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Welcome to the OC Collection Group!
Thank you for coming!

This group is a dedicated database where anyone can post their own OCs for community use! Have an OC that you would like to see cameo in other stories? Have an OC you can't or won't use in your own stories? Have a passion for making up characters? Need help finding an OC to put in your story? Need help developing an OC for your story? Just like characters that are OCs? You have come to the right place! This group is for authors to find OCs to use and for you to post OCs that you want used. Get it? Got it. Good.

However, there are a few:


How to Post an OC:

1(Best Way): Post in the permanent sticky forum threads under the forum button.
Make sure to post in the correct thread. There are threads for Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, Foals, Alicorns Other Species, etc. All are also arranged by gender. (If you have an idea for a thread that isn't up, drop a comment below)
2(If your OC is super detailed): Add a document to a folder (The folders are less specific. Find the one you need and post there).
3(If you aren't sure your OC is ready for full posting yet and want ideas to develop them): In the Comments below

-Only one character per post (Strict Rule, if you post more than one the comment WILL be taken down)
-Give your character's name, their age, looks (coat color, mane color, mane style, etc.), their species (type of pony, changeling, griffon etc.), cutie mark, personality traits (everything. likes, dislikes, anything that will be helpful to someone writing them), their job (if they have one), and anything else you feel could be helpful. If you feel you've amassed too much info for a thread post (which will be hard to do), be sure to post in a folder. (This rule is not strict. Just give as much information as you can.) These are the basics. For a true list of things to try and include, and things that would really be helpful, please go to this forum post: Basic Character Requirements Sheet
-If you can include an image, that would be awesome. (If you need help making this, try General Zoi's Pony Creator on deviantArt
-Your Character does not have to be fully original. It can be a pony-fied version of a character that exists outside of the MLP universe. However, do not expect to receive full credit for it. The rules of credit (see below) only apply in cases where the character is entirely YOUR OWN.
-If you don't care about credit and just want the character to be full and open, say so.

What NOT to Post:
-Multiple characters in the same post (I said it before, now I'm saying it again.)
-OCs that you don't want other authors to use. For example, your ponysona, any main story OCs, basically any character you DON'T want others to use and that you DON'T want to see in other stories. Keep in mind that any OC you post can and will be used by others. There are rules on crediting the original creator, but be wary. Also, authors don't have to ask permission to use these.
-Characters that already exist in the MLP universe.
-Characters that WOULDN'T exist in the MLP universe. Example: humans.

How to use a posted OC in your story:
1. Go to the original post and link to your story. You don't have to ask before you write them, but you do need to do this before or shortly after you post a story with an OC from this group. Besides, people will see it and your story will get publicity! (always nice!)
2. Credit the original creator (Seriously Strict Rule. You may get blocked from the group if you don't do this). How you credit them is your choice, but if they have a problem with it, you, them, and the admin of this group will work it out. My suggestion: If the character is big in your story, please credit in the description. If they just come in for a chapter or two, drop the credit in the author's note or link to the original post directly in the story when they appear. If none of these options work for you at the very least put a comment below your story.
3. Be nice and respectful. This is general, but if you plan to do anything really crazy to the character, I would ask the original creator. However, this is not a rule, just a suggestion.


-There is a full 'stories' folder for all stories that feature any OCs posted anywhere in this group. Post any story you've written with any OCs you found here down there. (If you want, you don't have to).

-Bashing of OCs is absolutely forbidden (Strict Rule!). If you don't like it, downvote it and perhaps give a constructive comment on exactly WHY you don't like it. Please just be respectful the way you would want to be treated.

Whew! Congratulations! You made it all the way to the end! Before you go, just a few more things. Thanks for coming and please post any and all OCs you've got! Use any OCs here, that's the point! If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below! Also, if you have any ideas to make our happy little group better, or something is bothering you, do tell! This place is new and we want to make sure to work out any problems early. Thanks so much and have fun!

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Just tell me who you would like to use and I will tell you more info about them. Please credit me if you would like to use them for a story.

Hey. Is there anyone who can help me draw an oc? I'd like to use him as my pic.

Looking for evil OCs, or mercs that have no problem working with a tryant for my story.

Sweet. I'll add his profile in a bit. :pinkiehappy:

386029 Under either category, or both if you want. The main reason there are categories are so people can find what they are looking for, so if you want to post in both, that's totally fine :twilightsmile:

Anyone know a pony creator where you can add armor and a crown/tiara to your OC? :trixieshiftright:

Looking for Oc's to use in a story i plan on writing soon. Need a minimum of FIVE people. (Needed mostly: -Besides myself- A Kirin.-Pony+Dragon-) For details please message me.

Name: Pixel Skipper
Talent:Video game design
Race: Unicorn Kirin (Dragon+Unicorn)
Tail (main color) and mane: orange/Blond-ish
claws,Tail edge:Magenta
Eyes: sea-wash green
other tail colors(underside, ridges): blood red.
Stubborn outside, Affectionate inside.
Loves watermelons and books.
Hates pizza...Hates it
Will cuddle you to death if you let her.
(If a picture is wanted, I have drawn some myself -not very well in my case of mind but others seem to like it- on paint. if the picture is liked by those whom request it, i would be happy to draw art for stories.)

Wonder, instead of listing details, may i post a picture of OC?

Um.... where would I stick a half-Zebra. Normally this wouldn't matter, but visually and magically he's both. Better explained in the sheet, but yeah...

My OC ^^

My name is Shadow, and I am a Oni who stumbled his way into a world populated by humans who need my help. I was born without knowing who my parents were and was found by a local army general named Sora. I was raised in the small town of Kyoto to take the path of a warrior. I never really understood why that was until I was told I was an "Oni." Apparently that means I am a being with power capable of rivaling the gods themselves. It was a lot to take in, but I accepted it. To be honest it made the fact of me having horns on my head a lot more convincing. Thanks to Sora's teachings I was able to master the art of Twin swords and Archery. My power as an Oni was one day needed as a Three headed dragon beast attacked a Woman named Shizuka. I barely managed to defeat the beast rescuing lady Shizuka. These beasts of tremendous power are not even meant to exist anymore, but for some reason are coming back and causing havoc on the citizens of this world. I agreed to lend lady Shizuka my skills and aid her in her fight to restore the land to the way it once was and protect everyone I care about. I will make sure Sora's teachings did not go to waste and hopefully one day I can really learn who lady Shizuka is after all of this is over. I will return to Kyoto one day, but after I finish what needs to be done to protect those who protected me.

367913 A good spot would probably be under "Other" :moustache:

365448 Being rude or mean without need. Use constructive criticism and all that jazz.

I am just starting to draw a few of my original ponies, though they're a bit simple, I'll post them up as SOON as I have enough to show.

They'll be introduced within the fan fiction of "This Unusual Little World" that will have an "Original Ponies Add-on sheet". SO please look towards it! :twilightsmile:

Btw, i have GOT to check out all these OCs! :D

Is there a thread for dragons?

What does bashing if OCs mean?

360469 They're in the threads on the forum.

Having a bit of a problem, My OC is a combination of 2 souls in one body: Alpha and Beta.
Alpha is a pegasus while Beta was an earth pony.
Where do i post the OC in?

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