, but the first meeting is tomorrow and Cheyenne was clear 'no connections ot the old chessverse'[of whcih Canon Zero IS the old chessverse]

So canon Beta is already a no-go, and Canon Zero is exceedingly roomy, already well-defines, and you'd be workign alongside three of the most over-the-top awesome authors around which really wouldn't be much different than the 'bitch-I-do-what-I-wat' canon but with the added benefit of, if you wish, potential crossovers and some guys to pester if you run out of ideas or need to know something about someplace somewhere.

4757007 on a side note, do you has a steam?

Well that complicates things a wee bit. Ah well, at least the Chessverse is progressing in its mission to have more canons than a pirate ship.

Ha, puns.

Anyways, I guess I'll go with Canon Zero :twilightsmile: Seems the simplest and I actually know the people involved.

At the moment, that would be a no

4757068 Awesome! Welcome to the fold.

As for why I asked about steam, that's how we get in touch the most, usually va text and/or voice chat, whether for planning,g abbing, idea-sharing, or just for some fun.

Cool, I'll make sure to sort out steam soon. As for the group, once you've got the Canon Zero folder sorted out I'll add this story and Wild Card to it.

4757120 It'll take a bit of time ebcause the entire forum will be undergoign a HUGE overhaul. though techncially Canon-Zero already has a folder, jsut not under that name,

Yes, more Ace for me to have before I get around to him fighting Ivan, which reminds me that I probably should start researching Knightmare, that seems more important at the moment. :twilightblush:

Can't lie, I don't comment often, but this... THIS demanded one.

You my good sir, had my attention with Ace as a character in Wild Card, you obtained my curiosity as you developed and fleshed out his world... You DEMANDED my appreciation with where Wild Card left off.

And now? Now, NOW YOU HAVE MY AX!

Seriously though, all random bits of thought aside. You are very talented, and if this story takes longer to produce than before I'll be overjoyed that the quality remained the same.

Well thank you my fellow good sir, for your time and appreciation. I hope that you enjoy this story as much as you enjoyed Wild Card :pinkiehappy:

welcome back to writing my friend! i cannot wait for some more of Ace's shenanigans, its just unfortunate that he won't have Summer and Iron to pull him out of the firing line, although, i guess he gets a new group *shrug*

anyways, watching and waiting!

"Hence the while ‘demigod’ thing."
I think you mean "whole".

And it's nice to see you back. I've been looking forward to this story picking back up.

The world's only satirical satyr is back, kicking bottom or what! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowwild::twilightsmile:

Holy sh8 its back get yur popcorn and soda and ride da wild ride of luck and fate!!! :derpytongue2:

It's back and it's as bloody brilliant as ever. I almost feel like Ace has gotten funnier since we saw him last.

Well, to be fair last we saw him he had killed someone, learned who his mum was and left his friends, but you get the idea.

"so that they could enjoy their lives whist he went on alone."


Praise the Mighty TALOS you know someone has to do it to day

Oh my god. I though I'd never see the day...

// Sphex

THE GODDAMN BATMAN should do a read of Wild Card and this.

An excellent start to another excellent story!
I look forward to seeing what rambunctious adventures Ace will go on throughout this riveting tale!

Rambunctious means wild basically. Just a heads up there.

it looks like you coming back to this series makes this my lucky day :moustache:

i literally posted a comment asking for the sequel like 2 days ago....you sir are a god

FUCKIN YEAH! I've been WAITIN' for this!

You know what should happen? That filly he helped in the last story should track him down and cause shenanigans while trying to join him. Cuz why not?

A sequel!

...Ok maybe that was a little over the top

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