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Hurricane Irma · 5:02am Sep 8th, 2017

Welp, I'm chilling in my House over near Miami, sipping my coffee, ready to weather this storm. I have no fear that I will perish this weekend, for my house withstood the last 100 years of wear and tear, and our house name shall not be sullied by being destroyed. if the worst comes to happen, whether I get flooded out or some random looter gets me, I just want yall to continue your stories for me, and those of you following me that don't write, write a nice comment to your favorite author for

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Thanks for the fave!

2171933 lmao, you just do you! XD

But im pretty sure tons of us would love a chapter! but your our overlord in terms of when a chapter gets released, so you decide what yah do XD

2170794 NP found your story "Fallout equestia: Memories" a few days ago and gave it a read! i caught up on the whole story that you have released so far, and i love your story! so i gave it a like and a follow onto you, so i may know of any horse words you may write! Hope you have a wonderful day! -Lunason

P.S. are you still writing the story currently, or are you taking a break do to real life things? cause your story really intrigues me!

Thanks for the watch!

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