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This is for unfinished stories that people, (and ponies), are waiting for updates on. While waiting please visit the snack bar. Don't worry, it can refill itself. The apartment will also be getting upgrades as well, like a pinball machine, and other stuff (once I think of other stuff to add). Please list the story you are waiting for on the bullion board and have a nice day.
(12/16/2016 update) Hello, we've recently added some beds and couches for those who don't want to go home.
(3/20/2017 update) Hello, I am pleased to inform you all that we have gotten the Jacuzzi up and running for you all. But you have to bring your own bathing suits for it.
(4/23/2019) Hello, I am please to announce that we've gained enough funding to add a roller coaster to the apartment. Please put you suggestions of what kind you want in the suggestion box. At the end of the week, the roller coaster with the most votes will be added to the apartment. Also, if you have any ideas on what else we should add to the apartment, please put them in the suggestion box as well.
(6/4/2019) Since not a single person sent in a suggestion for the roller coaster, we've had to cancel the idea.
(6/19/2012) By suggestion of KVIBE514, we will be adding a firework launcher that will go off whenever one of the fics we are waiting on get finished.

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Check the apartment summery update.

idlest of the year: descendant.

Idlist of the week: The Sinestro Joker. For excellence in not finishing stories.

*hops into the snack chest*

What are you waiting on?

Storywise, a shit ton of stuff, stuffwise, the VR and firework launcher.

What are you waiting on?

No, but the Flak88 is up. Why? I got bored.

Do we have the Metal Gear Solid Pachinko Pinball Machine?

Ehh.... Last time I checked, it was being refurbished.

>pinball machine


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