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Attention: This group is no longer hosting active Roleplays due to the alteration to site wide rules. This group exists as a place for fics based on our RPs, an archive of past threads (of reasonable size) and a place to organise and discuss future RP/OC ideas on site.

Please take any active roleplaying to this forum

Hello there everypony! We understand that a lot of the time it can be hard for you to make your OC engaging in a story or that maybe it isn't getting appreciation just because it's an OC?

Well that's what this group is for; Role Playing is a great way to develop interesting characters, make friends and improve your own writing skills, so that's what this group is all about.

Please Read Our Rules and Regulations (Full list can be found Here.)

Thank you and I hope you all have a great time!

Winner Of Our One Shots Contest

Viridian Rain, created by Dualthrone
Image by: 2135D

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Hello guys! Just letting you know about an interesting rp forum! Ocs are always welcome and some canon characters are available too! At Tenebris we are looking for ponies who have what it takes to overcome the challenges we give them and have fun with the rest of our gang!


Who wants to PM Clop RP with me? :twilightsmile:

Hi everypony!Im new to this site,I love role playing,so I'm here!

Hey there, every pony! Looking for a oc role play page. Oh, I'm also new.:twilightblush::rainbowhuh:

im looking for oc's that i can use in two of my stories im writing im looking for some night guards, elite guards, royal guards, and a few that can be spartans in my crossover story of halo please pm me as soon as possible

Anybody have a storyline I can RP in? I've got a few OCs... Most either unicorns, dragons, or a griffon.


Just remember that the new link on the front page is where we moved to.:pinkiesmile:

Yes. There will be a link on the forum.

353685 So that means we will be moving else where away from Fimfiction?:applejackunsure:

We are aware and we have made a forummotion to continue off-site.

Umm did anyone else read Knighty's latest blog post? If you haven't then you should probably check it out because there might be some changes coming to the site that may end this group entirely, or just place massive regulation on this group and all the role play threads that we have up and running.:unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Brony Khaos deleted Oct 1st, 2014

*Finally has a banner.*


336058 Obsidian! Look! I finally joined! :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by rosexknight deleted Dec 12th, 2013

339368 Hi Obsidian, thanks for the link! *nods* I have a few OC's that would be perfect here...

Don't need permission from us so long as it's labelled if it contains anything NSFW

Howdy mind if i open my bar in thread form?

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