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I'm bad at titles · 2:19am Dec 27th, 2015

So I won't put any effort into this one. If you're actually reading this, well, i'm glad you like me or my stories. The writing bug has struck me once more, and with the fall of any semblance of organization in the Chess Game universe, I've just decided to go ahead and write my story. To that end, If you've read Boots story before but not within the past 6 months, it would behoove you to go back and read them. The story may have changed. Cheese changed as well, though not quite as strongly. In

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Starspike sounds good. Can't do Spikelight, that could mean Twilight. Starpike sounds like and interstellar highway or a weapon made of starmetal

2301553 Starspike

I am a sucker for Spike x Starlight. Sparlight?

Thank you for the fav :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you enjoyed my story Reformation Buddies. :twilightsmile:

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