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Spike Sparkle


Hasbro in a Nutshell · 10:25pm Jul 14th, 2013

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638348 u r so stuck up, Trixie

Hay! Snarkle's slave. Want to make a gemstone?

571531 Heh. I know I'm lucky! I adore her, and the Night and Moon. heck, really, she actually turned INTO Nightmare Moon again a while back, but thanks to ME talking to her, I was able to actually turn her back! AND, AND! turn Nightmare Moon good! I can still talk to Nighty actually...I earned her trust, and her love as well, so I've got both Luna and Nightmare Moon as marefriends. :heart::moustache: Which reminds me...I probably should go and say hello to Nighty again, and see if she would speak with me again..

571541 *Flies ahead and stops in front of you*
Hold your horses! I'm not falling for that!

I-I have no idea what you're talking about! Um... oh look, it's Rarity! *Runs off*

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