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rip in pepperoni:ajsleepy:

Hi! I was wondering how you get into Project: Freelancer, because I noticed you guys need an Agent Minnesota... DIBS!!!!

1908379 As for your other story it's good so far. I really want to know what happens next.

1908378 As for your transformers it's mentions that Starscream is replaced with a cloned dreadwing where is that? You have to stick with what you wrote in the description otherwise it's not going anywhere. And I'm only getting started the prologue went Way too fast you had quite a bit of grammar errors here and their but if you don't fix that then it's just going down hill. I mean I was just like you. Except I was working with dragon ball z back then. I made huge mistakes and the story didn't make since so I had to reconstruct it with a new title and storyline. Also it's the description that dragged me down.SO SOLDIER I WANT YOU TO CORRECT IT I USUALLY AM NOT LIKE THIS I AM NICE GUY BUT UNLIKE OTHERS THAT HAVE FAILED IN THE PAST TO SERVE THEIR CAUSE I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU. NOW GET TOO WORK. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage: sorry I needed to get that out but seriously fix what I told you and you'll be fine. Also read my latest story TSR: Midnight vs Nova.

1905855 Yes sir!

I hope to live up to expectations when I post the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 535 - 539 of 539
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New Tag · 5:27am Apr 5th, 2016

Season premieres, writers just gotta love, gotta hate them. Gotta love them cause it means a great show is still up and kicking. Gotta hate them because you never know when they will drop something into the cannon that will completely wreck your story. The latter is a case for me.

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Was once a high ranking member and protector of the Domain. Started out as it's protector when I was Lord Megatrron, which then crossed over when I changed names/characters to Lord Galvatron. Eventually I became a regular high ranking officer.

As Lord Megatrron, I created a group known as The Domain's Sword. It's purpose was meant to be a group infiltration unit, as well as a police force for the Domain. However, it was practically useless as it was never deployed into a group, nor did it ever see action WITHIN the Domain itself. As such I eventually locked it down.

Like I said, I was once one of the leading members of the Domain. As such when it's leader, Patty Cakes gave control over the Domain to a temporary leader, and it's Custodians, I was one of the few who were given said power. I was then invited into a group called Custodians of the Domain. You might say that the Custodians were kind of like a parliament, however it wasn't a very good one. Patty specifically gave the Custodians power over the leadership of the Domain, meaning that if leadership was a complete failure, wasn't working in the Domain's best interests, we could vote to have him/her removed, and vote upon a new leader. Unfortunately that idea wasn't very successful, as the Domain continued to "sleep" (that's what we called it when it was in one of it's dormant periods, which happened frequently) due to what I believe was the lack of proper leadership, but we were never able to reach an consensus on what should be done.