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CGotG IRC meetings are returning after Summer Hiatus, starting 8/26/15 at 5-8 PM EST!!!

Welcome to chessgame of the gods! The world of Equestria has been chosen by a plethora of gods as their playground, using humans twisted into other species as pieces in their game.

Whether you came here by chance, or were interested by tales such as The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog or Griffin the Griffin, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. If you have a doubt don't hesitate to use our help thread and ask away.

If you have a story and you want it to be included in the group, send it to , StandardIssue or Weeeman. You can also send us a PM if you want to ask anything directly without using the forum.
If you can't wait and wish to contact a Mod or ask questions not so important to a doubt, wish to chat for fun, or even do silly RP [we have a side room for those with adult interest], please visit our IRC! Click the link, make a nick name and press enter! We hold meetings in this other IRC, so if the main one is empty try this.

If you are interested, we are now accepting new banners and logos! Have one that we like and we can put it up for a month. We will cycle through the original one and the new ones!

Lately, things have taken quite the spill into inactivity. We're currently making a gigantic overhaul that'll put us right back in our prime. If you're interested in helping this, ask how in the forum.
We are in the process of making a canon Beta to revive things! So what does that mean? That means we need you!
We need writers to join in on our mass collab. So you must be wondering on how to get in to write, right? Well, you see, we need writers, but not that bad. We are looking specifically for a writer of specific talents. If you think you have what it takes to join our misfit group of writers, just shoot StandardIssue a PM! Shee will answer all of your questions of the group, the collab and everything. hurry up though, we have limited spots, and you may not make it!

We have our own Wiki Page with lots of information on the stories and the setting to help yourself get acquainted with it. Be warned, many of the stories take place in a different setting!

Featured story of the month:

My name is Havoc, or that's what I am called now. I used to be a human like you, but then a vengeful goddess turned me into a draconequus minor and sent me to Equestria. "What is a draconequus minor?" you might ask. Well, it's a mortal and weaker version of a real draconequus, like a pony to an alicorn, or a demigod to a god.

Most of my memories of my human life have faded away, even my own name. Equis, the world in which Equestria is only a nation, is not the peaceful utopia I expected. Ponies share this world with bloodthirsty beasts and evil creatures, and I am one of the worst now.

I can feel what's left of my sanity slipping away, so I am telling myself, and anyone who might listen out there, everything I can remember in hopes that doing so will hold back the madness.

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Man, I remember stumbling upon this years ago back when I didn't even have an account and just read things, mainly Griffin and Echo. Sad to see this whole thing is kind of dead, would had join in but I never am confident on my writing skills, more of a Role-Player then a writer either way,

Very sad. Its one of the very first storys i ever read back than... Dear God do i miss the storys that got deleted...

I had one started but since i cant there approval since they dont respond i can by standing rules not publish it :fluttercry:

Damn… this really hurts my heart that this whole God chess thing is pretty much dead. The first story i read from this was "Griffin the griffin" and that was like what?, back in 2012?. and that was because i stumbled upon it on youtube. it would be a goddamn miracle if this came back from the bloody grave.

Hell I used to edit for you and half a dozen other popular stories in this verse. One by one it just kinda died.

I won't forget how fun it was in the middle of it though.

You aren't wrong, and I'm one of the issues. Just could never actually write to where I'm happy with it.

The universe of unfinished stories.:ajsmug:

That sounds about right. I keep telling myself I'll get back to my sotry but I often end up rewriting what I already have.


Three years later, it is still dead, but people still lurk, peek in from around The corner, and marvel at what once way, this is still a big chunk of what was the core of fandom, and now serves similar role to museum piece, to let people remember.

What am I doing here? It has been over 6 years. Over Two years ago I decided to leave fandom... and yet, I still keep getting pulled in here, to fimfiction, and to selecred groups, this one, fallout equestria, and couple more, I am finishing reafung stories I forgot to finish, checking on the ones that got cancelled or abadonned, and even rarely picking up new one to read, I wonderif tuere are more people like me in here...

I'm still working on chapters I just like to take my time with my story.

has begun to write one together with my buddy. chapter 4 now.

If it helps I'm making my own Chess Games of The Gods story.

I have to say, part of me wants to start writing about Gilgamesh von Rosenberg again.

Meh, maybe.

R.I.P CGoTG we hardly knew ye

when you come back to life we shall have a glorious feast.

I miss when this place was crazy busy and I almost counted it as a part time job.

406150 Deader than dead at this point :)

Captain obvious strikes at the hearts of all with his quick wit and clear statements.

This group is dead as fuck.

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