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I am the one and only Trixie Lulamoon, all others are wanna-be posers.


Short story. Epic Rap Battle. · 11:21pm Oct 23rd, 2013

With click a bang and what sounds like a snapping rope Trixie, the showmare's cart opened up to make a spectacular stage. Two fireworks fired into the air, hardly visible on the daytime clear sky. The blue unicorn looked up and raised an eyebrow. "Why the Tartarus it do that? Damn old thing." She said kicking the side of the old but certainly not trusty chart. It didn't really matter. With the bits she was going to make in this next show she could buy ten new carts. What she was standing on now

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Ok thats it why are you angering me.:flutter cry: :twilightangry2:

Hay Trixie how are you?

Miss Lunamoon, do you know whatever happened to Miss Sparkle? She's been gone for some time now... I wish to know the fate of the group...

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