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Nightmare Moons Dalek

Hail to the Daleks, baby... "An angry, Whovian nerd with a Nightmare Moon fetish." - Stiggerzz.

The Daleks, the Great Exterminators. The Ultimate Survivors. The Sole Masters of the Universe.

The most evil, ruthless life form in the cosmos. Now Davros has created a machine, a monster which will terrorize and destroy millions on millions of lives and lands throughout eternity. He has given this machine a name, a Dalek. Inside that shell is a creature born to hate, whose only thought is to destroy everything and everyone that isn't a Dalek too. WE HAVE WAITED LONG FOR THIS ULTIMATE DESTINY, NOW THE DALEKS ARE THE MASTERS OF EARTH! EXTERMINATE!

Officially Batman Approved



A spot for Rip Van Winkle, Venom, and Malcolm Tucker

First Lieutenant Rip Van Winkle (Hellsing)

How does it feel, my newly mended captain? To become a vampire, lead a mutiny, murder your crew, and commit high treason all in vone night? I see... How about damning your shipmates to Hell... doomed to valk the Earth as ghoulish, rotting corpses, vhat was that like? Vell... Excellent vork! This is really amazing. Millennium is happy to have go-getters like you on our team! We couldn't have done it vithout you! And of course, the Major, he's so proud! You definitely deserve everything that's coming to you! Vell, I guess the only thing left for you to do, you dirty limey... is die!

Nazi, Vampire, Huntress. Never has a vampire so random, sadistic, and lovable made such an impact on my heart as Rip Van Winkle. While child-like at times, cross her path and her magically enhanced musket, with bullet that she can control, will be aimed at your fucking eye.

Eddie Brock/Venom (Spider-Man)

You will see us everywhere, even in your nightmares.

Pure bad ass and emotional wreck. Also, look at the fucker's tongue! That thing is bad ass.

Malcolm Tucker (The Thick of It/In the Loop)

Do not fucking interrupt me son, ever. Now, get this into the noggin, right. You breathe... a word of this to anyone, you mincing fucking CUNT, and I will tear your fucking skin off, I will wear it to your mother's birthday party, and I will rub your nuts up and down her leg whilst whistling Bohemian fucking Rhapsody, right! Now... get out of my fucking sight!

Never has a man been so intimidating. Malcolm Tucker is the king of swearing cause he makes it an art. This guy makes J. Jonah Jameson look like a newbie.


I am on the PlayStationz!

I has Minecraft!

One last thing... please speak English. If you don't, your comment will be deleted, and a request will be sent to translate your message for me, because who uses Google Translate?

Stories of the Daleks

Tribute .gifs

"A war between the Autobots who fought for freedom and the Decepticons who dreamt of tyranny..."

William Hartnell - Patrick Troughton

Patrick Troughton - Jon Pertwee
Jon Pertwee - Tom Baker

Tom Baker - Peter Davison

Peter Davison - Colin Baker
Colin Baker - Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy - Paul McGann

Paul McGann - John Hurt

John Hurt - Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston - David Tennant

David Tennant - Matt Smith

Matt Smith - Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi - ???

"I'm the only one who can stop them... I'm Spider-Man."

"You have your fear, which might become reality; and you have Godzilla, which IS reality."

"Behold my powers! I am the most powerful Pokémon in the world!"


What Planet Are You Really From? · 11:54pm Sep 8th, 2014


I'm pretty sure a fat tub of shit cannot be from Krypton...

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Mind finishing that Ice age series please?

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