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As of February 17, 2014 there are 107 days until my 1 year anniversary of working with ElMariacheat, on June 4th. (Three days after my birthday!)

Hello Everyone!

I am but a humble reader/editor, but I may take up writing at some point. If you are in need of an editor, just let me know in comments or PM, and chances are I'll be able to get on the job soon.

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Thanks, I feel like I get that a lot.
I enjoy your profile picture as well, it gives me warm feelings inside.
(Although that might be from all the marshmallows I have eaten.)

That pic resonates with me on a spiritual and emotional level.

Dear G3k0771,

Thank you for playing a game of Chess with me. I'm glad we both had fun, no matter who the winner was, and I hope that we can sit down for another game sometime soon.

~ KR

(Thanks for the fave!)

Thank you fine sir/madam! :pinkiehappy:

I. like. your. profile pic. bye.:fluttershyouch:


  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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